Ozil speaks out on pay-cut refusal and the dark forces working against him

The German midfielder Mesut Ozil has been the most divisive person at Arsenal since Arsene Wenger left, and he is constantly being talked about, especially on JustArsenal, but the fact is that he rarely speaks to the media to defend himself..

But now he is happy to admit that he refused a paycut and to explain his reasons, but then he goes on to say that there are people out “to destroy me”, and they have been doing it for quite some time.

This is what Ozil told the Athletic: “As players, we all wanted to contribute. But we needed more information and many questions were unanswered.

“Everyone was fine with a deferral while there was so much uncertainty – I would have been OK to take a bigger share – and then a cut if required, once the football and financial outlook was clearer. But we were rushed into it without proper consultation.

“For anyone in this situation, you have a right to know everything, to understand why it is happening and where the money is going. But we didn’t get enough details, we just had to give a decision. It was far too quick for something so important and there was a lot of pressure.

“This was not fair, especially for the young guys, and I refused. I had a baby at home and have commitments to my family here, in Turkey and in Germany – to my charities, too, and also a new project we started to support people in London that was from the heart and not for publicity.

“People who know me know exactly how generous I am and, as far as I’m aware, I was not the only player who rejected the cut in the end, but only my name came out.

“I guess that’s because it is me and people have been trying for two years to destroy me, to make me unhappy, to push an agenda they hope will turn the supporters against me and paint a picture that is not true.

“Possibly the decision affected my chances on the pitch, I don’t know. But I’m not afraid to stand up for what I feel is right – and when you see what has happened now with the jobs, maybe I was.”

So he does think that his refusal to accept a paycut is the reason for him being frozen out, and ends up with a little dig at the Arsenal heirarchy over the job cuts, but has he done himself any favours by speaking out like this?

What do you think?


  1. Good day, i understand what he has said. But this is rather one sided. I understand his family and charity commitments. But he is being paid a generous fee, and there is no reciprocation. Regardless of the position of some to isolate him, if his performance and responsibility to the club were focused upon – he would be playing. He is not in the team, nor the reserves based on his mentality and refusal to adapt his game. If the rest of the team is happy to attack and defend in a game with the same ambition – why cant he. Auba scores goals, yet has been able to adapt his game to also defend. Further, if Ozil was honourable, he would have tried to work at his game to prove his status as a master eagle-eyed passer or else move on to Turkey. Further, he complains about being rushed into the decision. Its 4 months later and enough time to consult and choose to contribute to the reduction in salary. He is on the highest paid bracket yet he hides behind other agendas. A few jobs couldve been saved had he done so. Also some the 55 posts terminated were as a result of redundancy. In such times as this, corporates everywhere were able to relook at re-engineering and cost efficiencies.

    1. ….. if his performance and responsibility to the club were focused upon – he would be playing. He is not in the team, nor the reserves based on his mentality and refusal to adapt his game. …. how do you come about this…. is this not just your opinion or Arteta called you to a room and say this to you. All we all know is he played every single game under Arteta pre lockdown then came the pay cut refusal base on inadequate communication according him and his absence post lockdown…why hasn’t the other two players be revealed by those who released his name

  2. But for those of us who know the truth we always said this was the real case , punishing a man for taking a stand is classless from Arsenal. Judging a man simply by how much he earns shows our emphasis on value over ambition. Ozil played all first 14 games of Arteta’s reign in all completions including starting 13 of these and suddenly went to playing zero minutes after refusing a pay cut which he didn’t do alone – it just shows our club. And it hurts when we see fans crucify a staff after being manipulated by Club to believe staff is not committed. After all we have made 55 people more redundant with an annual outlay or less than £3m for their salaries that is realisable from the players salary cuts over a month , the club is not honest and transparent and that is where fans should focus and not a committed player. As a club we deserve better.

    1. Well said Jon
      Fair enough slate him for performances on the pitch but to slate him because of matters off the pitch and to keep talking like they are Arsenals bank managers is pathetic from some so called fans of our club ,I mean these fans wouldn’t take a pay rise if offered one now would they .

      1. 👍,i totally agree!the thing is that many people think because they earn millions, players can legitimately be abused or should be treated differently like at the start of the pandemic(by the way I don’t understand the reasoning behind it) also why do people keep calling Ozil a thief,robber?…how many times do we need to explain that all parties agreed to the deal ,lastly no matter how rich a person is only an idiot wouldn’t ask questions and seek assurances on how” their” money is going to be spent!

      2. Ok I will slate him for his performances on the pitch, hes been shocking, as a No 10 he doesn’t shoot,doesn’t score enough goals,his assists has dwindled, doesn’t want to defend as unit, lazy. Thats why he’s been dropped. Get rid of as soon as possible.

    2. Flimsy excuse from Ozil about his failure to accept pay cut when the whole world was struggling financially including arsenal fc, Ozil is collecting wages he doesn’t worth yet he refused to show commitment in a time like this. I can’t wait to see Arsenal get rid of him and the board should have learned their lesson

      1. ADE easy to speak when you have no knowledge whatsoever. It should be prove enough that Arsenal is forcing Ozil out of the club, But fans like you only focus on the money He gets and by the way Arsenal agreed to the contract, 55 people lost a job and this jobs were supposed to be safe after the pay cut that the players agreed on, now what happened? is it still Ozil Fault?

        1. of course they are trying to force ozil out! Why wouldnt they??? He isn’t committed and is on huge wages. He’s a wasted resource, and if he had any ambition as a professional he wouldn’t be here for a second longer. Ozil is here only for the money now.

          1. If your boss is unhappy with you, will you quit your job? The answer is no, not in any life time, you will keep collecting that pay cheque. Always put your self in same shoes as other before you make comments. Are you at your company for charity?

        2. Spot on @gunner23…
          You see whether he agree or not the staffs would still be sack and it makes no difference…
          Now that the staffs have been sack where is?
          What will the pay cut use for?
          That’s my question now…
          After all I don’t blame ozil for refusing to accept the pay cut…
          Always think before making a decision…
          He has the right to know where and what the money will be use for because he didn’t earn it freely…
          Oh yes he sign a contract and I think he have the right to put his money where he want.

  3. Blubber and waffle, thats what i think. There is no excuses, he needs to go ASAP. Tell us what you are doing Ozil to actually earn the money you are robbing this club and its fans of.

    1. Reggie if you go into work tomorrow and your boss offers you a £50k pay rise are you going to turn it down ? Probably not, what if all your co workers dont think you deserve it ? Probably not , he is not under any obligation to tell you what he is doing to earn his money you are not his employer, he was offered a contract and he has taken it end of story

          1. To answer that you have to start from the root of why he aint playing or why he has been dropped by several managers. If you are honest to yourself then you know the answer already

    2. Did offered himself that contract? No wonder they ok once ask what they are smorking at the emirates.

  4. “I had a baby at home”. Dude, you are a millionnaire every three weeks. Whatever your obligations are, you’ll be fine.

    Ozil has every right to keep collecting his paycheck but let’s not pretend it’s out of a love for the club. Transparent PR nonsense. Please leave.

    1. Correct and lets not forget the damage he is doing to our club by taking his £1000000s every three weeks for doing nothing (except making lame excuses for himself) but denying this club his services to it and denying the club the chance to actually employ someone who does want to perform. People who love Arsenal need to remember his stance is helping to hold us back, off and on the pitch. Please Ozil go and take your attitude with you, it stinks. We want and need players who want to play for Arsenal not hang about.

      1. No one is doing damage to your club except your club itself. The club made a bad business transaction when they gave him the contract and a worse business transaction by denying him playing time. Ozil is not taking any money. He is being paid a legally negotiated contract to play football. He never refused to play football, train or do what’s asked of him. When he played for Artera , he performed as well or better than all his team mates and even provided an assist in the last game he played.

      2. Criticising Ozil for not performing to the level expected is quite comprehensible, but leaving him out after the pay cut refusal incident is just unfair. He has the right to know where the money (his money) the club is demanding from him is going.

  5. One can look at that article and see what makes you love or dislike Ozil. On each side you can read into it what you want to believe

    For me, I’d be disappointed in the extreme if Arteta was a yes man to the bosses. I’ve put a lot of faith in him. I would be mortified to lose that

    1. I always suspected this from the actual appointment. They went for someone they could control and not one with strong personality.

      I like Arteta even though I am disappointed he could not change our league fortune. He may not have power over the board since he is just starting his managerial career but I hope he will get that power by improving our results on the pitch.

        1. Sue, he loves the club that much, he went on holiday when we played the FA cup final. Did he take a cut for that week, or did he get holiday pay. Some people need to wake up to the situation he has created because it is not a good one at all. He isn’t playing because he is cruising and not working for the team, nothing to do with Arteta being a puppet, how dare people say that to try to defend Ozil.

          1. If your company tells you you are not invited to the employees after-hours party are you going to attend to your businesses or are you going to wait on the front gate?

          2. HH, he got paid for the week the FA finals was played, it was not an after hours event. The man has no shame left in him. Disgraceful!

          3. The man chose not to jeopardize the well-being of his family and that of the people he helps through charity. There is absolutely no shame in that.

          4. Well you make up the story based on nothing while people who are supporting Ozil have some sort of indication to go by. If he was crusing and not working for the team then why was he a regular in MA team? You don’t play 13-14 matches under a who does not want you at the club in such a small time period. What he earns is his business and fans should not use it against him. Blame the board for handing out the contract and then forcing some one to take salary cut. Did you take valuntery pay cut at work to help people who have lost job? Stop taking the high moral ground he does more charity then any of us on this forum I bet. If the salaries in the world were just and were some how based on performance half the the world would be out of job sitting at home. No one can justify every penny of their salary.

      1. HH, Ozil fell out with Emery and now Arteta. You now say Arteta is a “yes man”, yet Ozil contributed to the demise of Emery and his ultimate dismissal. It’s always every one else’s fault, from Lowe, Emery and now Arteta, but Mezut Ozil is blameless and he has the PR team to reinforce his position with the media and fans.

