Ozil’s ignores criticism to join Arsenal squad for pre-season tour

Mesut Ozil has had a torrid year after signing a new mega Arsenal contract in January, and has been abused from all which ways, but he has kept his peace and refused to respons so hopefully he will come back nice and calm when he rejoins the Arsenal squad for pre-season training in the near future.

Unai Emery has confirmed that he will be back shortly when he told Arsenal.com: “All the players are the same,”

“They have the same holidays. I know Iwobi, Elneny and Mesut Ozil. He’s coming with us to Singapore the first day.”

So despite the abuse he has got, and with the player himself suggesting he would need some time to get over the disappointment with Germany, he will resume normal service very quickly.

This is what our German midfielder tweeted after the World Cup exit….

Let’s all hope he decides to come back and prove he is a good thing for the team rather than being the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong for his club and country….



  1. John Legend says:

    He has to come back soon of course. No more unnecessarily extended holidays like in the days of old
    We need our players together and finding a sense of unity and combined strength and will to succeed this season.

    1. Mohawk says:

      Things are just completely backwards. Ozil unfairly blamed for a total Germany failure. Yet I keep reading that sterling w played great. I cannot find one thing he did well. Vardy could have given England much more. Not even a close call.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Curious to see him under Emery’s guidance. I suspect this will be the first EPL match formation that has to include him:

    Lichtsteiner . Sokratis . Chambers . Monreal
    …………..Ramsey ………….. Ozil
    Mkhitaryan ………………………..Aubameyang

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I wouldn’t risk Ozil against City. He’s been non-existent in big games for while, even more so since signing the contract extension, and he’s had an awful summer on, and off the pitch. I also think starting two playmakers against a team like City is risky. I would prefer to see Mkhitaryan, and replace Ozil with someone who’ll put in a real shift. Bring Ozil off the bench if we’re struggling to create.

      1. Sue says:

        So why would you want to bring Ozil off the bench if he’s non existent as you say??

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Not only that Sue, he wants to bring him on ‘if we’re struggling to create’.
          Well I suppose that means he is being acknowledged as a creative footballer, an acknowledgement at least.

          So that means that means that despite being non existent and when the team is struggling, out goes the call for Ozil!
          Can you imagine if we then lose the game, who would get the blame?

          By the way, been waiting for Kenny to come on, breathing hellfire and brimstone about the renaming of Southgate tube station to a temporary Gareth Southgate station!
          Get ready for the abuse and I wonder what he might say to the first customer entering his taxi and asking for that destination ???????

          1. Sue says:

            I thought it was permanent Ken… but only till tomorrow! That would be a classic to hear Kenny’s response to that!! All we need now is for a golden boot to turn up somewhere ??

          2. Mobella says:

            Do people realise he has scored against Chelsea, Liverpool and manu. I don’t all these he did do well against big team or in big game. He was one of the best player when German won WC 4 years ago beating big footballing countries alone the way. He played in LA liga matches where real beat barca and atleti several times. If those are not big matches than what is it. People need to use there brain more and stop following the trends

          3. GunnerJack says:

            You got that right! Problem is that it seems about 75% of the people on here don’t use their brains and find it much easier to just jump on the latest bandwagons. At the moment there are 2 main ones:
            1) Ozil is useless – when in fact he’s probably the player with the most class we have
            2) We must have a winger/left winger/inverted left winger/right winger blah blah blah – at the moment it doesn’t seem that Emery shares these people’s ‘winger’ hysteria, maybe because it leaves room out wide for Auba, Mikki, Ozil and Laca to operate in. Still plenty of time to buy and it will be interesting to see if he buys one and also who he drops to fit him in.

          4. CannonSpike says:

            Thank you, finally there’s actually Arsenal fans who don’t follow the “We need a winger” craze.
            I honestly think if Unai really knew we desperately needed a winger like we did a defensive midfielder, he would have gotten one by now.
            People just follow trends, and don’t take the time to look beyond what people say.

