Ozil’s agent says “It’s a waste”, but he intends to “honour his contract”

Well I guess you wouldn’t expect Mesut Ozil’s agent to say that Arsenal were right to drop Mesut Ozil from the Premier League squad, but in my opinion once he saw that was a fact, surely his job would have to been to find another club that would be keen to play the German?

But it seems that Ozil is determined to stay right until the last day of his contract, and now his agent Dr Erkut Sogut has now given his opinion about the stand-off in an interview with TuttoMercatoWeb. Here are some Google translated excerpts….

One of the most talented players in the Premier League is outside the Arsenal project. How can you explain this to the fans, to the readers, as Mesut’s agent?
“It is not an easy situation. He loves the club and the fans deeply and is deeply sorry that he has not been given a chance, honestly, this season. Mesut was the player who reached 50 Premier games with assists. faster than anyone else, in 141 appearances and Arsenal would need exactly this kind of creativity. They say he was sidelined for ‘football reasons’, but that’s not something I can comment on. I think the fans want him back on the pitch, at the last game they also chanted his name”.

How is he experiencing this period of exclusion?
“He is training harder than ever. At home he has a gym, in the garden and in the garage. So in addition to the work he does with the club, he also trains at home, alone. This shows his professionalism, all his seriousness. In addition, off the pitch, he is also engaged in his business projects. Mesut started his own brand, M10 Streetwear, in November, which he sells in 70 different countries around the world and this shows his global appeal and fanbase. “

Have you ever talked about a resolution or an agreement about it?
“It’s a shame that Mesut isn’t playing. Of course, everyone focuses on his salary and I also understand why. But from a personal perspective, I say it’s a waste considering his talent and creativity. I talked to him. ‘Arsenal a few days before the summer transfer campaign and I told them about Mesut’s feelings, his desire to stay and how much he loved the club. And they never told me he wouldn’t be on the list. “

“Exactly. They didn’t tell me. It was a surprise to all of us, something that clearly hit him hard.”

Will he leave Arsenal in January?
“Even one day is a long time in football, you never know … Of course, there are many clubs interested in catching him. This has never changed but his willingness to honour his contract and play hasn’t changed either. again. He’s a man of his word, loyal, and loyalty is hard to find in these times.”

Obviously Sogut would say that Ozil is simply being loyal, but others might describe the German’s actions as being extremely stubborn by refusing to move on from a club that refuses to let him play.

From the agent’s words you would assume that Ozil will still be at Arsenal after the transfer window, but I’m not sure how that will benefit if he is still frozen out of the squad…

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  1. Ozil doesn’t love the club, it’s all about the money. His day will come and we’ll have peace of mind after his departure. We are not working according to history. He might have achieved that milestone, but currently he’s not worth playing him

    1. Yep I agree with your comment, it’s not worth playing him at the moment because we’re already creating soo many chances for aubameyang thats why he’s top scorer and Arsenal are top of the league, oh wait a minute…….

    2. So Ozil actually told you that did he? Had a conversation with him did you? Or, most likely, that’s your opinion. TWAT

    3. edu and arteta don’t love ozil and surely yu were one of those fans who were chanting ozil ozil while he was doing his magics on the pitch before this pandemic,the guy was supplying laca n auba hence auba was once one of top goal scorers in premier league,this arteta guy will fail dismally yu know why coz these players are sabotaging him and the reason for that,he doesn’t have any good relationship with the players the only thing he does best is to be strict at the players and to destroy the players thats all thank yu OZIL’s haters,

  2. Ozil intends to “honour his contract “. Translation “Ozil intends to collect his 350k p/w salary right up until the last hour of his contract . His manager said Ozil is finding things tough. The 104 million quid Ozil got from the club might soften the blow I hope for poor Mezut. The club paid 42 mill to Madrid for Ozil so 150 mill all up and the club will recoup a big fat zero when he leaves on a free. As Ozil’s agent rightly said “It’s a waste”.

    1. Every play intends to collect their salary right up to their contact .
      That’s not unique by the way
      If you worked in Costa and your manager said I regret giving you your pay rise can you quit please
      If you said no and they said stay at home , they have to pay you

      1. So Ozil gets 350,000 quid a week for doing nothing while Costa baristas get 280 quid for a 40 hour week. What exactly is your point?

        1. That’s a different argument
          Are footballers paid silly amount of money of course
          But is he wrong for exspecting Arsenal to honour his contract they they agreed ? No

          1. Arsenal most be mad to keep Ozil outside the pitch, he’s a talented player, to progress you must all your differences aside, Arteta take note of this.

