Ozil thanks fans but says he MUST be Arsenal’s playmaker!!

As Arsenal fans, we have all become used to seeing Arsene Wenger play some of the Arsenal players in unfamiliar positions. Now I realise that the Frenchman knows a lot more about football than me and he has had some amazing success, especially in turning Thierry Henry and the traitor RvP into central strikers, but it does not always come off so well.

Andrey Arshavin is a prime example, while Jack Wilshere’s games out wide last season did not help him or the club. But I can still understand why he has used Mesut Ozil in wide areas at times, with the German’s speed and technical ability able to cause problems on the flanks and his eye for a pass able to create chances.

The German, however, is not so sure, as he explains in a report in The Telegraph. He believes that a lot of the criticism he got from the German press before and during the World Cup finals, was down to his being played on the left rather than through the middle or even on the right flank. Maybe this is just a little reminder to Wenger as well.

Ozil said, “I’m one of the best players in the world in that No 10 position. Fans, coaches, players and everyone knows that my best position is playmaker.

“It’s different playing on the left. When I was in Madrid, I often played on the right. I enjoyed that because I’m left-footed and I was able to cut inside to give assists and get shots on target. On the left, it’s more difficult. If I do get past someone I’m still away from the danger zone, still on the flank, and it’s harder for me to find the final ball with my right foot than with my left.

“But Joachim Löw needed me on the left. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team. It’s not my favourite position but I was willing to play there for the team. It was difficult just before the tournament started that I was suddenly playing on the left and had a different role. I needed to get my bearings, which I did. I think I did my job well there. The Boss saw me as being able to play on the right and we ended up as world champions.

“The opinions of fans are important to me and I’m happy they have such high expectations of me. I have high expectations of myself. I know what I can do and in the past few years I’ve shown that I belong to the select group of best players in the world as a No 10. What’s important is that the manager gives me his trust and in Joachim Löw and Arsène Wenger I have two managers who do exactly that. Both coaches know that my favourite position is the No  10. I’ve played on the left in a World Cup and for Arsenal but my best performances come as a 10.”

I think we can all agree on that and it is good to hear Ozil appreciating the support he gets from the Arsenal and Germany fans. Let’s hope for a more consistent season from him this time, which I’m sure we will get, and that he can help the Gunners to another trophy or two.

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    the question is will Wenger listens?

    he will obviously keep playing players out of position till the game is lost

    1. Sumo says:

      Oh Hafiz. My dear Hafiz. Please. Oh ho Hafiz. Now listen-

      Mesut started all his games for us in the centre to play in his preferred position when Theo was playing for us.
      But when Theo got injured i think 3rd January,2014 and Poldi was being eased into the team Mesut was slowly moved to the right. The formation being:

      And that how it remained for the rest of the season.

      Than during the WC Arsenal fan favourite player Rues got injured playing and out of the squad. Their was no natural left winger, Schurell excluded who was considered a super sub, and Mesut had to make do for the sake of the team. He agreed selflessly.

      Football fans have short memories. They only recall the WC and hardly anything of last season. Its still playing on their mind that Mesut plays on the left. Last day he started the game on the left because the game could br based on Sanchez and not on him. He lacked match fittness but was bettrr than the alternative Podolski.

      Starting him in the centre would be a mistake as form wise Santi was a better player than Mesut and also in fittness.

      Wenger didn’t play Mesut out of position. Except for a few games. Most notably Liverpool away.

      But the answer to your question is- NO and thats what i love about the Boss.

      1. dboy says:

        No left wingers for Germany? That’s not entirely true. Does the name Podolski ring?

        1. Sumo says:

          Podolski is Centre Forward. Not a winger. Seriously? I mean do you need to teach you even that?
          If today Szczesny plays on the wing, he doesn’t become a winger-it would be hilarious nonetheless.

      2. JStarrr says:

        Em, in his last 170 professional appearances he has managed 80 assists. Compared to Iniestas 50 in 163 app, Fabregases decent 68 in 153 and David Silvas mediocre 45 in 169! I say we play him where he wants…

      3. seancali says:

        It just cant get over the fact that our record signing and without a doubt one of the best play makers in the world is playing out of position, Ozil is best when he plays down the middle with his cheeky passes and touches. He needs to operate from the middle, He is way to clever to be playing on the wing. I would give Podolski a chance today and stick Ozil down the middle.

    2. Hald says:

      We need to catch up Chelsea in Goal Difference.We need to win by 3 goal or more.

  2. ChristopherHWinters says:

    Debuchy Mertz Kos Monreal
    Arteta(if fit)/Chambers Ramsey
    Ox/cazorla Ozil Podolski
    Subs : Martinez, Bellerin, Flamini, Rosicky, Wilshere, Sanogo, Coquelin

    Campbell or Podolski should start And cazorla should rotate with Ozil, Chamberlain/Campbell at right and Sanchez/Sanogo at strike.

