Palace v Arsenal review – Well deserved but narrow win

Well that was a lot tougher than Arsenal would have wanted it to be but the main thing is that Arsene Wenger and his players got the result that we really needed after losing the opening Premier League game against West Ham.

Arsenal started the game with real intent, zipping the ball aroung with purpose and precision and putting the Crystal Palace team under real pressure. A lot of the players that got criticised the most last week, like Ramsey, Giroud, Coquelin and Ozil, were seemingly determined to make amends.

Arsenal had already had some good chances go by with clearances off the line and last ditch tackles when Giroud scored an absolute cracker of a volley in the 16th minute, with an assist for Ozil with his pinpoint left wing cross. To be fair we should have been out of sight when Palace stunned us with a goal; from nowhere in the 28th minute, and we had a host of chances after that as well.

But the only other goal of the game, probably an own goal, came from an Alexis Sanchez header which showed the Chilean’s burning desire to win. We were perhaps a bit lucky not to have Coquelin sent off but that was about the only luck we had and it would be harsh to say the Gunners did not deserve our win.

A much better performance all round. Now for the scousers and to get our title charge well and truly back on track.

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  1. Mick The Gooner says:

    Well it’s 3 points I guess. 36 games to go.

    1. muffdiver says:

      we won ugly
      all the while ozil an santi doin a harlem globetrotter performance…

      im confused

      1. muda says:

        Ozil was class, he could have take 3 assists in another day. Giroud’s goal was superb, a bit nervous about cech conceding such a goal, hope he will rise up soon.

        1. seancali says:

          Yes ozil was brilliant today, Sanchez looks like a mess at the moment hope he gets his game together. Giroud scored a beautiful goal today a goal which even Suarez couldn’t score.overall happy with the 3 points. I don’t think cech was at fault for the goal. It was a freaky shot, it changed direction and even ospina would have conceded that goal. We still need a WC DM, if we are not going to get a striker I don’t mind but we need a DM badly. Lecoq had another poor day. We can’t count on him for every single game

          1. seancali says:

            What a goal by giroud. The goal was simply world class

          2. muffdiver says:

            suarez couldnt score girouds goal from today.

            yeah ok mate.

            thats funny

          3. seancali says:

            It was a one goal wonder, maybe even messi couldn’t do that. It was very hard to score the way giroud did

          4. muffdiver says:

            benzema did it in pre season.
            so did lewandowski.

            wrong mate sorry

          5. sevenitti says:

            Le coq had a bad game because between him and Cazorla, he was the more offensive player. Wenger’s at it again, dammit! If it aint broken – Dont effin try to fix it! Only things that impressed me today was Özil and Girouds goal

      2. sonix says:

        Don’t be!.. Wenger won’t win you the league…
        I’ve seen Arsenal play like this before…there is just nothing to expect other than perhaps what we achieved the last two years…i’m being realistic Wenger OUT or NOT.

        1. seancali says:

          I still think Wenger should leave if he fails to add players to our squad.we need a WC DM obviously. Lecoq can’t win us the bpl. Striker is needed to but DM should be our top priority.

          1. davidnz says:

            Arsenal 3rd equal ?

      3. moneytalks says:

        When u have donkey Giroud up front who did nothing just scored one good goal. All the Giroud fanboys will say we dont need striker. Typical plastic Wenger and Giroud fans.

        1. seancali says:

          What’s wrong with you? I have been the one calling for a striker the entire summer but have to say that giroud did an OK job today. Sanchez was the one who was shiiiiiiit. I still think we need a WC striker. But giroud did a good job today

      4. daly says:

        Winning ugly is the difference between champions and runners up my friends

    2. Honest Opinion says:

      That was very close.I farted when Crystal Palace hit the woodwork and almost beat Cech!

