Ozil takes to social media following latest France terrorist attacks

With no hope of playing football this year, Mesut Ozil will have to look for something else to keep himself busy.

The German, who has been frozen out of the Arsenal first team for some time, has been known for being vocal about issues around the world.

He has always tried to lend his voice to social causes, especially any that concerns Islam. The latest development in that area is the terror attacks in France.

France has been plagued by a new set of terror attacks after their president, Emmanuel Macron vowed to keep the nation secular.

He made the statement after a French teacher was beheaded in what has been described as an act of Islamic terrorism.

The follow-up attacks have seen another set of people attacked in the French city of Nice and Ozil has taken to social media to make it known that acts of terror have no place in Islam.

He tweeted a picture of himself at the holy Islamic site of Mecca along with a quote from the Quran, which read:

‘Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as is he has killed all mankind and whoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.’

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  1. I wonder if Ozil will ever try to use his popularity, and global reach, to help reform Islam?

    He’s happy to have a pop at the Chinese, in regards to their treatment of Uyghur Muslims, but never says anything about his own religion? It’s a fact, that females within Islam are treated disgracefully, have no rights, and no freedom. This is even backed up by the Quran.

    Huge respect for what Ozil does outside of football. His charity work, calling out injustice where he says it. And you can’t expect a single person to find enough hours in the day to help all charities, and victims. But surely he should be playing a role in reforming Islam, as it’s something close to his heart. It’s hypocritical to have a go at China on this matter, whilst ignoring the huge problems that Islam causes.

    1. We are football fans we suld always try to limit our criticism and arguments in that . But if we turn to bring in religion in our argument it gonna divide us more .
      What problem does Islam cause? We are about 1.9bn Muslims on this planet so if one person decides to do something ugly or bad it doesn’t not represent all of us .
      What change do u want in Islam? There is total difference between Arabian culture and Islamic values. The Quran is the only book that respects women values than any book before it .
      I don’t know ur religious faith but is it fair to blame all Christians on what the crusaders did in the past ?
      Crime has no color. Who ever is involved in shameful act suld be dealt with according to the law . Period. Our religion kicks against innocent killing.
      One thing I must add is that anytime someone commits this shameful act if he is a Muslim the media will quickly say Islamic terrorist but if he is other religious faith they say far right extremists or blah blah they wouldn’t tied it to any religion

      1. No Klose!! “Who ever is involved in shameful act” should be prevented in the first place, and that is the business of Islamic religious leaders.
        I have no problems with these despicable people being shot dead by police before they come to trial as it prevents them from radicalising other Muslims and non Muslims in prison.
        Did you know hundreds of Muslims sat protesting against President Macron outside the French Embassy in London yesterday?

        1. What is wrong with Muslim protesting against a certain man who couldn’t distinguish between one and all ? Radicalism breeds radicalism. Your government suld try to define what freedom of speech is . It limits and it applications. Whether it suld be solely political or social but not religious

    2. Islam needs a major overhaul. Christianity has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We Still have so called fundamentalist chrisitians but not to this level.
      Islam is going to go through the same process but it will take decades if not at least a century.

      Islam is in that wounded animal phase where it just lashes out because it feels so insecure and vulnerable.

      But until then we just have to get used to these random acts of terror.

  2. He is a typical islamic denier. Wont outwardly and overtly condemn attacks. Wont condemn the parts of that bloody book that support killing of nonbelievers. He plays the social media game

    1. Silentstan, you obviously didn’t read the quote that Ozil took from the Quran, because he is condemning those who take the lives of others, while praising those who save lives.
      As an atheist, I live my life by following the basics of most religions and I think you will find that every single religion in the world has sections that one could see as barbaric and not consistent with life today, especially regarding the rights of women.

      If every person lived their own lives the way they judge others, we would have utopia – unfortunately that is not the case, otherwise we would have a more equal society, both in monetary and homosapiens terms.

        1. Name me one book that blesses women with equal rights and respect with men than the Quran . Don’t confuse Arabian culture with Islamic teachings. I can give u countless verses in the Bible that are harsh and degrading fro women. But Islam sees both men and women as equal in the eyes of the almighty Allah

        2. SueP, if every “macho male” had daughters as children and insisted they had the same rights, the world would be a much fairer place.
          That’s what happened to me, when I realized the inequality my two daughters faced from their very early days.
          They have grown up to be independent, free thinking and successful women and that’s the way it should be!!!
          Take religion, countries and greedy politicians out of the world and we would all get on together – or in the words of John Lennon IMAGINE!!

