Palace v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cazorla easily MOTM

A very relieving win over our upstart London rivals, with an excellent opening goal from Olivier Giroud and a fantastic leap from Sanchez to seal the points. It was far from an easy win but at least we got the three points….

Peter Cech – 7
Not too much to do, and had very little chance of saving the goal. Maybe he’ll get his first clean sheet next Monday?

Bellerin – 7
A little rusty on his return, but contributed to the attacks more than made the defence look solid.

Koscielny – 6
Our defence looked very shaky especially in the first half. I had to mark him down after his pirouette when he should have been blocking Wards shot.

Mertesacker – 6.5
His height was needed against the big lads of Palace, but overall he looked more nervous than usual although he lumped it upfield when needed.

Monreal – 7.5
Nacho is certainly gaining a reputation for being consistently good in attack and defence. Has made the position his own…

Coquelin – 5
Needs to learn the meaning of patience. Obviously didn’t like being passed so often by the Palace attack and was very lucky not to get sent off. VERY lucky…

Cazorla – 8.5
Virtually undroppable. Pops up all over the pitch invariably with the ball at his feet. Brilliant.

Ozil – 7.5
Nice little flicks and touches but his lethargic style still stops me from praising him too much

Ramsey – 6
Lots of energy as always but little end product. Needs to learn from Cazorla…

Sanchez – 7
Good mark simply for his excellent jump to win the points, but many missed chances showed that he still needs rest and time to work on his technical side. Needs to charge both batteries…

Giroud – 7
Great goal but his strength didn’t seem to have so much effect against an organized Palace defence.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 7
Always looks dangerous nowadays. Why only half an hour on the pitch?

Arteta – 7
Nice return after long layoff. Made Coquelin look like a headless chicken but that wasn’t hard…

Gibbs – n/a
Tactical substitution. That is his destined role this season…

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      1. It has been said before ….’watch the game, you won’t see Ozil, watch you will see the game’

      2. absolutely and with more serious strike options we would see the real benefit…giroud is not it though he took the goal superbly…santi was way too sloppy in the first half for MOTM..came good in second but for me bellerinn had the hardest job on pitch and equipped himself really well….wondering if there is anything to the gotze romours though not a natural striker i do think he could be converted in to an aguero type ….alexis gotze ox would be a difficult front line for most defences with some combo of ozil santi and jack providing the feed…just need a powerful DM and gabriel as starter and we would be in way better shape…wengers reluctance to make the necessary changes is frustrating beyond belief

      3. Soon all will be hailing the assist king,Ozil.Madrid are completing signing of Kovacic so the Benz I guess should be on its way to the Emirates ready to take EPL by storm.Wenger’s waiting game in transfer market is soon going to pay off.FINGERZ CROSSED.

        1. Kovacic is a midfielder, so why would they let a striker go when they are struggling for goals themselves. That makes no sense

    1. Ozil was clear MOTM by some margin, he created so many chances, including clear cut chances, in other he could have pick up 4 assists straight away, 98 percent, passing accuracy, 54/55.

  1. How Giroud gets 7 is beyond me,he scored a goal then went missing the whole game,if Delaney hadn’t scored the own goal the game would have ended all square

    1. @Dee@ease
      not really…this was a much improved performance from last week…we would’ve got a goal even if it wasn’t for the own goal…obviously we played abit more defensively after we went 2-1 up…and the subs showed that..Sanchez and Ozil out…Arteta and Gibbs in

    2. I said it to you before. He scored a decisive goal in a hard fought match. His conversion was from the top-shelf.
      Are you sure we’re talking about the same player and sport?? You know it’s decided by goals yeah?

      1. One great goal from Giroud does not take away that he’s not good enough,this guy is a streak scorer not a consistent scorer he’s gone 10 league games without scoring he can’t lead us to the title that’s fact!

    1. I dont want to disrespect Cazorla, but I didn’t see much from him yesterday. Probably just me, because he usually gets a way higher rating than what i notice to be worth giving. For me, completely agree – Özil had a 98% pass success

  2. Cech 7? That goal was not unstoppable. 5 for me. Ozil & Bellerin 8. We would never know the worth of Ozil until we have clinical finishers that can position well. Ozil can find them with eyes closed. He is a supplier. He would have had at least 3 assists yesterday. Don’t confuse this with a better “football player” like Cazorla.