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:


    4. SoOpa AeoN says:

      RAMSEY ON THE WINGS…… Le coq Out… Ox in…sanchez out…Arteta in… RAMSEY ON THE WINGS

      1. seancali says:

        Ramsey will always play, no matter what happens he will always play.Ramsey on the wing is just a waste. We need to use Ramsey in midfield, he is far more productive when used in midfield. I hope Wenger stops using Ramsey on the wings while we have players like ox and Theo on the bench.I don’t get it, you bench Theo and ox and use Ramsey bon rw…wtf????

    5. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Missing OSPINA already!

      1. muffdiver says:

        dont know what to make of petr cech so far

      2. muda says:

        I missed him too, petr needs to wake up.

        1. seancali says:

          Cech was OK today. I think we should have signed begovic instead of cech. Anyways not a bad game from cech, at least he didn’t make a mistake today.

          1. muffdiver says:

            begovic was a name gooners wanted since almunia was still about

          2. SoOpa AeoN says:

            Begovic conceeded 3…. Cech conceeded just a goaL…. Who’d u rather hold onto?

      3. jonm says:

        I looked up Ospina stats on Squawka, last season, premier league games per 90 minutes played. Ospina was best goalie by far so I do not understand why we went for Cech.

    6. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Absolutely no cause for celebration!…. Up next: LIVERPOOL….It’s not getting any easier for us

      1. sylvainwiltord says:

        Cheer up we won everyone celebrates briefly when they win

    7. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Per gotta be the slowest thing on earth… And giroud scored today, He must be world class striker my A*s!

      1. moneytalks says:

        Per and Kos both need to show some courage while blocking. They read the game well but both look afraid to block when others are shooting from distance. Need a strong leader like
        Keown who is strong, leader, physical and scare the strikers.

    8. usama afc says:

      Ozil you beauty, 98% pass completion u gave ur critics the perfect answer

  2. Greg says:

    Whew! It was a hard fought 3 points!

  3. muffdiver says:

    why buy mesut ozil if u do not provide the fire power he needs to flourish.
    dont understand it
    santi yet again …just love him

    1. john0711 says:

      He was MOM today muff, but there will still be ozil haters who don’t understand football, he created at least 4 good chances , Suarez would love to play with ozil and so would Henry

    2. moneytalks says:

      Thats my exact point. If we had Suarez/Aguero Ozil would have had 100 assists every season.

  4. gooner4ever says:

    Nice to get three points, but defensively still shaky and unorganised and offensively still to unclinical!!! Has anybody noticed when an oppositions player tries to shoot we always just stand and stare and turning away instead of closing the player down. So the player has all the time to shoot!!

    1. muffdiver says:


      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        @muff….for the love of snails, squids abd oysters!

  5. Honest Opinion says:

    A win at last.Inspite of what wenger makes u believe we are lethargic and far from best.

  6. B.R.94 says:

    Good for start
    COYG 🙂

  7. Greg says:

    3points thanks to a brace from our talisman alexis! Coyg!

  8. mobaygunner says:

    First 3 pts of the season ill take it….gotta start somewhere..up the gunners

  9. John Legend says:

    I will take that. Palace knew if they come at us, they will give us a hard time and they did. No win will be easy henceforth.

    1. seancali says:

      It’s not easy to beat palace away from home….

  10. Greg says:

    Nacho monreal defended very good today!

    1. Segy Turner says:

      thank you. And some deluded so-called fan claimed Monreal was poor today.

      1. kev says:

        What he was very poor.Bolasie was using him for some skills i dont know if i watched him clearly or i was blind but Bolasie had a good game against Monreal and Zaha too even all dangerous crosses were from his side.I dont know what i watched.He was caught out a lot of times and the player you are talking about is koscielny he was at left back several times defending for him.I dont know how to convince you because i watched him a lot of time and he was beaten easily against Bolasie.

