Ozil’s agent at it again opening his mouth over the players future

Arsenal is keen to get rid of Mesut Ozil, but the German is similarly keen to get back in the team.

He was not registered for any competition for the club this season and hasn’t played since March.

It remains unclear why he has been sidelined at the Emirates, but Arsenal is still keen to get him off their wage bill.

Next month offers Arsenal the chance to offload him, but his agent, Dr Erkul Sogut has reiterated his desire to stay at the Emirates for the rest of the season.

He claimed that several teams want to sign the German, but he remains loyal to Arsenal and all he is doing now is working hard to get back in the team.

He even said that they have had conversations with the key people at Turkish side, Fenerbahce, but a January move is very unlikely.

“Mesut has another six months on his contract with Arsenal,” he told Fanatik via Eurosport.

“He’s certainly missed football. Right now he’s working very hard to be able to wear the Arsenal shirt again and he’ll continue working.

“We want to explain our situation with Fenerbahce. Yes, we’ve spoken with Fenerbahce. We’ve spoken one on one with the most important people at the club.

“However, we cannot speak about a transfer officially before January. We’ve had transfer offers from all over the world for Mesut.

“Nothing has changed for Mesut now. At the moment, it seems Mesut will finish the season at Arsenal.”

Arsenal is struggling with creativity now. If they cannot sign a new creative midfielder, maybe they will bring the German back.

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  1. He’s an agent, he’s doing what agents do. I don’t understand what it’s meant by “opening his mouth “

  2. After watching what Walcott, Ozil and Aubameyang did when their contracts were expiring, the other Gunners might be inspired to do the same. Just put in extra effort in the final year of the contract, to get a big contract extension

  3. I don’t see why people are still giving this Ozil circus / stunt anymore seriousness. He is where I want him to be. That is where the club and manager seem to also want him to be, and it is where he wants to be. Sitting around like a real princess doing absolutely nothing while getting paid.
    Just keep freezing him out until the end of the season. Just 6 more months. We have waited for seasons for him to leave our club, so another 6 months wait is nothing.

    Keep him where he wants to be. “Scrounging like a real deadbeat.”

    Lets concentrate on the team, manager and players that might still have a future at Arsenal.

    Now the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, Willian and even Bellerin etc need to be asked to leave. Have had enough of them too..

    1. Apart from being far too kind to OZIL, YOUR POST WAS MAGNIFICENT. I prefer to use plainer language, like fraud and conman!

      1. I just hope the club has learnt a big lesson. It gave into the Ozil fundamentalists cries in 2017/18 and awarded him a massive undeserved contract. The same fundamentalists screamed from the roof top when Emery froze him out. Emery gave in but got absolutely nothing from him. All we ever seem to get are consistent poor performances and a stinking attitude is all we ever get. Not worth it.

        The fundamentalists are at it again asking for their cult hero to be reinstated even if he has been given more second chances than any other Arsenal player in my time as a gooner. The scrounger has given us nothing of note for the more than £100 million we have spent on him since 2013. What a waste of funds. Gazidis and wenger need to be investigated 😂

        I am glad he has been frozen out and I don’t ever want to see him in an Arsenal shirt. Just 6 more months. Then I hope his nomadic followers will follow him to his next club. They care more about worshipping their cult hero than what’s best for our club.

        Lets concentrate on our current first team, manager and players that might still have a future at Arsenal. We have serious problems as a club. Concentrating on a deadbeat scrounger is all futile to our cause.

        Just keep him where he is. He is comfortable being a deadbeat. Lets keep honouring his wishes.

        6 more month.

        Thank you very much 😊🤞

  4. Well done Mesut – you sign a legal contract with the club that wanted you to stay and you are fulfilling your side of the said contract.

    No sulking, no dissing the club off, doing everything that you need to do in order to be ready for a big signing on move in June.

    The players love your attitude, the vast majority (4 to 1) want you to be reinstated and your agent is telling the situation as it is.

    1. No trying hard either Ken! Funny how you forgot to mention THAT.
      Fulfilling a contact is not simply staying out of trouble off the pitch and not turning up, on time for trsining. That is easy. The real contract commitment comes in busting a gut for his wages every time As you think he HAS done that, no wonder we cannot agree on him.

      All players all thetime,irrespective of their wages, MUST do this every game or break the MORAL contract with us fans. I know you agree that morals are important but you do not see laziness as being immoral. I do and that is why we argue.

      1. Well Jon, pray tell me how, if he’s not in the squad, how he can bust a gut?

        MA has said quite clearly he is more than happy with MO’s commitment, so I await your explanation with interest.

  5. Don’t bring back Ozil, and continue to do badly. On his day, he can win a game on his own, and to be quite frank….you have nobody else that can do that and you need the wins. The man has done nothing wrong. Why should he be forced into taking a pay cut? There are clubs that were in real financial trouble….Arsenal are not one of them. There was no need for them to dismiss staff, the one thing they are not short of is money. Morally, yes, perhaps he should set an example….but punishing him for refusing a pay cut is the same as all those people that had proper jobs that were forced to sign zero hour contracts or lose their jobs in places like Road Chef. Sometimes, you have to take the hit. If the club agreed to pay him that money, and they have the money to do so it’s not him that’s in the wrong.

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