Ozil to stay at Arsenal until 2021 says agent

Ever since Arsene Wenger left, the biggest bone of contention between Arsenal fans has been the form of our highest paid player Mesut Ozil, with even Unai Emery not picking him as a certain starter this season. There have been many fans calling for the German to be taken off the wage bill at the Emirates, but yet again Ozil’s agent has made it clear that his client is not going anywhere.

Dr Erkut Sogut told Turkish-Football: “Mesut bleeds Arsenal red, and respecting his contract is a certainty.

“He’ll be staying at Arsenal until at least 2021, and the fans need not to worry about the gossip that may come this summer.

“He has found a place he feels welcome and believes he has a lot more to give.”

I’m not so sure about the ‘feeling welcome’ bit! But it looks like we can agnore any wishful thinking about him leaving us this summer (sorry Lord Jon!), so we can only hope that Emery can get the best out of him as long as he is an Arsenal player.

Ozil may not even play today, but I just have to say that because Arsenal have won the last nine meetings with Burnley, the price of an Arsenal win at 2.155 from MustardBet looks amazing value. Get on it!


  1. Ozil should have that level of cash structured in performance based incentives. For example if he was on 19 assists and creating loads of chances, wages wouldn’t be constant gripe.

    Secondly, we need a CM next year that offers the technique and creativity that we’re missing with Xhaka and Guendouzi. Otherwise the feast and famine that Auba and Laca get from our midfield will continue.

    Big big business this Summer, and the Mkhi issue with his agent really hurts. Mkhi needs to go put simply. His wages are an absolute daylight robbery from our club, and hopefully they insist he moves on with or without his agent.

    Mkhi getting top wages for academy type performances.

  2. imagine believing that, lmao. Didn’t Ramsey get bad treatment for not immediately signing his contract? Ozil held out until he had all the power and got a ridiculous offer. If anything he’s making the club bleed. Dancing naked in the street the day he is gone.

  3. Well another couple of seasons outside the Top 4 if that’s the case

    We need a Top Quality creative attacking midfielder

    Ozil was dreadful the last 3 seasons (Fantastic in 2015-2016 with 19 assists and 6 goals) and he uses up the wages of two players.

    Mkhitaryan is not any better

  4. OMG-the “ invisible man” refuses to leave,knowing no one single team want him.He wants to stay here,in the comfort zone,doing nothing and getting paid as a king.This useless man is taking the place of another player who can help the team.We play 10 against 11 everytime this finished player is part of the team.German national team ( and German supporters) was mercyless-removed him from the team for not being good enough and taking the place of a prospective young player.The German fans demanded that.So,his only hope of continuing the charade is Arsenal.Get rid of him,in any way,we have no future going forward with the useless,invisible man in our ranks.Don’t worry,he will be gone in the summer,2 many people want his head rolling.

  5. Lord Jon here and I am convinced Arsenal will do everything possible to get Ozil out of the door. Yes, I hear what his agent says and I say to you that anyone who trusts anything ever say agents was born yesterday. This player is bleeding us dry financially and Wenger is no longer around to allow the financial hole he created to fester for ever and a day. The club are now run by realists (plus Scrooge, like the last decade too) and will do all they can to get ALL the non productive high earners out the door. If they fail , it will not be for want of trying their hardest.
    On a related ,I am constantly amazed at how much so many people trust implicitly all agents/ players/ manager say. The university of life has long taught me to make up my OWN mind and not take public statements at face value. Not without evidence! Blind trust is for children and folks who still believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and that Ozil can ever cure his laziness.

    1. Perhaps the tooth fairy can send us another player capable of a pass completion of 88% like Ozil managed against Valencia the other evening.And I suppose he just stood in the same spot all evening waiting for the ball to come to him did he?
      Honestly Jon for someone who preaches opinions and the right to every contributor on hetecto have one you contradict yourself to an embarrassing level at times.
      So you don’t rate Ozil-fair enough.That is your opinion.To consistently call him lazy is not only wrong but proven to be wrong.And what makes you believe the club want him gone?Have you inside knowledge?Or just a whim?In which case a rather pointless and unnecessary comment from someone who is only to pleased to tell whoever that you only deal with facts.