        2. The club agreed to pay that wage! Is that Ozil’s fault? No. The club should never have agreed to his wage in the first place. They have chosen not to play him. NOT Ozil.

        1. So I’ve just checked 45% income tax and 19% image rights ,so a hefty chunk Which goes back into the system .
          So his take home after tax works out at around 185k a week not the 350k a lot of people think he pockets .

  3. So let all at AFC “honor the contract”. Why bother about transfers? Let every one “honor their contracts” and run them down irrespective of the performance on the pitch.
    so let Willian, Auba, Pepe, Laca, Xhaka, Torrera, Kolasinac, Socrates, Mustafi, Luiz, Holding, Bellerin run down their contracts, why have transfers. Let Arteta too “honor his contract” so what if we reach League 1 by then. I feel Mkhi, Emi, Kos, Monreal were fools for seeking transfers elsewhere, they too should have “honored the contract” Charton, Portsmouth, Bolton, Ipswitch, Sunderland, QPR, Derby County all graced the EPL once upon a time. Enough of this bull regarding honoring contracts. There should be a basic pay with performance based bonus with the club having the right to terminate. Enough of leeches in the club. Lowest point in the clubs 100 year plus history. Players having no love or respect for the club and I can go on and on, but it will not make any difference to those thick skinned leeches.

    1. Let’s say Arsenal finished 12th
      Would they expect money from.sponsors or do you think they would say , ‘ nah Adidas , you deserve a club in the top 4 , only give us half the money ‘
      What about ticket prices , shirts , etc
      Will arsenal reduce prices because they are not performing ?
      It’s a business

      1. or let’s see if Arsenal say Dear Sky
        You pay us this much but we havnt been entertaining this year so tell you what , here is your money back
        It’s way too much lol

        1. Simple question Sir, do you accept mediocrity of Ozil? So only Ozil can be mediocre? Then why complain when Xhaka, Auba, Laca, Pepe, Willian, Bellerin, Holding, Mustafi are mediocre this season. Same yardstick applies to all. They too are internationals unless you wish to go back to that one fluke season of 19 assists to brag about the golden boy.
          Fact – AFC need a creative midfielder.
          Fact – Ozil has not delivered for the past 5 seasons and there can be no guaranty he will ever perform again as per the standards for which he is being paid. We do need a new CAM

          1. Again it’s a separate argument
            Wherever you think he should play or not is separate to is he doing anything wrong honouring a contract
            Arsenal can’t have it both ways
            If you want crazy money off tv and fans and transfer fees then occasionally you have to accept your going to pay wages that are massive

      2. If you accept mediocrity, then do do not weep we are 15th. Enjoy 15th spot, after all it is just a game.

        1. So let’s not accept mediocrity from the players and their agents but ignore mediocrity from the club, board and management for signing those contracts.

          What a hoot.

    2. Regardless of all the opinions regarding Ozil on JA and elsewhere. It must be blinding obvious to intelligent people that if Arsenal could have broken Ozil’s contract by whatever legal means they could, they would have. Its pointless going on about it, but Ozil is at Arsenal until he decides to go or when his contract expires. The cause of problem would seem to be the clubs poor handling of the legal side of Ozil’s contract which is obviously watertight. As for your other point regarding performance based contracts, footballers are in the entertainment industry not in the real commercial world.

    3. :There should be a basic pay with performance based bonus with the club having the right to terminate.”

      You might as well bring back slavery. It seems like your gripe is about the players making money and the poor billionaires deserving more.
      The players who make up the game because of their ability and talent should be second fiddle to few select owners. Why?

  4. Every club in a professional league have the same problems. The players have too much power because the greedy agents have too many stipulations in contracts that favour the player. You can blame the big clubs for allowing it to happen. If the club were not willing to bow to the players demands, he went some where else. To another club who were willing to bend over to get him! The fact is, Arsenal made the decision to agree to certain terms in Ozil’s contract (including a massive salary and bonus) which was handled by his agent. His agent now wants to get Ozil another massive transfer where the agent himself will make lots and lots of money. In a way, Ozil is the middle man. The agents are the ones who profit. No matter if the player plays or not. Football has to change because the clubs are being held to ransom!!!

    1. I think his agent said he will see his contract out with no transfer fee at all. In that case Ozil will be a free agent and if his agent gets him another club then of course he will get a fee. Surely that’s what all agents in all walks of life get for providing their services. The main thing here is Ozil will be off the books and Arsenal will not be paying his agent a dime.

      1. It is Ozil’s choice (or maybe lack of) to see out his contract. Unless Arsenal pay him off! It will be up to the club and player to agree to sell in Jan but it’s likely no one will want to pay for him? His agent knows this and is trying to divert the problem as Arsenal’s. Which it is now.

