Parlour – Benzema could be Arsenal’s Aguero or Costa…..

Ray Parlour joined the chorus of Arsenal supporters who feel that athe ddition of a new striker would give the club a new dimension. Parlour is well-known among the Gunners’ supporters and made 470 appearances for the club between 1991 and 2004.

Parlour says that the club does not know the club’s first choice centre forward. This is in complete contrast to the other clubs in the league, barring a few. This puts the club in a dilemma as to who the focal point of the attack would be.

For quite some time, there are concerns at the club on the capabilities of Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman hasn’t done enough to warrant confidence that he could lead the line and take the club to the next level.

Arsenal has been strongly linked with Giroud’s fellow Frenchman Karim Benzema, who is currently with La Liga side Real Madrid. Giroud has long been chased by Arsene Wenger and was following him even before he landed up at the Spanish capital.

The growing noise for a new striker from Parlour follows the endorsement from another legend Thierry Henry. He commented last week that a transfer for Benzema would make Arsenal genuine title contenders.

Parlour’s statements come in the wake of an opening day 2-0 loss at home to West Ham United. The criticism of the squad will increase following the defeat, but Parlour admits that clearing the confusion around the striker will make the situation better. Having an out-and-out first-choice striker is the first step for every Premier League club and Arsenal is no exception.

“That is a position they’ve got to look at,” Parlour told Sky Sports. “Everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon now but it’s a long, hard season and there’s a long way to go.

“If you look at Man City, you know Sergio Aguero is their main man, for Manchester United it’s Wayne Rooney and at Chelsea, it’s Diego Costa. Who is it at Arsenal?

“I didn’t know who would start for Arsenal on Sunday because Theo Walcott started the Community Shield. I don’t think they have someone who you can say ‘he’s definitely going to play and he will score us goals’.

“Walcott will run in behind and has more pace and Giroud brings the midfield in a bit more – I think he (Giroud) is ahead of Theo at the moment.

“(Karim) Benzema has been well linked and if they could get a proven goalscorer like that then it would be fantastic. They can afford to get him and start competing in the transfer market whereas before they couldn’t because of the stadium.

“He (Wenger) has proved in the past few years he will go and get those big players and Benzema would undoubtedly strengthen their side.”

Most of the Premier League competitors have their front lines settled. Chelsea have Diego Costa and everyone saw how desperate Jose Mourinho is to have even a half-fit Spaniard start for the Blues. Manchester City look to Sergio Aguero to be their front man while their city rivals United have Wayne Rooney to look forward to.

The same cannot be said of Giroud at Arsenal. Theo Walcott started as the striker for the Community Shield game while Giroud did the role against West Ham. However, there seems to be unanimity on the requirement for a new striker ahead of both those contenders. So, will Parlour’s latest statements force the hand of Wenger to dig into the transfer market?

More importantly, will Benzema move? Nothing seems to be coming from the player’s camp except a few over-enthusiastic reports from the Spanish media. But Parlour hopes that the Frechman really does arrive – for the good of the Gunners.


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  1. All we can do is hope and wish Wenger gets to do the right thing(sign players that we need). But I doubt it. Wenger’s emotional…if he could start all 18 players, he would. He’s afraid of how Giroud would feel if he signed a top class forward. Only if I could be allowed to manage Arsenal for a month during the transfer period. He should put Giroud on the market. I would like him to stop playing center midfielders on the flanks, its not cool. Even if we win with Ramsey on the right wing, it isn’t still cool.

    1. Also the reason we have Coquelin at the base of midfield instead of Schneiderlin or Vidal.

      Wenger is brilliant, but some of his traits are beyond normal levels and end up hurting us. Ruthless management which doesn’t massage ego and have excessive ‘belief’ in players would see us line up with Pedro/sterling in place of Walcott, Vidal/Schneiderlin instead of Coquelin, Benz instead of Giroud.

      None of the above have happened cos Theo is a nice guy, coquelin can be developed, Giroud gives his all. But fans then question why we aren’t competing for titles.

      1. This is exactly the reason Arsenal will NEVER seriously challenge Cheshit, Oil City and probably a new look Manure side in the EPL race. I wont waste anyone’s time discussing the Champions League.

        The moment Wenger decided to extend both Walcott and Girouds contract with assinine weekly wages I knew the seasons ambition had been compromised. Whether there both capable of scoring goals and being quality players on there day is beyond contention BUT to win the EPL and advance deep in the Champions League they individually and collectively just arent good enough. A ruthless manager leading a club with actual ambition would of offered both a minimal raise and if rejected sent both out the door to greener pastures. $270K of weekly wages IMHO that could of been used to buy a Benzema and Krychowiak, addressing two problematic areas that Wenger has failed to acknowledge for years.
        But sadly the beat will go on and The Great Le Prof will continue to play a poor mans brand of Barcelona football with nowhere near the same talent.

        1. I have to agree with that, Theo at 140k is example enough of our investment both financially and in terms of time in players who are not capable of being decisive players in winning titles.

          Plenty will turn heir nose up at that statement but Chelsea/City/United wouldn’t be more likely to win the league from buying Theo…that’s the reality.

          Find it incomprehensible that given the choice of Theo and Pedro we’ve opted for Theo. One has played for Barca and Spain the last half decade to great effect, the other scored 15 league goals one season. Mind numbing.

