Ozil wants signings? Expect another typical Arsenal summer….

Ozil complains about Arsenal signings unlikely to be heard.‏ by KM

Well, well! Pretty damn hello everybody. What’s that I’m hearing? Ozil came out to say we need some reinforcements! No way Mesut, I mean do you read Justarsenal? This is really interesting! Because it puts us in a familiar situation! You know who I am talking about.

Remember when we sold Fabregas and Nasri and brought in Gervinho? That resulted in an 8-2 humiliation which hit the panic buy button and we ended up with Andre Santos, Per, Arteta, and that Korean guy if you remember his one league cup goal!

Will we make the needed additions this year? No way in hell. Mesut also spoke about the influence Pep will have on City. Another major point I’ve been stressing out. Klopp will also be leaving his mark. If we do not prepare properly, we’re in for another year of hurt. Mesut doesn’t want to leave, but if the ambition fails for one more year he may as well make his next big move.

Why would you stay at Arsenal where players like Giroud, Ramsey, Walcott, Debuchy and Arteta among others sit on some pretty salaries with no real contribution to the squad? I mean we’d have, like, 300k wages if we free those players. Enough to pay Ibrahimovic the salary he desires, and the rumours are he prefers London, but we’re highly unlikely to even try to sign him.

Talks about Aubameyang are as dry as the Sahara desert. Wenger didn’t pay 60 mills for Suarez, who would’ve been sold to us for that sort of money and you think he’ll do it now? Mario Goetze might be available, Real could be making changes with Zidane finding out that being Real manager is not that much of a dream job with the immense requirements and, well, Barcelona.

Arsene and the board have a huge summer. We need to address some of the real deep problems. One of them being the bad transfer windows we have each year. We start with a lot of promises, make one signing that looks good and it’s just enough for renewing season tickets, so we stop there.

This year a CB, a new DM and a Striker is the VERY LEAST Arsene can afford. Anything other than that will be spitting in our face once again (and it’s far from being the first time)! The second major point is the manager. He’s a constant value at this club. The only real one on the sports side of things really.

This is a huge problem. The other constant factor is the ever ageing board that keeps him in charge. The problem runs deeper, because lack of change in these spots means the club continuously suffers from the lack of ability of those people to elevate us forward. Worst of all is that there is no desire to do so whatsoever.

At Barcelona a new board is elected after a certain a time period! No need to comment on their run of success in the past 10 years compared to ours. At Real Madrid heads fly left and right if the trophies don’t roll in. Whether this is the right approach is another matter, but truth is those clubs are not satisfied with being second best.

Each year, everybody at Arsenal knows that the same mistakes will be repeated, but we do nothing but hope that Arsene will learn, which doesn’t really happen, but people say “hey, wait till May and give him another chance”. After 12 years I think he’s run out of credits and the game over sign has to shine bright at the Arsenal arcade machine he’s been running for far too long.

Nobody of course cares if I say this, but if Mesut leaves, just remember how Fabregas won a title at Chelsea, Nasri did at City and Van Persie did at Man Utd. Would they have done that here? It turns out no matter how much Arsene twists and turns it, they were right. The club wasn’t going in the direction they felt necessary and we could be seeing it again.

Nothing would really surprise me though. I expect this to happen again and I expect Arsene to get a contract extension, but before it’s been done, please rethink how many more years of the same do the Arsenal fans want for themselves, before jumping to Arsene’s next chance. Give it a rest, it’s been 20 years already!


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  1. My greatest concern is if reinforcements isn’t brought in the summer could this trigger an exodus for ozil and Sanchez?

    1. you probably right Greg but I hope u wrong. I can’t believe how little the board respects the fans, madness I tell ya. how the hell are we behind Tottenham?

        1. Since the last time Arsenal won the league, ManU has been champions 5 times, Chelsea 4 times, City 2 times.

    1. The move to the new stadium was done to compete long-term with the spending capabilities of ‘brand Utd’ and the oil money of City and Chelsea. I’m pretty sure that was the reason given. Obviously after being temporarily so skint that we had to sell our best players, mostly to our direct rivals, we weren’t going to be able to make an instant cash-splurge in many directions. However, in each of the last 4 summers we’ve now been able to sign a worldclass player: Cazorla then Ozil then Sanchez then Cech. It’s possible that we could soon be in a position to make multiple big signings each season- once the ghost of the stadium move has well and truly left us. I’m really hoping so anyhow. Obviously, this season has been very disappointing- but we’re still ahead of City, of Utd, of Chelsea and of Liverpool. On the whole, the bigger picture is looking rosier- with, as I say, the greater quality of signings- which by the way concided with the two FA Cups in the last two seasons.

