Partey tipped to make a return to Atletico like Griezmann

Thomas Partey has been tipped to make a return to Atletico Madrid like his former teammate, Antoine Griezmann has done.

The Ghanaian joined the Gunners at the start of last season as they sought to add a top player to their midfield.

He has been one of Arsenal’s best players, but Todofichajes claims he is not entirely convincing at the Emirates.

This has opened the door for him to return to Spain, where Atletico remains interested in having him back.

The report says Diego Simeone is struggling to find the perfect midfield partner for Rodrigo De Paul.

He believes Partey will be the best partner of the Argentinian midfielder and is open to having him back.

Atleti has been more than happy to welcome back their former players and in recent times the likes of Fernando Torres and Diego Costa have returned there after spells in the Premier League.

Partey enjoyed a fine relationship with the Spanish club’s manager and would almost certainly return to the sort of form he displayed in Spain previously.

Atleti is watching him from Madrid and if they get any sign that Arsenal will entertain an offer for him, they will make their move for him even if it means taking the 28-year-old on an initial loan deal.

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  1. He has never made an outstanding performance since his arrival. Partey was playing well for Athletico, but has never replicated that performance in the Emirates. I always say that Arteta is the main problem for lacklustre performances for most players

    1. Problem is he hasn’t got a decent partner and now he is on his own in midfield. Used totally wrong and wasted at Arsenal.

  2. At Arsenal he’s been playing with:

    -strange tactics
    -poor teammates
    -lazy and entitled players
    -zero leadership on and off the field
    -terrible medical staff

    Not surprising he hasn’t reached his best with us.

  3. Fair comments above, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if a “short stay” happened here.

    Upon arrival I bet T P never envisaged being the lone figure in midfield on occasions.

    The above is no disrespect to Sambi, who I rate highly and he will grow into our side.

    But Partey does get lumbered in the 4-1-4-1 formation when employed – or simply “when panic sets in” !

    It seems to be coming more and more obvious that players are asked to set up in M A’s vison for the side – not actually where THEIR individual strengths lie.

    No wonder I was always an avowed 4-4-2 man (as were The Arsenal for many (often successful) years (yes, the above accommodates Auba & Laca together up top – in the short term).

  4. Agree with every single comment above:
    – plays players (Ode, Saka on left, ESR on right) out of position. All are AM but plays Ode and ESR deep to help Partey – not their strengths!
    – when forced to bring Lokonga on tells him to play wide right rather than CM so Partey still has no support.
    – Plays Pepe too wide and forward so totally isolated (shouldn’t have started. His stats were AWFUL yet still he contributed to both goals which tells you a lot about our vaunted attack)
    – Plays Auba instead of Laca (ran his socks off but thats not why he’s there and hardly got involved)
    – Played a way off form and negative Tierney instead of Tavares
    – Played an attacking line up defensively and didn’t press, so we never got the ball
    – Didn’t change tactics when all passing lanes blocked off
    – This attacking line-up tried to sit on a one goal lead.
    – Blames the players not his management
    – Stifling flair and confusing the players.
    – Playing like a bunch of strangers

    Incredibly inept tactics. If we laymen can see it why can’t he? Master plan or not – these are very basic errors and cannot be put down to the players or it being a new squad. He has had 2 years to understand football tactics. The mistakes are still so basic that we can only conclude he is and always will be a poor manager who just doesnt realise it.
    He will ruin morale and potentially the careers of a fine crop of players if things don’t change.

  5. I am beginning to sense a witch hunt against the only top quality central midfielder we have, by “parties” who are basically lacking in football knowledge.This is personified by their failure to recognise that in the first half of the match against Palace, Partey was aided by 2 attacking midfielders in ESR and Odegaard, neither of whom are ball winners and are weak defensively.The Palace midfield consisted of two battle hardened , physical journeymen, neither of whom were involved in international matches and in Connor Gallacher, an energetic all action midfielder who is skilful and quick over the ground.Is it any wonder we failed to control the vital midfield area ?Tactically our Manager got it wrong and I sincerely hope he leaves Odegaard and Pepe on the bench against a very decent Villa side.

    1. Grandad, I could not agree more. To criticise Partey, who is a top class player but has no natural anchor midfield partner of any quality at all, is in my view, just criticism for its own sake, rather than shrewd analysis.

      We have far too many fans who, never having played the game at any level, still think their own analysis is way better than MA ‘s and that to my logical brain is bonkers!

      But that’s football fans in this modern era and to expect any different is foolish and unrealistic.

      My view is that MA continues to make errors in shape and selection but is slowly learning, though its a tortuous process at times. It will be a long haul back to the top and was always going to be, with Kroenke as uncaring and unknowing(about football) as owner.

      We are still and will be for some time to come as yet, still reaping the awful effects of the countless millions wasted on such long time expensive flops and coasters as Mustafi, Sokratis, Bellerin, the mishandling of such as Sanchez, Ramsey and the immense waste of salary, transfer fee in and lack of transfer fee out, on the biggest flop of all time in our shirt , Ozil.
      All those financially disastrous mistakes, and many more besides just those, going back years, still haunts and damages any would be progress.
      Life has taught me at my senior age to be patient but to expect that from todays self entitled kids is pointless and a hopeless quest.

    2. Xhaka is the best midfielder followed by Partey. Those who attempt to shift blame away from Partey by saying he doesn’t have anyone that’s good enough to play with him should give Xhaka the benefit of the doubt. And, spare me the ‘he’s been here for ages’ tired argument.

  6. If we are talking the first 5 comments above, I’m sure on re-reading not 1 criticises Thomas Partey , more how he is used ?

  7. In fact, apart from a totally speculative article, absolutely NO ONE in the comments has criticised T P – whether lacking in football knowledge, or played at a level or not.

    The other Gent’s can answer for themselves – but put me down for not lacking in the first observation, and yes to a decent level for the second ( albeit many moons ago now).

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