Palace v Arsenal Player Ratings – Welbeck most impressive

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal FC Player Ratings – Welbeck MOTM

David Ospina – 7
The Colombian seemed generally solid but got lucky in the end with help from the post. Definitely now confirmed as our most talented keeper

Nacho Monreal – 7
Had a lot of work to do to keep Saha at bay – Mostly successful. Did his work quietly but effectively

Per Mertesacker – 7.5
Seemed more relaxed than usual and made use of his height when necessary. He is SO much better playing alongside Kos.

Laurent Koscielny – 7.5
Hard-working as usual. Showed no effects from his injury but a few mistakes were worrying. He marshalled the defence well

Calum Chambers – 6.5
He still looks much more comfortable as a centre-back, but was sometimes effective going forward as well.

Francis Coquelin – 6.5
Was as tough as usual but was constrained in second half as had to avoid a second yellow card Perhaps he should have been replaced?

Santi Cazorla – 8
A usual excellent performance from the Spaniard and his 8th penalty of the season was perfectly executed

Mesut Ozil – 7
Not a bad game but not quite up to Cazorla’s class. Didn’t look terribly comfortable on the slippery surface.

Danny Welbeck – 8.5 MOTM
Has been excellent since coming back from injury and basically made both our goals. He can’t be dropped while in this form, although he was probably a bit tired from his exertions when Gibbs replaced him

Alexis Sanchez – 7
A livewire as usual but couldn’t get much of the ball due to Palace’s pressing game. Unusually missed the chance to put us 3-0 up…

Olivier Giroud – 7.5
Was in the right place for his poachers goal, and made a good showing when needed to defend. He had four shots in total and won the most headers in the match. His 50th goal for the club was the icing on the cake.


Gabriel – N/A
Tactical substitution in the dying minutes

Tomas Rosicky – N/A
Had 15 mins but Arsenal were defending most of the time.

Kieran Gibbs – 5
Another tactical sub to shore up the defence, but the onslaught kept coming!

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  1. Surprised Jack didn’t get a 11 out of team fir his bench performance.

    He was really working hard on piece of gum.

    1. Give them all a rating of 5 and move, all were half decent apart from Chambers who constantly gave space to his opponent

  2. Both Chambers and Monreal were beaten by their winger almost every time they faced them, no idea how you worked out they deserved a 6.5 and 7…

  3. All Danny needs is a couple of goals and regular games, he is a good squad player.
    Would love it if he scored to put ManUre out of the Cup.

    Nearly back to fully fit squad so AW has lots of room to rotate as we’re still in 3 competitions.
    Being on bench may motivate Theo to give an outstanding performance if he gets chancagainst Monaco

  4. Tough game for us but overall a good team performance. Welbeck looks hungry he won’t score as much as giroud but he offers us power and pace to break thru organised defences and palace were pretty well organised. The 3 points set us up nicely for today. Above utd now and the other 4 nearest teams below us all cutting each other’s throats… Sweet COYG

  5. We should all be still worried about that disorganised defence. if was Crystal Palace for God’s sake.

    1. @cheeterspotter
      Last I checked, Palace where an EPL team. Regardless of their table standing, they’re still professional footballers, well versed and able to beat any other team on the day…

    2. Agree to some extent, Palace with Pardew and playing at home, was not an easy pass, so mission accomplished. This being said the sqad has not been convincing neither against Leicester nor Palace, considering we have all our Players back except for Ramsey and “”Diaby”” there is something still missing…leave it to WENGER to figure it out.

  6. Please put me in touch with your dealer he must have some pretty heavy duty stuff to hand…..coquellin the worst player on the pitch for us….Seriously!!!!!! compared to koscielny who was ropey all game … And Monreal who was run ragged by Zaha ….. To be honest there was no outstanding player inc wellbeck who drifted in and out and got a couple of massive breaks which would have sent this site in to apoplectic fits if they had gone the other way…. Get real arsenal fans

  7. Tactically it was a good game we could have finished stronger if all our chances were registered
    The game was played with monaco on our mind though carzola worked very hard but then we do not have to travel we need to be sure to score well on Wednesday to secure our position but also it was a good defensive exercise we won I am so delighted and proud as we needed the test and yes we passed the test it wasn’t pretty but yes we are in the 3rd position

  8. I really like Cazorla, but it takes him just too long to play a pass…he constantly tries to dribble, which is not a bad thing in general. But on the break it slows down your game. The pass needs to come quicker!

  9. Spuds drew with spam now if saints do the same or lose to pool be a bit more breathing space for us and a job well done vs palace

  10. How on earth does Giroud get a 7.5 and Alexis got 7?? How on earth is Coquelin rated so lowly, he kept us in the game and was only bettered by Welbeck.

  11. If you are a Manure fan what would you do. I rather we win ugly that lose with good play. No one cares how Chelsea play but where they are on the table. MOr wins boys and I don’t care how you do that. we should win win win win until we pick trophies. That’s what I care for now.

  12. Chambers was hopeless once Bolaise came on. Flashback of Swansea game started appearing. Monreal improved as time went on. In the early stages we couldve been in trouble but luckily Zaha was overall wasteful.

  13. I don’t quarrel with somebody for a personal opinion but I think the ratings seem in some instances not realistic. Chambers seemed to me our weakest link and Monreal was not his usual self. It seems Chambers finds the right back cumbersome. He is best in central defence where his height and size are needed. I feel Giroud deserves at least 8 because of his goal and his defensive duties. Sanchez missed a clear goal scoring opportunity to make it 3-0. The ratings should be based on the play of the day not a player’s antecedents or reputation. The way I see some of the ratings are based on the player’s reputation rather than his performance in yesterday’s game.

  14. Well, personally Chamber is our worst player n I doubt if he deserves Arsenal shirt, Sanches also is causing d team more harm than gud, holding ball aimlessly, Welbek, am not his fan but he is our best player vs crystal, work horse gave us 1st penalty n he assist 2nd goal, Girioud gradually becoming inevitable to our team, no one like Girioud in d team, he is different, Ozil improving, Sainti continue being our all round player, our defence was gr8 until later time. Wenger gud home victory but should learn how to use defensive method well, shout on player at d touch line. Generally, the team is improving.

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