        1. ethangooner says:

          I dont know if you watch enough football. Palace wing play is very highly rated in the league. Zaha and Bolasie are considered very dangerous wingers who are very good at one-on-one. Bolasie is rated at 25M in some transfer rumour, no pushover here. Get your fact straight, no fullbacks will have easy game against them. Nacho got a solid game today

  11. mall-gooner says:

    3 points very imp. Giroud scored wonderful goal but I still doubt his ability to take us forward. No backup for Coq which is very dangerous. It was not end of world for me when we lost against hammers not enthusiastic by today’s game.
    Ozil was impressive so was Cazorla. For me it was not Cech fault as I don’t think anyone would have stopped that.

    1. Segy Turner says:

      Naah. Cechs weakness happens to be low shots, and Crystal Palace tried to make the best of that. CHANCES are Ospina or sczesny could have saved it.

      1. ethangooner says:

        Cech is a consistent commanding goalkeeper but not a great shot stopper. It is a really good shot Although the like of De Gea last season may stop it. He got a decent but not brilliant game

  12. Unconvincing win but 3points anyway.

  13. gilo says:

    Tricky season this is gonna be!! Still I see we’re lacking.

  14. 61 never again says:

    COYG today was about the 3 points bit nervie at the end but overall good game

  15. Wayne Barker says:

    We were lucky, Coquelin should have been off. But a win is better than no win but no way was well deserved. Ugly win – I WILL take it.

  16. Greg says:

    My nails are a lot shorter now guys! What an edge of your seat game!

  17. vega says:

    Better performance from Ramsey, better from Oezil, better from Giroud, I’m satisfied. Gabriel needs to get in this team fast though! One thing that this game shows is the need for another DM, this is one of the situations where we need a good DM. I wasnt comfortable with Arteta coming off the bench.

    1. GoonerG1 says:

      I am not comfortable with Arteta either but he did well today.

  18. optimisticgooner says:

    Mertasacker is the teams worst player!

    1. rkw says:

      By a long long way …. Sorry u were thumbed down for this but anyone with an ounce of fooballing knowledge can see it …championship level player at best

      1. kev says:

        One thing i realized is that when the truth is spoken about some arsenal players people become angry and call others negative.However it is wrong to insult others and call a person like Mourinho classless because he has more class than anyone who does that.

  19. ButtFlaps says:

    We must purchase striker and put Gabriel to Pear. Dreams can come true!!!

  20. Alexis Ozil says:

    Putting the result aside, I feel Aaron Ramsey is a big problem for Arsenal. He’s a good player, but not good enough to displace Santi in the middle of the park. Yet Wenger still feels the need to shoehorn him into the starting XI. He can do a job on the right if we are suffering an injury crisis but we are not. I’m not sure if the boss has told him he’s allowed a free role from the right to keep him happy or wether his positional sense is just that bad that he can’t stay wide? He was infield choking the play and narrowing the game. The only wide outlet came from Alexis on the left. Meanwhile a fully fit Ox and Theo were left sitting on the bench. They will be fuming and rightly so. Only when Le Coq needed to be replaced did the Ox come on to give us some width and still Ramsey stayed. Wenger must see this? He gets paid to make big decisions but I’m afraid he’s just to spineless to make them!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      We may never understand what goes on in wenger’s wooden head!

    2. ethangooner says:

      I have a different view of Ramsey. He had a really good game and play an important role even on the wing. In the first 20 minutes the way Ramsey move inside and find space between the lines create a lot chances for us (even the commentator said so). Pardew had to push Cabaye backward to nullify the threat of Ramsey but that also make Palace less creative in attack.
      Another important aspect of Ramsey is that he like to attack the box, we need more player who want to do that. Ozil does not do that, no for Carzola or Chamberlain. Only Sanchez and Giroud are not enough – last game no Sanchez, Giroud cross the ball in but no one in the box. An alternative for Ramsey is obviously Walcott but his defensive game is not great and away from home, against the threat of the best wing play game in the league, a must win game, Ramsey makes a lot of sense.

      1. 11Guns says:

        I must say that this is one of the most logical and best explained replies i have seen here in a while, and I can’t do anything else than agree. I wish more comments were like this, kudos my friend!

