Parlour wants Arsenal to show they have learnt from the past

Former Arsenal man Ray Parlour wants the club to show they have learnt from losing key players in the past by getting the likes of Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and William Saliba on new deals.

These youngsters have established themselves in the current Arsenal first team, and they are one of the reasons the club is at the top of the Premier League table.

In the past, the Gunners have lost key players because they delayed offering them new deals or offer them less than another suitor is willing to.

A famous case is when they lost Ashley Cole to Chelsea because the Blues offered him more money.

Saka, Martinelli and Saliba are being watched by the best clubs around the world, and they will pounce to sign them if we don’t act fast.

Parlour said to TalkSport:

‘We’ve seen it happen so many times at Arsenal where people have gone on free transfers.

‘Back in the day [Robin] van Persie – free transfer more or less. We had to sell him with a year left [on his contract].

‘[Samir] Nasri was in the same situation. So now you’ve got to highlight who you want to keep, who’s your players going forward.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Parlour played football for a long time, and he knows what he is talking about.

These players are approaching a point in their current deals, which gives them more power to negotiate good ones.

If we act slow, we could be struggling to get their loyalty because a suitor is throwing more cash at them.

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  1. It is intensely boring and teduious having to read JA, hoping for at least occasionally, a post or article of interest , only to find yet ANOTHER boring report from mostly(though not in PARLOURS CASE) little known so called pundits, who seek only to publicise themselves and not to say anything of value insight or real interest.

    Constant reports of so and so saying what all those in charge of running our club are ALREADY very well aware about, are ridiculous and downmarket.

    Please JA, WILL YOU CEASE trotting out these daft REPORTS from folk who in most cases , even though not in this case, have NO connection with our club whatsoever. Its nonsense and lets this otherwise fine site down a great deal.

    1. Give it a rest Jon ,every article you moan ,JA post these articles as rumours or opinions,this is what this website is ,post Arsenal related news ,if you don’t like move on ,this constant war against pat and Martins articles are tedious.
      If I click on an article and I don’t want to read it I move on ,I would imagine that is the same for 99%of JA readers .
      Maybe you should take my advice and do the same .

  2. Can we afford to sign all three young guns to long term contracts? The first big test of our commitment to Project Youth. Maybe it’s the perfect time to sell one of them (either Saliba, Saka or Martinelli) to boost our transfer kitty for the next window. Let me get ready to face incoming flak!

      1. Under now condition would I trade Saliba! Wouldn’t rule out trading either Saka or Martinelli for 100M plus to bid for Kylian Mbappe. Just acting or dreaming like a big club! Do you think the others would be demoralised playing with KM?

        1. That would be a bold and extremely risky move, sounds like an aggressive stock broker .
          Am really concerned about Saliba though and the fact nothing coming out makes me just a little nervous, and it’s his initial dealings at the club makes it so uncomfortable

            1. Mbappe would never come to Arsenal mate ,probably in the top 3 players in world football with a reported 800k weekly wage and that again in sponsorship.
              I agree on Saliba though ,Abit concerning that nothing is side yet .

  3. Saliba has to be the top priority for me. CB’s of his ability don’t come around that often. So I would make Saliba the No1 priority and one of Saka or Martinelli. But we should sugn them all as they are still very young, enthusiastic, passion and down to earth lads.

    I have been impressed by their commitment to the manager even when things have not been plain sailing snce 2020. I thought they would down tools and sulk once the likes of senior players (Ozil, Auba, Laca, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin etc) were being forced out. They all stayed grounded and and kept fighting for the club even if things were terrible back then.

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