Paris Saint-Germain turn down chance to sign Arsenal bad boy

In their desperate bid to get rid of Matteo Guendouzi, Arsenal offered the Frenchman to Paris Saint-Germain, but the French side rejected him, according to The Telegraph.

The Gunners are currently rebuilding their team under Mikel Arteta as they seek to become one of the top sides in England again.

The good days appear to be coming back after the Gunners won two trophies last month.

They will want to finish in the top four in the new campaign and their summer business suggest that they are serious about that.

They have made a number of impressive signings recently, the last of which was the signing of Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille.

The report claims they expect to sign more players for Arteta’s side but they will have to sell some of their own players first.

The Telegraph states that they have made Guendouzi available for transfer and he was offered to PSG as the French side look to land Hector Bellerin, but they rejected Guendouzi and have maintained their interest in completing a move for Bellerin instead.

Guendouzi has developed a bad boy reputation in his short time in North London and he was axed from the first team at the end of last season.

Although Arteta appears to have forgiven him, it appears that he will likely not be part of the team in the coming season. 

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  1. It is not all gloomy;The lad has a huge potential to develop into a great central midfielder.He deserves a second chance

    1. Hill, to do what exactly?
      I have never seen a player who passes sideways and backwards as much as he does
      Now I don’t know if that’s because he’s following instructions, so I can’t criticise him as an individual, but I think he is the most overrated of all our youngsters anyway.
      If he was that good, why hasn’t anyone made a concrete bid for him, as this is the criteria used when evaluating other players on here?
      I think he has burnt his bridges, despite what MA says in public, as he is still trainibg outside of the first team squad.

      1. Haha, Ken I completley agree. I have yet to see a convincing argument as to how Guendouzi has all this potential. I think people are still hyped about the promise of when we first signed him. He had a good start here but has gotten nowhere since and his attitude has only gotten worse. If it is true he’s having bust-ups with Arteta and not respecting other players either, it’s difficult to defend him. He’s not good enough to be that arrogant. Hope we can get good money from selling him on.

      2. Total agreement KEN. I badly want this overhyped trouble maker out of our club and somewhere else where he cannot infect our impressionable younger players with his arrogance. Any club which chooses to keep a rotten apple in their barrel will pay the price of that folly. MA will not do so, IMO.

  2. Initially I thought that Guendouzi was going to be a real asset.
    Being of a certain age, I can accept only so much from a young man with so much to learn in life. Taking aim at the boss and totally disrespecting his opponent was silly. To still be out of the team for discipline reasons mean to me that he is still silly and, therefore, likely to be a liability.
    Arteta needs willing players, and with a return to the CL a priority, Guendouzi has shot himself in the foot.

  3. Seeing as I’m missing going, I’ve been watching highlights of games I went to – Villa 3-2 today – MG was immense that day!! (Chambers/Auba goals 👌)
    It’s a shame it ended this way, but I wish him well wherever he ends up 🙂

    1. Honestly guys I agree w Sue M.G is a good player w need him in our team, h has good bad positive passes and his vision is good aswel so I think w have t keep him and h has t make up with Arteta

    2. For me this was his best performance for Arsenal. Without him that day we would surely have lost to a poor Villa side.

  4. To deny that he is talented or has great potential is evil. But who can stay with a beautiful lady who is disrespectful for so long?
    He is still very young and has a lot to learn in life. However, the fact that he’s been out of the team this long means that he’s unbearably stubborn – almost incorrigible. No matter what type of talent he may possess, he is better sold.
    I wish all the best…

  5. I think the report that Arsenal offered MG to PSG is flawed, his agents would be tasked with that not Arsenal. It would be sad to see him go, he is one of the few midfielders that can carry the ball forward and is always looking to move the ball forwards quickly. I think next season a midfield of him and Ceballos would have been exciting and maybe adding another ball winner in the ilk of Partey, stiffening up a present weak midfield as far as power. But if Arteta cant work with the talent he has that is a shame and Arsenals loss. Lets hope we dont end up with egg on our faces and let him go cheaply too develop somewhere else.

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