Arsenal reported to be close to agreeing midfielder signing

French media outlet links Pape Gueye with a move to Arsenal.

Arsenal are reportedly close to striking a £5million deal to sign Le Havre midfield starlet Pape Gueye.

The 21-year-old was first linked with us by Estadio Deportivo earlier this week, with that report naming Sevilla as also being among his admirers.

However, it may be that we’ve stolen a march on our rivals, as Jeunes Footeux suggest an agreement on a £5m transfer is close.

It’s hard to know for sure how reliable this is, but it’s been picked up by the Daily Express and others, so it seems like a story that’s gaining ground.

Gueye also makes sense as a target for Arsenal right now after disappointing seasons from midfielders like Granit Xhaka and Matteo Guendouzi.

Gueye looks the next big thing coming through in French football, with that Estadio Deportivo report describing him as being a hybrid of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante.


  1. I like the look of him. He could be the next midfield dynamo and $5m is a good price. This is how we should attack the market going forward, Kroenke aint going to invest, so we need to buy young potential and groom them like Leicester and RB Lezpig/Salzburg.

    1. 👍 Roshan, totally agree with this strategy; however having lost Sven Mislantat, Steve Morrow and other scouts, Arsenal’s scouting and recruitment has to show marked improvement, Martinelli being a step in the right direction.

  2. Cheap young French. Yup that’s exactly Arsenal . Guendouxi 5m Martinelli 7m Luiz 8m Ceballos Mari Soares loan you can see where Arsenal is right now. Its all because of Pepe 70m Laca 50m Musstafi 43m Ozil 350k p/w Mikhi 170k p/w and the loss of Sanchez 60m and Ramsey 50m. Buying young before their value climbs is how it is going to be now.. The theory being they would have to be absolutely useless not turn a profit. Footeux is on his way for sure.

  3. Arsenal is now looking for cheap options and loan deals when buying players. Pape who? I have never heard of him. Little wonder we are now a mid table club. Very unfortunate.

    1. So we are midtable because you have “never heard of Pape”? Your words, not mine! “Very unfortunate” was correct though , assuming it applied to your own post!

    2. We are mid-table partly due to previous poor recruitment decisions and planning. Specifically, agreeing to pay inflated salaries to average players. So because ‘you’ haven’t heard of him he’s not good enough…there’s plenty no one’s heard of before they arrive at AFC..Wenger himself, everyone was scratching their heads when he arrived along with many players…

  4. Spot on Steve. French under 19 international, 6ft2″ left footed DM, a host of Clubs chasing him, what’s not to like for 5m? Could he be a replacement for Xhaka?

  5. If we lose out to him the same fans will call us all sorts for not getting him over the line. This is a good deal if it’s true, he’s a France under 19 international, if we wait then someone else will get him and if he makes it onto the national side, then it will be a steal for that club.

    Another tall player for the spine, and he plays Arteta’s position. I reckon this is the type of signing that Arteta could excel at, moulding a young player and getting him to work not dissimilar to City or pool players work ethics.

  6. i doubt we are close to signing anyone. As for this possible signing. Could be great, could be crap. Our scouting hasn’t been great lately, with Martinelli being the only exception. If we are going to buy players on the cheap like this they need to be hits or we will keep struggling to get UCL football.

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