‘Ozil wants Arsenal stay and Man United interest false’

Rafael Honigstein has claimed that Mesut Ozil’s preferred future is to remain at Arsenal Football club, whilst insisting that a move to Manchester United is not an option.

The German international is inside the final year of his contract at present, and has been strongly linked with the exit door before next term.

On a number of occasions, Ozil has refused to admit any want for a move elsewhere and insisted he is happy in North London, and Wenger has seemed to be optimistic of agreeing a deal also.

German football expect Honigstein has now moved to build up the possibility that he could stay at Arsenal, whilst also dismissing the interest of rivals Manchester United.

“I don’t think there is necessarily an option in the Premier League available, I don’t buy all these stories about Mourinho and Man United being interested in him, I just don’t think that’s credible,” he said.

“I think his preferred choice is very much to stay at Arsenal,” he added.

“It’s down to him to make himself indispensable or at least attractive enough to get the kind of deal that he wants.

I think Arsenal are still sort of weighing up their options, they perhaps haven’t pushed hard enough as he and his advisors would have liked.

“A different situation to Alexis Sanchez, who has very much made up his mind he is going to be off.

“Ozil still wants to stay and I’m not sure he will find a better setup for him.

“Then you have to look at going back to Spain where he’s already been at Real Madrid, that makes things complicated or back to Germany where I don’t think there is much of a market for him right now.

“So I think he wants to say and I think Arsenal in the end will decide that he is, even at a higher wage, still a cheaper option to sign for free effectively than looking for a replacement.”

Should Arsenal fans get their hopes up that he could well stay? Is he fighting to earn the Arsenal contract he wants?

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  1. Shortboygooner says:

    Ozil can stay. When he wants to he plays well. I guess every game cannot be magic. Esoecially with whats around him. Sanchez needs to go. Guroud can jog on. And i would like to see Thomas lemar enter at minimum. Maybe a cheeky bid for greizmen and or draxler. 2 of those 3 olayer would transform our squad. I think that holding and chambers should get more time together and with mustafi. Those 3 will be the future.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I agree with what you’re saying, but where’s the money coming from for the likes of Lemar, Greizmann, when we’re getting zero returns on Sanchez, Ozil, and possibly Wilshere? Wenger also hates selling players, so it’s very unlucky he’ll raise funds from a lot of sales either. Brilliant business sense from our manager who has a masters in economics!

      1. Alex says:

        We can get a return on Sanchez by offering him for Draxler to PSG.

        1. sanmi.marvellous says:

          You know Sanchez holds advantage if we want to exchange him for Draxler, right ?

          What if Sanchez does not want PSG move ?
          What if Draxler hates Arsenal move too ?
          PSG is already @ Financial Fair Play rule limit.

          It is not that easy a contract.

      2. Shortboygooner says:

        Your correct. But we do have the money. Its just up to the board of the want to release the funds. We made profit. Huge profit last season. And as i keeo saying unless kreonke changes and gets with the times and invests in the club he is going to loose out. We have seen arsenal fall already and im the next 2 seasons its going to get even worse unless the money is spent. Look at how much chelsea and utd have had to spend after falling out of favour. Look how much city has had to spend to win. But you are not wrong it is unlikely the board including wenger are going invest in the clubs best interests.

  2. Yossarian says:

    That’s welcome news for me. I’ve always been a big fan of Ozil and would love him to stay at AFC. Sanchez is already gone, so I just hope he doesn’t go to a rival club. Man City are so far ahead of us at the moment that it would be extremely flattering to consider ourselves “Rivals” but I would hate to see him at ManU/Chelsea/Tottenham/Liverpool.

    When Sanchez goes I want to see Draxler replace him. Then I want to see us sign a top-quality centre-back, and top-quality right-winger, and a top-quality defensive midfielder as a minimum during the summer transfer window. But this is Stan & Arsene’s Arsenal, so undoubtedly that won’t happen, and I will be disappointed next season just like usual.

  3. jon fox says:

    Sorry But I don’t buy this “Ozil really wants to stay” tripe at all. He has been trying hard this last few matches and but is clearly playing for a new club. That is obvious. Whether that be at United I do not have a clue but if he wanted to stay he would have been working hard rather than mostly idling through his first four seasons with us. He clearly wants out, whether or not he goes in Jan, I DON’T KNOW. BUT HE WILL NOT BE HERE NEXT SEASON. Anyone with normal intelligence can work that one out, but some refuse to face the truth, sadly. Football fans, the world over are hardly renowned for being realistic with themselves, are they? So it is at Arsenal too!

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