Ozil the key to Arsenal sealing TOP striker transfer?

Another season is almost over for Arsenal and as well as it being another year without a Premier League title for the fans to celebrate, we have once again been subjected to some, let’s say below par finishing from the forwards. Giroud had looked in the first half of the season as if he might finally prove to be that 20+ goal striker that we need but the second half has been a real shocker for him as the Frenchman’s stats have been the worst since he signed for Arsenal.

And apart from Alexis Sanchez who operates on the flanks anyway, none of the Arsenal front men look like getting the consistent goals a top club needs, so we are all hoping that Arsene Wenger agrees and finally plans to spend the money needed to bring in such a player.

Money alone will not guarantee us a great striker though, as they are pretty thin on the ground and they all want trophy success and individual accolades, no matter what they say, to be happy. That is where the Gunners have a great advantage in the shape of the selfless and sublime Germany international Mesut Ozil.

As long as Arsenal qualify for the Champions League, that is one major box ticked. Then a player might consider whether they are likely to win things and our recent back to back FA cups should help there as well as our consistently high placed league finishes.

Then a striker will probably look at how successful they will be themselves, both in terms of being the first choice centre forward and playing in a team that will create chances. With Ozil in the number 10 role Arsenal would be able to promise both of these things.

The fact that Ozil is still on top of the assist chart for the top 5 European leagues despite the number of chances we have squandered says a lot. And when you look at the table of top creators on Squawka.com you can see that the German is in a class of his own when it comes to actually creating, with his 113 key passes being twice that of great players like Lionel Messi and three times that of Leicester star Riyad Mahrez.

That should have any top quality and goal greedy centre forward licking his lips, so is Ozil the key to Arsenal securing the transfer of one of the world’s top strikers?

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    1. Yes the key is Wenger paying the transfer fee wanted by the selling club not under bidding like he did with Suarez,if let’s say Dortmund want 55mil for Aubameyang pay 55mil don’t put in a derisory offer of 40mil knowing very well it will be rejected

  1. The reason he played Giroud over Welbeck was to get him to score,not about the team winning.As for Ozil what a come down, but then the team play with the same boring way and it reflects Wengers attitude to the game. He shows no excitement other than to address the 4th official and Boulds is the same. The fans can see how the players are getting bored with the same play,gone when Campbell was attacking and now Ramsey is just like Giroud can’t get any better. Why he changes it is because he thinks of rotating is the key, when you play your best eleven you and only change for injurie or tiredness. To do it as he does by swopping Sanches from right to left says it all. It’s all about money now for the shareholders this club will never win lg or Champs lg because they don’t want to spend big they just want to get in top 4 and mix with the best with cheap buys. Well Foxtel isn’t showing soccer next season lost it to Optus and I ain’t paying out to watch this same rubbish until a new Man is on the block with different game plan. CB

  2. It would have to be attractive to a striker. Ian Wright said he would have loved to play with Ozil, although I think he said he would have liked to play alongside Giroud too. So he is probably just missing the days of donning the great red and white. I still think if you are a top striker, and with ambition, you would see yourself putting away those chances and in turn improving the Arsenal.

  3. jurgen klopp’s dortmund was my second favourite team , since arsene wants to retire winning triple we didn’t had chance to negotiate to klopp. hope Wenger resign when Simone or any top manager is available next time . NO STRIKER will be interested in joining Arsenal since old man prefer giroud the most.

    #sale giroud please

  4. Stood by and watched for years as other top clubs take their pick of top players to buy to upgrade their squads while we get the scraps or stick to the same under performers. Bar Özil, Alexis and Cech we’re actually lucky to pull off a gem here and there like an Elneny. I now fear the same even though the signs are already showing that the same approach will be for the manager.

    Liverpool already has Klopp
    Tottenham has now leapfrogged us with Pochetino
    Chelsea are getting Conte
    City are getting Guardiola
    Looks like a possibility of LVG getting sacked to make way for you know who
    West Ham have put us to the sword with Bilic while looking forward to the Olimypic stadium next season
    Ranieri has performed a miracle on Leciester to make them want to perform in EVERY game

    Where is Arsenal in all this? Living off the coat tails of the invisibles. Who will be out there to take us to the next level? Simeone as folks are asking for? Would he come or would the board get a younger version of Wenger?

  5. With all the manager changes coming in people are starting to get worried that there are not many left, and then Bayern Madrid and maybe Barca PSG too will be looking to recruit soon enough. What I notice though is how all the new managers coming into the league can not be successful, it’s impossible for them all to achieve success. They are at clubs which demand instant results, they cannot all get that instant glory. If you add mourinho, I think Mourinho will be smart enough to know it’s a big a gamble to come into the league at this time, esp when you consider Pep and Conte at the Mega buck clubs. He might relish the challenge, or he might wait till the dust settles, or he might even be paying close attention to the Arsenal situation. For the most part we stay loyal, especially if a manager carves out our name on the silverware for a spell. Mourinho would be wise to wait a little longer for dust to settle, In a years time he may have 2 or 3 big clubs chasing him, he would also have a better understanding of how to disrupt his league rivalries.

  6. Chief Scout: Arsene, here is my report on the top 5 strikers in Europe

    Wenger: But can the hold the ball up?

    Chief Scout: *takes cyanide pill out of pen and swallows it. Falls to the floor*

    Bould: Dammit Arsene that’s the 4th scout that’s topped himself trying to find you a strikers

    Wenger: *whistles and walks away*

  7. What is ozil’s business in arsenal signing a striker? You are hoping for a striker we all know wenger won’t buy,we all are praying for key for signings over how many years,yet we all saw the outcome. Why not write about how u plan on boycotting and smuggling in “Wenger out” posters. We are not even in the transfer yet,and we know that wenger would be at some spanish or italian beach,playing beach soccer when the season ends.

    1. We have more than enough articles about people creating banners, and a million comments from fans that want others to do it but have never been to a game. Let the fans that GO to the games decide what they do when they get there.
      And you have no idea what Wenger will be doing in the transfer window, that is just your opinion….

  8. started watching arsenal in 2005 but thus far this has been my most disappointing season,ok other seasons have been disappointing but this one is my worst,arsenal fans have been too patient and forgiving for too long,zero planning for games,lack of proper tactics before and during matches,same old excuses every season,lack of proper transfers,poor replacements for great players who have departed,favouritism of certain players eg ramsey,OG,TW who perform poorly but still play while campbell,coq are benched..AW is the clear definition of insanity.Its just too depressing to follow this team,how does AW sleep at night?? knowing that to a large extent he is responsible for millions of worldwide fans anger,disappointment and lack of happiness.Football is a place where people and fans escape from the harsh realities of life and when arsenal lets us down year after year it becomes unbearable.. but all things whether good or bad must come to an end as such is life,i hope the fans in england continue with the protest on saturday at the emirates by not attending the match or by placards,posters etc as this negative viscious cycle has just become too much,gooner for life and the next

  9. Even the presence of stingy wenger can not guaranty a top striker. We are tired of his presence and want changeand replacement og warn out, lazy and tired players.

  10. The thing is Wenger will not go make transfers that make sense or even take a brave gamble on players..

    Why not go to Juventus smack £50- £65 million on the table for Dybala or go to Atletico Madrid and try get Griezmann or Dourtmond with Aubameyang oput an offer on the table taht will be hard to refuse..

    Also Mats Hummels is considering his future we should be on the phone to him emailing him a draft of his possible contract with us (£100,00-£160,00)-wage but will Wenger grow a pair and make bids and deals worth while that is the true question

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