      1. @Phil Elneny has a decent pass rate as well . Ozil’s work is to create chances , score and control the tempo of the team . In my eyes he does all of the above scarcely , same goes with Miki .
        i think Ozil is a brilliant footballer but not for Emery .
        Yes he is a fan favorite but what should matter is his performance on the pitch which is lacking .
        Lets compare him to his mates in other EPL teams who play similar positions .
        1. Silva
        2 .KDB
        3 .Bernando Silva
        4 .Erikson
        5 .Sigurdson
        6 .Moutinho
        7 .Hazard
        I can go on . if we are being honest would you rather him in your team than any of these players .We keep creating excuses for a player who is the second highest earner in the league yet does absolutely nothing to justify this wages .
        in the Valencia game he was the worst footballer on the pitch and Valencia conceded 4 goals thats saying something,i would have gladly exchanged Parejo for Ozil . We need to seriously rebuild .while i can forgive youthful players i cant overlook players like Mustafi who in my eyes has given better games than Ozil , Xhaka needs to go , Monreal , Lich ,Miki all need to go for the betterment of Arsenal .
        We either sign players or blend in the youth team , i strongly believe Willock, Saka ,Emile smith Rowe ,Nelson and chambers will do a better job than the old guard who have started most of our games .

        1. @Gizzle-I can’t agree that Ozil was the worst player on the pitch just as I will never agree he is lazy.But there is no doubt a player blessed with his undoubted talent just cannot get to the consistent levels we as supporters (and his obviously high salary) expect from him.
          Emery has failed where Wenger failed before him which to me reflects every bit as much on the manager as it does the player.
          However I don’t see him leaving and not just because there are very few clubs that can afford him.I would expect Ozil to raise his game next season and the Manager to get better players behind and off him.
          On a final note it was a very good result today for a second string line up to win away at Burnley.Why FFS did we not produce a couple more results like that away from home?Third Place was there for thectsking and we blew the chance to force the Spuds into the Europa league (God Almighty and the Scousers assisting of course).

          1. @Phil-you refuse to see things a blind man can see….holding too long in non-productive players and manager got us here.Football is a business with big money involved.No room for sentiments.At your day by day job,your manager is keeping you on the payroll because he likes you or because you elevate his business?This is how capitalism works,the moment you don’t contribute for profit or result,you’re shown the door!

            1. Ok so let’s look at the unproductive players in the team this season shall we
              Leno – go t better and better
              Defense- every single one with the exception of Holding proved average at best a I include Kos in that mix.SELL THEM ALL
              TORRIEA -Got worst As season progressed
              Xhaka -The same inconsistent rubbish performances we expect from a terrible player
              IWOBI-He really improved as the season went on-FROM UTTER RUBBISH TO DIABOLICAL UTTER CRAP.
              Lava-Great Season from a top top player.And this even though the manager dropped him as he obviously didn’t rate him
              Auba-Goal scorer who will be even better next year
              So that’s it
              We keep Leno Laca and Auba and sell the rest do we?Because Ozil has been no worst in performances and consistency than the rest of them.OR IS IT YOU ARE TOO BLIND TI SEE THIS PAL

              1. That is exactly what I’m saying-except Auba,Laca,Leno,Sokratis,Bellerin,Torreira,,Holding,Guendouzi-sell them all!They are all unproductive or too old,cannot help going forward anymore!Ozil first and center!