  21. Greg says:

    Defense still looks shakey, and this must be worked on!

  22. Mesut Özil misplaced just one of the 55
    passes he attempted vs. Crystal Palace.
    Tidy in possession.

  23. Theophilus says:

    lets call a spade a spade, ospina could do us much good. good win tho.

  24. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I prefer ugly win with 3 points in the kit to a beautiful and entertaining draw !!!

  25. thetruth says:

    have no confidence on cech

  26. kev says:

    See how poor nacho monreal was today yet people never criticize him.Gibbs should start over him next week.Yet people would say things like Gibbs is shit despite him being very consistent for arsenal.The only problem to me with Gibbs is that sometimes in some matches he gets caught out too much apart from that he is a better left back than Monreal and when both are at full pelt Gibbs is still better.I just dont get it i watch the two of them play and i dont know what makes Monreal better than him.

    1. juhislihis says:

      You are deluded and blind as f*ck if you think Monreal was poor today! And that’s not even an opinion, that’s a fact!

      1. kev says:

        What he was very poor today.He was caught out on several occassions i was watching him on several occasions where he was caught out.He was also beaten buy anyone he faced very easily.I just dont get it and am not deluded.Open your eyes for the next match and watch Nacho

      2. kev says:

        Yes people will call me deluded shit stupid ignorant or whatever but that is what i see when i watch Nacho Monreal he is not better than Gibbs in anyway.And if you dont see it that way then it is your opinion but when i watch him constantly that is what i see most at times.even player rating said the same thing and i am sure other sites would be just check always defending player very blindly.Just wait and see and i will say i told you so.

        1. seancali says:

          Look at how many thumb downs you got, I guess you were not the only person who watched the game. We all watched and nacho was awsome today. Are you OK?

          1. kev says:

            No he did not hold his own against Bolasie he was practising skills with him as he always does to players he destroys we should be giving credit to Bellerin rather maybe i watched a different game where i did not see Bolasie or Zaha dribble past hiom and put in a cross.Sorry my eyes deceived me and i was blind.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Did u watch the game or u were just told stories of it?

  27. achilles9546 says:

    I just cannot watch that F***ker Ramsey play, he breaks the whole momentum of the play. He should be brought in as a sub. or should be asked to sit on the Bench.

    1. medvet says:

      agree with that, he is always trying to do the most difficult thing and lose too many balls

      1. seancali says:

        Ramsey should be on the bench. He sukkks big time. He’s the worst player we have at the moment.

  28. rkw says:

    Went toe to to toe with a mid table team and came out on top by a whisker!!! If wenger does not buy at least two players and bench mertesacker and Ramsey I will have to draw conclusion that anyone can be a premiership manager … Girouds performance is why he is an excellent squad player but not leading strike force …. But two games in have confirmed what most reasonably minded supporters have been saying namely a quality DM is essential …coq is work in progress … They won so much in 50 50 tackles it was shocking … Ox looked good when he came on but overall thought bellerin handled himself well against dangerous wingers and wld be my man of match … Santi was too sloppy in first 45 to claim it and Alexis is still not 100 per cent but still gives his all … Some of ozils touches are just sublime but he cld work a bit harder FFS…Over to wenger now to close deals in next 7 days or he can F off for me

  29. kev says:

    This should even tell us about the potential of Szczesny to win golden glove with this defence.What a keeper he is the one i feel sorry for in whole arsenal team thrown in at 19 years old behind an ever shaky defense then see where he is now being called is a real shame i feel so sorry for him because i wonder what if he was 19 years then started at Chelsea would he still be like this and lack confidence.I love you Szczesny wherever you are.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      One helluva Love Letter!

  30. Godswill says:

    3 points were all I needed in this game anyhow it could have come, playing well or not. We got it. Let’s build on it. Ozil would have gotten more than one assist today but for some others that had the last touches. Even then,
    ” Mesut Ozil misplaced just one of his 55 attempted passes today. Not bad eh?” BBC Sport Football Premier league.

