Ozil’s loss could be Arsenal’s gain….

Ozil’s absence could bring the best out of the Gunners by SE

Mesut Ozil’s less-than-acceptable performances in Arsenal colours this season haven’t helped the North Londoners’ cause one bit. Barring his brilliant display against Aston Villa – in which he scored and assisted a goal, and looked like the player we’ve come to know – Ozil’s performances have put him under spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The Gunners’ 0-2 defeat to Chelsea was another marquee game – very much akin to Everton and Manchester City clashes – that underlined the 25-year old’s ineptitude to affect the game positively for Arsenal. And, having incurred an ankle injury during the London derby against Mourinho’s men, Ozil finds himself out of action until the turn of the year, at least.

It is those managerial methods that fail to get the best out of players who, even after failing to produce the goods, find themselves unmoved from the starting lineup. Wenger, contrary to his stoic persona, should have taken Ozil out of the firing line or deployed him differently, after he understood that his record signing wasn’t playing up to scratch and Arsenal were experiencing the negative effects of his insipid displays.

Chamberlain, who has been one of the brightest sparks in Arsenal’s cog, has cruelly been deprived of playing time, because Wenger persisted with Ozil. The Englishman has been electric whenever he has played, and I think he could have made that difference Ozil failed to, during his flat displays against Manchester City and Chelsea. But, given Ozil’s prolonged absence, Chamberlain should see plenty of game time, and Arsenal would be hoping that the Englishman can step up to the plate and deliver at this point of the season, which so far has failed to get going.

Ozil’s performances this season have been such that the Gunners have always looked a man light on the pitch. He is definitely not Chelsea’s Oscar, who works hard and isn’t bothered to look clumsy for a No.10; but the German, when he doesn’t give you the cutting edge going forward, can be an infuriating figure on the pitch. Also, with him being out of the side, the pernickety topic of playing a Ozil on the wings would go out of the window, which would subsequently ensure that Arsenal do the basics right.

So, in many ways, Ozil’s negative influence on Arsenal will not be a factor until his return from injury, which hopefully would see him comeback rejuvenated and mentally fresh. Also, when a team suffers a major blow such as this one, it’s not uncommon to see inspiring performances coming from unexpected corners of the squad; in that case, someone like Chamberlain could be the conjurer in rectifying Arsenal’s lackluster start to the season.

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  1. People like SE and KJ, who writes column on justarsenal, have nothing in interest of arsenal but want to promote English players by slating the foreign players. Ozil played just two matches in his natural position and contributed 2 assists, 1 goal, 2 pre assists. What is the contribution of their poster boy wilshere in playing 8 matches in central position????? 1 Goal. Why he hasn’t been slated by this writer???

    I am not against Ox/Theo playing as winger (in fact they should start as they provide balace to the team). But thrashing one of the best players, who is forced to play on wings (just consider fabregas playing on wing and accused of not being effective) is not of good taste

    1. Stop this bull$hit with playing out of position. Ozil plays wherever he wants at Arsenal. Check the heat map for all his games. He alternates the good games with the bad ones and I think it has to do with the fact that he had an extremely busy year. A year where he had to adapt in the most physical league in the world after being the star at the best club in the world. Takes time to adapt when you play day in day out for club & country. And this does not come cheap, fatigue is one factor. I understand Wenger for playing him. After all he’s our record signing, if benched he’d lose that little confidence he have and we don’t want this. I don’t want to see another Torres episode. It is good that Emirates loves him. This site does not count as an arsenal supporters blog anyway.

      1. Either you are blind or want to make people fool by spreading a lie. His presence in the middle of the pitch is very less when wilshere is playing . Two of the best arsenal wins this season comes when ozil spent his maximum time in the middle (when wiilshere was not not present on the pitch) i.e. villa and galatacsy game. And you cannot play Fabregas as winger or striker ( out of position) and then criticizing him for less effective.(This happens with him at barcelona where he has been played on wings or as a substitute of messi as a striker).

        1. Some people just don’t appreciate what we have for a player like ozil. To me beside silva, ozil is the best no.10 in EPL, follow by carzola. The rest can kiss their as*.

          1. Ozil is class, but he is definitely not the best no.10 in the league.
            Silva, Mata, Fabregas, Di Maria are better. Just being honest here.

        2. Blind? Check all the match reports and see that even on the game you mention at Villa the heat map shows that 50% of his actions were carried on the left, 40% on the right and only around 10% in the middle. But because he scored when the whole team was shifter to the right (watch the replay) every idiot assumes that Ozil played on the middle the whole game.
          You talk out of your arse. Fabregas never played on the wings at Barcelona. Barcelona does not have wingers as the use the full backs Alves and Alba in that role. They have used Villa and Sanchez playing as wide forwards but truth is that Alves and Alba (before him Abidal) played as fake wingers.
          And who the fu ck is galatacsy anyway?

