Ozil to leave Arsenal after Wenger fallout?

The contractual saga regarding Mesut Ozil has received nowhere near as much attention as the situation surrounding Alexis Sanchez and Arsene Wenger. However the German reportedly did something last weekend, that has really ticked the boss off.

Despite Arsenal not exactly being known to be ruthless, according to reports, Arsene Wenger is ready to consider selling the midfielder this summer, after Ozil came into conflict with the boss. Ozil reportedly withdrew himself from Arsenal’s match day squad for the trip to West Brom at the weekend, after raising concerns about a hamstring issue. The German felt it wasn’t worth the risk and it was deemed enough to miss the fixture. Less than a week later however, Ozil now sees himself linking up with the German national squad for the upcoming round of international fixtures. It sparked concerns that Ozil had lied or at least exaggerated about the extent of the injury concern, in order to avoid playing for Arsenal during this tough time.

The midfielder has been out of form for quite some time and has been recognised as a bit of a scapegoat this season. It all seems to have become too much for Ozil and having missed a number of weeks since the turn of 2017, citing different injuries as the reason for his absence, you have to wonder if all these injury concerns were genuine or not.

In my opinion, Ozil doesn’t come across as a player who would lie about an injury concern to get out of playing for the team. Various players in the past and present have lied about injuries to get them out of international duty, but it’s very rare you’ll see a player doing the same when it comes to playing for their club side.

Ultimately if Arsene Wenger does leave the club in the summer, then the decision to sell Ozil or not, is not down to him. Instead, it’ll be down to the Frenchman’s successor. However it wouldn’t surprise me if the decision to sell Ozil is made, with this latest outburst being the final chapter on what has been a less than consistent career with Arsenal.



  1. Invincibles49 says:

    Ozil is the classic example of case who has the whole fans fraternity in denial about his need.

    We feel sentimental about Ozil because he is our record transfer and we are ashamed to admit that it was a complete waste.

    We want him to stay because he is the only true international player (apart from Alexis of course) in our team and that makes us feel good amongst a bunch of average/mediocre squad.

    We defend his drooping shoulders and lax attitude like he is pure talent and hard work is not expected of him. We say that is not his style. Really ?

    We defend his lack of big game performance and say thet Ozil needs a workd class striker upfront to give his best. Seriously? For 42mil, if a player needs another 50 mil striker to work, why not go out and get Bale/Greizman at 100 who will take care of both.

    I think its time, we need to be brave start asking real questions and brace ourselves for major changes. We need to rise above sentimentality and get logical and rational. A logical and rational mind is ruthless, and a ruthless mind is the winner. Rest all is mediocrity.

    Ozil Out!

  2. davidnz says:

    Ozil 36m Sanchez 34m
    Szczesny 12m Jenkinson 9m
    Debuchy 4m Gabriel 12m
    Monreal 3m Cazorla 5m Wilshere 15m
    Campbell 10m Giroud 10 m
    Monreal 5 m
    Mertz free. Sanogo free.
    165m mill.
    Cech Ospina
    Bellerin Holgate (7m) Gibbs Galloway 5m
    Koz Mustafi Holding Tuanzebe 10m Chambers
    Xhaka Coquelin Fosu-Mensa 10m
    Elneny Ramsey Chamberlain Iwobi Adelaide Kelechi
    Walcott Wellbeck Perez.
    32 mill spend.
    Net gain 133m

    1. Sergio says:


      What the hell are you smoking?

      Sanchez worth £2m less than Ozil?
      Keep Ramsey?
      Monreal £3m?
      Buy Holgate and Galloway who have played less than 15 games between them all season?

      Go back to Spurs.

  3. stubill says:

    I tend not to believe any rumours about Arsenal. All it takes is one journalist to write or say something, and the whole media band wagon goes into overdrive. I prefer to watch whats going on in the club and on the pitch, and come to my own conclusions.

    In regard to Ozils injury, it has long been my belief that when a player is coming back from an injury, his first game should always be with his club, not the international side. The clubs medics, physios and management know the player 100x better than an international manager, and the parent club have a vested interest in him, unlike the international side.

  4. Chokulate says:

    I burnt my ozil jersey last weekend, because I heard this news prior to the WBA game. I strongly agree to the fact of selling 98.7% of the team ( including ozil and Alexis).arsenal fans have seen it all without these two stars. We’re still same with them and their departure won’t affect the brand….ARSENAL FC.
    Wenger staying put for two more seasons is tantamount to suicidal, as a fan. I’ve lost interest in football because of EPL refs and wenger.

  5. Sam, need a striker says:

    Sanchez is much much important and complete player than Ozil …
    If Sanchez goes and Wenger stays (very likely), then I don’t really care who will go and who will come …

    1. gmv8 says:

      AS7 is the sort of player we should be modelling the club on, a player who cares, will keep playing until it’s physically impossible and will drive the team on. Any club should realise that they simply can’t afford to lose him. He has the fire and determination that Arsene and the rest of the team don’t have. If Arsene can’t channel his hunger and fire to the benefit of the team, then it is his management that is a problem and holding the team back not AS7.

  6. Disturbance says:

    Everyone except the board (ironically…) wants Wenger out. I don’t know what has to happen for the deluded one to leave…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It can feel like that a bit but I reckon the majority rule in London is behind Arsene, at the very least they’d never call for his head.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    A sad state of affairs when our marquee signings are now starting to want to leave one by one.

    I don’t blame Sanchez or Ozil. In Ozil’s case I am inclined to say he is a much better player than his performances for Arsenal. He has played very well for Germany and at RM there was no denying he was one of the best. Shame Arsene can’t get the best out of him.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    About losing Alexis. I wouldn’t have minded losing him nearly as much if we hadn’t of seen Alexis playing centrally this season. If he had of done that last season when we first tried it out, it looks like it could have made the difference, even more frustrating as Ozil was killing it with his passing. Coquelin and Monreal were at their very best, if only this season would have been his last one ..ie shop window!

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    If a player can’t be bothered with the club then why should the fans be bothered if he leaves?
    The only Club that is showing interest in Ozil right now is Fenerbahce but I doubt that they are willing to pay £30 million for him, they will probably want him to run down his contract. Ozil is apparently buying a mansion in Istanbul for £5 million and is planning on getting married to some hot Turkish chick out there. Maybe Utd might make an offer for him during the summer,which may force the sale if no other club comes in for him.

    ?Zil is just another player who we can add to Arsenals ‘One Season Wonders’ Hall Of Fame.?

  10. ger burke says:

    ozil was wengers biggest and costliest mistake. the man is not capable of managing a world class player . nor does he want any one player earning more than he does, pathetic old git.

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