  31. sylvainwiltord says:

    That was never goin to be pretty ,good win , ozil creating countless chances ,coq on top form apart from his naivety, happy gooner

  32. Gunnerbongo says:

    He has been for quite long time now but very underrated.A turning point performance wise will be against Liverpool thats what I believe

  33. Uzi Ozil says:

    Just delighted we got the three points. No need to panic. Cech will save Arsenal points this season. When we got cech, I told a friend that I wouldn’t be surprise if cech goofs in his first few games in arsenal. Cech and the defense still lacks a bit of understanding for mi… Koscieny should have close ward down but he just turned his back… We’ll grow from strength to strength. Ozil had a good game, Giroud goal was great. Santi is priceless, Sanchez is a hardworker and never gives up, bellerin and monreal did well too, Kos is a boss. Even arteta held his on. I won’t complain.

    I still feel we need a striker and DM but won’t ponder on that. We shall see.

    3points, up next: Liverpool @ the emirates.

  34. Bereal says:

    Who ever thinks we got title wining squad are deluded,as there buffun manager wenger.god how i thats moron wenger left us with his love childs akb ass lickers.

  35. medvet says:

    complacency from the fans is all that i can see, especially from the wenger lovers….
    WE NEED ANOTHER DM AND STRIKER, for god sake…..

  36. levilove says:

    nervy game mehn…ll take it tho…DM desperately nided, can’t trust Arteta’s fitness…+ Ramsey’s jes more of headache than blessing…way to go boys! COYG

  37. Ronny331 says:

    Firstly we got the 3 points and first goal we needed today, phew!
    However when we needed Coquelin off who did we have to bring on Arteta! this is simply not good enough for the our club. How can Wenger not see this. A young, energetic specialist DM is not hard to find, would be cheap and a clear upgrade to Mikel.
    Secondly Per is done again hes a pasenger, we need to start playing Garbriel or Chambers. How can Wenger not see this? Why did we not start Theo or Ox when we needed some pace on the right? relying on Bellerin to get forward is risky with Per at the back.
    Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil cannot be accomodated in the starting XI at the same time. How can Wenger not see this?
    God damn I’m so tired of us all repeating ourselves.
    Go get Benzema and a DM player, drop Per now before I season starts to crumble.
    Lastly let’s not get on Coquelins back at all if he is not as good as last year, he played out of his skin and above expectations. It’s not his fault if his game drops and we become exposed, it’s Wengers for not having another DM to rotate with him.

  38. Ks-Gunner says:

    The game was very intense, and never once i felt at ease.

    Srry, but i think that we need a better Dm as Coquelin. Arteta is a fine player but i have not the greatest hope that they can do it.

    What is Ramseys role in the team? What is Wenger thinking in placing a player on the wings, when that player never stays there in the first place. He is disturbing the game flow in my openion.

    Giroud did good. Needs to be more agressive during the game.

    Cech looks not comfertable to me. I am happy that Ospina didnt left us. If it comes to it, he will retake his poz as the nr1. Cong. to the points. Leets keep it up. Coyg-

  39. FFFanatic says:

    Tactical naivety from the manager again today. No excuse of injuries or what not – just tactically naive. No width. Coquelin was naive too. Should have come off at half time. Didn’t. We should not play a 4-1-1-3-1 if Ramsey is wide. It makes little to no sense and it means Bellerin has to work FAR harder for the team than need be.Ox is a class player and should not be on the bench to facilitate other players who are not as good in his position. Same can be said of Theo.

    One thing to note from today though, Koscielny needs to wake up. That goal was on him today and he needs to start acting like himself and blocking stuff. Seems like he’s had some passion knocked out of him!

    Second note – why was Ox so…scared? When he came on he muddled around instead of attacking anything. Weird if you ask me…

  40. THEFINALGURU says:

    Wenger has failed and from look of things

    the potential to fail is still there.

