Pablo Mari describes his horrific attack by crazed knifeman in Milan

It was reported during last night’s game at PSV that Arsenal’s on-loan defender Pablo Mari was involved in a crazed stabbing attack in a supermarket on the outskirts of Milan.

There were reports of at least one death, and the fact that Mari had been one of the victims that had been taken to hospital.

Fabrizio Romano tweeted last night….

Luckily, it seems that Mari was not badly injured, and Arsenal themselves were quick to contact his agent to find out the current status, and quickly responded….

This morning, the Spanish defender has been released from hospital, and has describes the horrific moment when he was out with his baby on a normal shopping trip….

“I was with the baby stroller when I felt unbearable pain in my back,” the 29-year-old told Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, as quoted by A Bola.

“I was lucky because I saw a person die in front of me after being stabbed in the throat. I’m fine, on Monday I’ll be playing [Monza welcomes Bologna]”

These random attacks on normal people going about their daily business seems to becoming an epidemic all over the world, but you certainly don’t expect such a thing to come into our own lives.

WE can only be thankful that Mari has come through okay, but our thoughts should be with the poor family of the innocent victim that has died needlessly.

Things like this make you realise that football is just a game, and there are far bigger things to care about in this world…

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  1. Hopefully he doesn’t get permanent physical damage, because a stab in the area of the spinal cord could make a person paralyzed

    Luckily, most violent people in Europe can only use short-ranged weapons due to the tight gun ownership regulations, so most of them couldn’t cause carnages, the officers could easily take them down and most of their victims could run

    I think many people get frustrated because they’re trying to live beyond their means in the current economic situation

        1. ADMIN COMMENT.
          Mr Jennings, I like most of your comments, but if you continue with personal abuse you will be banned outright.
          Last warning…

  2. Gotanidea.(EDITED ADMIN)
    Weapons of all sorts are readily available if you are desperate and willing enough to seek them out. Australia supposedly have tight gun laws. It doesn’t stop bikie gang members from getting their hands on illegal weapons. These days you don’t need guns and knives to harm people. They just use cars as a weapon. It was shocking news about Pablo Mari. Wish the guy a speedy recovery. The mental scars may take time to heal though

    1. Violent people in many developed and big countries can get illegal guns, yet look how their authorities have been dealing with it for many decades

      Criminals stole legal guns from pawnshops/ the owners and many of them bought it from unlicensed sellers/ gunsmiths

      Brenton Tarrant couldn’t get an assault rifle in Australia, which is his home country. So he went to New Zealand to do it

      Vehicles are generally created for transportation, whereas guns are solely created to make permanent physical damage and to take lives

  3. The perpetrator had mental health issues
    Doesn’t make it any better of course
    Mari was lucky and so were his family who were, I believe unhurt
    Let’s hope PM makes a full physical recovery and a mental one too

    1. “Mental issues” again?every time the perpetrator is not Muslim, it’s never an act of terrorism and always has mental issues.not only that no mention of his religion either!!🤔

  4. I was surprised to read a report which quotes Mari saying that he was stabbed in the back… excruciating pain… but he’s been released from hospital and he’ll be playing in the game on Monday!

    Playing in a pro football match 4 days after being stabbed in the back… guess it wasn’t very deep.

    1. Just saw on BBC Sport web site that he’s out for 2 months after surgery to reconstruct two muscles in his back.

  5. I was the victim of a stabbing -a fair number of years back now. For those who wonder what it might feel like. For Mari it would’ve felt like someone kicking him hard while wearing a very pointed shoe, it feels like a very sharp kick. Seeing the blood you’re losing is the worst part, that can send them into shock and you go a bit pale. The nurses taking care of you is obviously the best thing about the whole situation, the sponge bath is great

  6. In ordinary life why is it that we ordinary folk rarely come across an intrinsically BAD person.
    Yes, we all know people we would not wish to have a drink with or spend our time with . But actual EVIL people are, mercifully, very rare to actually come across. MARI WAS SIMPLY UNLUCKY.

    We ordinary decent folks, which is approx 99% of folk in general, all wish him a speedy physical and mental recovery.

  7. Reports are saying he will be out for two months, Monza are seeking for cancellation of their match with Bologna on Monday,

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