Ozil’s agent reveals how much he would have made if he had left Arsenal

Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr Ergut Sogut reckons that the German would have made £30 million from signing on fees if he had left the club in 2018 instead of signing a new deal at the Emirates.

Arsenal faced losing Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in six months at the time and they were desperate to keep both players in their team.

They eventually managed to keep hold of the German while sending Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United in a swap deal.

The German’s performance has, however, dropped since that time and the club has been struggling to sell him.

The Gunners have now omitted him from their Premier League and Europa League team for the season after he refused to leave the club.

A very few fans and pundits have slammed the club for their treatment of the former Real Madrid man, and Ozil also accused the club of lacking loyalty.

In what a minority will see as loyalty to the Gunners, his agent has now revealed that he turned down the very huge signing on fee from another team.

Speaking to ESPN, the agent said: ”Maybe [Arsenal’s] goal was to wait until the end and Mesut would say ‘I want to leave’.

“If Mesut would have done that, the club can say he wants to go and if they can’t find him a club, they have an excuse and can say ‘we can’t register you because you wanted to leave’.

“But they knew for a long time that Mesut wanted to stay. He made it very clear. Maybe they wanted him to feel unwanted and unwelcome, but he wants to play for the badge.

“Mesut is 32 years old. He has a few more years in his career, but it is more about the way of treatment. Mesut is someone who fights for his rights. The contract was a big commitment for him.

“He could have left for another club like Alexis Sanchez did.

“He could have left and got a £30million signing-on fee [somewhere else] as a free agent at the peak of his career. But he stayed loyal.

“Maybe the club will change their position in January and register him. You never know what will happen.”

What Dr Sogut failed to mention is the £150 million Ozil has cost the club and the appalling level of performance in return.

Ozil has done just fine for himself, he has milked Arsenal for every single penny he could without keeping up his end of the deal and yet he and his representatives continue to play the victim. No wonder so many Arsenal fans deride him now.

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  1. YOU are an embarrassment!!! What you forgot to mention is that arsenal was in shambles…no top class player wanted to come to AFC and arsenal hadn’t won any silverware in 8 years prior to Ozil coming over to arsenal. At the peak of his powers he could have gone anywhere yet he stayed! Yes, he’s been compensated very well for his stay but at the same time the club has used ozil’s stay as a platform to attract, laca, auba, and others…additionally, AFC has won silverware since Ozil’s arrival hence Arsenal has actually recouped overall 10 folds of the investments they made to commit to Ozil…Lets see how PPL like you treat Auba in a couple of year’s time..!!!

  2. That insulting agent. He once abused Keown for criticising Ozil.

    What club was prepared to pay 30m as sign on fees? How much fees did Manu paid Sanchez?

    Agent is not interested in Ozil playing but ensuring that he sits at home and take his wages without honoring his contract of playing to the demands of his coach.

    1. Havyn you can’t blame him, Ozil is he’s only high profile client, he also represents Kieran Gibbs and Robert Pires.

    2. Can you leave Ozil. The club decided not to play him. Who does with the highest paid player at the club? By freezing Ozil Arsenal shot themselves in the foot. Very unfortunate and unprofessional on part of Arsenal.

    3. seems like you do not know much about fees…..

      the signing fee is not the only fee a club will pay

      there are heaps of fees involved….

      if a player is a free agent, the buying club will pay the player the signing fee instead of the selling club which is usually part of the negotiation……..

    1. Ozil is finished at arsenal end of ..

      Whatever money he could have made is irrelevant really . Sure he will survive financially !

      Agent sounds like a twat , Ozil had chances to prove himself but massively inconsistent ..

      Fabregas was a far better Arsenal player ..

      Can we all move forward now for god’s sake

  3. Its not Arsenal choice. If Arsenal don’t him again then the agent should look for a club for him even on a loan basis so Arsenal can pay part of his wages. The agent prefers him to stay at home and collect his wages instead of looking for alternative club for him

  4. Its good he’s gone. Taking him out means saving money on appearances and other bonuses.

    Now he should be taken off from the first team and made to join the Under 23 team

  5. Agent needs to be quiet. Ozil and him knew he was not in the plans for next season. Mesut is still here because he made the conscious decision to stay, even knowing he was not in the plans this season. Enough with this nonsense of trying to get sympathy and turn people against Arteta.

  6. In fact Agent has confirmed that Ozil will stay put till the end and hope he’ll be reregistered in January

    They’re not interested in playing football

  7. Ozil and his agent know that no club side in the big-five European Leagues will be ready to pay Ozil £150k/w wages to sign him during the last summer transfer window. Talk-less of to match his current Arsenal weekly wages of £350k/w he’s collecting at the club to sign him.

    Therefore, Ozil and his agent decision to continuing with Ozil staying put at Arsenal is for the very high wages he’s collecting at the club. But not for Ozil being loyal to Arsenal as they both have claimed.

    So,since this hasn’t been a rocket contract deal science signed between Arsenal and Ozil, who then is Dr Ergut Sogut is trying to sell? Arsenal and their supporters? NO! They won’t buy his selling from him. Not at all. Because Arsenal and their supporters are very Intelligent people who can’t be sold.

    More so, as the Arsenal supporters having known that Ozil and Dr Sogut his agent for their love of money above any other things in human endeavours. More especially if the money getting in question is highly lucrative like the one Ozil is currently collecting at Arsenal.