            1. i donnt understand why its got to be wilshire fans or ozil fans or so on
              what happend to just being arsenal fans ????
              i like all our players i would have thought most of us felt the same

            2. Lol, your heat maps shows exactly what BUdd is saying, Ozil was more on the left or right rather than in the middle… Look at all of those big blobs of green, he is mostly on the wings… smh

              You should have gone to SPEC SAVERS mate.. 🙂

          1. Haven’t missed a Barcelona game since Henry went there, and he’s absolutely right. There were times that cesc played wide and played CF. Sometimes there was success, but typically there was not. They’re could never find a true home for him. When he struggled out of position the Spanish media jumped all over him; end result he was sold.

            Arsene is hellbent on playing Jack into a world class player and is sacrificing players and the results of the team as a result.

            1. Fabregas was not in the same team with Henry at Barcelona. Can you name a single game when Fabregas played as winger? Because it is easy to pull out such statements when there’s nothing you can back them up with. Fabregas in his 2 years spell at Barcelona could not have played on the wing simply because the likes of Villa, Sanchez etc were five classes above him in that position. And don’t forget that Sanchez didn’t had a lot of gametime because Messi and Pedro covered most of the left flank.

              1. A – I said i haven’t missed a game since Henry went there. Your failure to understand that that means I haven’t missed an FCB game since 2007 already discredits your statement.

                B – Messi has never played on the left. Ever. He’s either played on the right and cut in to do damage, or he’s played centrally as the false 9. That’s your second statement that discredited you.

                C – Back to the point of Cesc, he was Guardiola’s main purchase, and he was determined to get him on the field however he could. Tried him as the false 9 with minimum success, and tried him on the wing (using Iniesta central) with even less success – but he was hellbent on trying to get Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Cesc all on the field at the same time. Not playing him in his natural position caused him to not play well and him to inevitably be sold. The same will happen for Mesut if we don’t appreciate what we have, and Bayern will get the best out of him.

        3. Stats don’t lie, just because Ozil goes about what he does quietly and efficiently without blazing runs people seem to assume he isn’t doing anything.
          check these stats out.
          Add a ‘h’ to the start of the web address, might take admin a while to approve the link


        4. It’s not only Mesut that’s being hampered by Arsene coddling Jack, it’s also Ramsey.

          The change to the 4141 has yielded absolutely no success, with Jack the only player benefitting. Aaron has been a shell of the player he was last year with Arsene saying “he’s trying to do too much and needs to get back to basics”. Problem with that is Arsene is now starting him higher up the field in this new shape, forcing him to try to do more in the attack, instead of coming from deep and arriving in the box a bit later like he used to.

          The overall balance of the team is suffering. Go back to the 4231, rotate Mesut and santi as the 10s; rotate Alexis, theo, the ox, Campbell wide, rotate the 9s; and please rotate Jack and Aaron in the box to box role. Mourinho the a**hole woulda got this shape right along time ago.

    2. i don’t see any sense in the article apart from promoting england players by the way people on here praise the ox but none realises that his final product ends in the hands of the defenders after exciting us with he runs in to defenders, i don’t mean to say he’s bad but i’d prefer him in the middle because there he makes runs and shoot on sight other than in the wings where he hardly create a thing…put campbell, Sanchez and walcot in the wings.

    3. okay how does wilshere have anything to do with ozil?? ramsey is injured play wilshere beside a CDM and ozil in front problem solve
      if youre blaming anyone blame wenger for his stubborn self and sticking with
      ozil could of been playing at cam but wenger doesn’t change formation.

  2. Wilshere did improved but still not good to me. Motm of some easy game now he become star? No wonder England can’t perform in world stage cos players just need to run and commit on the field and they are great.

    1. Lol.. But Ozil is known as the only so called one of the best talents in the world who goes missing in every big game, since his Madrid days, the same thing has been said about him, he will look so good against Villa or Gala, bit come up against Liverpool, City, Bayern, United, Chelsea etc.. And he will go missing..

      Look what happened in the FA CUP final, Ramsey was out for 3 months, Ozil was out for about 6 weeks, they all came back into the team but Ozil as always when it matters was on the missing persons list.. The likes of Ramsey, Cazorla, Giroud, Wilshere etc had to dig in…

  3. Its unfortunate. However ozil cut across to me as a laxy player. By his decision he has shown he is not a man ready to take on challenges. He is just a quitter. I once said in this forum that ozil plays as if he is doing arsenal a favour. Fir those complaining that he is played in the wings pls go and watch last years game btwn us and norwich . Where he gave the assist that led to girouds goal and tell me really if he was playing centrally. What I see is that he does not have the courage and possibly skill to take on a defence. See what hazard did to our defence. You hardly notice ozil im games. He loses balls easily. For its time for diaby and ox to pick up the gauntlet and move us fwd. Football is not about fine face. Adieu ozil but pls dont put up this attitude with pep. He will bench you right away.

