Parlour reveals one player who earned double what Henry was making at Arsenal

In a time like this when the club’s best player usually earns the most money, Ray Parlour has revealed that Thierry Henry wasn’t Arsenal’s best paid player in his prime as they went through the 2003/2004 season unbeaten.

Arsenal handed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a huge new deal last summer, which made him the club’s highest earner and one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League following his prior good run of form.

The Gunners have watched his performance decline since the new deal and yet he is currently not their most important player while continuing to earn the highest amount.

One would think Henry was the player earning the most money at Arsenal in their invincible season because of his fine form, but Parlour claims Sol Campbell was taking home more.

He says the former England international had joined the Gunners on a free transfer and was earning as much as double what Henry made at the time.

Parlour said as quoted by Sun Sports: “Now I couldn’t care less. I think Sol Campbell was our highest paid player, because he came on a free transfer from Spurs.

“I’m not too sure how much he was on, but he was probably on double what Thierry Henry was.”

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  1. In other words, he hasn’t a clue what either player or anyone else was earning except himself… and anyone who divulged their salaries to him.

    Sounds a lot like the reported salaries that appear on here to me.

    1. Depends on how many sources I guess. You often called out myself and others for stating Ozil was on 350K a week, but EVERY other source said the same.

      1. And how did they know?

        The only people who know ANYONE’S salary are the individual, the company financial gurus, the tax man and anyone else said individual wanted to tell.

        Remember when Ozil got a £5,000,000 bonus?
        Did you, or anyone else apart from the above, have a clue about that?

        Of course not, but fans run away with the idea that the media know everything… and they simply do not.

  2. Well, Sol came to us for free, so usually you’ll also get a higher wage when there’s no transfer fee involved.

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