        1. If Arteta didn’t pick Mesut because of his refusal of paycut as Mesut alleges he is indeed a yes man. There is no way to get around that fact. If Mesut is lying okay but if he is not Arteta is yes man. It’s bitter but we have to swallow it.

          1. HH how on earth can you be taking Ozils side with him and Arteta. That is awful. Look at them both and if you are half decent at judging characters, you will get a different answer. Im saying Arteta chose to drop Ozil, not told. The damage Ozil is doing suggesting otherwise is shamefull.

          2. If Mesut is lying Okay, but if Arteta its a bitter pill to swallow?? You are hilarious. What about if Mesut is lying, would you swallow the same bitter pill and not just write or say Okay?

        2. He didn’t fallout with Arteta, as Arteta hasn’t said anything about that. The only player that fallouts with the coach is Guen.

        3. The only one who contributed to his dismissal was himself ,think you need to let it go Ozzie ,you sound more bitter about his sacking than the man himself .

          1. Talking about a “dog with a bone” you and others don’t miss a chance to blame all the ills that have fallen on Arsenal at the feet of Emery.
            The selection of Unai Emery as Head coach was a bad one by the Board and senior executive, because of his poor communication skills. The decision to sack him was the right one, for the good of the Club.
            I support fairness and he did achieve some success for Arsenal. Blaming Emery just deflects attention from the real problems at Arsenal, which have been generated by the Board and senior executive.

          2. Ozzie a “dog with a bone phrase”was a little dig after you said the same thing to me a while back because I keep saying the same thing ,so thought I would use it back in similar circumstances towards you .
            I admire your support for him but you. Red to stop blaming everyone else except him

          3. Dan, I have always accepted Emery’s faults and limitations, believe he had to go, but believe that a lot of the critism is unjustified given the lack of support he had in getting the players he wanted. His performance under difficult circumstances in his first season was not too bad.

  6. One thing I have learnt from Mesut is that stand on what you believe and let no one push you around. What he has said is what has been speculated by the most of us.

    It’s obvious that certain people are trying to destroy him. The hate and criticism he gets on a regular basis is out of this world. Why would the club reveal only his name and protect the other two if it was not to try to damage Mesut’s name? For all we know it could’ve been the great Pierre and Leno. Who knows.

    One thing you have omitted is that he spoke about the club hypocrisy when they refused to back him on Muslim lives matter by stating they don’t involve themselves with politics but went on and involve themselves in black lives matter. It is something which has been debated here also.

    And I am very disappointed in Arteta if dropping Mesut was a result of board pressure which I believe is very much true. Arteta you will never be a top manager if you are a yes man of an incompetent board. You have to stand for yourself.

    I don’t think he is a type to kiss cheeks to the board or the manager to get back in the team. His message here is clear pick him if the coach thinks he is good enough and don’t pick him if he isn’t good enough not trying to use immoral ways to push him out of the team.

    It’s not like his removal made us contenders, it’s not like Arsenal were flying after his removal. We all know except for few players the whole team was underperforming.

    Keep it up Mesut. For every one hater you have 10 who loves you. As long as your most important people have your back you don’t need to care what the others do or think.

      1. This is what I’ve been longing to hear from Ozil,this guy has been maltreated… If arteta wants to be a top class coach,he should try to argue/convince the board on at least 99% of what he thinks is not right…and I’m highly disappointed in him…

    1. Any evidence of any of your statements about Arteta? The man who brought home the FA Cup, who’s installed a bit more passion, effort and work rate into a team that would have folded in the past. Don’t make statements that you can’t back up. Say your opinion of Ozil, but don’t defend him through having a go at Arteta, who has brought some pride back to the club on the pitch, unlike some.

      1. I am tired of this FA Cup excuse. Surely he deserve compliments for winning it in his first try but Wenger won it back to back, Wigan won it, Portsmouth won it. What happened then? Did they go on to win the league and Champions League (Cup).

        You can choose to ignore our position in the League but some of us choose to see both and to me personally the EPL is more important than the FA Cup.

        What pride? Playing in Europa League should be considered the ultimate failure by the club of our status. What pride when we are on a stage of celebrating qualifying for the Europa League and that also through winning a cup?

        We are The Arsenal we are not Wolves or Spurs or Sheffield.

          1. If he is so great to win FA cup why then he failed to finish in top 4? Did Man City loan him a squad to play in FA Cup? Weren’t same players who won FA Cup also played in the league?

            If he is so great by winning the FA Cup why was he eliminated in Europa League? Didn’t he win away and lose at home by the same team?

        1. Exactly, thats our point. Selfish person like Ozil wont bring anything to table. Atleast Arteta brought us FA Cup. What is more shame than stick with the company that hate you. Only, shameless n lazy person will take salary without working. In a another word, fraud. Its depend what kind of person you are. Do you have dignity or not. Truth is Ozil will never going to get such a salary anywhere else anymore. He is playing he’s game on Arsenal Club. Kudos to his management team. What do u expect from lazy b*****. Lazy person will talk everything, but no action. Same situation wt Ozil.

          1. @kingandroidx, you accused Ozil of frauspd for not doing the work he’s paid for. Has the board or Arteta reported him refusing to play when he was called upon? He was intentionally excluded from games not because he wasn’t fit but because of what is known to the board and Arteta which they’re not ready to tell the fans and the entire public.

        2. Highbury hero, can you please leave Arteta out of this matter, you might not know the decision of the board on Ozil, why are you draggling the manager in?

    2. Hopefully, Ozil will have a word to his good friend Erdogan about the plight of the Kurds, who have been sold down the river after taking the fight to ISIS. Surely they deserve Ozil’s support like the Urghars in China.

    3. Too bad Mezut Ozil, the footballer, doesn’t stand his ground on the pitch and tackle, track back and win the ball back. He is a “revolving door” in midfield.

  7. We just need to see the way things really goes from here,as for me even before Ozil made this comment am with him not because am his fan but because truth need to be told,at first Chelsea player’s decided to give part of there salary willingly without nobody asking them to do so but did you know what happens next? Chelsea owner refused them and he said he will take the responsibility and no club in the top 6 big club in premier league do this pay cut of a thing except for only arsenal meanwhile our club is among the top 10 richest club in the world and our owner is among the richest man in the world too so why don’t he taken the same step is billionaire like take talking of doing the Same thing Chelsea owner do
    So please let’s be reasonable and say the truth at least this time

  8. My simple advice to you, Mr. Ozil, destroy teams on the football pitch, shut cup your critics (including me) with jaw dropping awe inspiring performances and no gunner on this planet earth would ever destroy you. Rest, talk is cheap my friend.
    Remember you were left out only due to footballing reasons, the other two we don’t know who they were, but apart from injuries, all players did play and contribute something small enough to win the FA cup and snatch 8th spot.
    To solve a problem, you have to admit there is a problem, but alas, Ozil does not admit he is no longer good enough so does his platoon of followers.
    Stop playing the victim card, there was never a victim in the first case! Ozil was dropped for footballing reasons only,ask Unai, Freddie, Mikel, Joachim Lowe and even little Mou why he got you transferred out from RM in the first case!!!

    1. I guess you forgot to mention that Ronaldo publicly criticised RM decision to sell him ,saying that Ozil was the player he loved to play with the most and even tried to intervened but Ozil knew that he wasn’t wanted so agreed to go!

      1. And Mourinho called him the best No. 10 in the world at that time. I just don’t believe in coincidences this big, started every game before lockdown and then, apart from one bench, wasn’t even on the teamsheet for any of the remaining EPL or FA Cup games. We’ve heard Ozil’s account so maybe Arteta will now respond? It amazes me that Ozii’s actually getting more stick from the supporters than our multi-billionaire owner so maybe the strategy is working?

      2. And when he finally left Real Madrid, Ronaldo made no attempt to reunite with his muse Mezut Ozil, and went to Juventus.

        1. Simply because Arsenal couldn’t afford his wages or the fees ozziegunner – nor did he attempt to rejoin manure, so wht does that prove?

          1. Ozil wasn’t at Manchester United, ken.
            As for not being able to afford Ronaldo, Arsenal certainly hasn’t been able to afford Mezut Ozil, a mill stone around Arsenal’s throat. The Board, Gazidis and Wenger have a lot to answer for.

          2. Ken, Mezut Ozil didn’t play for Manchester United. As for Arsenal not being able to afford Ronaldo, they certainly haven’t been able to afford Ozil. The Board, Gazidis and Wenger placed a mill stone around the Club’s neck.

          3. No, but Ronaldo did and he didn’t want to go back there either did he. ?.thats the point.

            Of course kronkie could afford his salary, otherwise he wouldn’t have offered it, the guys not a multi billionaire by being a muppet is he?

    2. Ozil was definitely not left out due to footballing reasons. What happened to those so called footballing reasons, when he was playing the first set of games under Arteta? (pre pandemic)
      He’s simply being victimized by Arsenal, because of his wages.
      Very classless of us.
      Well, it’s simple. He didn’t take the decision on those wages all by himself. If the club wants him out, they should buy out his contract. Keeping him out of the team is a waste of time and money.
      No amount of insults or victimization can change that.

      1. Yes Siamois, you used the correct words “Ozil knew that he wasn’t wanted” and even now he knows that he is not wanted either after he got himself exposed with his non performances ever since he signed his mega wage extension. But as some AFC fans (or just those who follow AFC because of him, IDK) accept lies and mediocrity unlike RM fans who never tolerate pathetic displays, we condone mediocrity and excuses. To save their poster boy, the FA cup win and the coach is being belittled.

  9. Ozil hàs not been performing on any of his fixtures on the field of playing for the past 2 years that warrant his pay at all. He doesn’t worth 50k. So he has no explanation at all. If is good Arteta will use him no doubt about that.

  10. If the other two players had any balls they would come out and support Mesut but I suppose the board have told them to stay stum then they too are yes men. When Guendouzi was dropped was it the board that told Arteta to drop him that would make Arteta a yes man who has no balls but hey we will never know the answers

    1. Arteta gave him the chance to change himself but he refused. Seems Guendouzi dropped himself. I would like to hear his side of the story now. There may have been some mistreatment of him also. We don’t know the whole story.

