Pablo Mari breaks his silence on his impending move to Arsenal

Pablo Mari is set to become Arsenal’s first signing under Mikel Arteta in a surprise move from Flamengo.

Arsenal has been short at the back following injuries to their defenders and the poor form of those available. The injury to Calum Chambers and the subsequent suspension of David Luiz made it imperative that the Gunners sign a new defender this month.

They have been linked with so many defenders this month and most of their targets have been high profile defenders like Dayot Upamecano and Merih Demiral.

However, they have surprised everyone by making a move for Mari instead.

The former Manchester City defender is well known by Mikel Arteta when he was assistant manager of City.

The defender flew into London from Brazil with Arsenal’s Technical Director, Edu.

Charles Watts who works for Goal was one of the first reporters to speak to the Brazilian at the airport and he asked him if he was excited to be joining the Gunners to which he responded:

“Yes of course, it feels good.”

His signing would bring welcome relief to Arsenal fans who have been worried that their team would go into the second half of the season very poor in terms of depth at the back.

Fans will now hope that he can help the defence to be more tight and efficient in what has been a leaky defence so far.


  1. Apparently both Mari and Matviyenko would come as loanees. Then Arsenal would assess their conributions till the end of this season, before sanctioning a permanent deal to one of them

    Smart move by Arsenal. This method could make them avoid another incompatible CB

    1. What if we try them as a pair and they perform well then we may have to keep em both.And getting them one of our CBs will leave or loaned or maybe one of the incoming 2 will be tried in an other position.

      Are both of them comfortable with the ball on their feet???That is a major qualification defender should have in MA ‘s system.

      1. Matviyenko looks very comfortable with the ball he has great dribbling, haven’t seen enough of Mari but looks decent and spanish too which is a plus for communicating with arteta 👌

  2. agree mate we been messing up in transfers for so long now and thats because of the past tech.banches now we can see arteta is putting pressure on the boad even Edu with his team are working tramendously well now.

  3. 99% of us have only seen him in youtube videos, so judgement will be made when we actually see him play. Hearing it is a 6 month loan with option to buy so at least the club got that right instead of making an impulsive purchase and being stuck with possible deadwood.

      1. Really? The Athletic, and Sky are both saying loan w/ option to buy. And is there a chance we get two CB’s I wonder…

  4. if only you guys would understand arsenal and how they deal with loaned players you can easily burst your brains out of your skull. its very rear for arsenal to use loaned players when they have players with contracts like Mustafi. sorry to say Mari is another bench warmer.

    1. i feel like half the loanees we get end up injured for the majority of their loan as well. Ceballos being current proof.

  5. None of us have any idea at all about this guy. He seems to be a bit of a journeyman and doesn’t seem to stay anywhere too long because of various reasons. We cant judge him until we see him, i would suggest if we dont have too many more injuries we wont see too much of him. Maybe he will be the bargain of the century or maybe the new Scillachi.

  6. Great, we went up there& got the cheapest one, 7M,went from Koulibaly,Umafemco Bayern one, to this guy.

    Kouli twice price of Umafemco whois time oneof Bayern who is 15M! We found one for 7M, but at credit, pay after season! Hahaha! Ridiculous!

    By the time he adapts to :
    EPL intensity,physicality,CB injuries.
    London beautiful & warm weather.
    Our style of play we lost,none!
    Our draws & Losts weekend’s Anthem.
    Win league & Title to figh Relegation.

    For him live that great spirit, city, to come into such a lost team & club in such shitty weather, instead to wait summer window; makes him impossible forme to trust nor believe in. Why would he does such a crazy move?

    Cuz, he makes 3 dineros per year and comes for money only!

    Can’t have any ambition to come in such a sinking boat, beside cash!

    We have Burnley in a week, he is useless, not ready at all for a minute!

    We mainly have two talented young defenders in Mav & Holding both available but we play Sokra-Luiz and even Mustafi before them!

    We have no money but players to do way better than these clowns and new one.

    That is pure madness! Luiz and Sokratis won’t be benched when back! And we will have Xhaka Torreira defending! How do ball moves to middle and forward then? Every bloody games!