    Which him and his agent won’t let go easily but cleve strongly on to it with all the strengths in them Because they know very well that they won’t get far close to getting the kind of the lucrative jumbo pay that Arsenal are paying them at any other club side.

    If it is a lie that I’ve lied, let Dr Sogut then reveal to us Gooners if any top clubs in the top five of the European Leagues submitted a bid to Arsenal to sign his client Ozil during the last summer transfer window.

  8. The only good season he had was his 2015/2016 with 19 assists

    That’s it but please no more Ozil articles please

  9. I repeat what I have been saying for a long time which is that when this harmful enemy of our club is finally prised away from his comfort blanket of his huge and obscene salary and is eventually GONE, he will by then be almost, but not quite, universally regarded as the single most hated ex PLAYER TO HAVE EVER WORN OUR SHIRT.

    Most of us already think this. More are leaving his weird fan club daily, in the light of events and turning against him. There remains a still fairly sizable number of fans who will never hear a word against him, no matter what, not even if he burnt down our stadium.

    But the rest of us normal sane fans already do, OR by his leaving date next summer ,will regard him as the most detested, lowest person, ever in our club.

    I detest him with every fible of my being. He disgusts me with his laziness, faked injuries, gross greed, cunning and dishonesty and for the mind games he plays – like the Gunnarsaurus wages offer, designed to split fans – and I am actively counting down the days til this disgusting leech can harm us no longer.

    I have long regarded him as our clubs enemy , which is the WHOLE REASON I attack him on here whenever I can.


    1. Yep let’s have an article comparing the bold attacking football of bielsa and Leeds with artata’s increasingly boring brand of defensive football with a a clueless attempt to play out from the back an absent midfield and a complete reliance on one player for goal threat, which if it continues will again see us struggling to get in to top 6 … Will be going for bielsa in the summer if this continues ….everything has to change for things to stay the same at Arsenal … Am hoping partey will inject something new in to proceedings …. But if he doesn’t start Sunday then will confirm arteta is not going to take us forward

      1. I can understand how you might feel about Bielsa but he didn’t get Leeds into the EPL at the first attempt

        Klopp was given time and I expect the Arsenal board to do the same with Arteta. If he messes up in the same way that it went wrong with Emery then I’m sure changes will be made. To have your views so soon and before Partey has kicked a ball in the premiership is so negative. This is going to be a very unusual season

    1. Phil, he didn’t get a birthday card from me either.
      I’m still waiting for his agent (or anyone else) to name the Club’s, who was offering £30 million sign on and detail the wages on offer in 2018?

      1. Ozziegunner the agent is just trying to make ozil look like a saint, which club in the world will offer ozil a 30million signing on fee 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Wilshere words:

    “People will say what they want and footballers get paid well, but there is nothing more draining and saps your confidence more than when you know you are not going to play, that no matter what you do in training, or what the other players are doing, even if you lose 3-0, you are not going to get an opportunity,” Wilshere told the BBC.

    “I didn’t want to be around that and in that environment.”

    Which someone can take a leaf from his book

  11. Ozil and his Agent has the whole transfer window to shop and look for clubs either to loan him or buy him out but both turn invisible during the period and now that he has been left out of the team are now playing the blaming game to make Arsenal look bad while the suck on like a leech on the club. Have never know a big player that would loved not to play in their suppose prime time and seat on the bench just because he his been loyal. The life playing span of a footballer is very small so everyone expect you to give ur all in between those times but the case of ozil is just beyond thoughts, if you don’t feel appreciated where you are honesty demand you leave and look for where you will find comfort to showcase your talent which will lead to more money for you. Ozil chose to stay and his agent chose to shut up when since 2years there are signs that his type of talents is not appreciated within the team settings they should have both left for other team, show his talent there and make Arsenal eat there world’s and look bad by delivering constant performance there but NO he chose not because he his loyal to his pay check.
    Everything is looking like Ozil is not interested any longer in playing football maybe for the fear that he can’t cut it at the highest level any longer or because if he did leave all eyes will be on his performances with people looking on to justify there criticism of there judgments about him and he does not have the drive to prove us all wrong. Whatever the case maybe it’s a sad end hopefully we all can move on cause no need discussing it nothing gonna change until February at least that’s if he his still here which will be a big surprise for me.
    Let support the team, be their 12th teammate, be there strength when they are down and be there gladiator when we are winning charging ahead of them.

  12. Arsenal is the club I support, players come and go but the club is still here. Yes Ozil was a good player in his prime, but over the last few years his commitment to football has disappeared and this is nothing to do with Arsenal, Germany dropped him as well. He is getting too involved in politics and now playing the blame game. Arsenal do not need to go public why they dropped Ozil, as he would have been told. Its time Ozil and his agent shut up and move on. Fans who call him a legend needs their brains tested, no legend would treat the club in this way.

  13. Unai Emery had issues with him, Fredi Lumberg also had issues with him, Mikel Arteta initially accomdated him but later discovered his limitations which was affecting the team. Ozil and his agent should look at the mirror and stop blaming the club.

  14. Ozil had a good debut season. A decent second season. A great third season. A decent fourth season. And he has been pretty sh**ty ever since

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