Patience Arsenal fans! Wenger and club must NOT rush this

I can understand the argument that it would be better all round, for the Arsenal fans, players and for whoever might be in line to be our new manager, if the decision about Arsene Wenger staying or not for another season or two was made and announced as soon as possible.

However, this decision is a huge one that could have long lasting repercussions for the club and so in that sense it is one that must not be rushed into. There have been reports that the Frenchman has agreed to sign a two year contract extension and there have been reports that he is going to go, but until we hear from the horse’s mouth we really don’t know.

I personally hope that Wenger and the board use this internatuional break to think long and hard, and also to discuss the situation among themselves, because it is a big decision and all factors must be weighed up in order to get it right, don’t you agree Gooners?



  1. mark says:

    Rush? I’ve been waiting for him to leave for the last 4-5 years!

    Get him out ASAP, and feck the fallout, managers will be queuing up to take over the reins here once they know the old journeyman has taken the hint at last!

    Sadly though I think they are waiting for results to pick up before announcing him for a little while longer..

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    A one year extension will just be a smokescreen for him to stay longer. People will think he is staying for transitional year but get surprised when he gets another extension

    Like Lucas was a smokescreen to spending big on a top forward. Lucas was hardly used. For Wenger it was better to spend £16 million (similar Vardy) then spending £60 million or more on a WC striker like Lukaku, Aubemeyang etc.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Reading about the big investment in players this morning as all are probably aware of too. Allot of people are thinking yeah they do this to get season ticket renewals. We did make a 90m investment last season which at best can be called a work in progress. They are saying that we’re gonna get a director of football or whatever they call them. I’m wondering is this dude gonna be the one identifying targets, because if not, I’d fear us getting lumped with players that either don’t settle soon enough or even worse. I’m not sure Arsene would allow someone to choose which players are needed, I can’t see that happening. I’d be glad to see a broom come in and sweep allot of them away. Like what happened at Che in the early Abramovic years, and at city whenever a manager arrives. The thing is though we only heard about 100m being spent, what of all the player sales. We need to fill at least six or seven first team places, and that’s not even mentioning the deadwod further down, 180+ mil won’t be enough, sure utd spent similar last season and they aren’t even half way finished. A good striker with allot of potential these days costs 60m, the best defenders are upwards of 30m, top wingers are 40-60m. I think when they say overhaul it maybe mean they’ll think about letting one or two others go with Alexis and Ozil.

    1. Clamclam says:

      I can’t even do that in FIFA in 1 summer…

  4. legend Henry says:

    I feel the pains of you guys when I read comments from here.Its so sad where the current state of affairs have gotten to.
    A man who was once loved by all people has suddenly ruined his legacy.

    If nothing is done,Arsenal will be a mid table club by next season .
    It’s unbelievable to see people claim they are loyal to the club so they will always attend matches as long as possible while their beloved club is running in a downward spiral, which they can do something about it if they had boycotted matches and stoped buying merchandises.
    It can’t take dog longer than a minute to realise Arsenal is in a deep trouble but some so called fans are happy with it.
    The board will do nothing and it up to the fans to take action !!!
    The club doesn’t belong to the board, it belongs to the fans .
    The board and the players will all leave but the fans remain.
    You Londoners !!! please take appropriate actions to get ride of the manager.
    mStand up the the club if you Londoners claim you love the club so much!!!

  5. AndersS says:

    No, I don’t agree. The decision to get a new manager should have been taken a long time ago. After the first leg against Bayern, it was clear that the team is disintegrating, and we are in free fall at the moment. There is no way AW can save the season, and what is the point in him continuing. We need a new plan.
    It is sad Wenger can’t put the club first and step down, and it is extremely bad management by the board. So bad it will cost so much in a sporting sense, that it will also cost financially.

  6. lugdush says:

    Some people -Wenger and the board for convinience- talk about “a transition” time. Whats that?? Why we should need that when we want the dictator to leave and other teams doesnt need that to replace their coaches? is just because here has been a dictator for more than 20 years? what is that of “Man utd experience”? hey! they suffer because they lose something! they were winning trophies under fergie and then they dont under the new coaches who arent. what can we lose now?? we could pass from winning nothing in 13 years to winning nothing! worstest scenario!
    We dont need transition time or nothing, we have to start again, freeing our team from the deadwood, starting from the worst of them, the mediocrecy one in the helm

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    England will beat Germany tomorrow as there is nothing riding on it. Then we will face them in a competition and they will beat us.

    Same pattern happens at Arsenal. When the pressures off
    We play pretty foootball and win, when it’s crunch time the bottom falls out. No leaders, on the pitch, none off it either.

    Day follows night, one week rolls into the next and Wenger is STILL the Arsenal manager.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Dopey article really. The sort of old guff that Arsene the Dope comes out with at press conferences.
      ‘Don’t rush’ into making changes. What a joke!!! The decision is years overdue.

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