Partey is worried about his Arsenal starting spot and could quit soon

Thomas Partey is reportedly growing concerned about his limited game time at Arsenal, especially with increased competition for places in the midfield.

For several seasons, Partey has been a crucial figure in Arsenal’s midfield. However, the club’s summer recruitment suggests a shift in their approach, possibly indicating they are looking to move on from him.

Unfortunately, Partey is currently dealing with an injury, which means he’ll need to fight for his spot in the first team when he returns. The competitiveness within Arsenal’s squad has intensified, making it challenging for him to secure regular playing time.

If Partey returns and finds his opportunities on the pitch severely restricted, Football Insider reports that he may not be willing to accept a bench role. In such a scenario, there’s speculation that he could consider leaving the club, with the possibility of requesting a transfer as early as the January transfer window.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey knows several clubs wanted to add him to their squad in the summer and would not want to stay on the bench.

If we get a good offer, we can let the ex-Atletico Madrid man leave, as we have more than enough cover for him already.

However, it seems better to allow him to finish the campaign we need strength in depth while we compete in multiple competitions.

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  1. Doubt there is any truth in this story, if the world class player have some concerns its for football reasons pending over his head.IMO

    1. Worried? First, dont keep getting injured, as you normally do. Second, dont play s–t after the Africans cup, as you normally do. Then you will become one of Arsenals best players.

    2. Ridiculous click-bait. Partey has started every game for which he has been fit. What reason does he have to worry?

      Partey’s game time has not been limited at all. There has been no shift in the club’s approach. Rice was signed to play/compete with Partey, and to offer more depth to the squad in a Champions League season … or did anyone expect Partey to play 50-60 matches in one season, at two matches per week?

  2. This story doesn’t make any credible sense. I can’t any time that a fit Partey had been left on the bench. Played out of position on occasions, yes; but left on the bench, that’s not true.

  3. I dont see at all why Partey should be worried. Still one of the best players at Arsenal. Rice and him in a pivot, has got to happen.

    1. Admin Martin, in what alternative universe should Thomas Partey leave does Arsenal have “more than enough cover for him already”? Please enlighten me on which current Arsenal players offer the equivalent (or better) in midfield?
      Any alternative eg Havertz, ESR, Viera are all lightweight in comparison to Partey. Partey’s importance in Arsenal’s midfield will be demonstrated when Arsenal plays top sides with strong midfields.

  4. This should be his last season with us either way honestly. Getting up there in age, can’t be relied upon to stay fit, and his performances still haven’t rebounded since he fell off mid/end of the previous campaign. If you want to compete with Man City, can’t have injury prone players, and players that still haven’t put together one brilliant campaign yet without drastic dips in form.

  5. If this story is true about the thought of Partey, then he is unfortunately ungrateful.

    He should first of all apologise to the club and fans for the losses the club has been incurring for the times he has always been sidelined due to injuries he has been sustaining.

    His declined productivity at the end of last season contributed immensely to the collapse of the team’s performance.

    Now that there is competition for his position, this should rather gladden his heart for the overall interest of the club not any parochial personal interest.

  6. Admin has been on a campaign to get Partey out of Arsenal. That leaves his favourite player without any competition.

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