Ozil to be greedy and get the Goals Arsenal need?

To be fair to the Arsenal and Germany international star, I can appreciate that a lot of his game is focused on the creative side of the game; using his passing, movement and vision to make the team flow and stretch the opposition before spotting the killer ball that will unlock the defence.

As long as the Gunners are banging in the goals and winning games, Mesut Ozil´s contribution is a vital one and is well appreciated bu his team mates and the fans. But when we are not scoring, you start to get the critics analysing his game and the football media is never slow to attack the languid looking play maker.

Gary Neville laid into him again on Monday night for not taking responsibility and maybe Ozil has taken that on, because he has been talking to Arsenal Player this week about his need to be more selfish and go for goal more often himself rather than looking for one of the strikers.

Ozil said, “I want to score more goals than in the last two seasons and that’s my aim for this season. What’s important firstly is that we are successful as a team.

“That’s most crucial for us and as I said, for me it’s not just goals and assists that mean everything, what’s more important is that we’re successful as a team.

“My aim is to help the team and I’ll do all I can to achieve that. In truth I’m more the sort of player who doesn’t really go for goal, I tend to look for my team-mates and think, ‘Can I play this pass?’

“I think now and then I need to become a bit more selfish – then I’d definitely score more goals.

“But I’m a player who thinks for the team first and not for my own needs and that’s why I will carry on to play the way I always do. I think that’s one of my distinguishing characteristics.”

It might not be a natural thing for the midfielder to do but he gets into some brilliant positions and if he can start to finish a few of them off then it will help the team and also make it harder for the opposing players to guess what he will do.

Can you see Ozil getting more goals this season?


  1. I doubt he can score more goals as he’s never been a goal scorer. His strength lies in his link play and assist. But I genuinely hope he gives it a try and be successful at it. Good luck Ozil in your new found desire to be more selfish in the final third!

      1. It isn’t Ozil’s main job to score goals, but it would be nice if he could chip in a few. He should try a few long range efforts as he gets himself into good positions on the edge of the box. Santi hasn’t scored for fookin ages either…

      2. when ozil arrived, i saw in a couple of games he played a ball behind the last defender, expecting giroud (who was on the shoulder of the CB) to go for it. giroud just looked at ozil with that vacant expression and ozil turned away. giroud cannot see the possibilities that ozil, ronaldo etc can. so i do believe ozil is wasted with OG. i’d like wenger to give walcott a few more games at CF.

  2. How long this misery will continue !
    When this captivity will be over !

    I am totally frustrated …
    Wenger out …

    1. Tough to expect Ozil to
      score goals when
      “top” strikers
      Sanchez – rusty 🙁
      Ramsey on the wing 🙁
      Sanogo – on loan 🙁
      Walcott – not starting 🙁
      Ox – not starting 🙁
      Wellbeck injured 🙁
      Akpom – on loan 🙁
      Campbell not considered 🙁
      Oh let’s blame Ozil. Yup it’s all Ozil’s fault.
      Lazy Turkish/German #%+##@^
      Be Cech’s fault next.
      “Get forward and score goals Petr
      save us at both ends and be quick about it” 🙂

  3. The only way ozil will look to score more often is if he find someone to pass to behind the goal line. The problem is none of them have anyone to pass to. Giroud cannot move ramsey is slow. We need a striker. Charlie austin is better than giroud as he is far more agile and can atleast move. This season i would love to see welbeck playing through the middle as we will not sign a proper striker.

    1. @ all guns blazing…. How come u ain’t talking of cavani?……… He’s all over ur sobriquet!

      1. Hey soap.. Ya we apparently bid 27.8m for him. Not going to happen for that price anyway. Either one would be great at arsenal cavani or benzema. if nothing happens we should sign austin.

        1. Over the last season and a bit the top goalscorer in this country with more goals than aguero and Kane is being adobe. Quite why wenger let him leave permanently but kept sanogo, campbell and akpom is a mystery to me. If we are going to lower our sights to the lovely of kokorin, Austin or some other unknown, I would prefer we brought back our beni.