  11. ” I love the people in the club — the real people,
    those I’ve been with for a long time ”
    Thats some direct shot at Raul/Edu there
    Don’t see how he ever wears the shirt again after

    1. Dunchirado, how can Ozil reasonably have “some direct shot” at Edu, who played for Arsenal when they had some of the best teams in the Club’s history, from 2001-2005, playing 79 matches and scoring 7 goals?
      Please check your facts before writing nonsense.

      1. ozzieguner, did u read what I wrote there before writing nonsense, am not Ozil fan and i will never be, i want him gone,read my last paragraph again.

        1. 👌Dunchirado, just a fact check of the second sentence. I certainly agree with your third sentence!

  12. Loose Cannon and SueP, we Mesut’s supporters are never and I have not seen anyone of us say he is a world beater. The issue here and has always been, the club treatment of him. You Ozil haters ( for a lack of a better word) always and I will say this clearly INTENTIONALLY choose to divert the issue to his pitch work so that you can have the excuse to spawn your hate on him.

    1. How dare you say I hate Ozil!
      How dare you!
      I don’t hate Ozil in the slightest
      I think he has been exorbitantly remunerated for the return on the pitch but that is it. That’s it.

      1. SueP, unfortunately some people let their emotions run away at times. They don’t really know or understand, what the word hate means. Reference to a dictionary would help them.

        1. ozziegunner, would you put others in that category then?

          A thief, trash, mentally frail, dross and having lies made up about him, has somehow passed your compass of looking up dictionary references – the term loathe is described as hate and yet you fail to condemn any of the above…WHY?

          1. Ken, everyone is entitled to their opinion, as per Voltaire. I don’t use the word “hate” because in my opinion in usage, it is a much stronger word than its quoted synonyms of “loath”, “detest” etc. “Hate” is predictor of death and destruction. I don’t believe people on here want Mezut Ozil killed.
            I certainly don’t “hate” the man and don’t want him to suffer physical harm.
            The word I would use for him is “bludger”.

      2. Insults? Again playing the victim card? Who insulted Unai at Baku ? Who insulted Freddie? Is this our culture to insult our head coaches on the pitch? The coaches – Unai, Freddie & Mikel gave dignified replies on the Ozil topic, no one insulted him the way he insults them.
        By giving heartless performances is he not victimizing the coach and the prospects of the team/club

        1. Loose Cannon, please give me word for word what Ozil said to Unai and Freddie as per any official coverage, then we can discuss further.

    2. Hey You, if you read my comments, there is no room in my world for hate, I do not hate the man, I dislike his attitude towards my club. And I will applaud him the day he wakes up and starts winning us matches and stops these lame excuses. He was hired to play football and not for doing charity. Separate his personal and professional life. If that is the case should we hire Bill Gates because he has his foundation?

      1. Perhaps if you stopped making up things about the guy, your claim that you don’t hate the man, might just hold some water.

  13. Let’s be real here Ozil takes home £1.5mill every other month a salary reduction for 2-3 months would not have affected his commitment to charities/family etc. What happens to his commitments when he leaves arsenal in less than 10 months from now? Ozil your countdown has begone, 3 players refused to salary reduction but I am certain they didn’t earn anything close to what you do. If Ozil has any passion left for the game he needs to salvage his career and look for a team to play for in his final year and Arsenal can cover the deficit but NO he won’t. Just Leave man

    1. He takes home 40 %less than your 1.5 mill you posted as living in the UK you must pay taxes ,footballers are not exempt from this ,so that works out at 900k take home per month .
      An absolute joke for anyone to earn that much money ,but unfortunately he does and has a contract for another 12 months and nothing will change that(unless he agrees to move ) no matter how much fans moan .
      Blame the board for given him the contract dont blame someone for taking as much money as they can ,I doubt I know anyone who would not take a pay rise if offered .

      1. That’s not my point Dan, I am not blaming the player nor the board for the obscene money he earns. I am a fan of the football club and want it to succeed not sure about you pro Ozil fans. He can decide to stay that’s his cup of tea, but if he has any dignity he should look for a club where he can still play to prove us all wrong and still earn all his salary.

        1. Take this thumbs up Okobino👍👍👍. Read a comment on another site that read ” Ozil says he wont be forced out, but has he honestly tried to force himself back into the pitch”. I guess time would tell as he aint going no where..

          1. The comparison with Alexis Sanchez is definitive: he was frozen out at Manchester United, accepted a loan stint at Inter Milan, with Man U subsidising his wages and now has accepted at transfer to continue playing football. He did not stay at Man U, not play and continue to pocket his £500k per week wage.
            Why has Mezut Ozil not taken the same route to play in the MLS or Turkey, his supposed destinations of choice?
            Alexis Sanchez is a “professional” footballer, so what is Mezut Ozil?

      2. The irony of the whole situation is, we fans to the club to show ambition and give him what he deserves at the moment just like we are doing now withAuba. When we get our wish and he is move to play centrally and couldn’t perform as he does on the left, we will have Ozil’s situation all over again. The Holier Than Thou, fans have never been wrong.

  14. I said it so many times That the present Arsenal Board were not just the people we need at The Club for now the all work against the PRIGRESS of the Club they work for themselves . Let wait and see .

  15. He is available for selection but he is not being used. So, why blame him for collecting a fat cheque? Is he not under contract or will he throw himself on the pitch and play.

  16. If we’re not gonna play him, just pay him off… I’ve said before we can’t carry on like this, it’s ridiculous!

    1. Absolutely correct! They should bury the hatchet and start over or pay him off. The air of negativity around him is unsettling to the coach and other players.

    2. Honestly can’t wait for that to happen Sue. The club is doing nothing short of fueling the toxicity around the AFC. If we’ve got 18m lying around, just pay him off already or agree to pay part wages with any club he signs for. His playing days for arsenal are obviously behind him. What the hell are we doing keeping him on the books then when we know he won’t play anyway. We know he’s not going to take a pay cut to go play elsewhere otherwise he would have done it already. So just pay him and let ozil be a thing of the past.

    3. @Sue, that’s the simple solution. If we’re tired of seeing his face and want to correct the “wrong decision’ about his wages, then we should pay him off.
      I’m sure Auba will be watching and hoping same thing doesn’t happen to him in the nearest future.

    4. Agree Sue. He has to go! Imagine him talking to the media all season when he isn’t playing. He’s a poison at this point. Pay him off, get him OUT.

    5. Sue, that is 18 million to walk away with for nothing.No, let him train with the under 9s or 10s till he realises that he starts putting in a shift or asks for a transfer like Alexis. I dislike his attitude, and arrogance and now speaking to the press. Today’s blah blah blah has made me angry and that 1% sympathy for him has gone.Washing dirty linen in public, not the Arsenal way. The parting gift of Arsene that us why he is ashamed to come back even to watch a match.Today is one of the worst days as a club follower.

      1. it wouldnt be 18m to pay him off.
        It will be the wage difference between his new club and what he earns with us ( base salary, not inc bonuses)

        1. Val,
          Ozil has said he loves London and his team members and is staying put. He couldn’t have put it more simply that he intends to stay

        2. val he refuses to get transferred, refuses to put in a shift, refuses to assist the club financially.So how can the club pay the difference when he has no intention To get transferred.Because if he gets transferred he will have to perform which he cannot. So to save himself he refuses a transfer.

      2. Don’t bring Arsene into it.
        He won’t come back because it has been very difficult for him to forget all the disrespect and humiliation he got from a section of the fans before he left.

    6. Ozil says he is going nowhere, and that he is ready to honor his contract and fight for the team.
      The only option left now is either to play him ( I enjoy the team when he plays anyway), or continue to freeze him out while he keeps collecting his pay till the end of the contract.

  17. Hello my fellow Gooners!

    I have been reading a lot of comments on here today and you have all made some very good points.

    For me, I have always liked Ozil and have wanted to believe he has simply had a bad spell as far as his football was concerned. We all could see that his game was suffering. He looked lazy and uninterested at times. This was before the whole Covid thing. I put it down to the lack of quality around him and I still believe the club always had an agreement when Ozil came to Arsenal that the team would be built around him. We all know that didn’t happen. A player like Ozil needs a strong squad. We have been weak and Ozil has faded.

    I can appreciate that he feels let down by the club. Maybe he feels he owes them nothing because the owners are doing much less than he is in terms of giving value back to the club. After all, the club agreed to pay his “silly” money but didn’t match the ambitions in terms of squad value?

    Lets remember, Ozil was being singled out before Covid. Maybe this is why he refused to take a pay cut? I don’t condone it. But none of us really know what has transpired behind closed doors. One fact remains though. The owner could have made a big difference to everyone at the club if they had just no been so damn tight-fisted and a bit more proactive in looking after the clubs interests a long time ago!

    BTW.. Don’t forget the sun block!!

    1. GunnerRay please let’s stop this ozil need a better squad to perform nonsense, ozil had Ronaldo and di Maria and modric at Madrid yet they didn’t win the champions league, the following season after selling him to us, they won it back to back, if ozil cannot perform consistently with the likes of aubamayang and Lacazette, then he should be ashamed of himself, am tired of you his fans always blaming everyone but ozil himself, one keep saying how Ronaldo doesn’t want him sold, yet the following season Ronaldo broke the champions league goal scoring record with 14 goals, and even won the champions league.

      1. Lenohappy, just so you know, his stats at RM over 3 years: Played 159 – 27 goals – 80 assists.
        Luca Modric RM stats: Played 343 – 27 goals – 55 assists (over 8 years)

        Your assumption that he was useless at RM simply does not add up.

        1. Andrew, just keep supplying the facts my friend, it really does stump them.

          It is so easy to make things up, keep repeating them in order to make them seem real and, hey presto, they are believed.

          One person found since 2015, who compared Ozil to Bergkamp, but that was the claim made and seemingly believed….well two actually , if you take Bergkamp himself into the discussion.

          1. Ken, Dennis Bergkamp is a modest gentleman and should be forgiven for being polite at the time, when Ozil was playing well.

