Ozil to benefit BIG TIME from Arsenal signing Lacazette?

Let’s face it Arsenal fans, our German international star Mesut Ozil is not the sort of player who is going to win you games on his own, as the club’s other top star and possible contract rebel Alexis Sanchez has the ability to do. Put Ozil at the heart of a good team with technique and flair, though, with some real firepower up top a bit like the Germany national side, and Ozil’s talent can have a massive impact.

That is exactly why I think our number 11 will be the Gunner to benefit the most from the club’s signing of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon this week. As pointed out in the striker’s first interview on the Arsenal website, Lacazette had the second best chance conversion rate in Europe’s top five leagues last season and he should be provided with even more chances with Ozil pulling the strings.

The German may well now have his eyes on the prize of that Premier League assist record of Thierry Henry’s. It looked like he would beat it easily a couple of years ago but the forwards stopped firing and Ozil was left one shy of the mark.

If he can get a good understanding going with the new man pretty quickly, could this be the season when Ozil overhauls the EPL record and really earns the title of king of the assist?



  1. Pre season for both will be great to start to gel and away to Oz will start that bond they will need. Hope we keep Alexis also… if we can with 2 more additions of a Mahrez or Lemar & Carvalho or Jorginho we could be set to really challenge this season. Good start for the window now get the new contracts wrapped up with another bog transfer to the kit launch ??

  2. Lacazette had the BEST chance conversion rate in the top 5 euro leagues it was 38.6%

  3. Ozil needs to play his position first, not as a converted winger to accommodate Ramsey or anyone else

    1. Ozil is better sharing responsibilities with Alexis in the new formation. At no10 the midfield battle becomes a mightily difficult task when Ozil is in his preferred position. Especially in this league, his weaknesses are glaringly obvious unless we are against poor opposition who park the bus.

      1. That does not seem to happen when he plays for Germany! Also, EPL seems like everyone tries to scare each other talking of the physical game, I think it used to be more physical 3-4 years back, not too physical anymore. if still he cant play mid-field, tells me about his ambitions.
        About sharing responsibilities with Alexis, dont get me wrong, I am fed up of the Alexis demands and stories. We should definitely move on.

  4. Ozil needs to work his behind off this season. Forget last season and this season lead the season in assists

    Ozil and Lacazette could be a match made in heaven. Top passer services a Top finisher. Not to mention Alexis is excellent in both departments 24 goals and 10 assists

  5. We’ve grabbed an excellent striker now let’s focus the rest of the signings which can persuade Alexis to extend his stay and Walcott to look somewhere else for regular football.

  6. Lacazette has this to say about Coquelin.
    “Francis and I kept in touch,” the London Evening
    Standard quotes him as saying. “We’ve had a lot
    of contact over the last few years and even more
    over the last few weeks, of course, since it
    became increasingly likely that I would come to
    “He has said only good things about Arsenal,
    which is not surprising because he wanted me to
    join the club. Even without that I still really
    wanted to come here.
    “He stressed that it was a great club located in a
    fantastic city. He said I would not regret my
    decision to move here because of the people I’d
    be working with and, of course, the fans.”
    Lacazette and Coquelin won the European
    Under-19 Championship together for Les Bleus in

  7. I don’t understand why people are going Lady Gaga over cassette

    Cassette is from the French league. It’s inferior to the premier league. Also many of his goals were penalties anyway. He is the same as Giroud just more expensive

    We got Cassette because we lack ambition. If we had ambition we would have got Aubemeyang or Lewandowski or Greizmann or Lukaku or Mbappe or even Morata is better than cassette

    I didn’t want Cassette and I still don’t

    1. I forgot, every player coming out of that league is crap. Better tell France’s world cup winning squad, Henry Zidane etc. Aubameyang Greizmann etc need to be told. Your logic is very weak, you contradict yourself in the end. Pick up a book or something.

    2. Last 3 PFA Player of the year:
      N’Golo Kanté – Caen
      Riyad Mahrez – Le Havre
      Eden Hazard – Lille

  8. Jermaine Defoe is a real class act.
    The way he became close with Bradley Lowery and just a few minutes ago he was unveiled at Bournemouth and at press conference he was shedding tears when asked about Bradley. Watching nearly made me cry too

    He really is an awesome person and a great role model

  9. Im happy we have finally wrapped up Lacazette to a long term contract.. someone who has an eye for goal and isn’t afraid to be selfish and shoot more.. he will get a full pre season under his belt and hopefully he will hit the ground running once the season starts..

    I still think we need a decent ‘enforcer’ for our mid field.. I heard we are linked with William carvalho from sporting Lisbon.. I think this is someone who can get stuck in and tackle.. break up the play.. provide the DM we need..

    Let’s face it the season started tomorrow Wenger will go xhaka and Rambo as his 1st choice midfield.. neither of them can tackle very well and they are not the enforcer mould we need..

    Carvalho release cause is around 30-35mil
    Sort out ozil. Sanchez. Ox contracts
    Sell some deadwood raise some money
    Go slap in a massive bid for mbappe if it takes 125mil go and offer it.. atleast Wenger would be remembered for the 1st manager to buy a 100mil player lol!!
    Think of all thos years where we have to save money to pay stadium blah blah blah.. letting all our best players go (for cheap if u ask me)

    Surely we as fans deserve something after all these years??


  10. Why not Laca to benefit big time from Ozil?? Lol!!! I feel it’s gonna be “do me” and ” I will do u ” scenario between the two…everyone will benefit the other!!

  11. Great that signing is swift- to get full pre-season in.

    I really think that the competivness of EPL is so high, we compete in the so-called off-season too. And so far we more than holding our own – not been able to say for long time between seasons

  12. I think everyone will benefit the team the manager and of course us fans. Cant wait to see the first goals banged in as other clubs try to work out what the hell just happened to their defence.

  13. Not really an ozil fan, but both should benefit from preseason, to start getting the understanding. One other player i think could benefit from preseason is welbeck, he should be able to train fully now and get back to top speed

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