          MO is not a saint, but he is not filth, thief or a leech either – the sooner June comes, the better from a footballing point of view – long may his charitable work continue to benefit those less fortunale around the world.

    2. You did not read the Ozil statement and you are here criticizing him him in the the name of hate and islamophobe. You are as ignorant as those so called Muslim who go around and killed innocent people.They don’t represent Islam .Ho and read the Quran well it forbids killing of of innocent people

      1. They must be representing somebody Klose, or are they just joining in the general killing spree for personal glory and to get 72 virgins in paradise for their martyrdom and sacrifice.

        1. Who are they representing? I know it is not Islam coz my religion is against that . Or maybe they are taking a clue from what the crusaders who some glorified today or those colonial masters who took about 400m Africans to ur land and where treated like animals

            1. Breaking news– French president implicitly withdrew his previous remarks and noted that he understands how Muslims feel about the publication of offensive cartoons of the Holy Prophet of Islam.
              In an interview with Aljazeera, Macron maintained that some individuals distort Islam and try to justify the act in the name of this religion.

              He went on to say that the cartoons are not a government project, and they are affiliated with independent newspapers.

              Macron added that he does not approve of these cartoons and the wrong assumption in this regard has led to the recent reactions.

              The French president underlined that what is done in the name of Islam is harmful to all Muslims around the world and 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims.

  3. It doesn’t help his ‘good boy’ image that he’s very best mates with well known Islamic atrocity denier Erdogan.

  4. By the teachings of the Quran it is very criminal to killed one innocent soul doing that is as if you have killed all human kind and it’s punishable by death. What is more criminal is for macron to believe that what he does represents Islam and that Islam is in crisis . This is not the first time people protest against someone speech . Just a day or two Jeremy Corbin was suspended from labor party because of anti-Semitic . Those who did that protest are true Muslims they never destroy anything like de yellow vest did in France

  5. I think in this instance Klose, you have misunderstood my sentiments, although on re reading Ken’s post he was referring to women in religions in general and I rather overlooked that.

    When I started work in the 1970’s I was not entitled to the same pay grade or got the same opportunities to gain promotion as a man. Men were considered the head of the household and women just had children and looked after their husbands. We were in effect second class citizens in many areas in life. Whilst enormous strides have been taken to iron out the differences there is still a way to go hence my touchiness about women’s rights.

    Terrible crimes have been committed in the name of religion, and I avoid being critical of the beliefs of another.

    1. I was trying to point to you that what the world is crying out for women today my religion has already granted it to them about 1400 yrs ago . They are as equal as men . Women are free to work. Marriage isn’t compulsory on them . They are free to do whatever they wish to do if it doesn’t go against the principles of Quran . Once again don’t confuse Arabian culture with the teachings of Islam.

      1. Klose
        I haven’t confused Arabian culture with Islam and I fail to understand why you think I have but thank you for pointing out the the freedom of women as granted by your religion 1400 years ago

  6. Woooooaaaaaaaahhhhhh! This is a football site, using Religion Religion and Politics to get an Ozil article in is just crap! Come on guys lets talk about football.

  7. I can see that he would be busy. So would I , WONDERING HOW TO SPEND MY £2000 +OF UNEARNED INCOME, EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY, WHETHER IN THE MIDDLE OF SLEEPING OR WHETHER AWAKE. Wondering so hard is bound to tire him out, but at least he can afford a comfy bed to rest his poor “overworked” bones!

    But we who know this truth must still remember to worship him because he has a humanitarian conscience – though not enough to prevent him being friend with that murdering creep Erdogan, which tells us his true social conscience only extends as far as worrying about those being killed in China. He also worries about poor out of work Gunnersaurus, enough to offer to pay his wages.

    We must still worship him, even though he is financially damaging the club we love every hour of every day. Funny old world isn’t it, my fellow realists.

    To be serious he is NOT, of course, a wicked person but he is harming our club each hour he stays and knows that perfectly well , yet still chooses to stay here.

    It seems that what HE WORSHIPS most is not freedom for ALL individuals on our planet, no matter who, no matter where, but the great God of MONEY!

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