Partey ready and willing to make debut against Man City

Thomas to get the Partey started in training!

Arriving in London on Tuesday after he helped assist two goals for Ghana in their 5-1 thrashing of Qatar, the main question being asked is whether Thomas Partey will be part of our matchday squad on Saturday when we face Manchester City.

Speaking to the Arsenal website in his pre-match press conference, Mikel Arteta has confirmed that the next few days will determine whether Thomas is part of the squad at all over the weekend or not. He stated:

 “Well he was here just yesterday, he is getting familiar with everything around the club. Today he will have his first training session, so everything has to come really quickly for him. We knew that before we signed him that he is fit, he is very willing to start playing and we will see how he goes in the next few days.”

As if our team needed any more of a morale boost, Arteta was quick to point out that spirits are rather high at the moment, and I myself hope they remain high for a very very long time, he added:

“I have seen the buzz around the place, the fans are really happy, I have seen some really positive reactions after we bought him, the same with the team, the squad and the staff. I think he is a player we had the radar on for a long time and we have managed to bring him in and I think he will be a really important addition to the team. He got to know some of his team-mates [already]. Not all of them, because some are still on international duty but we will have everyone back today and it will be a good day for him to get to know everyone.”

Again, questions are raised as to how long it will take him to settle in, but with the positivity around the club and the players, I hope it wont be too long before we see his worth in Arsenal colours. Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. If he gets just 30 minutes play it will be a good introduction to the EPL. That will depend how good (or bad) we are doing against City though!

    Ideally, we will be hammering City with Partey on the score sheet and proving everyone in the land that he was the right guy all along! 🙂

  2. He will require some time to settle down, maybe a match or two. I feel the City game is too early for him, although he might come on as a sub. Time to Partey!

  3. What if, Partey is the missing piece of the jigsaw that finally sees Ozil come out and play like we all know he can?

    We would be devastating if we had a player in Partey who could defend the back three and Ozil who could feed the front three!

    Well, we can all dream I suppose. But it still sounds great! 🙂

    1. Yup….but arteta is too proud n arrogant to admit that…he is just showing his authority at the moment…..look at saliba….he has his own personal issue with this guy…when playing Liverpool…he kept Gabriel for no reason…bug players will adapt fast esp big games…only arterta dont know that being a young coach with big ego

  4. Just like I said, Ozil not playing is not because of footballing reasons, believe it or not. How do you explain it to anyone that Joa willock and Nelson are making more impact than Ozil even in the attacking and defensive. I think we should all move on from Ozil era as Edu and Arteta have done.

      1. Guess some fans can not do without ozil. they just must bring in ozil whether positive or negative into any article. Let us move on beyond ozil please.

  5. You people are not even prepared to look at the ‘great’ Ozil stats. Why? Ozil, Ozil and Ozil. Seems like Ozil now even bigger than Arsenal.

    Out of 18 games pre Covid-19 Ozil had only 1 assist. In fact Saka’s figures are better than Ozil. So why are you people doing this? This is a guy who’s no more interested in playing but filling his pocket. He’s retired. Let Arsensal and fans have peace now, Ozil is no legend, never.

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