Ozil the key to Arsenal victory over Liverpool?

After the shock of Arsenal losing to West Ham in the first Premier League game, the Gunners did well to bounce back with an away win over a determined and well drilled Crystal Palace side at the weekend. And the fact that we played a lot better at Selhurst Park is just as important with Premier League rivals Liverpool next up.

It is not quite a must win game for the Gunners at this early stage but with them, Man United and Man City all on maximum points so far, we could certainly do with all three so as to avoid letting a gap build between us. However, I do not think we need to be overly concerned about our next opponents as they have not exactly been brilliant.

One wonder goal from Coutinho in their opening game and one that should have been called offside against Bournemouth at Anfield on Monday has given them two wins but has not convinced many people of their title credentials. They still have a lot of work to do to become a fluent team and that is why I expect them to come to the Emirates on Monday with the intention to make the game tight and perhaps nick a winner, as Adam Lallana has suggested this week.

And that is why I feel that Mesut Ozil could be the key man for us. If he plays like he did last Sunday, with some amazing touches and tricks to go with his vision and awareness of what is going on around him, the German should be able to create enough chances for Arsenal to score goals. The big question is, though, which Ozil will turn up on Monday?

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  1. the whole damn team should work together to beat Liverpool and other teams as well….Liverpool has never been much of a problem for mr wenger and i expect us to win by a margin of 3 goals…the days of depending on a certain player are over since we don’t have such kind of exceptional players like henry so its up to everyone to put in a strong performance and i hope theo starts that game cz the guy needs game time cz he deserves it

    1. I want us to keep a clean sheet and win by one goal (1-0). The goal also should be either a header by a defender or an own goal by Liverpool so that Wenger would not leave the Benzema deal fall through. I really want him to come now since both Chelsea and Man City have strengthened. United with their current team are not even better than Liverpool in my opinion.

  2. Ozil will create chances. It is left for our striker(s) to finish things up. Having said that, I hope the defense and Cech have a commanding game.

    We defeated them 4:1 @ the emirates last season and we controlled the first half in that game. Emirates do give mi concern sometimes. When we play @ Emirates, its either we win emphatically or we lose when we’re controlling games…

    Anyway, I hope we keep a cleansheet on Monday. 2:0 win for us…

    1. Last season huh?…Let the bygones be bygones… They have strenghtened their squad this season and have already managed two lucky wins… On the other hand we have only managed to Cech our squad and lost against WH at home!….

      1. This weekend there will be no Gerrard, Henderson or Sterling. They’ve added Firmino, Benteke and Milner. I really don’t see their likely XI as any stronger, especially with Henderson out.

  3. so let me see man city have strengthened big time with sterling and otiamendi ..clear upgrade from milner and demichelis…chelsea have added pedro also an upgrade from the columbian and willan have sensibly hedged on ivanovic and probably not finished…man utd have strengthened on severaél fronts…and our guy thinks what? cant find upgrades for a team that finished 3rd miles behind the champions…so fans left wondering how to beat liverpool coz we obviously are not really confident of doing so…. no idea what world the idiot grenouille is living in but it sure aint planet football

  4. I expect to see the same lineup again on Monday. I really would like Ramsey to play because he seems to enjoy playing against Liverpool. A win and a clean sheet will be fantastic.
    OT: do you guys think cech would mind if we call him ospina? Because I really like the oooooosssppinaaaaaa chant.

      1. Exactly, and someone had better told Theo he’s a winger, not a striker.

        By the way, I think Ramsey should played as a midfielder whose job is mainly to win back the ball and feed to our attacking midfielder(s) and strikers/wingers. He’s not outrightly a DM but could fill in for one if we really want to press forward while also keeping the back secured. Remember Ramsey’s comeback season??? That’s all he did: four tirelessly to win back the ball and swiftly passed it upfront… He’s not a winger, he’s not an “attacking midfielder”.