      2. You state pure opinions as facts. You state he is not lazy yet so very many Gooners are constantly on to him on here for not showing up. I agree with you he has great talent but on him that is ALL we share. It is fooling yoursel f- and that is a great shame for a dedicated, usually sharp fan like you Phil. How is that ” proven to be wrong”? Evidence of that bizarre claim please! He hardly ever sprints at all and his pass completion rate is just one part of many things a top player needs. He needs energy, to create goals a plenty, which he no longer does and also to score quite a few as a central attacking midfielder, which he does not. Not at the level he is wrongly hyped by you to be anyway. He needs to close down properly and ALL creative types like Eriksen, B ernard Silva, De Bruyne and that ilk, ALL WORK FAR HARDER AND FAR MORE DYNAMICALLY THAN HE DOES. He is yesterdays man, fooling some – though fewer each week that passes – with his now some time past former reputation. No player can live on past deeds and must earn his corn week in, week out or leave and let someone in who really WANTS to play for the shirt instead. I am astounded how you simply refuse to see that. As for how do I know the club want him gone, that is laughable. Emery, unlike Wenger shuns shirkers and as misguided as that is , it is the main reason he often plays Iwobi. USELESS BUT HE TRIES HIS HARDEST. You cannot listen to a TV journo or pundit debate without the subject of the club wanting him out being openly and widely accepted. To deny that is to once again, fool yourself. Same applies to Mkhi , equally lazy but less talented. Once in a blue moon perfs are as good as useless for team building. OZIL WOULD GET NOWHERE NEAR ANY OTHER OF THE TOP SIX AND YOU KNOW THAT PERFECTLY WELL, QUITE IRRESPECTIVE OF HIS WAGES. Thanks to Wenger and Gazidis we will have a hard job to shift him on.

        1. I state facts as facts-it is only you stating opinions.And your wrong to even suggest the majority of fans want Ozil out.You don’t even go to games so you can only judge by what you gather from here not the support that turns up every week home and away.That is a fact.
          And your point regarding Emery playing a talentless plodder like Iwobi highlights the ineffiency of the Manager not Ozil.Emery should be a coach that gets the best from his better players not have to resort to the headless chicken that is Iwobi just because he runs up and down the pitch.
          Your points are so contradictory -So you want Ozil out.I accept that.That is your opinion.I can tell you first hand that was not the majority of the 2700 fans in Valencia on Thursday who like myself were left shocked at zorilla being replaced.Or does their opinion not count because they don’t appear on this site?

          1. @Phil .
            Iwobi is an annoying, inconsistent footballer but after today’s game i believe he can be coached to be better player or at least a better squad player .
            Ozil cant be coached anymore . Joachim Low tried and failed , Wenger tried and failed , Emery has tried everything and is failing .
            If Ozil was in a bigger team he would have been disgraced out .
            You may choose to ignore the signs or clear facts . If as an attacking midfielder all you can be judged upon is your pass completion rate then it simply means your an utter failure .
            People keep making excuses for Ozil , he doesn’t have good enough players around him , this is why he was signed to make people around him better . As a coach i will rather work with Miki because people seem to forget he has been played out of position almost all the time just to accommodate a certain Ozil . i will like to see Ozil play out wide . oh i forgot he cant sprint. People say Ozil is talented i seldom agree .
            i would like him to define his role at this club or get out because him staying causes more harm than good . i am not bashing Ozil but stating a fact . football is more than mere statistics and even if we should follow statistics Ozil’s numbers have been abysmal .
            Ozil has 6 goals and 3 assists in all competitions this season.
            so if Man utd fans can get an apology from Sanchez then we all deserve one from Ozil .Iwobi who should be learning from him is on 5 goals and 9 assists .i repeat i dont say all this to slander Ozil but hope he moves on . He lack balance as a team and if we are pointing fingers it helms from a horrible defense and Your Highest payed player . I repeat we had a 22 games unbeaten run with Ozil mostly out of those games . So please stop this fanaticism of one player . You bleed red same as I .