      2. Perhaps it’s a good thing you also provide his stats of clear scoring chances provided which were fluffed by both Auba, Laca and others. Don’t misunderstand me though, Auba scores a lot of goals but…

  18. As far as it’s not my money that’s been used to pay Ozil’s sallaries,i don’t care a bit how much he collects weekly. The board can’t sanction the purchase of players we deserved on account of money,why should i cry if someone is collecting the money so long as it’s his entitlement? Focus on the issues and forget how much he earns weekly please.

  19. Let’s just ask ourselves this simple question, do you think the club will drop aubamayang if he refused to take paycut? Ozil was drop because he’s not performing on the pitch, he even said it himself that hes performance on the pitch has dropped. I can see some already calling Arteta a yes man, some even want the coach gone as long as ozil stays, so pathetic to think some are supporting a past it player ahead of a young and energetic coach who is trying to get us back to the top.SMH.

    1. I really do not understand such reasoning. The same Arteta that called out our board to spend after our victory i think against liverpool or Man C…
      I dont care about his wages, i care about Arsenal!! Pay this guy off please, his attitude is not healthy for our squad…

  20. Honest questions, i would like to know the reasons some fans still want Ozil at Arsenal? Do you feel he is worth what we are paying him and is it detrimental towards our potential squad as a whole? Also consistency, when was the last time he was consistent? I need goals and assist numbers if possible.
    Finally do you really feel he loves arsenal or football anymore in general?

    Highbury hero, if possible, i would like to know your opinion on this. You have disrespected our new manager, who is just few months into this ferocious task called managing arsenal. Who/ which do you prefer, Ozil or Arsenal. You have called out some posters on here regarding not providing answers. I expect answers from you…

    For me the Man is done. He should stop a this PR nonsense( stating he does charities, moral people who do good things dont go about talking about them, only if it is to suit their agenda), if he loves football or if he has something to prove then buckle up or leave. I would forever respect Alexis over this player causing so much divide at our club…

    1. Good point Dera, I am not personally against Ozil but anyone without bias can see he doesn’t offer Arsenal FC much anymore. Pro ozil fans keep blaming the Board, club, players, managers, other fans etc for Ozil not performing consistently. Any serious minded player will keep trying to prove the fans wrong and if they can’t they look for a move to salvage their careers and still collect his pay check.

      1. Tnx Kstix and Okobino.
        I like the words you used (prove them wrong!)
        I would be over the moon if he does this! Sadly i dont see that happening. Thanks for everything Ozil, its either buckle up or leave( of which i just read he would rather spend his remaining year than leave). I feel he knows he is not wanted at Arsenal anymore, if you have any dignity or love playing football, then leave. Alexis took a whole lotta pay cuts to leave Man u. Guess why? To play the beautiful game we love. Can we say the same of Ozil?? In my opinion, sadly no…

          1. We should use him as a backup if he is not going. I believe based on his performances before the pandemic he can add something here and there even if as a sub because he is still better than the likes of willock. But attacking him based on his salary which he deserves because they negotiated with the board is dumb . But that is just me. I am happy that he is staying to show his haters that he cant be moved by their childish antics

        1. This is why I sometimes join Ozil debate. Because fans are asking for impossibility. Ozil should just leave like that because you say so. Have you ever seen a footballer walking out on contact that pays so well. Players leave for a bigger contract just like Sanchez did. He knew arsenal will never match the wages on offer from Manchester clubs. It is not only just ambition. He knew his body is failing him so he wanted more money to secure his future outside football. The evidence is there for us to see. He is never the same player that left arsenal and on huge salary. Ozil is Arsenalfc problem so arsenalfc should solve it. We should be prepared to lose money which we don’t want to that is why I think he might be here next season as I believe we are getting as much as we pay him from his endorsement. What is happening now between Arsenal and Ozil is a case of a goat and a man. When you push a goat to the wall, it will fight back. Ozil is fighting back which he doesn’t have to because he is winning. He could have the whole season to be on holiday and still get paid. So the critic, the abuser, the haters ( yes haters, how can you call some who has not stolen from you, your personal purse and the club you have put a cent of your money into the club for God knows how long a thief ) should tell the club to the needful and pay him off.

          1. Yh fighting back, how i wish these words were said of his performance, even before the pandemic break…

          2. Erm, the same Sanchez moved from Man U to inter, permanently and on a wage cut. You do know the reason why he took this action… I feel some people just prefer this player to Arsenal. Really gonna be interesting when he does leave…

          3. Mobella, Alexis Sanchez is the most recent example where a “professional” footballer has left a lucrative contract to pursue his footballing career.
            Sanchez was on apparently £500k per week, fell out of favour at Manchester United, took a loan deal to Inter. Ilan, with Man U subsidising his wages and has now taken a transfer to Inter Milan.
            Alexis Sanchez is a “professional” footballer, who loves to play football, in full recognition that his career is limited. What is Mezut Ozil that he doesn’t want to do the same?

          4. Mobella, Sanchez is a “professional” footballer and has taken a transfer to Inter Milan on far less money, rather than sitting out his £500k per week
            contract at Manchester United.

    2. De_ra stop wasting your time on that Highbury hero, I really don’t believe that any arsenal fan will talk trash about our new coach and call him a yes man but that same fan is supporting ozil, Highbury hero you should really be ashamed of yourself. I have been supporting arsenal before ozil and I will still support arsenal after ozil unlike some people.

    3. De-ra, Well said and yes, Highbury Hero, WHICH DO you prefer, Ozil or Arsenal? Cos to a lot of us on here it looks like you must be related to Ozil and also a Spuds or Chelski fan. No true Gooner would be so relentlessly negative about the diamond that is Arteta, while at the same time bigging up and supporting a clear enemy of Arsenal in your leeching and bone idle “relative”! I seriously doubt you are EVEN A GOONER AT ALL!

      1. All of you complaining about ozil are just wasting your time. The sincerity of the board is what will be there even after ozil is gone so let that be our priority not ozil. The pay cut the players took how is that money spent? If the players are taking pay cut yet are making 55 staffs go redundant who is fooling who. U just won the FA cup The richest Trophy in history of Football and you are telling us you only have 100m to purchase 3 players in this transfer market. No any top 6club in England give a pay cut to their players except arsenal who are also rated among the top 10richest club in the world

    4. I and others have said countless time we don’t argue that Mesut contribution in the field is lacking. What we don’t like is the club treatment of him. Didn’t you read or didn’t you understand the article ” Is this the Arsenal Way?”

      The Arsenal I grew up loving is not classless like we are seeing right now.

      Do I want Mesut at Arsenal? I don’t care if he leaves of stay. If I am a fan of Mesut I can still be a fan of him whenever he goes. And since I am an Arsenal fan it doesn’t who plays who is the coach. All I care about is results.

      Okay Mesut is no longer a good player does that make it right for the club to mistreat him? Or for the fans to abuse him? What do you expect he will just tell Arsenal to stop paying him because he does not play? What instance in your life have you ever refused payment because you thought you didn’t deserve it?

      Let me pull a Jon Fox to emphasize my next point:


      1. The contracts are a business decision – the club obviously felt that his contribution at the time was massive and they gave the contract expecting it to continue. It was foolish on many levels, but I don’t think anyone blames Ozil for signing it, they blame the club for offering it and they blame him for not appearing to care about living up to it and being a true leader for arsenal.

      2. You have clearly said yourself that he is not performing, so why should we keep him?

        I also feel the club should have handled this whole situation better, but please lets not kid ourselves that Ozil is a saint. Take off your bias glasses please. Remember how he disrespected our previous manager Emery? Or how he strolls around when we need motivation from our senior players? Or his constant Pr nonsense? My friend class is reciprocal.

        You dont care if he leaves or stays?? You are an arsenal fan right? Someone who has caused so much divide, disrespected our previous manager, has not proven value for money, potentially ruining acquisitions of new signings, potentially ruining offering better contracts to much more deserving players…and you dont care if he leaves or stays?? Do you even care about Arsenal if i may ask??

        If all you care about is results, then on what basis has Ozil justified his tenure after being awarded a new contract? You care about results but you disrespect the FA cup, calling it an excuse? You care about results but you disrespect the manager that won us our 14th FA cup?

        The saying goes, Rome was not built in day. We have a bright manager who has tried to instill passion and fight back in our club ( 2 words i cant associate ozil with). Its gonna take time, but he has shown with little time that there is probably a light at the end of the tunnel. And you disrespect him. Talk of class! Called him a yes man, lol, a yes man that has publicly called out his own board on spending.

        I try to not reap what i have not sown. I may not earn what he earns but i work hard for what i earn. There is no greater feeling than reaping the benefits of what you have worked hard for. Has ozil done that? If Auba was on 350k would any fan complain??

        His treatment (as you said) has been bad, but he has hardly done anything to warrant the love Auba gets, the love Martinez gets and many others. Even Xhaka gets love now, wanna know why? He stepped up! Mustafi? He stepped up!

        You speak of past actions being the reasons for contracts and i agree with you to a certain degree, but you cant just ignorantly ignore that future actions play a huge role also. Has Ozil football actions shown he has a future with us? Even pre lockdown when he was playing what were his goal/assists stats?

        I tried to reply to you as politely as i could but man you have to take the bias of.
        As an Arsenal fan you should want nothing but the best for Arsenal. Its Arsenal over any player but you clearly state you are a fan of Ozil before stating you are a fan of Arsenal…..

        1. HH referred to me earlier as an Ozil hater, which I have , quite rightly, taken complete exception to.

          All I have ever done is put forward opinions such as yours which I applaud and are certainly not hateful. I hope you don’t get the same treatment

          1. Admin Pat look both sides. It’s not like we Ozil supporters are called pretty names or being referred to in a respectful manner.

          2. HH.. I’ve even been called a dog before, for liking Ozil! It really frustrates me, because an opinion is different to others, you’re not an Arsenal fan!! I just let it go now… really doesn’t bother me anymore.. I don’t always comment on Ozil articles anymore… what’s the point of ramming my opinion down people’s throats 24/7.. but on the odd occasion, I feel the need to 😄

          3. HH and Sue, I must admit that I have stayed out of this, simply because it doesn’t matter what any one of us think…Ozil has said he is going to stay, honour his contract, make himself available for selection and support the players 100%.

