Pardew promises games for on-loan Arsenal striker

The new Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew seems very positive about the arrival of the Arsenal striker Yaya Sanogo on loan, and promises to give him ample game-time to prove that he has the talent to make it in the Premier League.

“Yaya comes into our club with much more of an even chance of starting or playing,” he told reporters. “I spoke to Arsene [Wenger], and he has high regard for the player and feels that it would be good for Arsenal and for him to come on loan.

“It’s a platform for him, no more than that, to see if he is ready to be a Premier League player for Arsenal. He needs to prove that here, and his first few days training have been very good and we’re pleased to have him.”

“He has a fantastic CV, full of all the grades you need before you become a Premier League player. He’s done all that, he’s an U21 French international, etc.”

Wenger himself seems to believe that Sanogo can do well at Palace, despite he youngster’s failure to get a single Premiership goal for Arsenal. Le Prof said: “Look, Sanogo needs to play,”

“For me, he needs to play in the Premier League. Then we’ll know much more about him. I think he’s ready – it’s a very interesting challenge for him to have that responsibility. It’s part of the development of the player.”

Hopefully it will be good for him, a new environment, not so many World Class players to be awed by. If Pardew can get the lad’s confidence back up it can only be good for Sanogo and Arsenal.

Fingers crossed!

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        1. I doubt he’ll get much game time? I’d play Frazier Campbell, Puncheon, Zaha, Bolasie, Awssome hair Chamakh. I worry he’ll warm the bench.

    1. hey muff muncher, you should actually watch a crystal palace game, he has been a big player for them. despite our lack of success with strikers, it goes to show how tough it is to make it at arsenal

  1. anyone seen bacary sagna?

    boy what a pratt he was, great decision made there predator.
    no more games for u until u head to singapore to play for samurai fc

    1. The only consolation for him is that he has now got more time to count his money and spend some productive quality time with his, if I might say so, rather scrumptious wife!

    2. Bacary has an expensive wife to maintain. You peons can take your GFs for a fish and chips.
      Bac has to ante up for French Polynesia vacations and nice stuff.

      Bac went to fund his retirement. I have respect for Sagna.

    3. and if Man Citeh Lifts the trophy…… His name would be Listed in the squad…..his biography will be like…… “Bacary sagna EPL champion winner with man city 2014/2015” …..while Giroud et al wait for their 1st EpL trophy …… L()L

    4. am i alone, muff? for me, sagna’s decision was NEVER about playing. it was to be his last real pro contract, ever. with that in mind, he wanted to capitalize on his last real earning opportunity as a pro athlete. no guaranty he continues to make more once he’s retired. i couldn’t blame him for the decision based on that thought process. he was loyal, and just needed to get paid. that alone ran against our policies. simple. good for him.

    1. That’s quite good for us

      Actually 5 injuries (not including diaby but 2 are only 2 weeks away)

      1. Debuchy- 3 months
      2. Arteta- 3 months
      3. Wilshere- end of February
      4. Welbeck- 2 weeks
      5. Gnabry – 2 weeks

      For me the biggest loss is Debuchy as hé van play both RB and CB. I hope Wenger makes good use of Bellerin and Chambers.

      But hope everyone gets well as soon as possible.

      1. Gnabry worries me.
        Remember Frimpong missing almost two years(back to back ACLs) and losing his skills. He went down hill pretty quick.

        Come on Serge !!!

        1. @ArseneIsYourDaddy
          Really wish Frimpong hadn’t been so injured. He would have been our Beast DM by now…

        2. Frimpong had all the physical tools but a head like Bendtners. Too interested in the lifestyle of a footballer & not enough commitment & focus.

          Gnabry will be excellent when healthy.

  2. I don’t expect an Afobe thing to happen to Yaya once he shines for Eagles….all the best homie

  3. Score loads for Crystal Palace and either;
    Come back, play more, prove your place or Wenger sell him in summer and take the profit then spend on new striker. Win win.
    Or he doesn’t score loads, comes back in summer, no one wants him and he burns a hole on the bench/wage bill every week…
    Pull your finger out San! 🙂

  4. 3 young players I don’t want to see leave in particular are Afobe, Crowley and Hayden. They have a lot of potential.

    I see a lot of potential for Afobe as a striker but not really Sanogo. I hope Sanogo proves me wrong.
    I know he scored some goals for France U21 but PL is different and he needs to prove himself with his loan

  5. With sanago out on loan it’s a win win situation IMO,he will get game time,premier league experiance and goals,akpom will get more time with the first team squad and finally it could help us if Sanogo scores goals against our rivals

    1. How much is the phones uve been using to type this bs ertime? Spend spend spend rahman, we need quality comments

  6. Glad we loaned him and very glad it was to another premier league side. He needs to be playing a lot to find his feet and get his confidence up.

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