Parlour says Arsenal could help Wilshere by doing this one thing

Ray Parlour says Arsenal can help Jack Wilshere find a new club as they did for him during his playing days.

Wilshere is training with the Gunners now as he looks for a new club following his release by Bournemouth.

The former Gunner has struggled since he left the Emirates and Mikel Arteta has agreed for him to train with his squad as Wilshere searches for a club that would take a chance on him.

Parlour left Arsenal in 2004 and joined Middlesbrough, where he played until he was released at the start of 2007.

He returned to train at Arsenal while searching for another club before Hull City gave him a contract.

He says training with Arsene Wenger’s squad at the time helped him to find another club and that could be the case for Wilshere, although the midfielder will likely have to settle for a pay-as-you-play deal.

Parlour told Talksport: “I did go back to Arsenal training, I was getting sharp, I was competing in midfield.  

“I ended up getting a better offer – I went to Hull City instead! I always wanted to play in a relegation battle. 

“That’s why I went to Hull and, luckily enough, we came fourth-bottom [in the Championship]. 

“The following season, they get promoted, Dean Windass at Wembley, that great volley, and then Hull were in the Premier League.  

“So, they could have been in League One but they ended up in the Premier League and I really enjoyed my time at Hull. 

“It’s great when you go back to train with your old club and I was very lucky that [Arsene] Wenger said I could. 

“I’d train during the week with Arsenal, then I’d drive up there on a Friday, I’d train Friday with the lads, play Saturday, and then come back to London again. 

“So, that was a great deal for everyone because I always said that I wouldn’t take their money – you only pay me when I play. 

“Maybe Jack Wilshere will be on the same sort of deal.” 

Wilshere will hope he gets into a shape that attracts a new club by the second half of this season.

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  1. Sad really for any Gooner to read this “what if” story of a once young player who, through various circumstances, “through away” an almost certain truly special career.
    Esp as even now he is still only 29 and a proper GOONER AT HEART.

      1. That was only in his VERY young days, before he played for us. He has been a stauch Gooner for years past.
        If you don’t know that, as it seems you don’t, then I DO NOT SEE HOW YOU CAN CLAIM TO BE A CLUED UP GOONER.

    1. Jon, reading the posts below, I wonder what has happened with our fan base.
      Jack gave everything for our club, absolutely everything he had.
      Due to his style of playing, 100% all the time, he was bound to get injured….. but he was injured playing for our club.
      If The Arsenal can’t help one of it’s ex players in this way, without the cynical thoughts and advice given by “fans”, I truly believe “Doing it The Arsenal way” is a thing of the past.

      Just as Santi was deemed past it and proved everyone wrong, I hope Jack will do the same thing and I think he will.

      1. Sadly KEN, I cannot agree with you about JACK now and at 29, ever proving “everyone wrong”.
        His body will no longer do as his mind asks.
        On your first point though KEN , I agree.

  2. I don’t see this happening. Unless he’s prepared to go to one of the lower leagues and try plying what is left of his trade. Dude squandered his talent, got injured and is virtually unemployable in todays football market. Or maybe Rooney will throw him a bone. Derby could use what limited services he has to offer
    Best he takes his badges and try his luck at management or punditry. IJS

  3. the best way we could help Wiltshire is to stop enabling the largely misguided dreams of this oft-injured also-ran…if he wants to stay in the footballing world he should look into the punditry realm or maybe an assistant coaching gig

    1. @TRVL4e
      RealTalk Gooner.
      Jack had more chances than many and he blew them all. Zero sympathy for dude, to be honest…

  4. Feel very sad for Jack. Gave it all for us during his playing career and now he finds himself at the crossroads. Wish him the very best in finding is form back and finding another club.

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