  3. cheeterspotter says:

    Message to Ozil. Arsene plays nearly every attacking forward out of position.He thinks he’s a chessmarster. oh,and that was a good move,wait. til. Chelsky sell Torres then go after Remy.He’s.had all the close season to buy him especially as he’s a fellow countryman.

  4. pubgooner says:

    Pod to start. Pod will score.
    Mozart to sub. Mozart will assist.

  5. davidnz says:

    One assumes Wenger
    told Ozil of his plans
    before Ozil signed.
    If so then there is no issue.
    If not then Ozil has a case.
    To me Ozil and Cazorla
    should rotate game for game at CAM.
    What exactly is Wengers
    plan for the Arsenal left?
    So far he does not play Podolski
    or Ryo the two real left side players
    instead plays Ozil and Cazorla who both prefer CAM.
    May be Sanchez was bought to play left side
    and will play there when Walcott returns?

  6. Invincibles49 says:

    Reports are saying we are in for Remy too. That is what gets on my nerves. When he was available easily, Wenger turned him down. Now when Giroud is injured, he is battling with a club like Chelsea to get him. What a planning and vision from him ! Sky reports are also saying that Arsenal are again unwilling to match the fee and negotiations are on. Here we go!

    1. WembleyMay71 says:

      Well, at least Wenger’s keeping Campbell.

      Still more could and should have been done by this stage of the window.

    2. Trudeau says:

      My dislike of Mourinho is getting unhealthy. I don’t even rate Remy that highly but the opportunity to get one over on Jose makes me almost desperate to see this transfer completed…

  7. mortal says:

    why do i always feel that arsenal is not a club to eager to win trophies again but rather to make profit and here by buying one xpensive player just to please the fans.

    1. Wootton says:

      Before özil and alexis: wenger and the board won’t spend money, its all for the board!

      After özil and alexis: wenger and the board are only doing it to please the fans.

      On behalf of the majority of the fans on here, shut up please.

  8. Sumo says:

    Today will be a daunting challenge against opposition who will be happy to play for a draw. It will be nice to see us attack consistently for a change.
    I would love it if Wenger played a nice 4-4-2.
    Poldi or Sonogo partnered with Sanchez.


    And at half time bring on Sonogo for Poldi. It would be nice to see some direct attacking football instead of backwards passes for a change.

    I know that in some people’s notion, every game in the EPL is tuff. But -without complacency setting in- it should be a routine win.

    Sanchez and Sonogo to break EPL duck.

    1. Budd says:

      You have a horrendous weak defending left flank. Move Ramsey for Mesut and it may get you somewhere.

  9. Okachioma says:

    I think i knew where Özil is driving at. But the actual fact is that he in some ways got it wrong. Up till now i kept asking myself is this the same Özil? But to me, playing his favorite no.10 role does will not solve his present state of performance. A close look at him will tell you he is physically & psychological tired [Fatigue] and he doesnt seems to be fighting it. You can obviously see his body language [like not-2-interested]. Compare him to Wilshere, even when we all know Jack is not playing his best game lately, but you can always feel his urge, the tenacity and the spirit in him to get back what he has look [even if he isnt getting it right]. Thats the spirit Mesut has lost. And am afraid, if he isnt start fighting it, we might be having our next Arshavin [God forbid]. I think he shouldnt always be forced to play 90mins. That isnt fair to Rosicky on the bench. More rest and competition may give him back what he has lost. He stil remains my Model though [Lengend of Özil]. Keep Da Faith

  10. Uche Edochie says:

    This Remy story is a strange one. We had all summer to sign this guy and we did nothing. Now we want to battle with Chelsea? Really? Abramovich can afford to sign Remy, pay him 100k a week and bench him for the rest of his career. That is how competitive Chelsea and Man City are. So when you are Arsenal and you have the opportunity to get a good deal done, get it done! Jeeez!!! Let us just hope that the lure or Arsenal and first team football will make Remy choose us over Chelsea, otherwise we don’t stand a chance. Why mouth off about not needing a striker and then make such moves for Remy? Does wenger even play back some of the things he says in his interviews? If I were him, I will die of embarrassment based on the silly and unnecessary lies he tells sometimes. Too much power is not a good thing. Arsene is really having fun saying and doing whatever he wants. That is not good. He is a decent manager who has been given the keys to the castle for as long as he wants. He should be grateful rather than misusing such an opportunity. Top managers everywhere are dying for Wenger’s job security but will never get it because Arsenal football club is one in a million. Well, the man is too old to change his ways so we can all rant as much as we want but he will do whatever he wants anyway.

