Ozil’s gesture is great, now what about the other 54 Arsenal redundancies?

Ozil makes a statement, what about the rest? by Shenel

An unlikely source from the Arsenal squad, may be a hero soon!

If Arsenal accept Mesut Ozil’s request to pay the full salary HIMSELF in order for Arsenal to be able to reinstate our green dinosaur then a lot of young and old fans will be calling him a hero I am sure!
This comes after appalling news this week revealed that Arsenal rather DISGUSTINGLY let Gunnersaurus go due to the lack of fans in the stadiums on matchdays which is down to the current coronavirus restrictions that all football clubs face right now. Of course, I understand Arsenal’s point (which I don’t agree with!) BUT to get rid of someone who has been loyal to the club for 27 years just because right now there are no fans to entertain, is beyond me!

So comes the question of, as Ozil has so kindly offered to pay OUT OF HIS OWN money, the salary for Gunnersaurus even though fans are still not going to be present as yet, then why haven’t any other Arsenal player come out and offered to pay the wages for those 55 members of staff that were given their marching orders in order to, I am sure, pay for the transfer fee or part of it, of Thomas Partey?

If Arsenal is really a big family and all of the players are on the same wavelength, then I think it is about time they stepped up and offered to split their wages to get those 55 innocent people back, that were so rudely let go.

Now is the time to show that meaning of family. And as we won’t be getting anything from Kroenke and the board, the players are the next best thing and really, they are the best representation alongside our loyal fans, of what this ARSENAL FAMILY really is! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. Goalkeepers: Bernd Leno, Runar Runarsson, Matt Macey, James Hillson, Dejan Iliev

      Defenders: Hector Bellerin, Gabriel, Rob Holding, Cedric Soares, Shkodran Mustafi, Calum Chambers, Pablo Mari, David Luiz, Sead Kolasinac, Kieran Tierney

      Midfielders: Dani Ceballos, Willian, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka

      Forwards: Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe

  1. Lol. Ozil articles are, surely, good business for this site. On topic though, didn’t other players already give up a portion of their wages for a similar cause? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Here we stand
    Here we fall,
    History won’t care at all..
    Make the bed, light the light
    Lady mercy won’t be home tonight.

    Chorus: You don’t waste no time at all..
    Don’t hear the bell but you answer the call.
    Comes to you as to us all,
    We just waiting for the hammer to fall.

    *makes the guitar sound: dzzzzzing dzzzzzing*

    1. One of their best. Was at Knebworth, I think in ‘85 with wife and daughter. What an amazing concert. Freddie was amazing as was the rest of QUEEN…

      1. I wasn’t opportuned to see any of their concert but ive grown to love them still.
        The full band and Freddie’s individual singing abilities are what what caught my attention

        1. I assume you have seen the film, Highlander, soundtrack, it’s a kind of magic? Great film, great soundtrack.

  3. Dan kit is right. It’s enough to make you weep or throw a hissy fit or squeam and squeam and squeam!

  4. What a waste of an article
    If you have nothing to write about you can as well allow us delebrate more on previous articles

  5. That’s the point though
    Players believed that taking a salary reduction was saving jobs
    Ozil helping one is better then 0
    If I brought a homeless person a latte , am I bad because there’s 9 other homeless people around the corner ?

    1. But this seems so hollow and about PR.
      If he really cared about Gunnersaurus then he should have paid it in private instead of plastering it allover his social media. Then Gunnersaurus would have publicly come out and showed his gratitude towards ozil. Isn’t it?

      Because to me it comes off as just a dishonest and just a “see me, see me, I am a millionaire player trying to undermine my club by playing these PR STUNTS using a desperate guy losing his job as a pawn”.

      If it came from the heart then why did he have to plaster it on his social media?.

      This is what gets to me with this stuff. Poor desperate people are used as pawns by these rich people. If you want to help someone then why do you have to tell everyone how you are going to help? Do it in private.

      What the religion that I used to practice told me about charity was that, it should be done from the bottom of your heart and in private. It said “When you are giving to charity with your right hand, make it so private that even your left hand does not know how much you have given”.

