‘Ozil will be gone in January’ claims former Arsenal defender

Martin Keown claims that Mesut Ozil should be gone come January, having shown he is uninterested in giving his all for Arsenal.

The German international has failed to agree a new contract with the club over the past two seasons, and is into the final year of his current deal, leading to much speculation over his future.

Ozil is no doubt a special talent, but has come under scrutiny for a number of lazy displays, and many pundits and fans alike believe he lacks the mentality to play for Arsenal any longer, with his inclusion described as a luxury.

Martin Keown has now called for the club to cash in on him come the new year, claiming he either lacks that killer instinct, or no longer cares.

He said: “The top players are ruthless and they don’t play for fun.

“I don’t know if he’s got that ruthlessness in his makeup.

“That ball has got to be in the back of the net. That should be game over, Arsenal have won the game.

“People might think I’m gunning for him, but you’ve got to be clinical in those situations.”

Keown went on to question the £42m signing’s mentality further.

“Is he really bothered? He’s just missed a chance to win a game for Arsenal,” he continued.

“Everything that happens afterwards wouldn’t have happened. I don’t know if he cares enough or not but he’s certainly not ruthless enough.

“He had a gilt-edged opportunity to wrap up proceedings today and he didn’t take it.

“There’s only one outcome here. When it comes to January surely Mesut Ozil will be gone.

“I’d keep [Alexis] Sanchez through to the end of the season because surely he is their best chance of getting into the Champions League.”

Is Ozil still lacking full fitness? Was his performance level the same when he was fit? Is he surplus to requirements this season?

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  1. Mentally he isn’t anywhere near his 19 assists season. No team anywhere will be willing to pay him what we are offering

    Central midfield is so important. It’s part of our team’s spine. Having a strong core is important. Wenger completely ignored it this summer because we have too many average players. We need a world class player like Cazorla in the back of Central midfield and someone who can push Ozil. Actually if we had got Lemar or even Mahrez or Draxler, they could have played Ozil’s position also among other positions

    Again, it’s all Wenger’s fault. He has no clue. He keeps faith in average or above average but inconsistent players and expects them to win trophies

    Can’t decide between Wenger “the clueless one” or Wenger “the delusional one”

    1. I agree that at this point Mesut needs to go, but in his defense he hasn’t played “central midfeild” as you say, all season. Since we’ve shifted our shape he’s been pushed back out wide and has been quite useless out on the touchline – much like the majority of our team in this shape still.

      Our central midfield is a massive issue though as it’s always Xhaka plus one, and Xhaka is not good enough and always goes sideways or backwards. And his +1s also always go sideways or backwards (El Neny) or just run around like a headless chicken (ramsey). None of them are world class.

      Only Santi was good enough. Wenger should have brought in his replacement this summer and not adjusted our shape.

  2. If you ever watch Spain games against Italy and Albania in the World Cup qualification, you will see how an attacking midfielder and playmaker is supposed to be. Isco, Thiago and Silva pressurized, chased and tackled their opponents, to force them to make mistakes.

    Not always playing safe and they don’t always conserve their stamina. Arsenal have to get attacking midfielders/ playmakers like them.

  3. Ozil is one player I wouldn’t miss at all. Alexis on the other hand seems to be a shadow of his former self for now. I used to think we’ll miss them both but now I feel they are a just a drag. I doubt they would hit top speed in their next clubs especially Ozil. Many managers would torolate his facial expression and body language in matches at least I know I wouldn’t if I was a manager.

  4. I have been saying it since we lost to Liverpool that we need to offload those players that feel they are above the club. Ozil can easily be replaced by Lemar and Sanchez by Dealer. They are just distracting our squad.

  5. I think I speak for majority of gooners worldwide when I say “I’ll rather keep Alexis than Ozil”.

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