          5. Break-on-through says:

            When Welbeck, Perez, Campbell and Akpom get sold I think we will see one arrive. Depends whether they want to accept lower wages elsewhere, Perez one already sounds iffy with what his agent said. I reckon Campbell will come down off his high horse too and see that the money and game time at Arsenal was more than bloody fair. Akpom will have to go he’s still young he just needs to make the right move and practice his bloody finishing. Welbeck should get offers but am not sure they’ll reach 100 grand a week. This is probably why we haven’t seen one arrive, as well as Mkhit, Auba and some youngsters coming through who can play out wide. The signings we made, there were openings for those places, the forward areas are tougher with us being top heavy.

          6. Cannon Spike says:

            End of the day, a winger is not imperative. As long as we have smart players, who can make good clever runs and can pass (WHICH WE DO IN OZIL AND MKHITARYAN) then we’re fine. Dribbling is to overrated, it actually pisses me off most of the time

        2. ThirdManJW says:

          In desperate situation who would you bring on? Welbeck, Iwobi, Elneny? I’d rather Ozil than them. Not sure why I got so much flak for not starting Ozil. Did any of you watch Ozil last season in big games?

          1. Sue says:

            Yes I loved it when he scored against Liverpool! I wouldn’t want Iwobi in the team

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            One game in how many down the years! Where was he in the League cup final, or both legs against Atletico? Aren’t WC players meant to step up in these type of occasions?

          3. look at the chances he create not goals and assists these are not the standerds for a worldclass playmaker. He is not a cf or wf to score goals, and above all that wenger was the manager and always puts him on wings. Ozil is neither fast nor a dribbler he is just a player that can put the ball 1 on 1 for the attackers.

      2. Mohawk says:

        Why oh why would you not trust one of your best. Makes no sense. If you can’t trust Ozick to perform then why not sell him and get someone else. Until then Ozick should start every game. Especially the big games.

        1. James 79 says:

          No he should only start every game if his performances have deserved it. There should be no more guaranteed starters that applies to everyone not just Ozil. It’s time players earned their spot in the first team & worked hard to keep it regardless of who they are & there reputation!

        2. RSH says:

          it’s espescially in the big games he is the most useless. where do I buy the version of events Ozil has been top class for us? He has been terribly inconsistent.

    2. Juhi McLovin says:

      I think Sokratis will start ib the first XI but gets dropped later on the course of the season.

      1. Mohawk says:

        Exactly my thoughts.

    3. Gabie says:

      Still thinking of Cech . Who costed arsenal with childish errors,

      1. Ken1945 says:

        What on earth have Sokratis and Cech got to do with the Ozil debate?
        So pleased that Emery has given his 100% backing to the man.

  3. kumssa says:

    i hope he improves

    1. Gabie says:

      Are you still having hopes for Cech you must be joking . Arsenal fans are so diluted sometimes . I don’t have holes for this Cech only wants to see himself and family in London . One thing I can guarantee Unai is not wenger he will never let Cech to cost him as a coach , he will through him on the bench

      1. Mickew says:


      2. kumssa says:

        i meant ozil i didn’t say cech

    2. RSH says:

      he’s hitting 30. He never pressed before and he wont start pressing because Emery tells him to. He is what he is at this point and we’ll have to make do or bench him.

  4. Pubgooner says:

    OT: At Borehamwood everything looked good and organised. Emery had a tonnes of energy. Looked fantastic. But one view which spoilt everything was the view of the silent gum chewing bouldie sitting in the same position. Really do NOT want to see any remnants of the old man!!

    1. Goonstar says:

      Lol. The Gum Chewing Bouldie firmly seated in his backside looking on like a confused clueless puppy.. lol
      I have been asking for years, “What does Steve Bould do? What does he bring or contribute to the team?”..

  5. Sue says:

    I read that Torreira won’t be with us until the start of August so may not be ready for the first game. That really frustrates me as there are 38 games in the season not 37… I don’t really want to give City those 3 points…

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Sue where did you read this?
      Can’t understand why he wouldn’t be ready.
      Playing devil’s advocate, does the same apply to him as those comments below referring to Ozil?

      1. Sue says:

        It was a Football.London article about a week ago on Arsenal news now. They reckon he’ll join us on August 6th so doubtful he’ll start against City. Surely not? As he’ll have 5 full days training… we play on 12th…

        1. Ken1945 says:

          That makes sense to me, after all it’s not as if he’s not fit is it?
          Bloody overpaid, overpriced, overall numpties like this will become non existent in the coming weeks.
          Only joking folks!