  3. Wow.. Just looked up Coquelin’s stats for the game.
    6 tackles, 2 blocks, an interception and 93% pass completion over 50 passes. In 60mins of football nonetheless. End of the day it was a harsh yellow, his following two fouls didn’t warrant a second yellow IMO, so condemning him for something which never happened also seems harsh when he actually had a good game from a defensive standpoint.
    Koscielny…. 6….. Ok, watch the goal in real time. He is literally behind the player who lays it off before a thunderbolt first time shot. He has less than a second, no chance in hell of closing down the shot and opts for the safe option in trying to block it. His choices were literally try and block it or get out of the way. As I said earlier, preventing those chances is down to organisation, and no way the player should have had that much space on the edge of the area. But it’s a midfielder who needs to track that run, not Koscielny’s job to cover two players over 3-4 yards in a split-second…

    1. The first yellow was harsh but once it was given Coq has to show better composure and common sense.

  4. ‘his lethargic style still stops me from praising him too much’

    I see that you’re a part of the Jamie Carragher school of thought. Should have signed Milner and sold Liverpool Ozil, would that make you happy? Headless chicken.

    1. It was a n**sense assessment, you can’t praise player well because of his UNIQUE style?? That’s can only proves he know little or nothing about ‘the beautiful game’

  5. Get your head out of your arse mate, Özil was easily MOTM or at least close to Cazorla. Don’t care if you don’t like how sleepy he looks, fact is he created 5 chances yesterday, 4 of them in the first half and I can count 3-4 of those were proper chances (Sanchez, Giroud, Ramsey).

    I think Arteta’s hair was a bit off yesterday, didn’t like his look. For that I would give him a 5.. SMH

  6. Ospina
    Mertz Kos Bellerin Monreal
    Coqu Santi
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    Apart from Ospina this is
    the group Wenger has turned to
    when the team is in desperate need.
    11 non English players in the run on team.
    Wilshere Wellbeck injured as usual.
    Walcott like late last season fit but benched
    Ox’s immaturity cost a goal v WH benched.
    Gibbs Chambers ..bench.
    The fabled English “quota” players all on the bench 🙂
    Only way we can win is to keep the damn Limeys out 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Wenger always said English players were clumsy talentless oafs
    So far Wenger has bought a Cech. Wonder how many
    English players he will buy before the window closes?
    Well done to the foreigners who beat Palace 🙂

    1. On your line up, The only two I disagree with you about is Mertsacker being a RB and Bellerin as a CB

      Keep Mertsacker as cb
      Keep Bellerin as RB


  7. Ramsey should be dropped for ox next week. Tired of Wenger trying to fit cm’s all over the pitch.
    We should always start with atleast 2 speedy players among the front 3 since we play a lot of counterattacking football.
    To start with 3 speedy players upfront can be even better ( Sánchez Theo ox) and it may happen very soon!

  8. Monreal MOTM,monreal is not only our best defender but also best left back in epl but obviously you cant see that because of where he came from,it will be always monreal had good game.Giroud had a lucky goal but you dont flick the ball backwards when leading the line,I didnt see Aguero do that yesterday.Otherwise mancity bought the league already we are just playing for our top sponsors

  9. Good battle from both teams yesterday, exciting football all round.

    We are improving steady which is a good sign (when Alexis is on the pitch we are a whole different team, and his not even at 100 mind you).

    As I said even last week Ozil seems like a different player this season, his tracking back and his passing in the final third is just mouth watering. All he needs now is to add goals to his game.

    Coq reminded us of why we need a decent DM as back up at the club. His gaining a reputation of being a hot head and clubs will target him time and time again. Can you imagine a midfield without him against pool had he got that 2nd yellow? Wenger needs to fix this.

    OG had a decent game and a well taken goal. I don’t want to seem ungrateful here but imagine if we had a striker of the caliber of Auguero playing with Ozil and Sanchez. If we can get that WC striker this window Wenger should move fast.

    Bellarine – How I missed him in the last game, Debuchy should only be played when we are resting this young star, his got WC written all over him if natured properly in the next 2 to 3 years.

    Cech needs to take a chill pill. He does not need to impress anyone let him just play his game. I know his adapting to a new system and all though he should be free to share his Chelsea experience seeing that there defense is abit more solid than others.

    Overall good game, now let Sanchez, Carzola, Rambo and Ozil put there scoring back on and lets destroy Brenda and the band.

  10. We need to take more of the chances we create and we need to stop giving opportunities to score to our opponent. We’ll have a chance at winning the EPL only if we progress on both fronts, atm our defence and keeper are under too much pressure.