      1. If you think these keyboard kids will understand logic and facts you will be disappointed. All they care about are FIFA football manager fantasies.

      2. I like your submission. But you should not blame the fans. Wenger drove the fans to the wall and they have no choice but to fight back. It is not forgivable that Arsenal is the only team in top flight European clubs that did not sign an outfield player last summer. It plainly speaks of arrogance or naivety as someone stated. Wenger’s excuse was not that money wasn’t available, but that he could not find any player better than what he had. That means we could not find better players than Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Coq, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcot, Ox. If Wenger had made an attempt to reinforce the team, I doubt the fans anger would be this loud, even with the current standing on the table. Secondly, what about the predictable Arsenal pattern over the last decade, put up a good fight beginning of the season and then crash out of all competitions by the turn of the year- this has nothing to do with availability of funds.

        1. Is this a reply to me? I didn’t blame the fans. I’ve lived and shared the frustration myself believe me- I’m just trying to not be short-sighted. Taking your first point about not spending in the last summer- this was a frustration to me too. I believe the public reason given for not spending was not infact the reality. Just call me Sherlock! The latest financial results which Arsenal have announced indicate a loss of £3.4 million after tax- for 6 month period ending 30 Nov 2015. This, I can only assume is the result of transfer fees such as Ozil/Sanchez being outlayed- as these transfers are structured in payments over a number of years. You might say- we now have cash reserves anyway so this is no excuse, we could still have spent. However, there are new financial regulatory regimes such as complying within Financial Fair Play that strictly prohibit this. I believe the reason provided of there being no better players available on the market was simply meant to serve as a public vote of confidence for the squad- to boost confidence and morale, a smart strategy for the impending new season just kicking off. I’ll now address your second point. I feel like a lawyer here! As far as your pattern of starting a season strong and then fading, I think it’s been more that we play well at a period in the season, maybe pre-Christmas but maybe post-Christmas. I think this absolutely has been related to the amount of funds available. The amount of funds available impacts on the quality of your squad which impacts on the ability to rotate, or to have adequate cover for injured players- and thus be strong for a whole season. Going back to my original point of the injection of oil money to City & Chelsea meaning we were now at a serious handicap in terms of resources to not just Utd anymore. In the 10 year period you speak of- we had a net profit on transfers for the first 6 of 48.8 million- having to fund the stdium but somehow staying competitive, the next/last 4 with Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Cech- proven world class players on world class player wages coming in- we’ve had a net spend of 119.7 million- so the fruition from the stadium move is very evident to me and I am confident we have gone in the right direction and will be signing additional, more expensive, proven players (but we are playing catchup and won’t suddenly be full of Gallacticos).

  2. Well, Wenger has just come out and said that he will be at Arsenal next season, So, all we can do is just wait and see
    (as per usual) And hope that he will bring in the appropriate players in the summer!
    It’s his last year (of his present contract) so hopefully he will pull his finger out!

  3. @Konstantin,
    If I could agree with you more than 100%, I would.
    You made lots of sense there.there

    1. Arsenal is a milk cow to Silent Stan. Simply a business to him. I promise you that he’ll milk Arsenal dry…unless we stop talking and start acting.

  4. MAN that NICE Article!!!
    A World class strike wants London,we are in London and honestly we need a world class striker,get Ibra Wenger!!

  5. That is a huge positive step -Ozil’s statement!

    It confirms the fact he is genuinely very ambitious, and he badly wants to win big titles for himself. A great benefit to signing winners like Ozil, Cech and Sanchez is that they’ve got big enough characters to demand of the club and manager that investments be made. Unlike Wilshere, Ramsey and Theo, they do not owe their entire careers and successes to Wenger.

    Do you think Ozil -before coming out to say this publicly- hasn’t approached Wenger to have a word or two. Wenger has immense influence at the club. But so does star players like Ozil!. Believe it or not.

    Ozil came to us because he believed we were right on the threshold of building something new and big. He definitely will be needing reassurances that he was right to have that belief.

