Ozil to stay at Arsenal, but Alexis out?

If reports from the Sun are to believed, the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has finally managed to persuade Mesut Ozil to end speculation over his future and sign a new contract worth a whopping £280,000-a-week to stay at the Emirates. The Gunners boss, who himself renewed terms earlier in the week, is believed to have finally convinced the German star to stay, with a lack of serious offers from other clubs also understood to play a vital role in the agreement.

Whilst Ozil was initially holding out for wages in the range of £350,000-a-week which would see the German on par with the Premier League’s highest-earners, the report from the Sun claims that a lack of leverage in terms of lucrative offers from other clubs has resulted in the player having to settle for Arsenal’s offer of £280,000-a-week, with the Gunners clearly breaking the club’s wage structure to keep the World Cup winner in North London.

But while a similar offer has been tabled to retain the services of Alexis Sanchez, there appears to be comparatively lesser progress with the Chilean having no shortage of lucrative offers from Europe’s elite clubs, the most serious of whom being German champions Bayern Munich and the Gunners’ Premier League rivals Manchester City. While it is understood that the Bavarians are not willing to meet the player’s exorbitant wage demands, it appears oil-rich Manchester City will have no such problem.

In my opinion, Arsenal have to push further to secure the future of Alexis. Even if the wage demand is in the range of £350,000-a-week, there is no doubt that the player is worth every penny and deserves to be one of the Premier League’s highest-earners. While it is certainly good news to hear that Ozil is close to signing on, whether or not the club will be able to retain the services of Alexis will be the greatest indicator of the ambition that the club claim to have.



  1. frustrated gunner says:

    sell ozil.he desapears in big games.even wilshire n ramsey better than him

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Ozil should go he never defends and press hard

    Get Mbappe 120m

    Lemar 35m

    Isco 50m

    Bakayoko 50m

    Varane 55m

    5 signings and we are good to go!!

    1. Kedar Damle says:

      Dude we are Arsenal, Not Man City, Chelsea or Real Madrid to spend like that….

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        We are Arsenal and we have 2 billionaires

        Yes we can spend like that if fans insist

        Where are the protests now?

        1. Kedar Damle says:

          We are insisting from past 10 years to sign big names and ironically we haven’t even crossed 50 Millions for any Single Player… See Our Record Signing is 42.5 Millions Pounds which far behind likes of City, Real, Chelsea, United, Barca…
          And about those Billionaires then Usmanov don’t have control over Arsenal hence why he would give his money to spend in market where he is just minority shareholder…. And Kronke only wants to pull out money from Arsenal and add to his personal wealth… So don’t dream that we will buy above mentioned players in single transfer window…. We will become laughing stock for others if we believe that we can spend..

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            Thats why fans need to protest at the right time and correctly

      2. zed says:

        Even Chelsea, Man city and Real would never spend like that in one season

    2. Abel says:

      You must really enjoy playing Football Manager!

  3. FRANK says:

    Ozil is only staying because no other “big club” in Europe wants him.

    The real story is true that he wants £350,000 or he was going to leave. Problem is he isn’t as good as he thinks he is and no other club in Europe have put in an offer for him. That’s because he isn’t world class and has failed to live up to his price tag. Other words, Ozil is overrated. A lazy coward that goes missing in the big games and no other “big club” in Europe need passengers.

    Arsenal should offer him a contract based on his performance this season, like every other player. In Ozil’s case, a new contract with a pay deduction. If he doesn’t like it, too bad. The club is bigger than the player and he isn’t twice as good as any other player at Arsenal, not by a long shot. Therefore he should be offered a similar contract to Giroud’s.

    1. funkyrith says:

      While I agree he is not worth 300k/week, he is ofc world class. Problem is, he is lazy and we dont have the striker that suits him, a fast poacher. Bring in a striker and Ozil will start showing stats. Still, it is a bit selfish to play in attack in a team where we need to stop goals(we did not lack goals, we lacked conceding less goals last tear). He will be ready to stay and not extend, then move to big non-European club after next year WC. I doubt if he will really sign anything. We definitely need Alexis more than Ozil, replacing Alexis’s goals will be huge problem.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Frank, I agree to some extent. But myself, I was thinking how could they go that high, now, for this type of player when there does be players we badly need out there which we could entice over with that money. I thought about it, and I’m thinking that Ozil must help Arsenal sell allot of stuff, the players own brand must be worth quite a bit, with all the Muslims out there Ozil must be their favorite player.

    2. Gunner 71 says:

      Have you taken time out to look at Ozils individual honours. There is no other player in Arsenal that has achieved what he has. His current stats for this season are not bad and he still has more assists in the number of games played since joining Arsenal than any other player in the premier league. He and Sanchez have totally different body languages and both totally different styles of play but both in their own style highly effective. Last year Ozil was the Arsenal player of the season. How quick are we to trash our players and forget contributions made.

