Ozil to appreciate Arsenal striker Giroud more after Euro 2016?

The chances of the Arsenal and France international star Olivier Giroud finishing the summer as the top scorer from Euro 2016 look to be gone after his international team mate Antoine Griezmann scored twice against Germany in the semi-final to put him three ahead of Giroud on six goals.

The tournament has been good for the big Gunner though, and even if he and his French team mates do not manage to beat Portugal in the final he will finish the tournament with much more confidence and form than he started it and his reputation with the French fans and football media will be much better.

That probably goes for the Arsenal fans and the English football press as well and I have the feeling that at least one of his club colleagues will be looking at Giroud with more respect. I am talking about Mesut Ozil who seemed to be getting more and more frustrated with the centre forward’s profligacy in front of goal last season.

Ozil has had the same problem with Germany at Euro 2016 as the likes of Muller, Gotze and Gomez have all been guilty of squandering chances. The biggest problem for the Germans came last night against France though, after their only specialist centre forward Gomez was ruled out through injury.

That left Germany with no real focal point up front and so despite completely dominating possession they were unable to make much headway in front of goal. This is one of the major things that Giroud offers to Arsenal even when his shooting radar is off, so will Ozil now appreciate the Frenchman more after seeing Germany struggle without a target man?


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  1. OT: Hey Fatboy, there goes Janssen to Spurs.

    As for OG we all know what to expect from the man now as he has planned for us for 3 seasons or so, Ozil should even know him better as he trains and plays with the man.

    OG is no spring chicken and wont turn into a Suarez, Lewa, or Auguero for the foreseeable future. OG is the best striker that we have at the club, unfortunately he is not enough for a club (excuse me, for fans) who have ambitions of winning major titles.

    I have a feeling if you were to sit down and have a cold one with him even he would confess he would be happy being 2nd choice if it meant him winning the CL and EPL double.

    As things go I have a strange feeling that Arsenal will not sign a ST or any player of note before the window closes. With Jack, Theo, Ox, Sanogo, Gnabry all fit and now training, Arsene must be thinking he has a whole new team that can compete.

    1. I honestly think your right we will soldier on with Sanogoals who in my mind is a waste of time as well as the other aforementioned and it will be yet another season of nearly but not quite being good enough.
      Theo should be sold as he’s a lazy sod who puts minimal effort in now , the Ox, as much as I like him seems to be going backwards rather than forwards in his development, Jack will be injured again as his style of play invites rough challenges on glass ankles and Gnabry is an unpproven element.
      All this talk of the likes of Lukaku and Morata are just hot air we wont be buying anyone new Wenger already stated at the end of last season that OG will lead the line and the transfer window would be quiet for AFC why is it after all these years people still think he’s playing mind games with the opposition? The only mind games he plays are with the fans.
      Cue a potentially disastrous season as Man city Man united and chelski all power up with ne acquisitions and we attempt to do what we couldnt do last season with the same squad of wanna be’s Bare one new guy that couldnt manage the task last season.
      Still at least the board have thier millions rolling in and the “Warchest” is virtually untouched for another year.t

  2. Not really. I mean im sure they respect each other and Giroud is a decent goal scorer. If you are continually a top 10 PL scorer then you are at the very least decent.

    Giroud and Walcott should have helped Ozil break Henry’s assist record and help us win the PL
    Giroud played well in a tournament with several matches
    But for the second half of last season they were both quiet

    Ozil will appreciate Giroud more if he scores 20 plus goals next season for us
    However, Im hoping Giroud will be our SuperSub
    giroud is great to come off the bench. We need top quality up front but we still need depth and Giroud will provide that

  3. We should consider Draxler as well. Not a striker but he’s really good. And Ryan Giggs to replace Wenger next year maybe?

      1. Ok the Ryan Higgs was a joke but we definitely need someone to replace Wenger next year!! It’s time to change!

  4. So basically Wenger is waiting for selling a player before buying a striker how thoughtful from him and the player is Alexis to Juve which shows how much intentions to win the league and selling mark is 34 million for his calibre who should atleast 50.

    1. there goes my hopes for Draxler, Alexis and a new striker all in one lineup (maybe)
      No wonder Wenger didn’t go for Mktharyan

  5. Rumours news

    1. Arsenal rejected £25 million offer for Alexis (rightly so)

    2. Defenders
    Looks like we could be going for Djbril Sidibe to solve our LB/RB backup problem
    And Subiotic to join Koscielny, Mert and Gabs in CB position

    3. Strikers/Wingers
    Lacazette will cost £42 million
    Madrid willing to sell Morata
    Arsenal bid for Draxler for around £42 million

    4. England will get a caretaker manager for a year before Wenger takes over 2017

    1. If only this were to happen,
      Ive respected wenger for many years but that respect has been worn down over time and now I just want to see him go
      we’re never going to move forward with the team we have and Wenger wont be selling the likes of Theo (who has had his opportunity and should be offloaded immediately)
      and possibly Giroud (for virtually the same reason)
      Its all going to be the same sh!t different season but worse than usual as all our opponents man up thier teams.
      Wenger I think is either delusional OR has a different agenda to the fanbase and Im not sure wich maybe a mixture of the two but whatever it is for me this transfer window was his last chance to prove he still cared about the clubs reputation and the winning of top tier trophies and I already know in my heart of hearts that we are not gonna get what we all know we need.

  6. Further to my comment on Theo and Giroud
    Its very very telling that noone has ever come in and made us a serious offer for either of them, and even with Girouds supposedly great competition this summer I dont hear of anyone lining up to buy him.
    Perhaps its because while Wenger stubbornly sticks to his opinion that they are both “World Class” EVERYBODY in the real world see’s what a pair of useless Sh!tes they both are?
    tell me all I need to know

    1. Ozzy, the vast majority of rumours are made up to attract us fans, click bait in other words. We are concerned about ozil and sanchez leaving so their are lots of rumours about them leaving, it feeds in to our worries. We are not concerned about Walcott leaving so no made up stories about this.

  7. Yeah Ozil will appreciate Giroud for his missed chances and Wenger will continue playing mind games on fans instead of doing it on rival teams. Oh! what a boring transfer news are we getting every year. I am faded up with the same old story.

  8. Goal scoring is also a responsibility for attacking midfielders not just strikers. Mahrez and Mhiky scored and assisted loads last season.

  9. If the Sidibe rumour is true, people are to quick to lament it. Wenger is very shrewd with spotting fullbacks, it’s one area were he’s gotten them right allot more often than he has wrong. Our attacking philosophy at times has made them look suspect from time, but take nothing away from Wenger finding quality fullbacks. I like Sidibes height and strength, this is probably the one thing about Arsene’s choice of fullbacks which they lacked a little in. Obviously he has pace, they all usually do. I’ve noticed that like Rodriguez, this one has an eye for goal too, for a fullback and all. He’s versatile, which is good, means we can stop being one of the few teams that uses two fullback positions on our bench, and free up a striker slot instead. If we are chasing this fella, I would put money on him becoming a solid member along the lines of a Sagna, but hopefully better at going forward.

    Different note altogether. I see Arsenal FC is banning fans from attending games for being a certain way on social media. I wonder if they’ll come asking Bob to identify a few people on here. Admin has already gone some way of cleaning things up a bit, so rather than being upset, they/we might have admin to thank after all. Just a thought.

  10. It looks likely that Alexis will be leaving the club and a bid of 40 million can be expected in the coming days time. It depends on Wenger’s ambition more than anything wherein players like Theo have shut their mouth up after stating last season they don’t need extra striker.

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