    1. NIKK says:

      Well said!

    2. Budd says:

      So what? Let them have Remy, there’s a reason he plays at QPR and not even at Newcastle. It is good that Chelsea went for Remy as I don’t believe for one second we were in for him even after Giroud got injured. It keeps Chelsea away from our real target. Besides, I would love them to pay him 100k/week and pay his release clause. That’ll free some ground in the last hours battles to land someone notable.
      One more note Uche, people here have no memory but I still do remember your pi$$ing Ramsey, Wenger and Giroud over the last seasons. You are no better than RvP and you should follow him wherever he goes. But what really pi$$es me of is the fact that YOU FU CKING KNOW AND SAY we don’t have the same financial power than Chelsea or Citeh yet you want us to compete for garbage (read Remy) and then complain about how over inflate the prices are these days. You truly belong to the chavs or even better to the spuds because they did the most stupid thing last season, they DID AN UCHE overpaying for all those flops and that brought them in the hole they ended in last season. You are no better than Hafiz, I think you two are one and the same person. I don’t salute you. Pi$$ off.

  11. Godswill says:

    Please Wenger, buy our needs and stop playing players out of position. Ozil can never perform on the left as a super star but as an average player. We couldn’t have spent 42.2m for an average player. Well, Wenger does not care about opinions.

    1. GOONSTER says:

      We over paid for him, and that unnerved me. I used to watch him for Madrid and he was just a luxury player for them, played him for 60 minutes a game and sometimes he would start from the bench..

      We refused to bid more than £40 million plus £1 for a monster like Suarez but then panic into paying £42 million for luxury player..

  12. Simon_MrMac says:

    Whilst I agree Ozil plays his best football in the middle – everyone knows that – the truth is the guy has no engine, and does not tackle! – and as a result teams can play straight through the middle- In short he’s awesome but adds vulnerability to the team

    Carzola is better in that sense- particularly last game, he was really contributing when the other team had the ball. Which is why I think he should play in middle. Ozil on left doesn’t expose us as badly- so its a better shape for us- But…

    …I do think we should be brave, and yes that means leaving either Ozil or Cazola on the bench- its a better shape, and allows Campbell or Podolski to play on left, and give us good threat from that side – particularly when Gibbs isn’t playing, because Monreal not as good going forward

    Its great to have such high-quality problems!

  13. M Arsenal Fan says:

    Yeahhhh!!!!! There is not much thing to say…
    Sanchez to start play like suarez and aguero style…
    Ozil to play at his best no 10..lets vision for epl crown

    1. atid says:

      Totally agree for me wenger should return to his most successful formation 4411

      Make wilshire and Ramsey his new petit and Vieira

      Walcott his new ray parlour

      Ozil and sanchez his new bergkamp and henry

      Cazorla or the ox his new pires

      The back 5 speaks for itself

      If we need a more defensive midfield he can bring in the likes of arteta flamini Coquelin chambers and diaby. If we need more direct attack there is campbell, sanogo, podolski and gnabry. If we need more industry and creativity there is chamberlain and rosicky.

      That for me plays our best players in a formation that would work. Until Theo is back simply play the ox in that role.

      Ok.people’s fear will be can jack be petit and can rambo be Vieira? Well I recall playing man united at home when they were destroying everyone
      Jack and rambo was the midfield pairing in that formation that day and petit sorry jack absolutely bossed it, winning 1-0 and Vieira sorry Ramsey scoring the winning goal.

      Obviously I want new signings and if he delist, sells or loans out giroud, miquel, ryo and zelalem then he can afford to add 2 more. Ideally we need 3 but that means delisting diaby and I cannot see that happening, though I can still see him selling campbell, which no one really wants, but if it landed us cavani, benzema or falcao I think people would accept it.

  14. atid says:

    I think remy is one fortunate player, to have had Liverpool, chelsea and now arsenal supposefly interested in his services.

    Personally I don’t think there is competition for him, I just think that his agent is working, so that remy gets a deal pushed through without such a stringent medical and gets a better wage offer to beat off the supposed competition.

  15. ebemka says:

    Ozil Plays better wen he is given the free role, dats hw he made it in Madrid with his free runs and deadly passes to ronaldo.

    1. Budd says:

      Correct but RM had a beast in Xavi Alonso and two monsters in Ramos and Pepe. These 3 guys worth as 4 on the pitch and that’s why Ozil could be freed of any defensive duty. That’s why I am in the same boat as people saying we need one monster CB and one monster DM rather than a new striker.

  16. badenglish says:

    Özil needs Sami Khedira behind him. Buy Khedira or its Bettler to sell Özil. I know the mentality of the oriantal boys and have many friends of them. alone they are nothing. My turkish nighbour says: i cant breath without a brother.

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