    1. Remember how there was uproar pre-game last time we played Liverpool because Ramsey was ‘on the wing?’
      His Liverpool performance was up there with his best last season. Our press was crazy that game. And Coquelin just kept cutting off their outlet passes.

  5. 11days to go….This transfer window should be over already!……. Wish it could be over today, so our fate’d be sealed!…. Supporting Arsenal has made me a Tough man… It’s not easy every season

    1. ‘Wish it could be over today, so our fate’d be sealed!’
      ‘Supporting Arsenal has made me a Tough man’

      These two statements contradict quite a lot. If it’s toughened you up why are you whinging about the window?

      1. Yet u neglected the last line which says “it’s not easy every season”….. Teapot calling Tumblers BREAKABLE!

          1. Not wanting our team to be mediocre and support for the team are two differnent things. It seems fans on this sit are quick to challenge your support for our team, when you are stating that other teams are strengthening and we are not.
            Our team is not strong enough. We lose our first and scrape our second while city beat two teams 3 0. They are in the same leauge as us, but are we in the same leauge as them?

  6. Even on a bad day for Ozil, he will create chances. We do not have a striker to utilize those chances. Walcott must play on the wing on Monday to make us more threatening in attack.

    1. If Wenger gets Cavani, I’d come out of the closet and give him a kiss. Look, we need a good striker and it doesn’t seem we can get the French Benz, Cavani is better than Giroud: shoots with both feet (he actually can SHOOT, has pace, can play on either flanks, has good work rate). Theo can fill in upfront once or twice, but his main role is on the flanks (the right one in particular).

    1. What happens is that Wenger and the puppets say “we have to bounce right back”. No, Wenger – You have to keep playing shit

  7. OT: Did anyone get to catch the gunners on duty yesterday for there loan clubs and if so how did they perform?

    Damn Afobe cant stop scoring, I cant believe we let him go and kept Sanogo and Campbell around.

    Back to the topic at hand, the whole team has to turn up and try to win the match or take full control of the game in the first half, we have a tendency of winning games once we score first these days. Its a whole new lpool that we beat 4:1, there abit scrappy at the moment but I expect them to be up for it against us. 2:0 to the Arsenal.

    It will be interesting to see whether Theo will be involved in this one. We are usually shaky at home Wenger must fix this, we need the same intensity that we had during the first minutes of the Palace game.

    1. Our loanees have been brilliant so far!
      Crowley, Akpom, Toral, Maitland Niles. In just a few games all those players seem to have won over their respective fan-bases.
      Got a feeling Silva is going to absolutely shred the championship. He’s electric and I honestly thought Wenger was going to keep him around for the first team.
      But in reference to Afobe, I personally think Akpom has a higher ceiling. Elements of his game are missing, but first-team aps will help.

      1. Oh and there’s a few vids on youtube. Called either ‘arsenal loan watch’ or ‘arsenal loanee watch’ if you wanna check out their highlights.

      2. The nick of the YouTuber feller is ‘TerryAFC’, subscribe to him! He puts a lot of effort for the videos.

        Any chance him being on this site?

        1. Thanks for the insights guys, this is the reason some of us visit this platform cause its more informative on Arsenal issues than most. Thumbs up to yawl!!!

  8. Is there any key at all for Arsenal? Someone who can put the ball in the net, thats the key. Ramsey and Cazorla can pass a ball, but they don’t shoot. The key is a pacey attack (sanchez, Ox and Walcott) with Giroud as a supersub. However, The stubborn fool is going to play Coq, Sanchez and Giroud + the attacking midfielders and put up a camp outside their box.