            1. Yes let’s not lower our
              sights to the lovely of
              kokorin .
              We need the latest version
              of adobeflash player 🙂
              Download now Arsene

    2. When will Danny welbeck return from injury ? In the last game of the season?
      He was injured for just 3 weeks but he has been out for almost 5 months.

        1. With a goal/match ratio of 0,16, we’ll have to go 30 months between each Welbeck goal. Get back to the manc lair you shite (Immanuel) Kant

      1. Our striker situation is now so bad that fan are remembering Welbeck as alternative, and many chances missed (denying Ozil of assists) that Ozil himself, the once famous king of assist is thinking of scoring himself. You see the level we are now?

  4. Hello friends i am just a fan of arsenal who watches them on television. I am very baffled as to why we haven’t signed a striker yet.I liked diego Costa as he was that finisher in arsenals mould and he went to chelsea for not an astronomical figure.The quality and quantity of strikers have dropped drastically.I saw Harry Kane’s performance against us and i think he is that striker with vision as well as finish like costa.But he is at Tottenham so i think he wouldn’t come as well.Benzema maybe better than giroud but is he the finisher we want (i don’t watch la liga).And who the hell is this kokorin?.cavani idk he is second choice to a 33yr old in french league but who knows we might need just two great years from him. And i have never seen huntelaar play barring a few bundesliga highlights but he will finish those chances which giroud misses so often. sorry if i have offended people with my choices for striker.
    Harry Kane, cavani, benzema, huntelaar

    1. @mohit27, fair assessment by you on diego costa and harry kane, but it was clear that costa didn’t wanted to join us when he refused us in winter transfer 2013-14. And then he got snapped by Chelsea.
      Harry Kane is a very good player but still watching him in some games, I don’t think he still is ready to go to big club and perform(maybe I am wrong). Also the fact that Lewy wouldn’t sell any player coming through their own academy ranks and becoming one of the important players in the team.
      Whether Benzema is better than Giroud or not, I don’t know but he himself declared that he wants to stay at Real.
      Still don’t know about Cavani, his situation is unclear whether he wants to stay at PSG or he wants to move. If the latter is true, then Man Utd will also compete for him.
      Huntelaar, a quality player, but still doubt whether his age will hold him back or not. Also Schalke won’t want to lose him.

      1. we missed out on jackson martinez. atletico got him so quick, that wenger hadnt even shaved at that point.

  5. Kokorin???????? Why cant Ramsey play as a striker? Anyway he is now on the wings which is not suited for him and also it will push Ox into the team.

      1. As mentioned abive i see the speed of walcott, strenght almost giroud and a trickery arsenal of sanchez , i would love to experiment ox in the front cf position

  6. I forgot about higuain. I would get him if he came at somewhere between 25mil-30mil not the amount of 59million euro that would be bad business to pay so much for a 28 yr old striker.

  7. I don’t believe that even the most die-hard wenger supporters can believe that this window has been anything but a complete failure … They also know we will not improve on the outcomes of last season … Won’t win or be runners up in EPL won’t win the fa cup again … Might get to cl quarters though I doubt it … If this is the result I sincerely hope they will do the right thing and demand his removal if he is not willing to go on his own accord

    1. The window is not closed.
      There is still a lot of time.
      Arsenal will have many
      options and will strike
      when the time is right.

      1. sure..he brings in griezman draxler and bender i will eat my words…. please tell me that shelving out 13m for illiramendi and getting rid of flamini would not have been a big improvement or bringing in pedro or douglas costa (and selling walcott) or buying schneiderlin or putting down 25m and cambell and getting dyabala from palermo or getting etc etc etc and these were all doable coz others did it…. but more importantly it should tell you that wenger no longer has a grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of his team, or, indeed, what kind of football he is trying to play … heard a lot of people waffling on about the end of tika tak … we never got there because too many first team players lack the skills to do that kind of football…ramsey walcott giroud merteshaker coquelin are not that kind of player… nor do we rapidly convert defence in to attack as we used to or press teams in their own half .. we have lost quality, purpose and style…and the window antics simply confirm that wenger no longer has the ambition or leadership to move us forward