    Forget all the denials and loyalty speech from Ozil. There are only two ways to keep the player settled for next season. It’s either:

    a) Arsene offers him a bumper new contract better than what the PSGs, Bayerns or Barcelonas of this world would offer Ozil. OR

    b) Arsene makes sure not to have a repeat episode of last summer transfer window delusion. Ozil is saying to Arsene “look Gaffer… I can’t afford to be around if we’re gonna mess around.”

  6. The recent trend in Club football
    is for short term manager stays.
    3 years with out the required
    results and your out.
    Mou 2.3 years at Chelsea (despite an EPL title)
    Pelegrini 3 years at Citeh (despite an EPL title)
    Moyes 10 months + LVG 2 years at Utd.
    Rogers 3 years at Liverpool.
    Spurs 5 managers in 5 years until Pochettino.
    But not at Arsenal well not yet anyway.
    Arsenal in comparison retain Wenger because
    the “required ” results do not include winning
    the EPL while winning the ECL is just a fantasy.
    In fact the Owner, Board, CEO and Manager all concur
    when they say chasing titles is destabilizing,
    expensive in fact outright dangerous.
    Too many big signings affects “cohesion”.
    A 10 mill GK and 7 mill DM is cost effective and “unifying”
    while the best signing is morale spirit and mental strength.
    Leicesters success would appear to confirm these attributes.
    Technically especially from a business perspective
    Management is right “on the money ” as it were 🙂
    With 90% of the paying fan base also adherents to the
    sustainable (read no title model) Arsene’s statue may
    well be positioned in the dug out for the next 1000 years.


      “In fact the Owner, Board, CEO and Manager all concur when they say chasing titles is destabilizing, expensive in fact outright dangerous.”

      “With 90% of the paying fan base also adherents to the sustainable (read no title model) Arsene’s statue may well be positioned in the dug out for the next 1000 years.”

      That line captures it so well! 90% of those whose voices matter will rather see Arsene Wenger remain as the manager for eternity regardless of whether our ability to win titles becomes limited or not.

      Quite literally, the club is eternally indebted to Arsene Wenger.

  7. Arsene Wenger Should leave Arsenal for the better He is not d one who found d club…A successful man tho not

  8. OT, Kronke’s recent statement about an arsenal fan who flies by helicopter from south africa to matches. I am no expert but typical commercial helicopter flies at a cruising speed of 140 mph. South africa to london is 6000 miles so thats 43 hours flying time plus 15 refuelling stops in countries like namibia, angola, cameroon, nigeria, niger, algeria, spain and france. Lets say it takes 3 hours per stop to get landing/take off clearance, refuelling, sorting paperwork etc so thats another 45 hours. So thats 88 hours each way. What sort of fan is going to make that sort of journey in a noisy helicopter when they can fly first class in luxury in a fraction of the time and cost.

    Thinking about it, it makes more sense than telling us fans (and players) that winning championships is not an aim of the club and think that we will continue to pay for expensive seats and merchandise..

      1. @jonm
        Inflight fueling solves all of that. Expensive, but efficient…A private jet would do it at1/3 of the coast and 1/3 of the flight time.IJS

        1. Ny gunner, i could understand a rich fan travelling by private jet overnight, having a sleep on the way and arriving fresh and rested. But 6000 miles in a helicopter seems far removed from this.

  9. Arsene doesn’t want to Change he is so static with his own Ideal of Failing d club..As for him Wilshire, Jenkinson, Ox,Ramsey e t c..All the injured Arsenal players are d new signings we all should expect If Arsene remain next sumer.. still waiting to prove everyone wrong Mr RIGHT(Wenger) by setting record with Arsenal as d only club in Europe who never sign an outfield player in summer but now a champions not Failure……

  10. Stan would just burst into laugh after reading about Ozil’s comments. Him and Ozil are on two different parallel lines,just like the Board,CEO,Wenger and the fans are on two different parallel lines. To stan “Arsenal is a business name,a brand that needs selling” which brings in more money,but to Ozil and the fans,Arsenal is a football club that needs winning titles and reinforcements is really a huge part to achieving that success. Who knows what Stan’s company would Charge the club,maybe “Travel advice”

  11. just cant help feeling sorry for our ambitious players and wish that they leave to places they can achieve wat they deserve than stay with us under AW and get all sorts of frustrations. playing 10+years without anything to show ua grand childz in future.

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