            I am amazed that HH is being considered as being banned Pat…what about those fans who called Sue a dog, or those fans who called Ozil filth, a thief, or made up lies about the player?

            Those of us who have always argued that Ozil was absolutely correct in his decision to not take a pay cut until he knew all the facts, where the money was going and what the situation the club was in, that made them the only club in the premier league that had to ask it’s playyers for a pay cut, have been proved absolutely correct – this is why the Ozil loathers are so upset…he has been proved correct – that is why the players who agreed to take a pay cut are up in arms…they were conned, just as those who lambasted Ozil for not following like a sheep were.
            They just cannot admit that Ozil was correct and they were wrong.

            So why have we not been informed who the other two reported players were who also questioned the pay cut?
            The fact that Ozil has not revealed who they are, shows what a team player he is – plus the fact that he is strong enough, mentally, to stand on his own two feet and discuss openly his reasons for not joining in giving a billionare money that he didn’t need.

            What if it turns out that the two players are Auba and Ceballos? Would the same fans give them the abuse that they have given Ozil? Perhaps they should sit back and think about it?

            It has been highlighted so many times on JA the lies that are made up about Ozil – from the accusation that Ozil has been compared to Bergkamp by some, that he hadn’t done anything to warrant a new contract in 2018, that he had refused to play, that he went on strike, just to name a few.

            He has also been called a thief, trash, mentally frail, dross etc etc yet he has kept his silence, treated the club with courtesy, acted in a dignified way and, at all times, made himself available for selection.

            At no time has the club had to ban him from the first team squad, or highlighted one single incident where he has brought the club in to disrepute, or questioned his contract.

            We were told that the “vast majority” were against Ozil, yet I suggest one takes a look at how many fans are now coming to defence of Ozil – more like a 60/40 split – let’s look at what the 40% are saying:

            They are sick of the way a current Arsenal player is being verbally abused by so called “fans”, who say they loathe ( hate!!) him, accuse him of being a thief, class him as filth, say he is mentally frail, a dross player, never wanted and bleeding the club dry.
            Tell me, what kind of fans are these? Why should they be allowed to use this kind of language, yet HH is threatened with being banned!?!?

            We are asked if we support Ozil or Arsenal – yet when Arteta selected Ozil for all of the 2020 premier league games, did they support that selection?
            Of course they didn’t – go back and read the comments questioning MA’s decision.
            Of course, as soon as Ozil was dropped at the restart, THAT decision was greeted as proof that the Ozil loathers were right all along.

            Then the red herring about him getting paid while doing nothing crops up time and time again, sitting on the bench, or not even being selected.

            So why do we not question Martinez when he has happily sat on the bench for every premier league game since Leno arrived, unless injuries intervened?
            What about players like Torreira, Pepe, Nelson, AMN, Willock, Guendouzi, Kolasinac or Nketiah when they sat on the bench, or omitted from the squad?
            No difference whatsoever – except the obscene and grotesque salary that kronkie, quite happily and without any pressure whatsoever, gave Ozil – simply because he wanted Ozil to stay at the club…there can be no other reason. The club WANTED Ozil to stay and paid through the nose to achieve that goal.

            At no time have I read anyone on here saying that Ozil is the world class player he was when the club offered him the contract and neither have I seen one single fan stating that he is worth that kind of money.

            What I have read is a group of fans who, if one believes what they say< would immediately qualify for sainthood – they would have declined the contract offered, they would have accepted a pay cut without knowing why, they would leave the club to prove themselves and, despite all the abuse these "saintly" fans have given him, they demand he show them and the club respect!!!

            I am 100% behind Mikel Arteta and I think Highbury Hero is wrong in attacking the next great manager in the premier league. I would also suggest HH remembers who say what for future reference, SueP has never said she hates Ozil my friend.

            Whatever MA decides regarding ANY player currently at our club, will get my full support – I wonder if the same can be said of those fans who feel they can label a player as filth, a thief, dross etc etc if Mikel Arteta decides to bring Ozil back in to the first team action…that's when the question "club or player" will be really tested.

            Finally, anyone who cannot see that the reason MO is being frozen out because of his stand against the pay cut and why The Arsenal have never named the other players who also declined this directive, should ask themselves if this is the way a "big club" operates?
            I'm ashamed of the way our club act since kronie took over and how the new regime hangs out individuals to dry, in order to protect their own short comings.

        2. If Arsenal acts fairly I support it. If not I support Ozil if he is being wronged. I do not have the details tho about the conflict so in this case I am neutral in the case. I only stick up to fairness irregardless if you are family or not, Arsenal or not

          1. So for years that he has been mugging our club, where was this fairness? When he insulted our manger when was this fairness?? Several average performances where was this fairness?

            Not saying Arsenal are in the right, but by God you guys act like he can do no wrong.

            Wonder what club his fans would support when he is finally gone. Players come and go but Arsenal forver!

            Geez what form of excuse have we not heard? If a player causes this much divide then surely something, or this case many things are off!

            Cant wait for this man to finally leave sick of all his additional unnecessary issues attached to him.

            Total waste of money that could be used to improve our squad…

          2. De – ra, you obviously don’t want to read what is being said by those you class as Ozil fans.
            In this article alone, it has been said time and time again, that the defence of Ozil is not about performance, but against the abuse of the player.
            It would be good to debate his worth /performances if lies were not used to blacken him.
            Do you believe it is right to call anyone trash, a thief, or that you loathe – hate them?
            You ask Ozil to do the decent thing, yet nowhere have I seen you condemn this crass behaviour – is it one rule for one and not the other?

        3. De-ra, the word on the street is Sanchez was on 500-550k per week. which I don’t believe. The same amount he was in Inter before is permanent move on pay cut. So please can you tell me how much he let go on that amount. I would certainly applaud him if the pay cut is so big that he is now earning the same he was when he is with us. I want Ozil out as well but I don’t have any problem what so ever with was he earns. The club was happy to give it to him and hasn’t come out to say otherwise. If you are in divorce process with your Wife, you don’t call her all sort of bad names and expect her to leave you with all your wealth intact. She will decimate it. That is why he is say I’m the one to determine when I leave. And don’t delude yourself he won’t revive or enjoy his football again when he leaves us.

          1. Alexis was on 18mil/year at Man u. Its reported by Italian news outlets that inter struck an agreement with him for 7mil/year. These figures i assume are without bonuses. Interestingly it is said that due cash crisis inter has, he has accepted that his annual 7mil/year be paid in a span of 3 years just to assist the club.

            Again, i respect Sanchez a million times more than Ozil

      3. HH, YOUR CLEAR JEALOUSY OF ME, SHOWN SO WELL BY YOUR NEED TO TRY, THOUGH FAIL, TO MOCK MY USE OF CAPITALS shows your juvenile little mind so very clearly. Let me ask you a straight question and ask you to put a full answer to it on here for all to know your exact position on Ozil. This is my challenge to you, so here goes. Your own exact words have said that you admit “his contribution in the field is lacking”. You have also written” Mesut is no longer a good player”. You OWN words remember! Then WHY assuming – though perhaps I should NOT assume – you are a true Gooner, do you remain a fanof him? A man who does not play, who has not accepted a pay cut unlike most others, will not move and thus save the club approx £18million annually and who does not give his all when he did play. Why do you remain a self confessed fan of his when he is so clearly harming te club you also profess to love and harming the results you say you care about? A challenge from one man to another remember HH! WHY??? Many will await your answer!

        1. Ozil is not Arsenal. I can be a fan of Ozil and I don’t see how is that connected in anyway with being an Arsenal fan. I am a big fan of Christiano Ronaldo yet he has never played for Arsenal. I am a fan of David Luiz long before he was our player. Does that make me not an Arsenal fan?

          So I cannot like a player if the majority disapprove?

          1. HH
            Hater is a despicable way to describe my opinions on Özil. If I described you as an Arteta hater – how would you like that? You singled out Loose Cannon and me even though I had made no meaningful reference to him at all. To say I have an agenda against him is untrue. I have never said that he isn’t generous to charity so please don’t peddle that falsehood.
            Just saddened that you feel unable to be at least apologetic

          2. An apology in name only HH because it wasn’t an if .. it was a but you did offend me.

            It is truly disheartening that one man can have such a negative effect on those of us who love Arsenal and that will not go away until he leaves next year. Whether he amazes you or leaves you deflated it is the toxicity that has developed between the likes of you, me and other contributors which is the saddest

            I also hope that Arteta can win you over – sooner rather than later

          3. SueP the toxicity has developed because we have failed to grasp that everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am not called pretty things but I don’t complain, I just return the favour. Many times I am not called a fan of Arsenal simply because I say what I feel and not what I am supposed to say. How many times have I been told I need football education just because I don’t agree with some people opinions?

            And this has not started from Ozil. Wasn’t our greatest manager whose Arsenal managerial career was a destiny itself, the great Arsene who put Arsenal on the world map insulted to oblivion? Still insulted to this day?

            Even after Ozil is gone unless we accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion the toxicity won’t end. It will just take a new form, a new target. It has become Arsenal fans culture.

            Just in this article I am called out for disrespecting Arteta. I also feel insulted that the mighty Arsenal is officially a mid table team. Yes, finshing 8th is mid table and it’s official data. Yes if Mesut is a liar in this case I will swallow that bitter pill.

            And JFYI I am Arteta supporter but Mesut’s revelations do not paint him in a good picture. I do not like this anymore than you do. I am among those who say it like it is.

            If what I feel offend someone and I see that it is reasonable to offer an apology I do so. If you feel my apology is not sincere then let it be so. I won’t apologies again.

          4. HH
            I would like to think that both our points of view are accepted. I accept that your apology was well intentioned
            I try very hard to treat people on here as kindly as I can as it makes for a better relationship- although I feel I should be able to have a different view and express that without fearing the use of name calling in return I have previously made mistakes and apologised

            The trouble is that when two opposing views are put forward on a particular player or manager it quickly develops into a feud like situation and once views become entrenched then it is very difficult to see the wood for the trees. On both sides this is true.