  8. The Window is not closed yet. Lets give him 5 days at least to see if this summer has been a total failure.

  9. 2 players from the same team.. Okay I play along as I don’t have anything else to do at work:

    – Lewandowski and Götze (LOLLLL)
    – Krychowiak and Gameiro
    – Lacazette and Gonalons
    – Cavani and Matuidi
    – Paco Alcacer and Danilo
    – Emile Heskey and Wellington Silva (recall loan from Bolton, LIKE A NEW SIGNING)

  10. Muzzi ozcan Looking a genius while his cohorts (jeinny, emanuele, alexisDun etc)look like fools…. He mustn’t think he’s gone scott free yet……. He said “ARSENAL WILL MAKE SIGNING OF THE SUMMER” …..and he’d be held accountable if this doesn’t happen!

    1. Soap, why do you care about what they say? I thought you did not believe these sorts rumours. So why do you want to hold him ” accountable”? There are only two possibilities.

    2. All those guys are fraud. Muzzy is a pussy too. And that Venezuelan women is a complete schkank

    3. @all guns blazing……….. I love it when these twerps are being exposed for good and forever…… So they never gonna be able to decieve folks like you ever again……. AlexisDun85?

  11. kokorin has a lot of speed and technique.he makes his average team look really dangerous n he can play rw and lw.we wanted a different striker.walkout was neva my first choice so lets hope for de best.coyg

  12. Wenger has made us believe Austin and kokorin and Austin are world class players who will score 30 goals.

  13. just want the window to be over . so that I can have my focus n support.

    how can Arsenal be linked with Kokorin whiles we have Welbeck?

    wat kind of nonsense is that.

    kokorin my foot.

  14. Andriy Yarmolenko Was according to reports phoned by Wenger but told he wants to play for Barcelona & some French journalist says that Benzemas agent did recently meet with AFC representatives..

    So a slow news day with nuffin happening. Not long now to the pain is over and the reality of it all punches us in the face repeatedly and every time we watch our team play all the bloody season….ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  15. What a shambles our great club has become, a laughing stock!
    How can a club(business) which supposedly ranks amongst the top ten clubs in the world ( turnover not trophies ) allow such a state of affairs to continue?
    Each year for the past eight or so years we have a shambles of a transfer window, positions that need strengthing are overlooked; we only buy players that seem to be past their best ( the only exception is Sanchez ) and obvious mistakes such as leaving things to the last minute are repeated time and again. Why have we not signed a DM after five or more years of searching?
    I am worried that high quality players are no longer interested in joining Arsenal, there is no serious ambition to strengthen,improve and win things that matter to top players, just a lot of flannel from a once great manager who seems to have lost he plot. What on earth is the chief executive paid for?
    Why should we pay top ticket prices to watch such a below par team, and be the laughing stock of others. The players are always fine with their fat pay cheques and so are the club owners. The ones who care the most and suffer the most are the fans, a protest is needed.

  16. Apart from Chamberlain, none of them are trying to test the GK from a distance. Cazorla used to shoot on target 3 or 4 times, but now we are passing the ball to death hoping the opponent will somehow open gaps… Teams are more discipline now.

  17. The 2 players that guy talked about on Arsenal TV are Cavani and Rabiot from PSG.

    I don’t why that fan was playing hard to get like a virgin girl, as everybody in France knows that Wenger has been trying to make a deal with the French champion (Canal+ sport even talked about it last night).

    It also could be a diversion (like they mentioned it as Wenger is well known for doing so and usually ends up signing no one)

    The problem is Cavani is now first team choice as striker (ibrahimovic might go to Milan) and Rabiot just signed a 4 years contract and is also a first team playing as a defensive pair with Matuidi.

    The journalists have questioned the fact that they have more chance of grabbing the CL with PSG than Arsenal who cannot even win their own league (not my comment just reporting what I heard, sadly).

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