Ozil will help Arsenal to DESTROY Tottenham

Why Mesut Özil is going to destroy Tottenham by KJ

We signed our star German midfielder on the back of a North London Derby win. It was reported at the time that Levy had prevented Bale’s sale to Madrid until after that game to ensure Mesut wouldn’t have a part in it as he knew he was close to a move to Arsenal. Ever since, the World Cup winner has not really faced our bitter North London rivals. He did manage to get a 10 minute appearance in our 2 – 0 win in the FA cup but he wasn’t fit and he was forced to defend with the rest of the team as we had gone down to 10 men due to Walcott’s ACL injury. But now, Özil has a chance to really show why he’s the best number 10 in the world against our bitter rivals at the Emirates this weekend.

Spurs have been a very fragile team since Redknapp’s departure and pressure is already mounting on Pochettino with poor results recently in the Premier League (including a 3-0 hammering at home against Liverpool). He is keen to play attacking football in order to placate the Spurs faithful but doesn’t really have the tools or the mentality to successfully play that way. This need to attack will leave them open without the appropriate pressure in midfield and I believe Mesut can hurt them massively.

If he’s to be played at no.10 (hopefully), he’ll destroy Capoue with his intelligent movement and passing. He’ll find spaces easily and with the pace of Welbeck and Alexis up front, there will be lots of movement and therefore loads of opportunities for him to break Spurs hearts.

This will be his first proper game against Tottenham and I expect it to be a great one. The space they’ll give him will suit him perfectly and with the pace up front, it could be battering if we finally click as a team.

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    1. I agree with Santi/OX change…
      but does not agree with Chamber/Arteta change…
      cannot risk our only CB back up at a CDM position…
      But may be sub Arteta with Diaby at 60min??

      1. …………………….Szczesney
        chambers mertesacker koscielny gibbs
        ………………..Wilshire ramsey
        Sanchez………………………………… cazorla

        Ospina, flamini, diaby, arteta chamberlain rosicky podolski

        This is no time for kids, we need 3 points

        1. But another injury to any one of this defensive four., will affect all those points we could take till January(when hopefully we will sign defensive cover)

  1. AOC would do better at the flanks than Cazolar. More importantly I hope wenger plays MO11 thru the middle. I also see welbeck getting on the score sheet.

      1. Ozil was playing the 10 role, he drifts out wide and moves into space.
        When playing on the wing his freedom is restricted as he has to defend a lot and doesn’t have the stamina to get up and down the pitch and he’s only found further up the pitch and free to roam when we build up slowly. Don’t look at heat maps and actually watch him on the wing then rematch the game against villa the difference is very clear.

        1. But he played on the wings against Villa! He was more present on the wings than in the middle. Map does not lie. If he played the 10 role what role had Santi? He was more in the middle and behind Welbeck (again the heat map is showing that) than Ozil.
          If Ozil was not to be give license to roam wherever he wanted he would not be receiving the pass form Welbeck. And the cross from Welbeck was a clasic wing action again with Santi in the middle and Ozil on the flank.
          Difference was made because Ozil got in form. He did not changed his role one bit. Watch the game again is also my advice to you.

  2. Sanchez is giving 100% in every game, even C1C, I wonder how many % he will give tomorrow, when he realize its against spuds Wow! Can’t wait, 3points no matter how cost #COYG

  3. Arsenal has never won in any game Alexis scored in 🙁 🙁 🙁 .
    Maybe he knows that and will stop himself from scoring lest he prevents the team from winning 🙁 🙁 🙁 poor Alexis

    1. or maybe he wants to break ‘the curse’ by
      scoring 5goals .. spuds surely cant redeem
      that, 2 is the max they can manage
      Come On You Alexis, destroy, smash and mash
      the spuds, whooooooohoo!

  4. If Wenger doesn’t play Ozil through the middle, I will be lost for words!

    I’m actually really torn right now, I have a mates bachelors tomorrow, and he isn’t a big football supporter… Gooners help, would it be rude to ask if I can disappear for a bit to watch the game? Its a tough one, but its the effing derby!!!

    1. TVR, PVR old skool tape… rec the game, stay off all social media and watch it on Sunday to help cope with the massive hangover you are going to have

      1. Yeah, its on a farm, so I suppose staying away from social media is the way forward! So bleak I’m going to miss it… MASSIVE hangover on sunday!

  5. or maybe he wants to break ‘the curse’ by scoring 5goals 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. spuds surely cant redeem that, 2 is the max they can manage 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Come On You Alexis, destroy, smash and mash the spuds, whooooooohoo!

  6. Off Topic: Ox talking sh*t. Which people asked Alexis to
    take iit easy? Take it easy and become a lazy,
    unconcerned player on the pitch? He is a
    professional working hard and hard work
    pays. His work rate is second to none. Even Arteta, the other day, confessed he (Alexis) works overtime. We need players with such attitude.

    Every Arsenal player must learn from

    1. Too early for articles as this. We know Ozil has been playing out of position and we do hope Wenger puts him in his natural role, but it’s too soon to say all this. Besides, this is football and u don’t know what the opposition have up their sleeves.

    2. its ridiculous. One good match and hes the best player in the world again. Give him time, ppl need to stop with all these articles about Ozil being back. Just let him do his thing, jeez.

  7. Besiktas? Was that this season or last season?
    I don’t seem to remember it. It must have been in pre season, emirates cup or carling cup, I don’t usually watch them. Not because I don’t want, no.. not at all. I am js too busy so I have to make a choice and opportunity cost(if you understand the term)comes into play so I have to sacrifice some arsenal matches.
    but I don’t despise the low cup games, not at all. Am cool with all games, very cool

    1. with your kind of attitude… you know cost and no passion….. city or chelsea would be perfect for you

  8. As Jose said the EPL is crazy
    right now. Southampton 2nd
    Villa 3rd Swansea 5th.
    Arsenal 4th after just 2 wins
    and 3 draws. Out of the League cup
    but we had 8 players who have hardly
    started all season and we played
    2nd place Sotns best team.
    Beaten at Dortmund but Gala and Ander
    will lose there too.

    1. Arsenal had two extra
      ECL games and lost our
      top goal scorer.
      Thank goodness for Sanchez’s goals
      or we would be in a power of Sh#t.
      If we beat Spurs, and Chelsea beat Villa
      Arsenal will go 3rd and into serious EPL contention.

    2. you dont know Gala and Anderlecht will lose there as well. They probably wont be so stupid and try to play a wide open attacking match so Dortmund can stomp them.

  9. Ozil in his rightful position (number 10 and Wilshere on the bench) will orchestrate the game.
    Flamini as a DM (the only one we got anyway).
    Ramey, Sanchez, OX should complete the midfield.

  10. I was hoping Walcott would play this game, score a hattrick and hold up two fingers, but he can do that the next time we play Spuds

  11. Please, please don’t put Ozil back on the left wing. Keep in centre where he can feed assists. I want Ozil to overtake Fabregas as assist leader.

  12. My line up to rip spuds apart. Prediction Spurs 0 Arsenal 5
    Chambers Mert Koscienly Gibbs


    Sanchez Ozil Wilshere Cazorla


    Subs: Ospina, Bellerin , Atreta, Ramsey, Ox, Campbell.

  13. That’s why their are too many rants on this forum every after a bad day at work by Arsenal.Why?Guys here have very high expectations and they don’t try to look at the other side of the coin.
    A derby is a derby and anything is possible.

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