    1. We don’t need to go that far. People look for a scapegoat and they have picked first Ozil now Wenger for playing him out of position when the truth is that he had all the freedom to play whatever he play best. I don’t know if it is mentally but Ozil does struggle with himself, not with the game per se. Mourinho played him maximum 60 minutes per game in the begining and then benching him. Maybe he’s not that physically gifted anyway. But then you have to look what players Ozil had around him at Real : Xavi Alonso, Ramos, Pepe. These will cut every players feet closing to Ozil while we did not have this kind of players.

      1. Jose labeled him the best no 10 in the world to appease the Madird fans, but it’s Jose who would start Ozil on the bench, or start him then substitute him after 60 minutes, or play him for the first 45 minutes and at halftime he would not play him for the second half. When Jose left Madrid he did not even try signing Ozil, why is that? He went for Willian and Salah and got rid of Mata..


        To me that showed that Ozil was a luxury player and Madrid were desperate to get rid, they thought Di Maria would leave instead of Ozil but Di Maria refused to be pushed out.

        Then it brought desperate Wenger who had waited all summer without signing anyone, so all the money £40 million plus £1 that was reserved for SUAREZ had to be spent to save face, wenger panicked and everyone from TV pundits, other clubs fans, bloggers, even a lot of Arsenal fans all said we did not need Ozil..

    2. WTF!?!
      Did you just say that Ozil doesn’t have the skill to take on a defense?
      You are a muppet.
      The problem is that Wenger doesn’t know the most basic of managerial skills such as playing a player in his best position.
      Go look at the stats link I posted above, just because he isn’t Jack running at walls of defenders and falling over you don’t have the intelligence to see what he brings to a game and remember if players are told to mark him out of the game it frees someone else up.
      Ozil and Hazard are completely different players but both excel in their roles.

  4. Is a good chance for wilshere to excel, with Ramsey and ozil out, let see how he pair up with carzola. With more soft game ahead, he SHOULD be doing fine.

    1. Wilshere, Cazorla and Ramsey won us the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD… Ozil did not contribute in any of those games..

    1. They will say because is EPL, not all wc can play here. Here we like to break player leg and ref don’t give a damn. How many arsenal break their leg?

      And to play for arsenal you need to run and commit like a dog up and down the field than you are good even your end products still shi*.

    2. Because MADRID wanted to get rid of him.. If he was so amazing then why did they tell him he was surplus to requirement? They signed Modric and Isco instead..

    3. Well that is the question, Arshavin arrived and set the pitch on fire, his goals in those early games were incredible.
      Few months under Wenger he is a broken player.

  5. Hazard and csec pair well, just don’t know why wilshere pair with ozil in the middle can’t. From what I see is wilshere is pairing carzola and ozil to the wing.

    I think our problem still is Wenger. He buy to many cam but don’t know how to use them, only can hope someone injured than the other took over.

    I like the pairing of carzola and ozil in the middle so nice to watch. But you see if they play in the middle, where are Ramsey and wilshere play. If all four play, where is our winger going to play, don’t forget the team still need a DM.

    Wenger still finding his mojo, till he get his formation right, we are going to see bad results.

  6. Arsenals has failed to win a
    major trophy for a decade.
    The manager and the players
    are often the target of fan frustration.
    Ramsey Walcott Arteta Giroud have
    been past winners of the fans most hated
    and this year Ozil is well ahead in the MH stakes.
    His 7.5 mill salary might just soften the blow
    as he puts feet up in the Maldives for the next
    70 days or so. Meanwhile the fans must laser in
    on another player now. Arteta, Walcott anyone?

  7. Let’s see where we stand in January. Then, we can decide whether his injury was good or bad for the club.

  8. ozil is a great player no dought
    if you watch him closely in a game he does alot of little simple flowing passing that keeps everyone moving into space with pin point precision it looks easy but only because of how skill full and technically gifted he is also has the vision to pick a pass others just wouldnt see .
    but he just seems to give up on games after a while ,, if a defender comes in to take the ball alot of the time he just lets them he cant even seem to throw a shoulder in ,, he not the strongest player on the pitch thats not his game but he still has to show a little more bite ,,anyway hope he recovers soon and maybe it will give a chance for some of the hungrier players to step up and when eyeball paul comes back we are on a bit of a wining streak and he will start playing with a bit more belief and passion

  9. When we signed ozil is was delighted! I could remember the ozil that played in the national team with long hair and a head band, he was everywhere and really effecting the game. Recently he has been a shadow of himself, seems like he doesn’t want to get involved and shys away from the acrion. Playing at no10 or not I believe he is simply struggling to play in the most physical league in the world. Can he toughen up abd adjust to it, I fear no. Sad as it seems I feel ozils days are numbered and he has until next summer to makebhis mark and regain his form, I truly hope he does and stays.