    This failure has led to many people’s health to be in a dreadful conditions

    What about people living unhappy lives?

    the ridicule

    and even suicide and deaths

    Truly The day Wenger leaves AFC the world would be very peaceful.


    Trust me.

  41. Robkrieger says:

    hmm, I noticed that rightly Bellerin replaces Debuchy on rb, but debuchy looked rock solid as CB last year, and might be better than BFG, except we then have noone really tall in defence. Walcott’s getting wooden splinter in his Arse-nal for 140.000 pounds a week, no wonder he can still smile.

  42. THEFINALGURU says:

    Wenger is a disease

  43. Wonder says:

    Watching Begovic making those saves for Chelsea you wonder why Wenger didn’t go for him!

  44. Ronny331 says:

    I hope Cech will come good, I just think he’s in shock and nervy at how c*ap our defense is at times!
    He’s gone from having brave gladiators in front of him in Terry and Cahill to two CB’s that turn their backs to the ball and one that get’s his feet tangled up if he needs to move quickly or readjust, (Per obviously). Hopefully Cech will start to adjust his game accordingly and organise, (berate) LK and PM more vocally.

  45. Greg says:

    All those who are saying monreal defended poorly today, i question them as being true arsenal supporters!

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      for me he was man of the match

  46. Ronny331 says:

    Anyone watching Begovic? Wow he’s on fire!, (so far at least).

  47. SoOpa AeoN says:

    That cross caught sanchez’s head… Then a bad clearing by delaney resulting in the world…. What if none of it ever happened?…. We’d be Looking at a possible draw (1pt in 2games) right?….. WE ARE JUST NOT READY !

  48. k-ool says:

    nice goal

    1. Gigi2 says:

      U r a joke pal.
      Agüero. ..i love that kind of striker but I D celebrate a nice goal from Giroud first cause he a gunner.
      I knew you D be quiet be cuz he scored a nice goal and ypu had nothing to Ania. ..but now it’s clear….u r a fan of anything but arsenal.
      Keep on celebrating nice goals from any body bur arsenal…

  49. Segy Turner says:

    Contrary to many fans’ beliefs, having Ramsey on today wasnt a bad tactic after all. i feel he had a good game, and where CP thought they could easily mark our midfield men, there was always that extra man walking right through. Cabaye and McArthur looked defensively clueless for me. With everyone rotating, you just dont know who to mark. Reason why Ozil created most chances from the wing, when everyone else expected him to be in the middle. And on the counters, Ramsey was in the box well unmarked.
    You can Ox didnt exactly provide much when he came on.

    1. rkw says:

      Just delusional beyond belief … The man was out of position that is obvious but his endless stupid flicks and missed passes mean he can be a decent bench player at best …. Should probably have sold when the metro was making up stories of going to barca and the crazies on this site actually bought it …can’t see a place for him as santi and jack are both way better … Same for Walcott ..could probably have got 35m for the pair and brought in griezman for that plus Campbell thrown in so no cost to club… Bring in benzema and Alexis … Now that would be a serous attack for me and within budget add a decent DM and would think ok we are in business …sadly I wake up and the Frenchman is sitting there on bench looking like a tired old fart and spouting of on team spirit …. Pity nirvana aren’t around to sing about him

  50. ArseOverTit says:

    3 points well needed so well done chaps even though Wenger likes to make it as difficult as possible by putting out an unbalanced team once again.

  51. Gigi2 says:

    3 points.
    Giroud scores.
    Alexis forces the other goal.
    Cech apparently screwed only once.

    Wtf I’ll take it 🙂

  52. fred cowardly says:

    I hope this shows that Giroud is NOT a “donkey” or “sh!t” as so many have commented this week. He is a good CF. If we got a Top CF, Giroud would be an excellent supersub.

    That said can you imagine what enjoyment Lewandowski, Benzema, and other top CF’s would have with Ozil’s service. A top CF would make Ozil, Cazorla, Alexis look even better than they appear now.