        Agents have become a disease for clubs. My point is, the clubs do not have the power any more and it needs to change. ASAP! Ant club in this situation need protection if players are not performing to the desired level.

  5. As he hadn’t featured after lockdown Ozil and his agent must have had a sneaking suspicion that game time would be very limited even if they didn’t know the full extent. Loving Arsenal is all well and good but sitting on the sidelines is something else. Personally speaking he should have moved on. It might show his loyalty to the club by staying but I don’t subscribe to that view So far I haven’t heard a good enough reason that Arsenal were disloyal to him either. He is still under contract, being paid whether or not he plays each week and has time to manage his growing retail empire.
    All this at a time when we have a difficult game tonight to worry about

    Terrible timing to release this interview just before an important game when we are likely to cross swords on Arteta and the poor run of form but to throw the Ozil situation in as well will

    1. SueP, isn’t the fact that his personal contract details were leaked by someone at the club – someone high enough to know the details?

      I’m pretty sure anyone from MA downwards wouldn’t have a clue about such details – but maybe you think otherwise?

      It’s all a matter of why such details were realised in order to be aired in public and who would benefit from said figures – certainly not Ozil, wouldn’t you say?

      1. Ken,
        I usually desist from ever mentioning Ozil for ‘fear’ of reading what you have just written in reply or worse from others

        I actually don’t think Ozil gives two bob anymore. 6 more months on both sides to endure. He has another life outside of football which will no doubt give him as much or if not more pleasure.

        Does anyone care about who named him apart from you and a few others? Does it matter to you that it matters to me that he, through his social media influence he has stirred up a stronge breeze? Do you seriously think that the mascot story was anything other than a PR exercise? Is telling your fans that you are ready not undermining the authority of your manager? Is offering to pay the mascot not meddling in your employer’s affairs? It is all pretty much pointless to debate it as you and I will not budge on our beliefs

        Having read Phil call someone a twat in capital letters is pretty similar to reading JF call people dross or filth so maybe you might like to call him out on using female genitalia to insult someone he disagrees with. Maybe you would like to give yourself a slap on the wrist for doing the same

        Anyway, I enjoyed your article that appeared earlier and although a win eluded us a draw felt like a win.

        If we don’t correspond again before Christmas I hope you and your family have the best time that you can during what is a very difficult time.

        I know that you live in Scotland. Hubby and I did a wonderful trip a couple of years ago. The Caledonian canal was fantastic trip as was Skye & Mull.
        A beautiful part of the world

  6. Honour is not a word I can associate with Ozil, but as a Club we have acted wrongly to his situation.He ought to have been included in the playing squad and given an opportunity to perform.I have no doubt that he would, once again be found wanting, and be subject to criticism from the very fans who now call for his return.Having failed to be effective, he would be dropped as a first choice, but by going through this logical procedure for someone who just happens to be our highest paid employee, our Club , and our Manager would not have been subjected to the criticism which is being showered their way.A lack of sound thinking is I am afraid evident in the hierarchy of our Club.

    1. Yes excluding him for whatever reason was a stupid business and tactical mistake.

      Assuming he was included and did not perform well, that would have given MA more ammunition to buy a replacement. If the opposite was true, then it’s a win/win situation for all.

  7. Remember this, Arteta is the pupile of Pep Guardiola. Pep always had same issues with players, Zlatan, yaya Toure, Etoo and many more.

    This Players never had an issue with their former clubs or managers. It was the same with Aguero, remember that Pep tried to push Aguero out or on the bench but he had to call Aguero back because he didnot have other options with all strikers almost out. Especially when Aguero showed a high level of game.

    Arteta did the same, he wanted to push Ozil out and so he did. Those are not fotball reasons or issues. They are personal and especially when you know they played in the same team. Arteta is Jealous he never got the same wages or love from Wenger.

    You should look at the time when they played together. Ozil and his Agent cant speak out because of the contract and Arteta wouldnot go out and tell the true.

    Ozil is ofcourse waiting for a good deal from top club or he will honor his contract until the last they.

    Ozil is the player who isnot afraid of speaking out, using his name and role as a top player in a big club to highlight problems and unjustices around the world.

    Racism in the german international team, the injustice that the minorities in China lives every day.

    China is to powerful! Arsenal got ownwd by China and Ozil knows this!

  8. Holding us ransome for what? Greedy Ozil but in saying that maybe we need him now to create something in the midfield. We will be in relagation zone by end of the week. Don’t see any change against Everton. Buy also he only give you 1 good performance a month. Something is wrong with those players.

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