    This is why Arteta is crap, we need a coach capable of picking a team, not a mental coach; draws & losts end up kiling spirit again!

    We lose at Bournsmouth because they are hungry desperate beasts, with Cup as only target, it will be a day-off, free booze for everyone!

    And unless no knee watches other games, you should check at Burnley at home lately; they been on relegation survival mode; we are eyeing Top4!

    Yo heard Arteta last week, we in top4 race, no that’s right mates! He is in lala land, gone with the wind!

    He is done already, finished, that’e all he wrote!

    Seriously, that is pretty scary stuff, yo all see how he picks team, first names lays Sokratis Luiz with Xhka & Torreira to defend !

    Over and over and over and he can’t wait to have these 2 losers back! Chelsea got rid of old dead wood,we made him our key guy I’m defense!

    That’s just all hype and non sense! No one is forcing Arteta to pick same formation for same results!

    1. Mav isn’t even at the club so how can he play?
      Otherwise a translation would help as most of it is double Dutch to me.

    2. WOW! Mogunna Calm Down
      We Have Average Defenders – And Yes Luiz & Sokratis Are The Best Of The Crop

      Mav Is Talented – I Seriously Don’t Like It When We OverHype These Young Dudes After Watching Less Than 4 Matches Of Their’s

      On Here Then, U Would Have Though Maitland Niles Was The New Viera
      OH! Nelson Will Be The New Sterling
      Guendouzi Is Just So Fantastic

      Mav Is Below Average Until He Proves Otherwise

      Holding Can Match Luiz & Sokratis With The Potential To Still Even Be Better

      And Did U Just Complain About Torreira ?
      OHHH ! That Just Proves U The One In La-La Land

      Torreira Is That Beast That Will Walk Into Almost Every First Team

      PERIOD !

    3. @ Moguna or Mogunnu whatever, you lack football knowledge. In short, you are just ranting for nothing,

    4. @Mogunna: I am at a loss. I do respect your opinion here but am just still trying to wrap my head around where all that just came from, is it your lopsided fanaticism or your twisted sense of genuine criticism

  7. Am a follower of Brazil serie A and the copa libertedores and I can boldly say that I know this chap quite well he’s made both seriaA and copa libertedores team of the season twice. Good on the ball ,in the air and good marker he’s definitely a decent talent and probably back in Europe to lay claims of making the Spanish team for the euros. Arteta believe s he’s worth the gamble so hopefully he’ll tribe in arsenal.. Oh he’s also quick as well

    1. “seria A and copa libertedores team of the season twice.”

      That’s quite an achievement considering he’s been in South America all of 7 months.

      Didn’t know their seasons lasted 3 months.

  8. Austin,
    Are you saying this guy has spend two seasons in Brazil series A?
    More so, you have watched him play, please who are the defenders in our can you say this Pablo Mari will conveniently bench?

    1. Bora milutinovic,
      Mari spent just 1 season in Brazil after having another season on loan in the dutch league where he was voted one of the best defenders in the eredivise and the best in Brazil serie A with flamengo so that’s two personal accolades in two very dissimilar leagues meaning this guy surely can defend. And answering who he can bench in the arsenal defence my answer is all of them cos he plays both in a 442 & 352 formation. Please go watch the world club cup vs Liverpool for references. Thanks

  9. Mogunna.

    Let’s hope Mari doesn’t turn out to be another Martinelli, what a waste of a loanee + option signing that would be !

    Arteta “crap” – here we go.

    You obviously were not at Chelsea on Tuesday where you would have been (literally) a lone voice in approx’ 3000 !!!!!

    All the best to Pablo Mari, and all the very best to Mikel Arteta.

    1. Good point Kenny with the communication and if he settles quickly then arsenal can establish another per and kos partnership with mari & saliba for next season ( A combo of a big,physical beast in mari and a mobile,quick and athletic saliva)

  10. Hello mates, I understand all our concerns about Pablo Mari but I guess with the Martinelli saga, we should have learnt that price and previous leagues played in do not matter. If Arsenal can keep buying players from Brazil and other lower leagues who want to prove a point in the Premier League and play for us and for a lesser fee, I honestly think they should be given a chance. It isn’t always about big money moves.

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