    I feel like Ozil’s great passing is going to waste somehow

    1. luvdaguns says:

      he is a 13 GPS striker, thats his average for his first 3 yrs, pretty consistent. thats a goal every 3 matches. if that meets the needs the fantastic,

      1. josh37 says:

        umm 21 Premier league starts last season and 14 goals. It was more like 2 in 3…

  53. vinie2000 says:

    Watching Man City – Chelskie now..why wenger insist on playing some players who really are not stepping up to the next level? we got to buy a rock experience DM and WC striker..Aguero giving Terry so much hard time with his hard work..only Alexis does this in arsenal..but the pace of the wingers sterling and navas are dveastating the wooden frames on the back of WHY WE PLAY RAMSEY AS WINGER? SHOUDL BE SANTI – DM -OZIL-ALEXIS-OX/THEO-AND WOLDR CLASS ST ( BENZEMA ) COME ON we all know that’s what wee need.ARSENE doesnt and will not change his way of thinking until we are fighting for 4th or 3rd again with his cheap excuses. get CARVALHO AND BENZEMA and stop pleasing RAMSEY FFS

  54. Mick The Gooner says:

    Anyone watching Chelsea Man City? Fernandinho caught Costa with an elbow. Costa went up to Fernandinho trying to intimidate him, then Yaya Toure walked over and Costa shut up straight away. Funniest thing…

    1. josh37 says:

      Watched the first half. Costa is an absolute toolbag. Seriously..

  55. tegh7 says:

    Flattered to deceive! Far too many average players to guarantee consistency or to maintain any sustained challenge. Another underwhelming season in the offing; Perhaps, the only consolation is that at the end of which the delusional fraud of a manager will be entering his last year of his contract. About time to free AFC from the shackles of self-imprisonment occasioned by a cult of destructive elements that surround the club.

    1. josh37 says:

      I hate it when we win too!!! Erggghhh soooooo annoying!!

  56. luvdaguns says:

    OG is tied for our leading scorer the season! Of course OG is “own goal”

  57. luvdaguns says:

    we need a 20 Goal/ season striker to win the league, talking 20 goals in the league, not all comps. Henri netted 26 average for 5 yrs when we were competing for 1-2… OG averaged 13 over his first 3 yrs. we need a break out season from him to min 20

  58. moneytalks says:

    Real Madrid have agreed to sign Kovacavic for 25 m. Benzema a gunner ?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Maybe a gonner. But a gooner to be?

      The tabloids will be hotter now.

  59. ArseOverTit says:

    We need to buy crystal meth palaces ground to get some frigging atmosphere at our barbiturates stadium.

    Or maybe it’s the clientele.


  60. Mick The Gooner says:

    I’m torn. I really want Chelsea to get beat but a draw is the best result for us.

    1. mall-gooner says:

      Same here but I am loving Mourihno face hahha

  61. lalitsyal says:

    Today JM wasn’t short of player but medical staff……hahahahahaha…….loving every bit of the match…….anyways we had a good win……..still need a striker

  62. moneytalks says:

    Man City look like the real deal to me.

  63. k-ool says:

    Aguero is a joy to watch.
    We do NOT have a striker.
    Let me repeat, we do NOT have a striker.

  64. Ronny331 says:

    Both jeinny Lizarazo and Emanuelle guilene, (or whatever his name is) said Benzema would be signed by us this week. Lizarazo mentioned Kovacavic in her tweets, exciting week ahead hopefully.
    #Arsenalsignevacarneiro. She didn’t even travel with the Chelsea squad today.

  65. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I heard that Flamini will be the sacrificial lamb to provide / complement for Benzema wages.

    I don’t like rumours but I have positive feelings towards this Benzema saga.

  66. Mick The Gooner says:

    Chelsea look weak

  67. muffdiver says:

    city with the win

  68. lalitsyal says:

    Not what the doctor ordered………hahahahahahahahaha…….

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