Partey’s signing a reward for Mikel Arteta’s good work so far

Mikel Arteta’s positive impact on Arsenal since he became the club’s manager is the reason why the club’s owners backed him with the signing of Thomas Partey, it has been revealed by the Athletic.

The Gunners have been on the trail of the midfielder all summer and all their efforts to sign him got the same response, which was that they had to pay his release clause.

The 50m release clause was seen as too much by Arsenal who believed that they could get cheaper alternatives.

But they eventually paid the money to sign him on transfer deadline day with the report claiming Josh Kroenke gave the go-ahead for the club to splash the cash.

It claimed that the club’s owners have been impressed by the work that Arteta has done so far and they believed that if they back the Spaniard, he will deliver a top-four finish for the club.

The Spaniard has already won the FA Cup and Community Shield and he will be competing in four competitions this season.

After knocking out Liverpool, the Gunners remain one of the teams that can win the Carabao Cup.

The Europa League is another competition that they have done well in recently and they will hope to win it this season.

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  1. To the best of my knowledge, the club owners have been backing every single manager with “high profile” signings. The talk about Partey being a reward for Arteta is complete bollocks. Was Pepe a reward for UE? How about Ozil, Sanchez, Auba, Laca? Were there rewards for AW hard work?

    OT: I hear Ozil has been axed from the Europa league squad. Big chance he won’t be registered in the EPL squad. I guess his exile continues.

    1. 👍 👍 The difference is Unai Emery was the only one employed as “head coach”, with no say in who was bought. He got Pepe, but wanted Zaha, so he at least got a similar player. He wanted Partey (box to box midfielder), but got Torreira (small DM).

      1. Emery was backed with no less than 12 players ,only one man to blame for not being able to get the best out of them .
        It’s great now having a manager who knows how to do just that .

  2. Cleared our stadium debts
    Sanctioned Partey £45m, Gabriel £27m & others….
    Auba got a mega deal

    Not a bad window for Kronkes at Arsenal. 1st time I’m not annoyed with them. Pepe last Summer mega deal also.

    May it continue when Arteta gets us back to UCL again… COYG

    1. Plus brought Arsenal supporting lawyer Tim Lewis onto the Board to investigate administration, including “where the money has gone”.

  3. Any objective person could see that the Stan Kroenke and his son Josh have never been anti-Arsenal. Anyway why would they be? They own Arsenal and, like any capitalist, if they didn’t like the club they would have sold to another person, recouped their money and left. The main problem with many writers on this platform is their tendency to look at football in isolation of other social-economic factors which is greatly erroneous. Owning a football club is a business like any other. Any shrewd businessman wants his venture to make profit not a loss. Thus Kroenke knows that in order to make profit he must invest in the team. He realises how much being out of European champions league has cost the club. He also realises that for any football club to attract sponsors it must perform well. These are the basics of any business and don’t need a genius to identify them. I have several times argued on this platform that Kroenke can’t afford to be unconcerned about Arsenal because it is a self generating business which has an ultra modern stadium, good infrastructure, well established global network and a worldwide fan base. It would only be a daft fellow who would fail to appreciate that. Besides, Arsenal is strategically positioned in one of the largest, busiest and most famous cities in the world. These are great variables that would make any prudent businessman to desire having Arsenal as his property. Of course Kroenke, being a well groomed capitalist, cannot spend money anyhow like the Russian oligarchs or the oil sheikhs. Capitalism is founded on the principle of maximisation of profits and minimisation of costs. A capitalist must weigh the expected benefits before committing money to any project. Anyone who has lived in Western societies must understand this. The Kroenke bashers need to appreciate this fact unless they now say they want to live in a socialist society.

    1. Well said mate BUT in order to get rewarded in any business you have to take risks….Wich Kroenke seems to be reluctant to do…And by risks i mean spending on player,high profil players like Abramovich is doing at Chelsea.Wenger was too dogmatic in this regard what caused his downfall….

    2. 👍 Well written, David. Unlike some other clubs, Arsenal is not being used to launder money from very suspicious sources. Follow the money.
      Unfortunately others appear to not have the training and experience in how business works, regardless of whether the economy is capitalist, socialist or a mixture of both. That is not unexpected given not everyone has the same formal education, work and life experiences.
      The concern is that so many people fail to educate themselves on financial, contract, employment, corporate and business practices and laws given most have access to Google and the internet. My concern is based on many of the misleading and naive comments I read on here.
      Thank you David for trying to educate.

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