‘Emery destroyed’ – These Arsenal fans react to Ozil’s cryptic tweet after tense training conversation

Some Arsenal fans seem to believe that superstar Mesut Ozil took a shot at boss Unai Emery on social media last night. The pair were filmed having a tense conversation.

During Arsenal’s training session on Wednesday ahead of their Europa League clash with Vitoria, manager Unai Emery was filmed having a tense conversation with playmaker Mesut Ozil.

The pressure is certainly mounting on Emery after a shock 1-0 defeat to promoted side Sheffield United on Monday night.

Of course our unflattering performance led to even more calls for Ozil to be given a chance in the team, the 31-year-old has only made two appearances for us across all competitions this season.

We missed a glorious chance to stay at third place in the league on Monday night.

We had the opportunity to build a small gap ahead of Chelsea and Leicester City who look to be our prime contenders for a top four place this season.

Mirror Football shared a video of the lengthy training ground chat between the pair:


Last night Ozil posted a cryptic post on social media which seems to point to the plot thickening between himself and Emery:

Some fans believe Ozil’s post was a slight dig towards Emery:


There’s a chance that some fans have blown this entire incident out of proportion, it hardly reminisces the furious rant between Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho last season.

It’s possible that the lengthy chat is actually a positive for Arsenal, could Emery have been discussing instructions to Ozil as he’s planning to give him an opportunity against Vitoria tonight?

We’ve played some brilliant attacking football in the Europa League so far this season, this evening’s clash is perfect for Ozil to get back his match sharpness.

We have to make better use of the squad available to us, Ozil’s achievements in the game are far too impressive for him to be left on the bench all the time.

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  1. It’s funny how some fans wanted ozil out of the team due to his performances at times… Right now, I will start him desperately or at least he should be on the bench and not frozen out of the team

  2. Ozil’s body language says everything. He has no respect for Emery, and that’s never good. He has his body turned away from his manager as his manager tries to speak with him. You could see Emery’s face as he walks away, Ozil is a problem. His attitude isn’t good for the team, negative attitudes are contagious, you don’t want a player like this negatively influencing the group.

    The other option is for us to sack Emery, but I think that’s unreasonable. Emery has only had one full season, give the man three seasons. Look at Klopp, took him 3 seasons to get Liverpool working. Look what happened at Man UTD when they started changing managers. Let’s give Emery time, Ozil isn’t bigger than the club.

  3. Well he does enjoy starting a tug of war with his high profile players, he’s lost once before, and the odds aren’t really in his favour this time either.

  4. A player laughs! The “obvious” conclusion, in cloud cuckoo land only, is that he is dissing his manager. I am not remotely an Ozil fan, nor am I any longer an Emery fan,quite the opposite in both cases, but talk about conspiracy theories!

    1. Jon I think Emery is becoming his own worst enemy. His setups, lacks style and substance in his tactics, and struggles to get a grip on games. He isn’t building on Arsenal’s attacking style, but rather quite the opposite.

      His latest comments regarding the team being “competitive” and what he has brought to the club sounds like a dead man walking to me. If he is having to explain and justify himself, he is losing the argument. 18 months and no identifiable style or philosophy, playing not to lose rather than playing to win, are just a couple of examples of why he is not the solution for Arsenal, in my opinion.

      1. Durand, UE has hugely disappointed most of us. He was expected to bring passion , fight defensive shape and import good new players. On that last point he has some but does not wish to play them, mostly. Everything else looks like a team that is all on different pages from each other and from UE. THAT IS BLINDINGLY CLEAR TO ALL OF US, SADLY!

  5. I don’t think there is anything there to point to a tense discussion,just media stirring up a story, Ozil will play tonight.

    1. Tommogun58, you are right; Emery can’t even have a discussion with one of his players at training without it being turned into major conspiracy. How many other players did Emery talk to at that training session? Ozil has a happy face on his Facebook page with no caption and it is interpreted as him laughing at Emery.
      People are getting as dishonest as the media; bad news, not good, sells and they manipulate the truth to support their agenda.

  6. I smell a rat, this two aren’t reading on the same page, OZIL may not be on the 1st 11 to-night, watch this space.

  7. I’m amazed of how footballers can say whatever they want publicly nowadays

    In Alex Ferguson’s era, these divas and sulkers couldn’t act up like this without getting severe punishments from the club or their coaches

    I still remember the stories about Ferguson’s hair dryer treatments on his players and how he hit Beckham’s forehead with his shoe

    Arsenal players are spoilt with the club’s lack of discipline and ruthlessness since a decade ago. They need a ruthless manager like Guardiola or Klopp to perform better

    1. @Gotanidela Shut up and go support those clubs you mentioned – it is not a sin to approach the coach if you see there’s unfairness of some kinds – That clueless unai keeps on lying to the fans about Ozil -All the players he’s choosing them you want to tell me that they are doing well –
      For examples xhaka and Luiz do they deserve to play week in and week out.

      Unai can’t manage big players and his a fraud Coach- Now he’s talking what he has improved- he is far better than winger and will never match
      Arsenal are now playing boring football- There’s no creative in that team of Unai who plays better than ozil- He played Saka,Cebellas,Willock as number 10 but there’s nothing they can add to the strikers – the worst he did is to play Torrea as number 10 only clueless coach can do that

  8. At least for anyone that knows how to track time on their watch, that was hardly a 1 1/2 minute discussion that started with a handshake. How that got misconstrued to be a tense lengthy discussion beats me.
    Most emotional fans are on Ozil’s side because the team lost the last match. Majority of you have always criticized Ozil’s performance and attitude in matches. Lets wait for your comment tonight when the team get a resounding victory. I don’t care how good of a player you are, if the coach can risk freezing you out of games, then you ain’t worth it. We could have had the same result with Ozil on the pitch. Record doesn’t suggest we have a higher win rate with him on the pitch. If Ozil is that good, teams should have lined up to have him, little wonder he declared he ain’t leaving until end of his contract. Switch Ozil with Auba and watch how top teams will be willing to have him. Ozil may never play for Arsenal again! He will be loaned at a reduced wage to some club in January, the club will be willing to take a cut. Emery is not the problem here.

    1. You ought to be more serious mate. Emery is a big fraud not unless your statical analysis are far too low and extremely bellow par. Ozil still remains the most creative player in our squad. Play Ozil with Ceballos and Torreira and see how good he is. Not play him with Xhaka and expect him to get the ball from the defense to the strikers

  9. As for the last match that we lost, I believe the problem was neither Emery nor the players he selected, but the match official(s).

  10. If I read the body language correctly, this is beyond repair broken relationship. Do you see how Ozil tries to walk away and Emery follows him. What an embarrassment!

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