      But it seems like giving to the poor is just a publicity “Selfie, look at me, see me, i am giving to charity and to the poor”. Publicly PR STUNTS.


      1. The hate for Ozil from certain fans is just unreal I am not a Ozil fan far from it but tell me exactly what he did wrong besides he is still a Gunner so guess what as a fan I will support him, why is there a need to continually pick on the guy even when he wants to do good and please stop this pr nonsense who knows maybe he used to chat to the mascot while sitting on the bench so he feels bad that the guy lost his job. Please can we show some class

        1. Hate is the word and hate is blind. It’s ok for fans to dislike a plyer’s game but to attack him personally shows lack of class especially when they never met him in person.

      2. So he has to keep it a secret just because it hurts you to say ‘ nice gesture ‘?
        Live Aid , Children In Need , Sports Releif
        Are all those celebs wrong for taking part ?

        1. But that is needed as it’s a fund raiser. They are out there asking for donations.
          But Helping one person shouldn’t be a publicity stunt.

          Ozil is not trying to raise any money buy appealing to the public. He already has the money in his account.

          So use your brain when trying to compare and contrast situations. Live Aid, Children in need, Sports relief etc are public appeals for funds. Even these celebrities travel to these poor 3rd world countries and stay there for a month or more volunteering in building orphanages, hospitals, schools, homes for there poor people.

          So don’t compare Ozil using his social media publicity stunts and propaganda in order to undermine the club, managers like always.

          You can delude yourself that he did it because he cared so much for Gunnersaurus instead of a PR PUBLICITY STUNT all geared to him undermine our club like always.

      3. Wages are just one part of benefits from many, will arsenal allow gunnersarus do a pro-bono after coming up openly that the role is redundant? Ozil intention to me wasn’t a PR thing. Arsenal came out opening relinquishing him of his duty that’s not denting on the big guy image?, keep the big guy I’ll pay if the continuous pay is the issue, let him enjoy the rest if the benefits has arsenal staff. Here, you enjoy medical services, among others. To me your and my beloved arsenal is not totally correct. Has the big guy came out to say ozil stay out of this, I’m fine with the decision made by my beloved club? I’d love to hear his personal opinion on this.

  6. Publicity stunt by Ozil. Best thing AFC can do is take him at his word and take some money back, even if goes to the dinosaur. Ozil trying to score one over AFC whilst taking £13 million for his last 9 months doing nothing.

  7. I do think the club have mistreated Ozil, it began when they didn’t stand by him on his support of the Uighurs in China (If Black Lives Matter, then so should Muslim Lives). That being said, lets be honest here, this isn’t really a spontaneous act of kindness. It’s a power move. Ozil’s social media team would do a good job on the Biden campaign the way they work!

    1. How are they mistreating him?
      Have they refused to pay him the £350,000 a week they promised him? No.

      I wish I was mistreated while being paid £350,000 a week for doing fck all.

      If he feels so mistreated then why is he still refusing to leave? The likes of Sanchez, Bale, Mkhitaryan, Guendouzi, James Rodríguez, Torreira, Wilshere etc have done what in the same situation? Have not chosen to just scrounge, have they?

      Again, is anyone holding a gun to Özil’s head forcing him to stay at a place like Arsenal where he is being mistreated?

      It absolutely makes zero sense.

      1. The amount of money Ozil is earning ridiculous, considering how his form has dropped. However that is Arsenals mistake. I can see how people as thought Ozil has been given a hard time, and I return to my point on the Uighurs…especially after the fall out with German National team. But yeah, its like a bad divorce and would be best for all parties if we went desperate ways now.

    2. Talking about Muslim Lives Matter.
      What has he got to say about his bestman (Erdogan) on the Kurdish ethnic cleansing?

      May those Kurds are not muslims and ozil will turn a blind eye on that because he love Erdogan and the Kurds are not a sect of muslims that matter to Ozil.


