Paris St Germain holds the key to two possible Arsenal signings

A couple of Arsenal transfer rumours stood out for me today and both involved French giants Paris St Germain in some way.

The first one concerns PSG midfielder Christopher Nkunku who is viewed seen as a replacement for Aaron Ramsey and the second piece of speculation is about Man Utd’s Ander Herrera, who has reportedly not yet agreed to a move to Paris which is said to give us hope of signing the Spaniard.

Let’s take these two one at a time, first, the story with Nkunku is that he has refused a new deal with PSG.

The 21-year-old knows Emery from their time together in Paris and the line being used is that a reunification between the player and his former manager is on the cards.

It has to be said that this is, of course, possible, apparently, we have already tabled a bid for £30 Million and if true, it means we are indeed keen.

Now, Ander Herrera, it seems he has not yet agreed on terms with the French champions and that we are considered to still be in the race to sign the 29-year-old.

According to the report in Inside Futbol, citing French publication L’Equipe, United are still hopeful that they will be able to hang on the midfielder who will be available for free in the summer.

The same report, however, claims that PSG is optimistic that they can convince Herrera to sign for them, though they also claim that Arsenal remain hopeful that Emery can persuade his countryman to join us instead.

Have to say, I am struggling to be convinced with the Herrera link and am far more positive about Nkunku signing for us.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Nkunku is fine as he is still young, but Herrera is too old

    I hope PSG can give us Kimpembe and Kehrer as well

  2. reddb10 says:

    Whatever the case we need to make sure we get someone decent to replace Ramsey.

  3. waal2waal says:

    ..don’t know how others feel about it but the idea of drooling over man utd wantaways and cast offs is off putting. Gone are the days when we used to spot the potential in unknown players and make them into international stars (so it seems).

    Used to be we looked at southampton fc kind of as a feeder club – but if that were stilll the case we’d not have missed out on VVD and the obvious talent that is Mane. Unlikely we’ll be seeing any of the players mentioned (above), no herrera and no nkunku. What about doucoure, gueye or even duelofeu players that would improve us?

    1. gotanidea says:

      This is a sign of Arsenal’s scouting and youth development system degradations. Since Ramsey is leaving, there is only Iwobi that went from the academy to a Nigerian international star

      Bellerin reached the status once, but he is out of Spain’s national team now. Currently the most potential young candidate at the club to become an international star is Guendouzi, but he has to face many strong competitors for a midfield position

      There is a possibility Arsenal might chase Deulofeu next season, because of his good forms, he is a Barca graduate and he could also boost shirt sales. But it would also depend on his performance against us on the 15th

      1. waal2waal says:

        Clearly you get it, my thinking, my drift. thanks for your response. Yes clearly something has gone dreadfully wrong with Arsenal’s scouting and youth development system (among other things). Its a wonder we are doing as well as we are when we look at it in real terms.

        1. CannonSpike says:

          Yol seriously need to calm the fvck down.
          The new Era just started this season.
          Give it time, we just lost a chairman, a long time manager, some backroom staff, a head of scouting etc.

          You guys honestly expected positive changes to just pop out of nowhere, it’s a process and a damn long one at that, so keep your panties on and stop complaining.

          1. waal2waal says:


            You’ve an abstract mind – with idle chat about panties. Get some class (and think before showing yourself up in a failed attempt at wit. Nobody’s complaining here, but if ever they do – its because they want to see improvement and a the change for the better.

            …strange fellow…

  4. jamesbrowney says:

    ….. We need a right winger badly….I think we should get one of Ziyech or Neres from Ajax, no matter the cost. I see both better than Deulofeu as they have both played against the best.

    1. Petit says:

      I still prefer Deulofeu to Neres or Ziyech. Deulofeu has settled and adapted his game to EPL, he would slot in straight away into our team with no adjustment period needed.

  5. Abel says:

    Let’s forget any Watford players, the club is not poor and is owned by the same person who owns Grenada in Spain and Udinese in Italy. Any of their players would be priced out of our reach. Besides, as good as Delofeu appears to be, his form is in patches and he rarely tracks back and is one of the reasons Watford is usually trashed by the big teams as he and his midfield counterparts go gung-ho in attack forgetting their defensive responsibilities leading to an overload of opposition players during a counter. You can watch him and Watford’s recent performance against Manchester United. Both teams had non existent midfield and the team with better composure in front of goal won.

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