Ozil wants MLS move, but he will not give up his Arsenal paycheck

ESPN reports that Mesut Ozil is open to making a move to the MLS where he is wanted by DC United and Inter Miami.

The German is currently under contract with Arsenal until the end of this season but he has been frozen out of the team this season.

Arsenal is keen to get him off their wage bill as he is one of their highest earners.

The Gunners will sanction a move away for him in the next transfer window, but the report says that Ozil isn’t looking to leave before the end of his contract.

The German believes that he would be recalled to the team when the squad lists are resubmitted in February.

A move to America will come with a loss of some of his current £350,000-per-week wages, and that might be the reason why he will not accept a move next month.

He has been out of the Arsenal team since March and even though the club is struggling for creativity at the moment, Mikel Arteta seems to have moved on from the former Real Madrid man.

The Spaniard is instead looking to sign another creative midfielder when he can.

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  1. Of course he is going to pick up his money and get the bonus. Why wouldn’t he? He is fulfilling the terms and conditions of his contract – you can be darned sure that his lawyers have spelled out his obligations to the letter and Ozil is fulfilling them – otherwise there would have been a breach of contract…

  2. We had chance to sign a great replacement in benrhama, West ham celebrates his first game and more to come!25M!

    Ozil will stay til term if his contract, will make more in US….

    he looks forward to pay his dues on pitch when allowed; we must do so then.

    Precisely player we miss, if can help us be back in top4 chase before too late; good for us.

  3. Whatever be the future or the current scenario, the image used in the article seemed to be a bit derogatory – just my opinion.

  4. Yeah@Vinod- just look who posted the article and it sort of says it all. The photo has been used countless times by him but that sort of sums him up. God knows what he will have to write about when Ozil leaves.

    1. I think the support showed yesterday on the poll shows what the fans think of him .
      3 out 4 fans want to see him back ,well on this website anyway

      1. Don’t forget or let others tell you anything different Dan than this :
        The opinions of the “vast majority” on here echoed every other Arsenal site, when Ozil was being blamed for every single thing that was going wrong.

        That was claimed by the likes of Martin and JF.

        So, logically, the same rules apply now don’t they?
        Of course, we are now being told that this poll doesn’t prove anything – goalposts being moved again methinks!!!

        1. I was surprised at the numbers of the poll I would have thought it to be closer but I suppose that as to do with the depressing football we are witnessing ATM .
          Let’s hope we get a result tonight and a few bloody goals would be nice .
          I’ve had a few glasses of redirects get me in the mood ,just hope my cider later doesn’t start to taste sour

  5. Funny thing is. I feel like everyone has forgotten that ozil was not the assist machine he once was. Personally I think we should look at our youth or find a new creative spark. Arsenal ozil is over

  6. Question always has been if you paying the guy why not use his services, we are paying loan money for Cebollos but we using him right even though dude has been completely lost this season so is the case with Willian..why can’t we do similar with ozil we are paying him just use him till his contract expire it’s not like he has a claus in his contract if we play him we have to extend his contract. …

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