    1. ronny
      theres another great player we had at arsenal that had a similar problem
      , the great pires ,, i saw in an interview he was talking about when he first came to arsenal how hard he found it to find his game because of the fast fierce nature of the bpl
      ,, but he settled in eventually and the rest is history maybe our ozil could do the same ,, fingers crossed

  10. TBH: This season was really looking forward to a pacey forward Arsenal trio of Walcott, Welbeck and Sanchez and the wizard just behind. But with Ozil out, the excitement has just faded. Expecting another mediocre season as usual. Cannot fathom Jack or Santi performing to the Oz standards, that is threading accurate and deadly passes to the front trio. Just cannot imagine it coming off from anybody else in the current squad. Sorry!

    1. Santi might not be as skillful or spot asuperbe space as Ozil, but man he has moreattitude tan Ozil, and that sometimes wins you things.

    2. JACK and SANTI where crucial in us winning the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD.. You can delude yourself by talk down on them but they have at least justified themselves..

      SANTI scored 15 goals and 15 assists in his first season, in his second season he got 7 assist and Ozil got 8 assists.. Cazorla cost £16 million and on about £80,000 a week.. He showed up in the Fa cup final and community shield.

      Ozil cost £42 million and on £150,000, but what has he done for us? Come on now tell me..

      The guys you guys like to bash give more than your GOLDEN PRINCE…

  11. The Wilshere conspiracy has spread to the England camp. Raheem Sterling dropped so that Wilshere can get closer to the box.

    1. Ummm, Sterling told WOY that he was too tired to play.. It’s big NEWS right now in the papers.

      At least WILSHERE does not hide or make excuses. You might not like him but he has got heart. I will take that ahead your Lazy, Mr excuses, over paid GOLDEN PRINCE..

  12. Ozil needs to visit Kenya, my country of birth. Ramsey went there for holiday and came back super man. Ozil too should go, Kenya has very very good beaches and girls with big big behinds and are very beautiful 😉 Your holiday can’t go bad

      1. But in no way is Ozil’s loss good news for arsenal. mad man wenger will play walcot at no.10 and carzola on the wings.

    1. That is why AW should sign up the BIG VIC (Wanyama) immediately. Wanyama in Swahili language literally means “THE BEAST”…

  13. No one is harassing Sanchez.. Why do you think he is not being harassed?

    It’s because he gives his all and tries to justify his £35 million and £140,000 a week wages..

    Ozil has a poor attitude, his attitude after the CITY game at the ETIHAD last season summed him up..

  14. It’s pretty simple, we cannot play Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla at the same time. Realistically we can only really play two of them, maybe three if Cazorla is deployed LW. Hopefully Wilshere can play as a deep-lying playmaker like he did for England against Estonia, this would free up positions further forward. However I’m not convinced that Wilshere and Ramsey can play together at the base of the 4-2-3-1.

    Also, are our formations really that different? In both we have two supposed wide players and 3 central midfielders with one of them to be more disciplined. I think a base of Flam/Rambo(when fit), with EITHER Cazorla or Wilshere as no. 10 would suit us best. This will bring the best out of Theo/Alexis/Ox who can hug the line and provide us with much needed width which will in turn open up space for our central players. Despite all our long term injuries our starting 11 is still really strong and capable of beating any team in the EPL on our day.

    OT: Did anyone see that Wenger said that OG should return quicker than expected, and also that he would consider playing Welbeck and OG up top together. Personally I think that would bring the best out of both players, not sure how it would effect the rest of the team considering the selection issues are already contentious amongst everyone involved in Arsenal.

  15. Ozil departure would leave Wilshere as the main player at this position for Wenger.
    May be Wenger already thought about selling the German since he has been playing Wilshere more often than needed.

    Why put so much burden on a player who has not the class, the flair, the talent of Ozil (and will never have)?
    The most amazing thing is that, Wilshere can play well during a game, but the all team will just suffer… he loses too many balls, keeps the ball for too long, never tracks back and has no, and I mean “NO” pace…!!
    Wilshere is a bench player.
    But hey, Chambers (who has been good so far) is almost a first team player… How far behind are we or how much we have regressed since 2006…!!

    This team has no chance and cannot challenge for major trophies, not a glimpse or iota of a chance…!

  16. @SaveArsenal

    Thank you mate, you are, in fact, spot on.

    I might be wrong, but since 2006, players who have graced the Arsenal buildings have downgrade in class, performances and skills…!!
    Basically they all (or most of them) have become “rubbish” players…!!
    Strangely, as soon as they live London, they found themselves winning trophies and titles and reintegrating their respective national squads…!!

    Very very strange…!

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