  11. I said this yesterday. Since Ozil started playing for Arsenal,he has created 170 scoring chances,but our players have managed to score only 15 goals out of those 170.

    That tells a story.

        1. We should pay them money to buy him!

          Take their reps out to a show, buy them a prawn sandwich etc..

  12. No player on the pitch (min. 60 mins played) had less touches than Giroud; 33 touches. He also had the lowest pass accuracy: 58,3

    hope those cavani rumors are true

  13. No player on the pitch (min. 60 mins) had more touches than Ramsey: 96. His pass accuracy of 77% below Özil’s incredible 98%

  14. 1. Ozil 2. Monreal 3.Cazorla
    Apart from the yellow card what did Coquelin do wrong, he tried to speed up the attack by distributing the ball to the forwards carzola style. the palace players were trying to get him sent off for every tackle he made, if he had let them pass him without tackling you all would be bashing him for not doing his work

  15. I am always fearful when Arsenal are 1-0 up, I don’t have much belief whether or not Arsenal can defend it……!!!

    Meanwhile RM have signed Kovacic……..what signs…..??????

    Ozil was man of the match for me, yesterday……!!!!!

  16. Great work yesterday,but i don’t see us wining the league. Man City just humbled the Champions and they are still buying Otamendi and De Bruyne…they finished above us and something somewhere tells Wenger he will win the league.

    Have been supporting Arsene,but playing Ramsey RW yesterday while Ox and Walcott are on the bench, has got me thinking otherwise. Anyway, gunner all the way… Liverpool next!!

  17. Forget The Benz and bag the cav NOW:


    A much easier transfer to negotiate, and he would drop wage demands to join us. RM would want a kings ransoms if KB even if he wanted to leave..

    Scored 18 (in league) from 35 starts playing out of position and understudy to zlatan. He would enjoy being the main man at top in the PL!

    Could set us on fire ala Alexis.

    1. I d take cavani in a heartbeat.
      Don’t get me wrong I like Benz but as you say and I a tree. Cavani transfer would be a lot easier

  18. Bellerin was great yesterday and Coquelin wasn’t sent off because there was no real intent in his tackles (clumsy) and they weren’t yellows unless you are a robotic referee. Giving him a 5/10 is utterly ridiculous. He broke up their play very well and just looked like he was trying too hard, which means he was putting in the effort, so how he gets 5/10 is beyond me.

    Everyone jumps on the bandwagon because a few pundits and the crowd are on his back. The lad plays his heart out and never plays the man to cause injury etc. A few more games and he will be back to last seasons level of not standing out in a game, but breaking up the play very well..

    For me there were some really good performances all round and no-one deserved less than a 7 out of 10.

  19. Personally, I would give the nod to Ozil. Cazorla was excellent though

    Ozil, Cazorla, Koscielny, Alexis and Cech are all WC

    I am NOT going to downgrade Cech based on his first two matches for a new club. Everyone deser time to adapt. Some need time like Ozil, Koscielny etc and some adapt immediately like Alexis.

    Cech will come through

  20. Wats with the 5 for coquelin?? Thought we wanted a tough defensive midfielder….. he tackled hard, intercepted wat he cud. So he got a card and maybe played rough tht comes wit the job … he deserves mr than a 5, for me he played like a fighter, in my book thats atleast a 7!!

  21. I can see Ozil ripping up the league this season. That touch to control on the line, in to a back flick left the defender for dead! He had to foul Mesut to stop himself from getting embarrassed. Ozil Santi Alexis and Theo are going to link up beautifully this season (long as they all stay fit together)

  22. Poor ratings mate … unnecessary hate for ozil and coquelin

    Some points out of the game:
    – Ozil and Ox look refreshed for this season, and are a joy to watch.
    – Sanchez missed some good chances, but the guy is a beast, and nice to see players put in that effort every game, and he creates openings for himself and others
    – Giroud is a great striker, but most of his goals are 1-touch finishes. Because he doesn’t take on players, opposing teams can defend against us with less effort. Having a different ST that can dribble and open up space with a bit of pace could really change our team look.
    – I still feel our most urgent need is not a ST, we need to replace Mert … The BFG is a BF liability
    – Coquelin will miss games this year, through injury or more likely suspension, we need quality cover … NOT arteta

    The end is near .. only 2 more weeks of transfer rumors misery.

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