      4. You don’t like the clubs treatment of him? He’s not doing his job!! Why does everyone gloss over this very obvious fact. Three managers bench him, two of them call out his work ethic and commitment. Emery even did it again once he left us. Why do people keep ignoring what our managers are saying and jump straight to the board not liking him? They dont like him because he doesnt do his job!!

        1. But non of them said he is not working hard in training, they just pointed out that he does not fit their tactics. If you are working as agreed but the bosses hate you, what can you do?

          1. Emery:
            “He has to be self‑critical too, analyse his attitude and commitment. In pre-season I told him I wanted to help recover the best Ozil. I wanted a high level of participation and commitment in the dressing room. I respected him and thought he could help.”

            Multiple times has brought up attitude, commitment, being on time to training, and being devoted when he was questioned about Ozil.

            We can go even further back, Ancelotti says similar things about attitude and character.

            They are all literally telling us over and over that this player has problems with his work ethic & attitude and Ozil fans just keep ignoring it and chalking it up to some nefarious plot from the board.

    5. Agree with what you wrote, Arteta has stated every player can come back into the fold IF they get on board with his philosophy, which is to work hard,press,defend as a unit etc both MG & MO have been left out for either lack of application or disciplinary reasons…….. Simple. The redundancies would have happened regardless of anyone’s salary, if fans can’t watch the team in the stadium the club had to lay them off, similar story with the 13 scouts, Ozil is well within his rights to sit on his contract BUT why make this statement, it’s pure PR off the back of media saying we’re gonna pay him off, he has to have this stance to alleviate himself of any blame, Arteta dropped him not the board let’s get real, a yes man wouldn’t come out & ask the board for funds to improve the squad, Ozil should leave as this is a mess now, can’t see him pulling on the shirt again, so what happens next…. I agree the board are trying to push him out, obviously because he doesn’t fir into future plans & he IS on a tonne of money so makes sense as we are ran like a business even more so these days

  21. Since my personal thoughts on Ozil are already widely known by all JA regulars, I will only add that I try NOT to think about him. Why would I choose to deliberately depress myself!

    One wonderful and blessed day next summer this enemy of Arsenal will no longer be able to leech off us. If I think about “lazybones” at all,it is only to look forward to that blessed day.

    1. I like Jonfox comments because he only points out at Ozils lack of effort not his wages as all arsenal fans should concetrate on.

  22. Alexis caused commotion at the club, but through it he made his stance known,,HE WANTED TO LEAVE…his reason for leaving is his business not ours but Ozil is causing problems while saying he wants to stay..who does that? I loved ozil before he was signed and after buying him I was over the moon,but sadly it seems he brought only his body to arsenal,he left his footballing soul at bernabeu..I think he was depressed after being chased out of Madrid and he has been strong to play for us through it but it’s taking its toll on him now.. for footballing reasons I want him gone..but I guess it doesn’t matter what I want

    1. Sanchez didn’t believe Arsenal had the ambition and the players the drive, commitment and ability to win things.

  23. I don’t expect the club to have acted completely properly at this point but I am sick of hearing Ozil playing the victim. I was mostly on his side reading that until he started saying how people are trying to destroy him. No personal accountability for anything.

    Worst decision we ever made was that contract.

  24. Who is there talking about the Arsenal way about treating players. I don’t care about any way ifcan’t win the champions league. The Arsenal way hasn’t brought us any champions league trophy since more than a century ago. if we can go the real Madrid way, Bayern Munich way or ( I hate to say it) Chelsea way, or guardiola way and win the champions league, then I’m all for it..we all whined when Bayern trashed us 10-2 the arsenal way in the champions league. act like a big club and chase deteriorated players out of the club but only for footballing reasons which ozil is clearly deteriorated.
    someone said is auba refused the pay cut will he be dropped? no cos he’s performing,this twat isn’t performing,,he shouldn’t even be given a pay cut,,it should be a pay stop or pay off

  25. Arsenal is viewed to be inferior by common Chelski down the road…God!!! and you’re here saying Arsenal way just to defend a player even a baby knows is done.. Let’s do it the Guardiola way and win the champions league for once…if we had performing players all round the pitch we wouldn’t be happy for getting Europa league football. As limited as Xhaka is,no one can fault him for his attitude and commitment, and he does his job to the best of his ability, he can pass and he passes and passes…Ozil can assist but he sleeps, whine, cracks his back and cry victim. Auba can score and he scores,scores and scores..no opposition midfielder or defender gets concerned when they hear ozil’s name, cos they know he’s just one weak Arsenal worshipped Madrid cast off. Even a baby would relish marking ozil right now

  26. Arsenal is viewed to be inferior by common Chelski down the road…God!!! and some are saying Arsenal way just to defend a player even a baby knows is done.. Let’s do it the pep’s way and win the champions league for once…if we had performing players all round the pitch we wouldn’t be happy for getting Europa league football. As limited as Xhaka is,no one can fault him for his attitude and commitment, and he does his job to the best of his ability, he can pass and he passes and passes…Ozil can assist but he sleeps, whine, cracks his back and cry victim. Auba can score and he scores,scores and scores..no opposition midfielder or defender gets concerned when they hear ozil’s name, cos they know he’s just one weak Arsenal worshipped Madrid cast off. Even a baby would relish marking ozil right now

  27. The Ozil issue has arisen because of the incompetence of two highly paid former Employees, who have not been mentioned by subscribers today and who have never formally been taken to task for their huge errors of judgement .

    1. Gazidis has been properly bashed here for years when he was employed. He’s a known poison. Wenger too had awful judgement during his later years. And Stan, the less said the better. I dont think every Ozil article we need to imply who is at fault for offering such an awful contract.

  28. Imagine falling for this drivel. Imagine acting like you are actually struggling if you only make a couple million instead of several million, for a short period of time. This guy is a joker.

    And for all the bad press Arsenal is getting for letting employees go, they are all still getting pay packages, and Arsenal is a club that has more employees than most other clubs. Hundreds more reportedly, and there HAS been a shift from doing less in-person scouting, to depending more on technology. I agree the timing is awful, and it is a broken promise from the board, but it is also not as cruel as was being painted by the media. The trimming to our scouting was always going to happen. I dont think Ozil taking a paycut/not taking a paycut was the difference in jobs staying or going.

    Ozil is just clearly a fake for trying to act like he cares about the club and cares about playing when he obviously cares about getting his paycheck and living a nice London lifestyle. Ancelotti, Emery, Arteta have all complained about his work ethic and effort put into training. If you care about your career and about the club and about starting games, you would put in the work, Mesut. He should get out the club because he’s clearly not a serious player, hope to never see him in an Arsenal kit again. I can’t wait for the article where he calls out Arsenal for the Uyghur/China issue. Mesut the saint, with his best man Erdogan! PR nonsense from him right now…

  29. Victimhood as always. And the ego / pride is too much.
    Can’t wait for this divisive scrounger to depart my club together with his cultists.
    Can’t wait until next summer when this guy leaves.
    Had enough of him.

    1. Admin Pat me calling others haters deserve a warning but being called cultist is okay. We should not have double standards here.

      1. Admin Pat does not support Ozil, so I can relate. It is his way or the highway. Do not worry tho, when the others fail to agree with him they will hear the same music. Unfairness always brings bad karma and for that reason I am worried if Arsenal are treating Ozil badly because they want to win epl something will give and it wont be good for all of us Arsenal supporters.

  30. Highbury Hero
    Ozil clearly doesn’t have issues with Arteta but the
    management of the club, you still on the internet defending
    Ozil against team you claimed to support. Ozil is a
    b*tch and it’s the same reason he was kicked out of
    Madrid and the GNT.

      1. Give it a break! Arteta told all players what he wanted, those that deliver play, those that don’t deliver, don’t play.

  31. IMO opinion no football player is worth even 80k per week. Footballers have been constantly overpaid now for over a decade.
    Giving huge contracts to average players that have achieved nothing in the game whatsoever and yet are paid more an a week than a super hard worker earns in 5 years. Like people who server there country, they put there lives on the line for peanuts and a player can play a game and get millions a year.

    I’m not an Ozil fan boy or anything of the sort.
    He is not to blame for his wages, if you blame anyone its the club they agreed to it and now its come round to bite them in the backside, calling a guy a leech etc is absured, blame his agent, blame the arsenal board and Gazidis you cant blame a player that doent really get involved in the pay side of contract negotiations, thats what he employs an agent for.
    If you don’t know what the facts are about a situation you should shut the hell up really, opinions based on hearsay mean nothing and are pretty much irrelevant.
    Before MA took over, we all knew how much game time Ozil had under UE, which was hardly anything. MA came in and Ozil played and we all saw and an improvement in his play, the whole team wasnt fit enough to do what MA wanted and it took time to get there.
    So we all know he didnt play post lockdown but considering he played 18 games in the prem this season he was still our most creative player, his chances created were level with pepe in January both 38 yet he only managed 2 assists.
    To me that just says BAD FINISHING and namely LACAZETTE who couldnt hit a barn door for months, has scored 2 away goal in what 15 months or something stupid? that for me is unacceptable for a player that plays no 9 , now i really dont give a crap about ‘ he holds the ball up well, works hard etc etc GIROUD DONE MORE THAN HIM!
    So getting back to Ozil, since Sanchez, Santi and Rambo left us the midfield stability and subsecuent hold up play (Alexis) put alot more pressure on Ozil to contribute more defensively, but we all know and have known since he was at Bremen that this is not what he is good at, at all.
    For me he is still up there with teh best creators in the game but he has a massive flaw and thats his defensive work rate, he needs Partey or a Diawara type player to play behind him.
    its that simple!

    1. Like him or hate him,Ozil is still the best in his position at Arsenal.he hasn’t played a bad game under Arteta…if the club doesn’t want him again,he should be paid off.

