Parlour reckons that it is possible Arsenal could get relegated

Arsenal has suffered a serious slump in form this season, and as they edge closer to the relegation zone, they have been warned that they are not above getting relegated.

Ray Parlour says while it isn’t conceivable to think that Arsenal will get relegated, no one also predicted that Leicester City would win the Premier League, but they did.

Arsenal is currently 15th on the league table and if they lose their next league game, they could slide further down the table.

Parlour adds that if the Gunners don’t start picking up points now, then they will have problems.

Parlour, 47, told Off The Ball via The Sun: “Someone asked me the question the other day, can they get relegated?
“I said, ‘well, probably not,’ but then you look at Leicester winning the league at 5,000-1 and they won it – so they can get relegated.”

He added: “If they don’t start picking up points and turning it around then there’s a real problem there.”

Arsenal drew their last league game against a very impressive Southampton side.

That is a game that the Gunners would usually win, but picking up a point showed that they are serious about getting back to form and Mikel Arteta will hope that they will get a win against Everton tomorrow.

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  1. Well rays not wrong and he is a passionate Arsenal fan. Like me i hope we get a win against the toffes for everyones sake, or his words take on more relevance.

  2. Very impressive Southampton??? “picking up a point showed that they are serious about getting back to form” …..hahahaha…🤣😂🤣😂😂. Look at our level…we come in top 10 big clubs of world not only the league, struggling at the bottom of tabel and we pick a point against small Southampton team at home too this indicates we are serious about things and getting back to form.🤣😂😂😂😂. If this is how we get in form and this is the level of our seriousness then we will surely be in championship next year.

      1. Sue, there’s pessimism and theirs our friend Mohsan!!!

        The trouble is, Mohsan, you always seem to have a point my friend and as for Ray, I wonder how much he earnt to point out the obvious?

        Are we going to see another of our “dross” players bring us tumbling down again Sue?
        I think Mr Iwobi will be wanting to prove a point to some of our fans, don’t you?

        1. Yes, I think he will, Ken… and with the way things are going it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see him score!! 🙈
          My only hope is that that Auba goal has given them all a little boost and some belief….

    1. Yeah Moshan, things have gotten so bad that some fans are beginning to cling on to straws. Drawing Southampton at home after losing the previous 3 home matches is being seen as a sign of progress?

      We recently won the FA Cup and CS, while beating the likes of United, City, Chelsea and Liverpool.. Then, it was all credit to MA. Now that we are flirting with relegation, the blame goes to the players and the board.

      We do not have the players to compete for the League but surely, this bunch are capable of fighting for a place in Europe. Our current league position is a serious indictment on MA.

      The recent damning comments by KT and Leno clearly shows that these players are not fighting for their Manager anymore.

  3. Picking a point against Southampton shows a level of seriousness from the team? Oh! God please have mercy on Arsenal. We are 5 points from the drop zone, and its possible for us to get relegated

  4. I think the biggest game of this year for MA might be the one against Brighton.

    The fight for 15th place.
    Last game of the calendar year.

    The result of this game could decide his future (I don’t expect any miracles against Everton or Chelsea).

  5. At this point in time I think it’s necessary to revisit the end of last season…maybe, just maybe, it would be wise to reexamine those games, not the results, with fresh eyes…to be honest, it wasn’t great football…we clearly played better defensively, had a couple timely goals and were a little fortunate that a few of our opponents didn’t have their respective “A” games…which is not to say we didn’t deserve to win, it’s just important that we don’t lose our perspective…we had such a pathetic recent history when facing “top” teams that I think we got caught up in the euphoria of the moment and simply glossed over some of the obvious cracks…this is why I was so disheartened when we let Martinez get away…to me, he was the real star of the late season show…his command of the box and knack of making outstanding saves at important moments were what truly propelled us…talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth…here’s a team that had been reeling for some time and seemingly out of nowhere there emerges an unexpected star, from within our own ranks, and instead of embracing this gift from the footballing Gods we have the nerve to sell him to a competitor…no wonder they waxed us, with a clean sheet no less…so what were the real lessons we learned from last season…we need to eke out wins, which means some ugly looking football(of course we always used to say that we couldn’t win ugly games against tougher competition under Wenger, unfortunately that now seems to be the very basis of our game-plan each and every week)…we need a field general between the pipes, which we seemed to have with Martinez, but we shit the bed again and we needed desperately to address our midfield, but instead we let Lucas & Guendo go, kept the massively underachieving Xhaka, let Ceballos return even though it was clear we weren’t anywhere near the top of his wish list, got nothing for Miki, who had got his groove back in Rome, gave the twice discarded Elneny valuable minutes and left our business to the 11th hour…thank goodness we got Partey over the line…that said, does this sound like a team that knows what they’re doing…if it does, please contact me at your earliest convenience because I’ve got a shitload of Florida swamp land that I’ve been trying to get rid of for years…so knowing all this, I’m not surprised whatsoever that things have gone tits up so far this season

  6. we are too good for relegation considering the quality of the players we have….

    we may finish outside top 12 but we will not relegate

    the bottom 3 or 4 teams usually have a squad that is far weaker than us…..

    its not hard to tell, every season the bottom 3 clubs that relegate, played worse than us

  7. If it was not for the return of Partey and Martinelli returning at some point I would think relegation could be a serious possibility as our midfield is dismal. I remember it being this bad when there was talk of relegation in 1975 and from what I recall it was two players that saved our season, the legend Jimmy Rimmer and Brian Kidd.Let’s hope Martinelli and Partey can do the same.

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