  6. Goonstar says:

    Good on Emery. No more cuddling of these weak over pampered players. They are getting paid vast somes of money and acting like premadonnas.
    We need these players to now think about us fans for once, we have put up with their underperformances for years while they filled up their banks.
    I just hope this is a new era under Unai..

  7. Durand says:

    Ozil should be part of the squad or not. Meaning, no more special treatment, no more pampering and weekend vacations away from club. Either be a teammate or go away.

    I like Ozil ( when played properly as a 10) but at times he makes it hard to like him. Plays when he wants, extended time off, and evidently a sickly man too often with a case of something.

    I hope Emery can get the best from him, not only performances, but especially in terms of commitment. When he’s on song we can be a juggernaut; Auba and Laca breaking hearts throughout premier league.

    Otherwise, very expensive passenger making 10 other players work that much harder. Fingers crossed Emery can get it sorted.

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  8. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Remember this name this coming season

    Emile Smith Rowe

    he’s the next big thing at Arsenal

    forget Nelson
    forget AMN
    forget Nketiah

    this boy is the real deal

    1. Sue says:

      I like all 4 you’ve mentioned… but yes I have to agree he did look really good

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        @ Sue

        he’s an absolute baller . I can’t help to compare his style with Kevin Debruyne ‘s. just watched the match highlight and I was tempted to know more about him, saw lots of videos on YouTube. I must say he’s really really really good . I’m so excited!

        1. Sue says:

          Happy days VCC! I’m going to check those videos out

  9. Ojay says:

    The Nzonzi deal could be on

  10. barryglik says:

    The league will be even
    tougher this season.
    City won’t dominate like they
    did last season in fact no one will dominate.
    I believe the likes of Spurs and Liverpool will have poor seasons.
    I believe all teams will suffer more losses and struggle to win as often.
    The title is available for as little as 82 points.
    Arsenals record last season was
    19 wins 6 draws 13 losses = 63 points.
    With Auba in great nick and a tighter defense we
    should win at least 6 more games.
    25-7 -6 is definitely achievable =82 points and I believe may well
    be enough to clinch the League title.

    1. jon fox says:

      I am happy to strike a personal bet with you and I say City will get MORE than 82 points. You suggest the stake if you have the courage of your convictions.

      1. barryglik says:

        I will give you 20 English pound if City
        get over 82 points AND win the league.
        You give me 20 pound if Arsenal
        get 82 points or more in any place in the league.
        If both occur then we are evens.
        Hows that for a sporting bet 🙂

  11. Gunman says:

    Im not so sure our defence wil b any better

  12. sammy96 says:

    Guys, u gotta trust me on this ozil, lacazette and bellerin will eventually be dropped to the bench this season

  13. Sue says:

    So Thierry has quit Sky

    1. Mobella says:

      He is an ingrate and a traitor. When Wenger told him to focus on his coaching and helping the club he said he refused and made Wenger to look the devil when he offered to do it for free and Wenger still said know. Why quitting now except he was employed to destabilized our club. Just guessing.

      1. RSH says:

        a lot of jumping to conclusions going on there. Henry and AW just didn’t see eye-to-eye on several things and Henry went elsewhere to get his coaching badges. Everyone got what they wanted in the end. You taking what Henry as a pundit to heart is just being over-emotional. His job is to praise and criticize all the clubs when he sees fit. And are we really going to pretend we weren’t terrible these past two seasons and blame Henry instead? C’mon now.

        1. Mobella says:

          Can you give a reason why they did see eye other than Wenger to him to be fully committed to this job at arsenal. You can’t be a friend and an enemy at the same time. That was what Stewart Robinson did.

      2. Rashid80 says:

        Calling Thierry Henry an ingrate and a traitor? Wow! Guess we really deserved what happened to us all these years…

  14. Mobella says:

    Response to Fabi, Jon isn’t claiming to know too much but about facts and reality. It is one thing to wish for something to happen and it is another to believe it can actually happen. Gone are are the days of treble or quadruple. Chiza is simply asking for too much. l personally won’t mind us win nothing if we can show seriousness and challenge because it takes only one team to win and i hate winning at all cost in football. Spending more than ½ a billion to win EPL and curabo cup is not for me. I like how Conte won his EPL not the fa and how Leicester did it.