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    Sun is very Pathetic and horrendous Source of Information…. Their Transfer stories never turn correctly….
    Unless Sky or BBC quote something, we cannot trust… Sky and BBC are most trusted entities in this manner….
    Wenger has started fooling Arsenal Fans over transfer…. Just News Flashed on Sky Sports that Wenger has made a statement that Mahrez Deal is possible…. But we cannot trust on Wenger… In the he has given lot statements like this about various players but those statements never turned into signings… For example Barry, Kompany, Higuain…. We had great chance buy back Fabregas from Barca as we had right to buy back him whenever Barca wants to offload him….

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      One season wonder Mahrez?


      This is why we never win the title

      1. Kedar Damle says:

        The amount of funds which we have in the market then we can only get Mahrez.. We should not dream high about euphoric transfer market signings because we have to accept that though we may be a wealthy club because recently KPMG had valuations of Football Clubs where Arsenal stands 6 in most Valuable Football brands but still we have to accept that our Owner don’t want to spend money to improve team… Owner is happy on the returns he is earning from Arsenal…

  5. Osyno says:

    Well… every person is in title of his or her own opinion, arsenal still remain in there position even worse since 14 years ago with ozil and Sanchez for not qualifying for champions league this season..so for such a high demand from the club is not welcomed

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’s only because the other players don’t know how to play or keep up with excellence, it’s alien to them. They rather be in a comfort zone as it gets them forth place, they do it by beating the bottom 12, which weirdly enough comes to 72pts.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    We knew he’d be the easy one, the only reason why he got so much and held out for so long is because Arsenal cannot afford to lose him along with Alexis. Ozil’s agent is a clever one, he only had Fenerbache chasing him yet he gets in the top two percent highest wage. I would rather we lost our forty mil outlay on Ozil by letting his contract run out and gave Alexis over 300 hundred grand a week, all our efforts should be focused on two things. Number one Alexis of course, if that means losing any of the others who’ve let their contracts go to one season because they want to see how much Alexis will get offered, well then FK them. Number two, spending whatever it takes to get in the best striker, the best midfielder, and the best defender, possible.

  7. Joel says:

    Ozil is a luxury player who very rarely turns up for Arsenal when he’s most needed.The rest of the team has to be on song in order for him to make any impression.Which judging from the previous Season is only likely to happen on a handful of occasions.
    It’s obvious that he effectively has nowhere else to go.His wages alone preclude any interest from another Club.Factor in a transfer fee and uninspiring form and Arsenal are alone in a desire to have him.Wenger can’t bear the thought of a player who originally cost over 40 million pounds having no sell-on value.However this is a fact.Extend Ozil’s contract for another wasteful two years paying him a wage he doesn’t deserve and he’ll be off to Turkey once he feels that he’s banked enough £300k weekly wage packets.Any way you look at it Arsenal won’t get their money’s worth!As unappetising as it might be Arsenal should play “hard-ball” and just let him see out the remainder of his contract.
    Alexis is a completely different :kettle of fish”.A player who is effectively irreplaceable and has many suitors throughout Europe.He should be paid whatever he wants and his contract extended.But without any form of delay.Delay will mean that Arsenal’s Summer Transfer policy will hinge on his decision and this will leave the team firmly in the mire if he then chooses to leave.
    However,since David Dein’s demise Arsenal seem incapable of managing any player negotiation in an expedient manner…whether it’s a contract renewal or a purchase….So much for not requiring a Director of Football…eh Arsene!!!

  8. Fritzy81 says:

    While losing sanchez is a massive loss loseing him for free is stupid. By sending him to chelsea we can pick up 2 young stars considered home grown plus cash. Next years team
    Gk: chec schezney Macey.
    Loan: MARTINEZ
    SELL ospina 7mil

    RB. Bell Ox
    Sell debouchy 3 jenk 6

    CB kos Holding Mustafi Per Ake Monreal
    Loan chambers belekik
    Sell gabriel 10mil

    LB Kosovic Brammil (both monreal and Ake can play)

    CM Ram Xaka Goretzka 20mil Coq Cazorla Rennie Adelaide
    Sell. Wilshire 15mil Elmany 7mil

    AM ozil iwobi Mahrez 35mil

    ST Abraham (swap with Ake for Sanchez plus cash)
    Welbank Walcott
    Sell perez 10mil Giroud 15 Sonago 2
    We have spent 20mil left in profit plus the supposedly 100mil the club will put up for a top player eg Lacazette.

  9. Precious Et Al says:

    The problem with paying Alexis 350k is that a bunch of average players would begin to have illusions on how much they are worth per week and could use that as a bargaining chip in contractual discusssions…

  10. Nomad says:

    Unbelievable! Sell Ozil and buy Mahrez? I didn’t know that Arsenal have such superficial supporters.

    Ozil is like an eagle playing with pigeons. He doesn’t have the right players around him. Imagine playing with Giroud and Ramsey day in day out, you will get demoralized for sure.

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