    1. Hell yeah he is!! Woot woot!!
      Predicting a first ever Arsenal, Ollie G hat-trick. You heard it here first!

  9. “Özil is unique,” said Jose Mourinho, “there is no copy of him – not even a
    bad one. He is the best number 10 in
    the world.”

    but since he came to us, its been ups and downs for him,most fans don’t appreciate him,while most find it easy to single handedly pick him for blames when we perform badly in matches cus he looks lazy, and like he doesn’t care. Ozil ain’t lazy, if Giroud who’s not world class can benefit from playing with Ozil, then think bout what a class striker will get from him. pls don’t bring ground covered stats here, put me in the team and i’ll run my ass on and up the field for you fans if it makes you happy. Ozil contributes a lot to the team. some fans pick on him cus of his price tag, we expect him to have the strength of sanchez,skills and dribbles of messi, finishing of CR7. that’s impossible, Ozil is Ozil, he doesnt have much strength but not not even sanchez,messi and CR7 can spot passes like Ozil. we’ve seen times over again.he’s very important to us, and lets respect him.

    1. I like that Ozil can see that he didn’t need a perfect on the ground ball to OG. If he can get crosses in like he did against CP then OG presents a problem to any team.

  10. Liverpool were fortunate against bournemouth, benteke scoring and offside goal which even stevie wonder could have seen that he was miles offside, bournemouth scored a perfectly good goal but were denied for being offside! I actually felt sorry for bournemouth its just isnt fair sometimes to lose by the refs poor decisions!

    1. We just have to avenge liverpool for what they did to bournemouth….. That should appease their fans!

  11. If Ozil could play like that in most all of his games we would have some player on hands. When he plays like he did on sunday that is when I am glad we have him instead of Fabregas, he does things that no player can read. He really needs to step up now against liv and expect himself to be closely watched as well as roughly treated.

    That’s a new one, liv bragging about their defence. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but it was bournemouth. I just hope we really show up and cut out the silly stuff because that will be the undoing of us. I still can’t figure out how this team can get over confident or complacent as they have seen what can happen a million times before. I expect a few changes against liv maybe one or two. Whoever starts needs to put those chances away.

  12. This game is a must win by the Gunners! This is the first big Premier league game Arsenal will play this season at home. And to set a big game home winning marker, the Gunners must not allow the Reds to go away with a point talkless of collecting all the 3. Ofcourse the Gunners will create chances enough for themselves and for their collegues. But will they convert those chances or they will play some or all to the gallery? The Gunners should not underestimate the Reds because those Reds they will play against on Monday are rejunvinated with new additions who are ready to pounce on the Gunners to increase their points tally in the table. Therefore, the Gunners must be very business serious in all ramifications of their game and not give room to any profigacy in front of the Reds goal. Have the long shorts and headed balls proved to be the weakness of the Gunners’ defending and Petr Cech’s goalkeeping so far this early season? Liverpool have the caliber of Reds that can test the Gunners defense line and Petr Cech, to see if they will be caught out again. The Gunners defense must block all shots long or short range before they get to Petr Cech who can be liable to conceding. All aerial ball corners, free kicks by the Red must be foiled by the Gunners defense lines. Because Petr Cech is suspectable to conceding aerial threats despite his tall height. The Gunners must defend collectively and attack collectively too. They shouldn’t be overly individualistic in their playing. I will do my own starts and also reveal the game locking & unlocking App after the Boss’ weekly press conference.

  13. The whole team playing together at a high standard is the key

    Close down Benteke
    Play Walcott/Oxlade on the right
    Alexis on the Left
    Ozil at CAM
    Cazorla/Ramsey b2b
    Coquelin DM

  14. United sign Depay, Mancity sign Sterling, Chelsea sign Pedro, Liverpool sign Firmino. All are wingers/Striker. Arsenal sign ????? If we didn’t win any major trophy this season, blame wenger cos he has the money to strengthen the squad but no he think the squad is strong enough. Just take a look at Chelsea, after lossing 3-0 to City, d went and hijacked Pedro frm United. If dats what it takes for Wenger to sign a wC striker, let it be. Let liverpool beat us. Am just being realistic bro, it is better we lose to liverpool and buy a WC striker now than we beat them now and regret it leta.

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