      1. As an Ozil fan, I want Arsenal to pay him so that he can move to another club that deserves his class and where we can watch him play again. And whether we like it or not and so that we are clear, Ozil is better than countinho, william, xhaka, willock etc and abuse me or not that is never changing. Even Arteta in his playing days does not come close, couldnt even get into the Spanish team. He utterly useless very useless, man couldnt chase a tortoise to save his life and now he presents to know anything about workrate. He is just jealous of Ozil pay period… and dont bring the performance nonsense here

        1. I’m not going to abuse you for your opinions on Ozil but I disagree about your perception of Arteta being jealous or just not good enough
          A cup win in a difficult period for the club is a major achievement

        2. Hahahaha.
          What’s new?
          When has any other player ever been better than Ozil according to you followers?
          Just because you guys are so entrenched into your Ozil bubble does not mean that your ever glowing opinions about him have to be swallowed by us all.
          To you Ozil is the best.

        3. Wow…i have read it all now…
          Thanks for the laugh Moses…

          You even went far to insult our new manager, that won us a trophy during one of our worst seasons. You clearly said in a previous comment that his wage should be used when talking of him but now you say our manager is jealous of his wage???

          What has he done to even justify that wage. He mugged our club, he knew the backlash the club would face if we let the both of them go (Alexis). Basically held our club to ransome. Well played to him but it has been to the detriment of Arsenal.

          Why has no big club come in for him yet or even propose paying part of his wages with Arsenal……

          Someone on here was even comparing Auba’s contract situation right now to Ozil’s…. Man some of the excises you guys make…..

          Arsenal could have and should have handled the situation better but unfortunately they did not. The least we as fans can ask for is for Ozil to prove us, the managers that has dropped him and Arsenal wrong. Would he do that? Deep down you know the answer to that….

          Even after years of his departure he would be remembered and i doubt if its going to be majorly positively

        4. ok hold on dude that’s just waffle and you have no proof to say MA is jealous of Ozils wages.
          Don’t make up crap you have nothing to back it up with.
          they only 2 players you could compare with there are PC and Willian ( to an extent) as they play in the same position or have done.
          To say MA doesnt know anything about work rate from his playing days is just BS. Yes he wasnt a world beater but he did work hard for the team.
          The spanish national team has always had some of the best midfielders europe has seen in the past 20+ years.
          You say he’s useless, well his stats since he arrived as manager and what WE can see from teh change in players attitude and performance has improved 200%.
          Even the great Pep only managed 47 caps for spain in an 11 year international career.
          I suggest you jog on and support the Spuds down the road as they talk as much BS as you

        5. Moses Setim, what on earth has the playing days of Mikel Arteta got to do with Mesut Ozil…and…the other way round?

          Arteta actually got Ozil playing again, selected him for every premier league game in 2020 where we were unbeaten up and until the corona virus lock down.

          I personally believe MA has improved every single player at our club and I firmly believe that, if the lock down hadn’t occurred and the pay cut saga hadn’t happened, Ozil would still be in the team.

  32. I just want to draw peoples attention to the fact that sports earners pay takes upwards of 40-48% in the UK, if he has budgeted his money, I am sorry he is not obliged to take a pay cut. It just shows he is more proactive than the club itself. I think he is more than justified for refusing after the job cuts.

    To his football side, Ozil is never a defensive mid and will never contribute much defensively, its not his fault that he does not have runners who can receive the ball in dangerous areas of the final third like Alexis, Rambo. In addition, he does not have a dynamic defensive midfielder who can take on an opposing player one-on-one and make the extra space which is what makes Ozil fluorish. Still a dangerously creative player IMO opinion, needs to do more yes, but any coach needs to know how to unlock this guy’s MOJO!

  33. Some folk say he should’ve kept his mouth shut, but I don’t blame him for coming out and saying what he has.. now for the club to do the same would be welcome….

      1. I know he hasn’t… I’d like the club to explain why he isn’t being played and not even making the squad anymore.. surely as supporters we have a right to know! This needs to be out to bed asap!

        1. Because 44 goals in 254 games is a poor return for a no 10 at arsenal, and he doesn’t want to buy in to the new work ethic under MA. Lazy. I personally don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt again, im fed up with Ozil His PR bs.

    1. Sue this is a reply to your above comment I can’t reply there as it’s already too crowded with comments. I am sorry to hear that. While I may be one of the toxic ones I have always thought you and Ken1945 as the only sensible ones of regular commenters as I haven’t once seen you two calling other readers names, demeaning them, or being disrespectful in anyway. And in every hot topics you always don’t pick a side. I respect you two for that.

      1. HH, both Sue and I have been called many things because we differ from OTHERS in the way we have always defended Ozil from the abuse he gets – I believe these are the points you are making as well and I applaud you for it.

        Whether Ozil is giving his all, is a personal view by each and every individual fan…including Arteta who certainly thought he was, up and until the corona virus.

        As you can see, the views are split roughly on a 60/40 basis, so no one single opinion has the moral high ground, despite what ANYONE says…let’s just wait for the next “claim” to be made and then pick it to pieces as has been done previously.

        1. I’ve just read your comment from up there, Ken, the long one. Very good btw 👏
          I was going to steer clear, Ken, but decided to comment, haha!!
          I agree about the moral high ground 👍

        2. Ken, in an earlier post you raised the point that Martinez is not criticised for taking his wages to sit on the bench. Martinez has been the back up keeper, having to train, keep himself fit and be ready to take his place in goal should the #1 be injured. He is not considered one of Arsenal’s “elite” players paid a salary supposedly commensurate with the contribution he should be making to the team on a regular basis. He has also taken opportunities to have game time by going on loan to other clubs.
          A different situation to Mezut Ozil surely?

          1. Not at all ozziegunner.Ozil has trained with the squad, kept himself fit and played in the premier league up and until the corona virus.
            The decision to not select him since then is down to MA, one assumes, so he does what Martinez does…trains, keeps fit and is ready if selected.
            There fact that one earns more than the other is irrelevant,
            as Martinez proved at Wembley.

      2. I don’t find you toxic, HH… you express your views and stand up for yourself if challenged…and fair play too!! 👍

        Aww thanks, HH, very nice of you 🙂

  34. Before the covid 19 pandemic mesuit ozil was in arsenal first eleven,due to some issues of refusing to take pay cut ,this is where the problem began and he had to face the consequences by sitting on the bench or not even participate on match squad,

  35. Yaaaawn..

    Just move this guy on, he does not fit in tactically with MA’s vision.

    Won’t even go into the other components.

    AFC just won the FA Cup.


  36. very balanced article but I tell you. Ozil is a politician trying to play politics with the fans now even though I will never support our board but Ozil is slick. love Reggies comment

      1. Signing, Auba, Willan, Thomas Partey, Decoure and Gabriel and maybe Max Aarons.
        Plus Mezut Ozil on subsidised loan to Turkey or the MLS (he is looking to expand his brand in the USA). 🇺🇸😁😎

  37. If Ozil fans could ask themselves the amount of exscuses they make for him…and when last has he repaid their faith in him. I was once like that years back. Not anymore…. He has been dropped for several managers after initially being given a chance….am tired of this guy…..One of the worst signings we have made if we put into consideration the money/performance ratio.

    Wonder if his attitude would have been the same if he feautured for the invincibles. Sure some players would have nicely given him a piece of their mind…

    1. Ozil fans ?
      You mean Arsenal fans because they support a player who plays for their team .
      Very childish expression that we hear on this site way too much .

      1. And i agree that it is indeed a childish statement, but i have seen several of them purposely tag themselves as fan’s of his. How else do we then differentiate from those that never seem to see any wrong in his actions, football related and not football related?

      2. Dan kit, you forgot when you called all Nigerians Iwobi fans , i think that was childish expression by you then

        1. But that was true because all his fans was actually from Nigeria,when he left so did most of them from this forum ,they only supported Arsenal because they came form Nigeria .
          Now that is completely different in this case ,these are not German supporters but Arsenal supporters.
          I don’t believe I called anyone a Iwobi fan but pointed out that they only support the club because they came form the same country .

          1. And you dont think there are thousands of “Arsenal fans” that only support Ozil because he is German & is Turkish descent? Also, i havent seen many people state their nationality on these forums so you may be making assumptions as well.

          2. If your looking for a response from me RSH you won’t get one ,that subject as been done now .

  38. Again with the money grabbing comment….

    Ozil should extend his contract just so some fans can stop supporting Arsenal…

  39. In my humbe opinion l think some Gemerny people are out to destroy Ozil.He’s not the only one who refused a pay cut so why is he being pesercuted alone

  40. Reading some of the comments here feels like ozil pulled a gun on the board to give him that contract. first of all i’m no Ozil fan, i remember the majority of the fan base saying back then ” give the man what he wants”, act like a big club blah blah blah.fast forward today and same people are calling the man all sort of names. Yes Ozil has decline and he’s not the player he is yesterday but blaming the man for everything that’s going on in our club so so wrong. he merely ask where the money was going too and was even willing to take a bigger share if there was a clear explanation of what the money was going to be used for. for all you saying Arteta is a yes man is ridiculous, going by what Ozil said, this has been going on for a while before arteta arrived. thought the board told the players no one will loose their jobs after the cut? i think (my opinion) there’s an agenda here against the man from board level and what i don’t understand is why was two other players not named? because they are not on 350K per week? i really don’t care about what goes on off the pitch but this is really harming the club in some way, don’t you think other players are watching with a keen eye? our potential targets? no other player would want to be in such situation and to think we are trying to renew auba’s contract.most of these players don’t care about the money but a contract is a contract, if you feel you are not getting your contract value the pay the man off let him leave! and do you know the Irony in all this? KROENKE! He has managed to rally the fans against one man and he sit’s across the pond laughing his arse off. i feel sorry for Arterta for having to work under this man, mark it somewhere, we will be here in a few weeks again in a few weeks saying how we’ve missed out on potential targets, all we here everyday is we are after this player and that player yet we are no closer to signing anyone bar willian. the season will start and we”ll loose a couple of matches and the fans will turn on the players and the rollacoaster ride continues. mind you we are the only club in the top six who’ve asked our players to take a pay cut and we in the top ten richest club in the world! with how things are going on in the club currently one would think sven was right when he said we were a dysfunctional club, there’s a disconnect somewhere but where? we really need to get things straight if we not we are in danger of loosing our values(if it’s not even lost already) we’ve channel all on anger on the players whiles forgetting Scrooge who made all that happened in the first place. mind you we are not the in the top six being owned by foreign investor but you don’t see this happening at other clubs. KROENKE is a disease and the sooner we get this satan out of our darling club the better.