    3. So should Kurdish lives matter, when these people laid down theirs to fight ISIS in Irag and Syria. Their reward was to be sold down the drain by the West to be hunted and killed by Ozil’s good friend Erdogan.
      Just like the Urghers, the Kurds deserve and need support too.

  8. When it mattered most and the decision of the paycut from the entire squad was to save a lot of people, those at Charity Houses too inclusive, your Super Ozil who earns more than every person at the club refused to buy the idea.
    He Ozil just used any slightest opportunity to outshine the Club.
    I am not impressed with his decision to singly pay Gunnersaurus ( don’t mind my spelling please). Though, I am happy the young man job is saved

    1. Again and again. Ozil never refused a pay cut. He wanted to know where his money was going to be spend.

    1. 👍 I don’t even drink, but I think this will drive me to it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      (No disrespect to Shenel… but with certain articles it’s a case of Copy, paste, scream, repeat 😉)

  9. Can people stop complaining about Ozil articles?
    My goodness. No one is forcing you to read or comment on them. You have more than enough articles on different players and topics. But consistently moaning about Ozil articles like you are being forced to click, read and comment on them.

    Like the Ozil fanbase keep reminding us. No one put a gun to The Arsenal board’s head and forced them to offer him the £350,000 a week contract.

    Same with these Ozil articles. Not a single person is forcing anyone of you to click, read and comment on them. If these articles don’t attract ot interest you then don’t click or comment on them.

    You are busy complaining about ozil articles while ozil himself love being talked about. He cares more about social media / video games than actually playing football.

    Lets honour his media cravings.

    1. Ozil himself loves “being talked about”… well he’s in luck with you around then, Goonster 😉

      1. Exactly Sue.
        I am happy talking about him. He is so obsessed with social media. “Look at me, look at me on my Twitter, Instagram etc.”.

        I know Ozil is so dear to some of you that any criticism gets you sensitive but hey, life sucks sometimes.

        So I will honour his media craving.

        1. Who isn’t obsessed with social media it’s the new way of communicating and that’s also why you comment here so I don’t get your point Goonster.

          1. Interestingly as an old fart I have deliberately avoided most platforms
            I follow JA, my nearest and dearest on WhatsApp and email … lurve FaceTime with my grandkids and cope with Zoom and Skype when pushed
            Not interested in following anybody on this or that network…..hence I live in ignorant bliss🙂

            1. SueP, you and me both. I would much prefer face to face discussion, where people can’t be “keyboard warriors” and hide in the anominity of the internet.

        2. Are you sure you’re not obsessed with Ozil in return?
          You love more of his articles, just so you can tear him down.
          He’s obsessed with SM, you’re obsessed with MO..
          Sighs…. Humans

    2. Maybe fans should also stop complaining about Arsenal. Come to think of it, it’s really not by force to be an Arsenal fan…lol. There are a lot of football clubs out there, No?! 🤷🏽‍♂️😏

      1. Fans have the right and obligation to criticize the team because they want the team to do better. It is a matter of pride, belonging and feeling part of the family. Being happy with failure is for the dead.

        1. Maybe you should go to a library or better still Google fan or supporter LWC cause you are hilarious.

  10. Fabregas took a pay cut to leave for Barcelona. Ozil could have easily took the same step and sign for a club that really wants him, I’m sure huge clubs in Turkey and US will be highly interested.

    But no, why do the hard work?

  11. The hole Arsenal FC dug for itself is that the management should have come clean about the redundancies being required to cut off field costs due to a bloated organization, not blaming Covid19. Arsene Wenger had expressed his concerns some years ago about how large the back room and administrative staff had grown.
    As a football club, like any business operating costs must be streamlined, so that more funds are available “at the pointy end” ie the Arsenal teams.
    I am more concerned about the millions of people around the World, who have lost their sources of income, possibly health and ability to survive, due to this pandemic. At least the Arsenal staff would have been given some redundancy payments in accordance with their conditions of employment in the UK, whereas in many places people get given nothing.
    Those of us who live in countries with good employment legislation and a sound social welfare system should consider themselves lucky.

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