          1. Absolutely agree …just watched barca Sevilla Pedro comes on in extra time gives his all and scores …Walcott wanders on Sunday and strolls around for 30 mins occasional burst and lost balls … The difference with barca ( or Sevilla for that matter) is not just the skill level …which is massive’s the intensity movement and work rate of all players inc messi … If u want to play a passing game these are essential qualities and we came close with the 07-08 team and then just a string of dumb purchases and sales and fixation with so called home grown talent who were way below standard with bendtner the king of them all …. Wenger is a tired old timer living in his past he cannot take us beyond what he has done already …so it really is time to say au revoir to the Frenchman et bonne chance in your retirement

      2. We come here, we joke, we say stupid things sometimes, we laugh, bla, bla, bla… But let’s all be serious: Wenger is not looking like the kind of manager who’s seriously after a major trophy like the EPL, not to talk of the UCL.

    2. i just have to Laugh at our manager and our transfer window so far……..wengahahahahahahahahahaha!

      1. Man did you see how Zarate of West Ham wasted Rhino? I mean what’s all this? Per is good, but Koscielny covers him up very much.

    1. Three legends who’ve done it at the highest level and know what it takes in order for us to win the league,players like Ozil,Giroud etc are not helping our cause we need more leaders with fight in the team!

  2. No team wins the league without a 20+ league goals striker and a strong defence that keeps clean sheets,we can’t afford anymore accidents as Wenger would put it if we want to really challenge for the title

  3. losing to west ham was embarrassing..
    go and buy the benz, and inject some life into our tired looking team

    1. The only Benz that wenger will buy is a mercedes-benz
      That should cheer him up,
      After Sundays result ??

  4. I Say it again. It isn’t Giroud’s fault that we lost. Wenger was talking about cohesion, but he forgot the other thing which is balance. If we line up with conservative fbs, we have to play 2 wingers. Honestly, I felt like we missed DW in that game.
    Is Benzema the solution? I don’t know but he will be a great addition. But if we don’t get him, I really would like another winger. I hope we get reus or even Pedro.

    1. the last time i checked, pedro Looks destined for manure, thr’s even rumours of his family seeking apartment in the manchester (this isn’t arsenal rumour, so might be True)…….. Pls think of someone else!

      1. We’ve been linked with Pedro before, if we get him it won’t be bad; he’s even two footed (or so I think).

        Now imagine a front three of sanchez, Pedro and Theo…

  5. Benzema would give assists, goals, off the ball movement. Its no coincidence Ozil said he is what he calls a ‘complete’ striker. Now another thing is IF he comes in… soon would he slot in? Because from the thirst of fans….we want INSTANT hits. Mind it took a few games for sanchez to adapt here. But Quality is quality.

  6. And I won’t mind cavani. Fast skilled and a right footed MORE mobile version of a giroud. Lost a bit of his confidence under the shade of Ibrahim…while in Napoli as the MAIN man he was phenomenal. With the kind of TIME PATIENCE wenger gives to giroud…..getting his confidence back shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. Worst case scenario: NO BENZ !…………. Pls dn’t scream “WTF” ……I’m only trying to be realistic…… I’m not resting on my oars ….considering Giroud and walcott have only just signed big money extended contracts

  8. I think at least Walcott has the physical capability to be a top class striker, if he positions himself correctly, but although Giroud knows where to position himself, he can only score 1 in 7. Both of them have no competition either – Akpom knocking on the door could’ve woken them up, but now Wenger’s loaned him off, for some inexplicable reason. We’re hardly swimming in strikers ATM.

  9. Anyone watching Barcelona vs Sevilla stalemate? Losing 4-1 to barca, Sevilla’s manager was cool headed, made the right subs & giving instructions to his players. Now they are level. I wonder what Wenger would have done?
    Krychowiac is a beast.

    1. Wenger would have had his head in his hands,
      Muttering “f##k my old boots” whilst hiding behind steve bould ??

    2. @wizardry
      Our boy Reyes put 1 past Ter.
      Krychowiac looks the real deal. But they were runnin through him in the 1st half…He’s finally got a hold of Messi.

  10. do arsenal just need a striker alone am not sure most times our weaknesses are exposed when we loose
    everyone is crying for benzema pundits former players I think benz would be under massive pressure to perform if he is signed
    its not a guarantee we will win the league if we sign benz

  11. Arsenal needs Wenger to wake the frack up. We have money, we have serious needs and he does not get the right players in. I’ve said this before and will say it again.
    In a window where Vidal is available for 26M, and his best buddy is your superstar from last year, you buy fracking Vidal.
    You dont think about Coq, or Ramsey or Jack, you think about Arsenal.
    Is Vidal better than these guys, hell yeah, can he add, power, spirit, and a never say die attitude to our midfield, hell yeah, can he inspire and lead and be our new Viera, I am pretty fracking sure he could.
    So what happened? Why is he at Bayern? Why is he not next to Cazorla bossing our midfield?
    Because you suck Wenger, because you are a small man, with a small ambition, because football has passed you buy, and you are still there talking about accidents, you are the fracking accident, enough already, go get a fracking hobby like Fergie and retire.

  12. Never should have got rid of afobe! 🙁 another poor decision. Bring back frimpong, (just kidding). Krychiowak and benzema/cavanni please.

  13. Let’s be honest for a minute….

    Had Afobe been promoted 95% of the fans would have been furious. Chuba is not ready yet, let him find the net with Hull for now.

    We need a leader on he pitch, a solid as a rock DM and a top striker. As far as I am concerned both Schneiderlin and Vidal are not true DMs.

    We’ll start having a real chance by growing a tougher spine, drive and discipline unlike last week end when the boys played like they just got out of bed.

  14. Wenger is arrogant. I think he is attempting to win the premiere league with a team that people say cant win. The thing is, he’s been trying for 11 years now.

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