    P.S) English is not my first language, actually my fifth so i’m very sorry if there’s anything mistakes and i’m down to be corrected for any mistakes. THANK YOU

  41. The question should be why is the other 2 players not named and then if the players have made a sacrifice of wages …..why has their sacrifice not saved the 55 staff or even earned those poor folks a delayed lay off time with the promise of re instatement post Covid. What is the owner doing for his asset? Ozil has been targeted that’s plain to see

    1. Obviously he’s been targeted because he is the highest earner out of the playing staff. Even the much maligned Arsenal board took paycuts as well.

      1. Targeted by whom RSH?

        Would you agree, if we took the fans out of this just for a second, ask the question again…it would seem that the much maligned Arsenal board are trying to hang out one player to dry, in order to cover their own incompetence?

        Why do you think the other reported players, as it has been said by the club exist, have not been named?

        1. Ken
          First- thanks for saying I’m not a hater
          Second- the naming situation really worries me. I have been convinced that the club would not stoop so low. I’m not saying that I have changed my mind but my faith (and yours no doubt) would have dropped in Arteta

      2. RSH
        Your posts interest me insofar as you say the club are freezing Ozil out. On the face of it I’m struggling to disagree but how do they think that is achievable when at every opportunity Özil’s agent has categorically stated that he is staying?
        How on earth can I trust Arteta if he is in cahoots?

        1. Sue, I dont think Arteta wants Ozil in the team. That is very obvious. There is no proof Arteta is being told to do this so it is my belief Arteta just doesnt want him. he gave everyone a clean slate when he took charge, and Arteta has explained in his press conferences that Ozil’s commitment isnt at the level he wants it to be. So that’s done and dusted. As for the board, they’ve been trying to push Ozil out for a while now simply because he isn’t worth it. What power does the board have to decide who plays and who doesn’t? I think many ppl are acting like they choose the XI. It is the manager. And three managers have booted Ozil out of their sides.

          1. I may agree, but we are bombarded by views that this is a conspiracy theory based around Ozil not taking a pay cut.

            This is my whole worry. I have been so impressed by how Arteta has returned Arsenal into something akin to a proper team with fight and determination, to have that pay cut fiasco shoved back undermines my confidence

  42. Can i just say, i dont think Ozil has been targeted, i do think Ozil is a shit stirrer, he isn’t good for Arsenal, he is giving this club nothing, clubs are not queuing up to buy or take him (no surprise to me there) he doesn’t fit into Artetas way of playing, i dont hear many players coming out and voicing their support and he and his agent are very devious. The sooner this is sorted the better, i hope there is a modicum of guilt in there and Ozil does what Ozil should for FOOTBALL REASONS.

    1. His agent employs some of the best PR people on the planet. Boris and Donald should go calling.

  43. Well Saïd. When they paid him, they wee happy to do sio; hé was in fine form with a high value with top clubs trying to snatch him then…

    We know that Kroenke picks board to ihide behind ans mpose his laim tac tics & rules.

    All about maths; let a player with a 50M value then, go free then pay same or more to replace him makes 100M.

    They paid him half of that since, trying to cet rid of him past 2 seasons to save half of that money.

    Plan was to trick & use him and get rid of him to not spend more than they planed.

    Of course pays 30M wages and sell him woukd have been perfect for kroenke bank account with a cost close to zéro while using him.

    Look at his laim Pepe trick, a 3-4 years installement plan, with his son acting as if they had ambition, flashing Pepe price, having US forger about Zaha Who was flying and got his Arsenal dream ended by Kroenke. Can sée he was not happy, affects performance.

    Palace wanted full payement 60M would have closed deal but it is Arsenal Kroenke FC…

    Until this cowboy sells this club, cant be any change but worst

    Cheers & good nite everyone

  44. Is Ozil being a club higher earner is a problem? It’s a shame for a big club like Arsenal to fail to handle this situation! Why can’t we talk about our owner and that’s were the problems start how many times we failed to sign quality playes? Now cutting jobs to 55, were is our bosses ! they only look profit and they used this opportunity to save their accounts into safe! Then convincing the board to cut the players amount of their money to save them it’s a sheamful act! Ozil refusing is a lesson and has reasons why the club didn’t explain it in detail lather than asking them to so! Zen were the problem start! About contract board gave him we’re satisfied with him and everyone even We arsenal fans were happy so we have to look at all aspects and not only Ozil! He will prove it he is right what he needs now is supporting him and to give some respect , like the support Xhaka get and builded his class and confidence!

    1. The owner’s problem is the Board and senior executive, mismanaging the Club’s player and financial assets. He is culpable in selecting them in the first place and not replacing them now.

  45. I think These words by Ozil should be able to settle things here,anybody that has human feelings and has the ability to control or be the head of the family should be able to understand everything Ozil has said.. Okay ,fine,I wouldn’t like to say this but let us all agree Ozil is lazy(as many fans thinks of him),he isn’t hardworking,underperforming etc;but to be honest,a (big) club like arsenal and a good.manager should be able to point out a player’s mistakes ,fill him with love and peace should reign within the club..I want to ask this question (admin Pat): “Are we sooooo poor in arsenal that we find it difficult to pay a player 350k? why am I seeing all these negative comments by some arsenal fans that fails to understand this whole situation? Let’s take a look to Manchester united,one of their highest paid player is a goalkeeper that commits loads of blunders in front of goal,yet ,his coach would come out countless times to defend him,,that’s what we call Love,Peace and Unity(LPU) ,look at Gareth bale,a high earner too he told the club he doesn’t want to play against City though ,what he did was bad but I haven’t heard real Madrid fans call him names..what we lack here in arsenal is this LPU I stated…we treat ourselves like small clubs and even Chelsea fans mock us…..I strongly go with his words there that” they are trying to destroy me,we were three and only my name was mentioned ” can we just read that statement again,again and again and understand the whole situation here…leave sentiments, hatred or any negative things aside and u understand that line..before I quit ,let me ask this question
    Why were the two undisclosed?
    As a team,(a family) is that acceptable? …I don’t support Ozil that much ,but what we need here is better understanding..we should try to relate it to family issues.if u can’t understand these can you build a family that won’t break? I guess No #IstandwithOzil..

  46. My take on the situation-
    1. Ozil fits Arteta’s vision and the club in general is going towards a more concrete playstyle under Arteta. So we may see Ozil more in the upcoming season.
    2. Based on his comments, Ozil is not in Arteta’s plans, who has after assesing him during the lockdown period, concluded that he is not fit for the team that he is building and has not played him. Regarding the name leak, I guess our board is no saint. Also am not defending Ozil either, because he also may be at fault due to his previous behaviour with UE and FL. But I also don’t think he needs my defending because he has been a World class player, and even has a successful stay with Arsenal, being there third best assister.
    3. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes but will support Arteta on whatever decision he takes.
    Regarding the ongoing debate, Arsenal board were at fault for their misjudgement in giving that contract( which we still don’t know fully about except the reported figures), Ozil was smart enough to take it at the time, and without Santi or Sanchez his numbers dropped off. So no point in slating anyone here because we know he will stay. Might as well use him. With the reported incoming defensive additions, who knows, Ozil might recapture his best form again. He has 287 total assists for a reason and his vision may be better than Messi’s.

      1. Sue, sorry for the long read though😂😂. No point in arguing amongst ourselves about Ozil. As SueP said it brings unpleasantness among various readers and posters here.

  47. I really do think that Oil will officially retire from football next summer.
    Hes halfway there already and the last three managers can see it.
    He makes more headlines off the pitch, albeit for morally correct reasons.
    When you give people this much money you will always get some who won’t work, it would be interesting to challenge him in court was he is always late for training and has had more bouts of flu and sickness than any other player in the league.
    He doesn’t want a new challenge or a deal would be struck, a part pay of wages with his beloved Fenerbahce for instance, he’s not even looking elsewhere as Arsenal would off load him even if paying 80% of his salary.
    He quit germany at 29 and he will quit football at 32/33 as he is unmotivated to work as he has enough silverware and is not a high press premier league player.
    There are no luxury players at the highest level nowadays and he won’t/can’t take the extra step.
    Maybe the odd cameo role next season at best.

    He’s done with football, wait and see.

  48. I don’t really understand how most posters on here can take Ozil’s side? There’s no doubt that there has always been questions of his ability and work rate, football has changed over the years and the classic no.10 role is almost extinct. Most no.10’s have adapted into CM’s working hard in both attack and defence for their clubs, like Kevin De Bruyne or James Maddison for example. Ozil will never adapt and 1 more season of his sulking and self pity and he is gone for good. You can’t disagree that Arteta has made a huge impact since his arrival and his vision and idea’s for the club is clear for everyone to see, formations have changed players attitude have changed and there is now a strong sense of hunger from the team, within the last couple of weeks of the season end look at the results we have gotten from top 5 clubs, apart from united we managed to beat 3 (FA Cup & PL) and drew with 1, which we should have beaten but can only blame VAR for equalising goal as Vardy should have been sent off for dirty tackle on mustafi. If Ozil isn’t part of the plans then it’s clearly the best decision as we’ve pulled off some amazing wins, took home a trophy and qualified for europa league without him. In his defence he has been scrutinised for a lot over the last couple of years especially after the World Cup being used as a scapegoat by Germany, retiring at international level because of it I felt for the guy, but we supported him through it. I’m not supporting him through this.. I’ve always been fond of Ozil but it’s gone to far now, for him to turn down offers from a club where he clearly stated he wanted to go, then refuse pay cuts just to live in the past and make our club look bad for trying offload an unwanted player with a hefty wage bill? The money lifted if he was sold could be used to tie down auba and laca, and give some mobility in transfer market. There is a list of players to be sold like all clubs, but ozil has been no.1 on that list for far too long now…

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