Parlour tells Wenger how to fix Arsenal problems! Simple! 2 transfers!

Maybe the Arsenal board should think about appointing some new staff to help Arsene Wenger behind the scenes at the club. It has been talked about before as the Frenchman has struggled to sign the right players to really push us on, although a lot of the problems in the last few years could be blamed directly on the lack of funds available to Wenger in the transfer market.

But there is also a school of thought that thinks that Wenger has really missed the influence of David Dein in his transfer dealings, ever since the former chairman left the club back in 2007. Dein had a major influence on some of our best signings, including Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires, Gilberto, Vieira, Bergkamp, Ian Wright and many more.

Wenger has a big job to in the January transfer window this season and the Arsenal fans will certainly not be happy with anything like the laughable attempts of last time when an injured Kim Kallstrom was all the boss could manage. So one former Gunner Ray Parlour has offered his old boss an early bit of help, as a Metro report explains.

The Romford Pele said, “Winston Reid has been mentioned, but I’m not sure he’s the quality we need.

“Mats Hummels would be great, a world cup winner and a good player.

“For midfield, I would go for [Morgan] Schneiderlin if you can get him. He’s at a good age.

“Lots of players are linked. [Sami] Khedira would have been great. Players that have played in big games won’t be phased by anything. Schneiderlin hasn’t, but I can see him improving.”

So there you go Arsene, Ray has done your scouting work for you. Now all you have to do is go and get them…

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  1. Nice one ray…morgan sami hummels and maybe reid then in the summer we add a world class striker, then lets see how injury would hurt us

    1. oh! Ray …… You may probably be wasting your time tryna advice Wenger…… It’ll take helluva pressure on his ears to listen to words of wisdom…..

      1. @soopa. Pressure?? Try putting it to him. (Wenger) some fans will attack you asap. As if you are another team’s fan.

    2. Wenger will NEVER buy anyone suggested to him. He hates receiving advice, you just have to look at the guys he has sitting next to him on the bench. None of them ever open their mouths!

  2. Nice one Ray. All of Wenger’s scouts are in ligue 2 looking for attacking midfielders that can play LW.

  3. TiLL thine kingdom come, we may never understand the true purpose of wenger signing a crocked KIM KALLSTROM…… Just to Let you know the kinda person we have as a manager…..who still thinks this man thinks straight?????

  4. That’s the problem with Arsen, he doesn’t listen to anyone he is so obsess of proving people wrong. Arsenal really need a defender and DM that will balance the team. My wife said the most truthful statement on Saturday when arsenal were leading she said she will never support arsenal because they are forever disappointing.

  5. He is right…in Jan ,Morgan is the main man for us.. Hummels would be difficult to get.
    Mussa Sissokho of Newcastle is also not a bad option.
    Massive spending is needed in Defence.
    You know why Chlesea Won 2 nil at stoke and we lost 3-2 is simply because of defence.
    If we have a solid base like chelsea, I must say we can match the league leaders in offensive department.
    In 9 days the window will open, lets hope that Wenger some how pulls Morgan or Sissokho.

  6. Wenger doesn’t need to sign anybody because he is counting on Diaby to solve all the problems!
    He’ll be like a new signing. Wenger is delusional and won’t sign anybody in January. Let the fight for 4th continue. After all, to Wenger 4th place is like winning a trophy!

    1. yeah, wenger is definitely delusional. and thats not good for the future of AFC.
      i used to think it was cheapness & lack of ambition, but now i think its more delusion than those other factors (cheapness is definitely 2nd tho)

  7. Dont think it would make any difference to Wenger’s thinking even if the advice was coming from the Queen herself!

  8. @all the fans

    Who the fcuk are you all to tell me what I need to do, no body like me, managed EPL team for 18 years and always get the trophy(4th), I am more experience than any of you all or your grandfather so STFUUUUUUUUU.

  9. Hear! Hear! ……the voice of Wenger!….The voice of a god #thunder rumbles, and lightning flashes# …. L()L

  10. One player! Javi Martinez.. He is a DM way way better than Matic and Fernandinho combined,, he can play the physical play and also the technical play of Arteta.. He can also function as a CB/ backup CB with Arteta in DM.. He is very tall, strong..

    Isn’t cuptied and this is the best and only time to get Bayern’s record signing(prior Gotze) cos he is injured tho he isn’t injury-prone.

    1. Absolutely true..but never going to happen. It will take upwards of 30 million to get him, plus Bayern needs to be willing. And even if Bayern agree to sell, Wenger will never spend 30 million plus on a defender.

      His deal for Sanogo I believe epitomizes everything that is wrong with his transfer policy! Apart from Sanchez, I don’t see a single signing meant to take Arsenal to the next level.

  11. 3

    1. Defender
    2. DM
    3. Striker (City has Aguero, United have RVP, Chelski has Costa)

    Example: Schar, Scneiderlin and Cavani
    Example: Hummels, Sissoko, Reus
    Example: Reid, Carvalho, Huntelaar

    Send Sanogo, Campbell on loan
    Let go off Diaby, Flamini

    1. Fred agree with the requirements but not with the “striking” personnel.

      In all honesty, I do not see a world class forward available who guarantees sure shot success.

      Cavani is clearly struggling-Period. At 50 million and 200k wages, a strict no-no

      Reus is not a striker

      Huntelaar is past 30 and has only a year or so at the top level.

      I would personally go in for Higuain- but apparently he does not suit Arsenal’s style of play. One player who would slot right into our style of play is Lewandoski- but he is not available. I am of the opinion that we should have brought back Vela- huge mistake was made.

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