  15. ruelando says:

    I am an Ozil Hater

    The Ozil fans will have no place to hide this season, he will have two quality finishers to work with who will have a good preseason together, a decent DM and a somewhat better organise defensive line.

    You see OZIL FANS, if you are THE MAN at Arsenal, THE MAN most show up for at least 60-75 % of our games not 40 -25 %, our games should not be determine by what mood you are in but what you do for the team. LUXURY PLAYERS are a thing of the past in the EPL.
    i think he should be at arsenal as early as possible to ensure unity at the start of the season and through out

  16. Innit says:

    Ozil is very expensive for what he offers and doesn’t offer

    He has moments of brilliance. He doesn’t perform at his best at the majority of matches. He doesn’t defend or try to get the ball. He NEEDS top quality around him to be effective.

    Ericksen, Silva, de bruyne, Fabregas etc are more consistent than he is

    He was brilliant in 2015-2016 with 19 PL assists. If he can’t come close to that kind of season this season with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Torreira then he isn’t worth having.

    We need another Cazorla type player to get the best out of Ozil. I don’t know if Ramsey or Xhaka will be good enough.

    If he doesn’t perform well this season we should sell him next summer

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’s Arsenal’s fault for letting him go into that last season. It meant he was free so a signing on price is involved. Ozil gives nothing away to the media, but its fair to say some clubs would’ve been interested only Ozil never spoke about it and neither did his agent.

      @Everyone else.
      People need to analyse his games more. I hear people talking about past tense and lumping it all into one bag. He has actually had some games against top sides when he played well, he also had bad ones. When he’s against weaker opposition, its fair to say he might create anywhere from 4 to 8 good chances. When its against better opposition, obviously the marking is improved, the defending is better, the 50/50s are harder, the threat is more serious. First goal in these games are crucial. If Ozil creates one, two, good chances in these games, that is all you can ask really. If the CF puts it away, it opens the game up more and Ozil can have more influence. They are tight games and that first goal is huge. Without going back and analyzing each one properly well then its just hearsay.

      1. ruelando says:

        There is the misunderstanding his job is not only to CREATE but to score GOALS (especially when playing 4-3-3), how often is he fouled, does Ozil try to get away from his marker and how often does he dictate a game.

        The problem is my expectation of Ozil is too high and probably i should lower my standards, i expect him to beat a one defender on his way to goal and shoot, i expect him to dictate play, i expect him to look fouls outside and inside the 18 yards box (especially when been marked tightly) and i expect is goal tally to be in the teens, not single digits. That is what i expect from THE MAN at Arsenal, so if my expectations are not met i will continue be an Ozil Hater.

  17. Simon Williams says:

    Lot depends on if Ramsey stays. If he doesn’t be lots more pressure on Ozil to perform.

    If stays – be 50/50 if Ozil will get starting spot.

    If good offer came in I’d sell. And invest in a player that would be a better Arsenal fit

  18. OzzieGunner says:

    Arsenal have just acquired the services of Tim Parham of Port Adelaide AFL Club as Rehabilitation Manager. He had previously worked with Director of High Performance Darren Burgess. Expect Arsenal players to not only be fitter, but spend less time on the injury list.

    1. Rashid80 says:

      This season? No upcoming seasons yes.. fitness improvements and Minimizing injuries takes time and doesn’t happen overnight

  19. Kachope patrick says:

    Give ozil a break. Everything at arsenal has been on a downward spiral. If you blame ozil for failing Germany then it means he was the player the country had hope in. In Africa we say a fruitless tree does not attract attention.

    1. odey_me says:

      Kachope ur comment was spot on,,,, nice point. I believe no matter how bad or gud a player is at some point in the season there all have a role to play in helping the team. Remember the league is a marathon and not a sprint, therefore I have faith that emery will utilise Ramsey and ozil effectively depending on the opponents

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