Arsenal must take a big lead to Napoli for the second leg

So we have been paired with Napoli for the quarter-finals of the Europa League, and it is probably the toughest opponent we could have got other than Chelsea. Here are the dates of the two legs….

Arsenal v Napoli
Thursday, April 11
Kick-off: 8pm
Emirates Stadium

Arsenal given huge disadvantage in Europa League after UEFA ruling

It was looking really good for Arsenal in the Europa League when we were drawn quickly out of the hat to play away at Napoli, which always gives the advantage to the team that plays the second leg at home. But thanks to a new ruling by UEFA, the Gunners will now have to play the first leg at the Emirates, while Chelsea keep the advantage of playing their second leg against Slavia Prague at Stamford Bridge.

Would Arsenal fans want to take Antonio Valencia on a free transfer?

The Arsenal heirarchy have made it clear that Arsenal need to be clever in the transfer market, and have no qualms about bringing in older and experienced players that are out of contract at big clubs in the hope they can continue for a few more years.

Arsenal’s new Adidas home kit leaked – What do you think?

Everyone has been dying to see the new Arsenal kit after we finally went back to Adidas after all these years, and I actually think it looks very traditional. Who knows whether its true or not but this ‘leaked’ kit looks remarkably real – and I like it a lot!

Why are SKY trying to sabotage Arsenal’s Europa League campaign?

Have Sky Cost Us The Europa League? by Dan Smith

Going to Napoli will be hard enough without having to play at Watford on the Monday before, just days previously. If we get past the Italians, we will face the same problem in the semi-final (if we get there) when we go to Leicester on a Monday Night before the first leg that Thursday.

Arsenal v Rennes Player Ratings – I’m giving MOTM to the youngster

Arsenal had to beat Rennes by two clear goals on Thursday night, and they did it in style by scoring the necessary double before even a quarter of the game was over. I can’t really knock anyone and as a team performance it’s worth an 8 all day….


My Top Ten favourite Arsenal celebrations before Auba’s Black Panther

Aubameyang made headlines on Thursday by unveiling his Black Panther mask. It’s a celebration the striker has done throughout his career, but he was clearly picking the right occasion to do so as a Gunner. I suppose you don’t want to look silly by covering up your face, then conceding a late goal. Plus, because we can’t have fun in 2019, he gets a yellow card each time.

Emery excited about Arsenal’s trophy opportunity in the Europa League

It has been a while now since a Premier League side has won a European trophy, but with Arsenal and Chelsea still in the Europa League and all four of the EPL contenders still in the Champions League, the chances of a trophy coming back to England have increased this season.