            1. I actually have a life outside football so I certainly wouldn’t bleed any blood for anything to do with AFC but I do get what you ate saying.I just disagree with you.We don’t have the money to replace him and I am telling you that Iwobi will NEVER be goof enough to hold a place down with any Premiere League Club with ambition.So let’s not go down that route shall we.We have had some idiot (he knows who he is ) saying Iwobi would be a better player than Dennis Bergkamp with the right coaching.So all I can say on this (yet again and with no racist intent at all) is that they must seriously be on some hallucinogenic drugs over there in Nigeria because they see something different to what we see.A ridiculously untalented footballer with nothing in his game other than he (to quote Jon Fox) “tries hard”.So that’s the level we settle for in a player is it? As long as they try hard.
              I would rather have. Footballer such as Mesit Ozil starting in my team every day of the week than rubbish grafters such as Iwobi.
              And I would like to feel wecwould get some type of statement from a manager who personally lost us a Champions League position with his failed tactics and lineups.Do not let the EL final gloss over the fact that Emery blew the chance to get at least fourth place.Playing talentless mugs such as Elneny Guendouzi and Iwobi is the sole reason we haven’t qualified not because Mesit Ozil didn’t go studs up in a challenge after running 40 yards across the pitch.Just like it was Emery who decided Ramsey was not worth his place in the team and dropped him to a Thursday night/Carabao Cup player with the odd run out from the bench.A ridiculous decision when you realise Ramsey has humiliated Emery with the level of his performances when he was eventually given a place in the team.A manager who has take two of the worst signings ever made by Arsenal Football Club in Xhaka and Mustafi backwards in terms of performance levels this season.Who thought that possible?A manager who saw in a midfield partnership of Elneny and Guendouzi the ability th go to Goodson Park and go up against a 433 in a vital not lose Premiere League game.What happened was something I have rarely witnessed in all me years and travels following Arsenal and that was the abject surrender we committed against a side that ability wise should never have been able to live with us.Was Ozil to blame for that performance?Hecdid littlecwhen he got the ball that’s for sure.I know because I was there.But the player spent most of his time dropping back to help defend and the rest making runs into space with the ball never arriving.And whatcdid the mznager do after witnessing this abject performance.Usd thx same line up and players again.And we got beat again at Wolves,Leicester,by Palace and draw against the mighty power of Brighton.Thats not mentioning the display at Watford when Emery set his team up in such a way we were dominated by TEN MEN for the best part of 80 minutes.This from a Manager who supposedly coaches his teams.
              So if you like otherscblame Mesit Ozil then just carry on.You wouldn’t see the real difference if it smacked you in the face.But it makes you feel better in yourself I know.Just continue to blame Oxil for everything

              1. while the blame doesnt solely lie on Ozil . it lies onthe tem and management and if you can passionately describe the Nigerian Messi this way .lol . then at least give some stick to Ozil .
                i am one of those that believe Emery has not done badly in his first season . the players have let him done . while it is true a coach brings out the best of his players , a coach also gets rid of what he deems unfit as we see Guardiola do time and time again . @ Phil i am not blaming Ozil for everything but i would like him to know his place and take responsibility .

            2. Gizzle, so Low tried and failed did he?
              world cup winner, voted german player of the year three times?

              Sanchez apologised to manure and so did their manager…has UE apologised for blowing
              Away our top four finish, that he completely messed up with his ridiculous team selections and tactics?

              That’s who we should be demanding an apology from, along with one from gazidis and kronkie for offering such a ridiculous salary to Ozil and, of course, all the other players who have renewed their contracts under this new regime.

              As for Phils comments about having to attend games to know the fans feelings, never a truer word was said!
              Ozil is appreciated by the vast majority of Arsenal fans, because of his footballing brain, not because he runs around like a headless chicken and that’s why his song is heard at every home and away game when UE has the sense to select him.

              1. @ken1945 I havent said Ozil wasnt a brilliant footballer . was is the key word . Its a slap on his face to keep being compared to Iwobi but this is of his on making .
                you are right though about Emery needing to tender an Arsenal apology

          2. i dont understand how you can look at Ozil’s performances this season and honestly say he is worth 300k per week. Let’s be serious here. That is money a player like Hazard should be making. hazard has won EPL titles almost by himself. What has Ozil done? He’s finished. Nobody in Europe wants a player like Ozil anymore.

  6. I think if Ozil is not in the plans of the manager for next year he should be sold or told to train with the youngster but never again train or play with the senior team.

    If he is in the plans of the manager for next year, I hope the manager finds a role in which Ozil plays most games.

    For me, Ozil should be in or out (I prefer out) but not halfway like most of this season.

    And if Ozil stays, find a realistic role for him, not one that doesn’t suit him like defending or pressing. He simply won’t do it consistently and that hurts the team. Better to only expect attacking input.

  7. If Ozil was as good as you say and Arsenal don’t want him. why is everybody not lining up to take him ?! If you can find any answer to that question then you it explains everything. Maybe he should not be playing in the PL because its too physical for him and football is changing now, hard work is what the other teams needs to get close to the big teams and if the big teams wants to stay big and above, then they need to put in some hard work too so they can balance things up and keep their advantage.

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