Ozil’s “priority is to stay” at Arsenal until the summer says agent

So it would appear that the news from Turkey that Mesut Ozil has agreed to join Fenerbahce on a three and a half year deal is not true at the moment, and the German may still be at the Emirates for the rest of this season. In fact we have been told that “Mesut’s priority is to stay.”

According to his agent Dr. Erkut Sogut talking to ESPN, there is no agreement with anyone as yet, and they have only just started talking to interested parties. “We were not allowed to talk legally before Jan. 1, so now we are just starting to look at the options with the numbers and details,”

“I can’t talk about the clubs directly because it would be unprofessional. But generally, there are six months left on the contract and it is nothing unusual that we will talk to people about different opportunities and try to find the best option for Mesut.”

“He might stay at Arsenal until the summer, but he might go. Mesut’s priority is to stay. But you never know in football. Things can change very fast. At the moment, we are just checking all the options for January and the summer,”

“If we want to leave in January, I need to talk to Arsenal. If we sign for the summer, we don’t need to. That’s the situation. In the next seven to ten days, it will be a little clearer as now the transfer window is open, things can move faster.”

So it would appear that Dr Sogut is sticking to the rules that say he can talk to foreign clubs from January the 1st, and I am sure there will be many other offers than the one from Fenerbahce (if indeed that is one of the clubs he is talking to).

My money is still on Ozil moving to DC United in the summer, so that Ozil can expand his “brand” to the American market.

What do you think?

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  1. Would be great to see him brought back into the team for his last 6 months ,I believe a lot of fans want to see this as shown on the poll form last month .

    1. Let’s bring him back on a cold, wet Tuesday night in say Newcastle … and see how many tackles he puts in ??

          1. No we are talking about playmakers. I used KDB as an example, because he’s been the best playmaker for years.

  2. Of course it is ! He wants to extract every last drop out of Arsenal, having made it clear that he would not or could not change the way he plays. He will also continue to ingratiate himself with both fans and dressing room in the meantime. And his agent is very happy to go on taking his big cut ….

  3. He should be banished from the senior squad entirely.

    Not because i hate him. I do think he is average. Simply because he is amazing in some areas and extremely poor in others which banana’s out as decent nothing more nothing less.

    However I think his presence is a huge upset and should be removed if he is not in the squad. He should have minimum contact with our 25 man squad and no u23 or u21 or u19 should loose their spot to him.

    If u wanna stay fine but we should make it clear we don’t want him.

    Or even better terminate the bloody contract

  4. I think it is strange that so many people thought Ozil feels that he is “punished” by being dropped.

    I personally think that Ozil is not interested in playing for Arsenal anymore. He is happy to sit out his contract, collect whatever written in his contract, and avoid injury so that he can move on.

    He has explicitly talked about ending his football career in Turkey before this fallout with Arsenal, evening mentioning his mother. So i won’t be surprised that he will take a pay cut to play for a Turkish team and probably enjoy CL football before his retirement.

    And he looked well prepared for a life in business and politics after football.

    At the end of the day, Ozil will have a happy life after Arsenal, but we will have missed 4 transfer windows, and probably Ziyech and B Fernandes as his successor along the way.

    1. An absolutely thoughtful comment. We can all assume we to know much but what it is clear is Arsenal doesn’t really eager to see the back of Ozil as so many think judging by Arteta’s comments…..Ozil will not be allowed to leave until the deal is right. Has he really learned anything at all in the last 6month

      1. Yes and let’s let our imagination go wild in the process. MA declared that Ozil’s departure must make sense to Arsenal so let’s examine his options:
        1-) Ozil stays and the club pays him 350/week.

        2-) Ozil leaves and the club pays him 350/week.

        An added nugget to both deals is terminating Socratis contract so he can sign with Fenerbahce free and clear.

        So for those bragging about the club’s handling of this matter, you are just bragging about incompetence.

  5. You cannot have someone in your team who isn’t interested in playing football anymore.

    We also have some great youngsters coming through at the moment, and the last thing we need is someone like Ozil infecting them with poor attributes such as: Gold digger, poor work rate, not being a team player, disrespectful and petulance towards the club, and our managers, no productivity, ego, and so on…

    Finally, ESR has done more in just a few games, than Ozil did all of last season!

    1. He is still interested and can still play football. He is not playing because of his political statement about China

  6. Like many of us I was so thrilled when he joined us.
    And on many days his performances were a joy to
    behold. But it’s well past time to move on. I care
    about the future of AFC not one flaky midfielder who
    is now over the hill. Good luck Mesut, now be a good
    lad and eff off.

  7. I wish the focus on Ozil would stop. Ozil has a first class management team looking after his interests, I think he is quite intelligent and is a multi-millionaire to boot.. I do not think for one second he cares one iota about what people think and why should he. A far as football is concerned he has countless caps for Germany, World Cup winners medal and many other football related accolades, a career that has not been insignificant and one that none of the current squad will ever emulate.. Of course he is nowhere near the player he once was but at 32 he is nearing the end of his career and he can not be blamed for looking at what is best for him. It has been stated many times before that he is not responsible for Arsenal giving him the most disastrous contract the club could have ever done. It well may be that he has a couple of years of football left but he is looking to life after football and if the option of staying or leaving the club furthers that end that’s what he will do. The club really have very little they can do, because it would have been done already if that was the case, and the supporters have no influence at all.

    1. good analysis and may be closer to what is really happening than most pundits imagined and claimed.👍

      But that’s something called “employer branding” in the business world, and Arsenal has shot themselves in the foot in this aspect.

  8. playing Ozil will cause the entire China not to watch arsenal and it means a lot financially. Other big club don’t need him because of this reason too

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