Partey talked about Arsenal midfielder during transfer negotiations

Thomas Partey has already planned to form a formidable midfield partnership with Granit Xhaka even before he became an Arsenal player.

The Athletic claims that the Ghanaian singled out the Swiss midfielder for praise while negotiating his proposed move to the Emirates with the club’s representatives.

It claims that while talks were ongoing about his preferred position if he moved to the Emirates, the midfielder told the Gunners that he enjoys playing in a double pivot deep-lying midfield position and he thinks that Xhaka would be his perfect partner.

Xhaka has been one of Arsenal’s most impressive midfielders since he moved to the club and the Swiss midfielder has remained a key part of Mikel Arteta’s team so far.

He nearly left the club last season after falling out with the fans, but he remained and has won back some of the club’s fan base.

Partey finally joined the Gunners in a frenzied deadline day move, but he is away now on international duty with the Ghanaian national team.

Arsenal fans cannot wait to see him play for their team after the long pursuit.

His arrival will mean the likes of Mohamed Elneny will likely not have the chance to play for the club as much.

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  1. Please Arteta use Ozil. We need some creativity forward. I bet Ozil will find some feet because he got much backup from Partey and Xhaka at the back. I am not a fan of Ozil, but his creativity desperately needed. Maybe his body language shows negativity for some fans, but no one in Arsenal team right now have more creativity than Ozil, even Ceballos cannot offer what Ozil has. Maybe this year Ozil can shine ? Please Mr Arteta.

    1. What people dont know is that he Orzil was given that much needed chance until people even thought that he was going to be given captain but he is not surportive when it comes to defending and his goal assist has dropped to two in ten or twelve matches. yet he is been given that contract to motivate him to add more but he is doing it in a negative way. Even in training he is not showing his potancial.

    2. @MalaysiaGooners

      Do you even watch Ozil? If I want creativity, Saka crushes Ozil all day long, and as an added bonus, scores very important goals.

  2. Coaches and players highly rate Granit.

    His shots are powerful enough to break the net such a waste he doesn’t shoot like in his Arsenal early days.

    1. and I wonder why he never uses attribute often…he’s smart, he should just tell his teammates to find moments to Tee him up.

  3. Turns out many Arsenal fans don’t rate the MF one bit, despite the fact that 4 different Arsenal managers have found him very integral to their playing style. One would think these set of fans are more knowledgeable than the professional coaches…lol.

  4. @Roachie I did not read it as he has picked the team. More like they had a discussion about Parteys views, and that sounds really likely to be honest.

  5. Well, Arsenal have tweeted a clip of Partey in the famous red and white…….pity it’s from PES 😂😂😂

  6. I used to underestimate Xhaka’s value until he got injured and saw the hole created in team’s middle by his absence then realised how valuable he is.

    He’s an invisible who often receive the first pass from the GK

    He’ll excel with Partey

  7. Ive read Partey says only nice things and is very humble. Of all the midfielders we have, for me xhaka is the least impressive but who knows what the future of our midfield holds. Ive been more impressed with Elnenny than xhaka but i don’t rate either good enough but maybe the last 4 years have been their warm ups and now they can shine. Maybe Partey can teach him to tackle and dribble. 🤣

    1. Why did Wenger, Emery, Ljumberg, Arteta etc all trust Xhaka?
      There must be something that some of us are missing. May be that us why we are just fans and arm chair managers.

      Even Partey rates Xhaka.

      1. When arteta started playing elneny is when i realized he doesn’t rate xhaka, he had no choice until elneny came back

  8. Not surprised. Switzlerland rely on him immensely, loved by AW, Emery and Arteta. important voice in the lockeroom. He’s gotten a lot better this past year too. He’s turned it around after a low point last Nov/Dec which just shows his character. I know many fans dont like him but he’s one of first names on the sheet and will still be with Partey here. Is he a top class player, no, but Xhaka has turned into a solid edition to our XI.

  9. As ai keep saying. Xhaka is our Jordan Henderson. Fans never rated him but manager after manager at Liverpool rated him.

    1. That is why fans don’t get paid like Managers.. Fans are too. Sentimental and highly illogical.. A smart coach knows better

    2. Henderson is a far better player than xhaka, there is no comparison. Henderson has proved his worth and his ability, xhaka has not.

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