Patient Arsenal coped brilliantly with ‘physical’ Stoke

Arsenal were kicked around the Britannia Stadium by Stoke City as usual, but for once we were patient enough to cope with their winding up tactics, and in the end we won very comfortably. This was the first time that Wenger had beaten Mark Hughes in an away match, and the first time we had won at Stoke since 2010, so it was a great win over another one of our bogey teams.

Wenger was understandably pleased after the game. “I’m pleased with the result of course,” Le Prof said. “but I think we were a team who were dominant, had a good structure in the game, who were patient, intelligent and stuck together in a moment where Stoke tried to make it rough for us. There was a patch in the second half where we had to stick together on a few corners.”

And did he think Stoke were ‘unfairly rough’ “I don’t say that. I think in the first half we were dominant throughout the game but in the second half they made it a bit more physical. We had to find some resources and keep our nerves to continue with the desire to play. We did that well.”

Arsenal are now just one point behind Liverpool, who are now under pressure to get all three points against West Ham tomorrow, so does Wenger think we are right back in the race for the Top Four? “I don’t know.” he replied fairly. “We have 69 points, so let’s focus on making that 72 on Tuesday night. After that we’ll see. I feel that the team looks strong and solid at the moment. Let’s just focus on the quality of our team and continue to develop what we do.”

If Liverpool slip up like Tottenham did last year, then this could count as one of Wenger’s biggest escape from disaster yet. We are ceretainly used to being in this position. Do we dare to hope?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Lets focus on the Europa and not dream of finishing 4th

    Chelsea is high on confidence and they are likely and expected to win the double

    To be honest, unless we get a new manager, clear the dead woods and bring in some quality players or we will be finishing 5th again

  2. Michellegunner says:

    Anything to read in @Alexis_Sanchez
    celebration yesterday. A sign that he’s staying?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Here people saying he let on that he’s staying, I don’t get it, what did he do that people think he means this.

      When he touched the badge v Sou people said the same, but that could mean ..I will always love you but farewell just as much as anything.

  3. yagoonersya says:

    Giroud scored two goals but was useless the whole game.Loan out or sell Giroud, Gibbs,Elneny,Wilshire,metersacker.Buy a tall,pacy and skillful stiker pay 85 million for striker alone Mbappe get isco or lacazette for 50 million add kolosanic that’s less than 200million available for rebuild plus some more cash from Deadwoods.Get Allegri,leow or simione but, that’s me not kroenke

  4. yagoonersya says:

    Do you think wenger would have won the title with the current Chelsea squad ,simply No.

  5. John0711 says:

    I want top 4 as I would rather be in CL than not. He last few results show we have almost enough to compete we need 3 top additions and release a bit of dead wood. I personally think we have too many similar players. And I honestly think wenger is too soft on certain players. For me the main thing for next year is keep Alex and but players up to his level

  6. Karando. says:

    I think treatments mated to Arsene were not fare,am not holding brief for Mr Wenger but our lack of success this season were largely based on the perceptions that because its Arsene no matter what happened,good or bad nothing happened.that unfair yes we need some changes the manner and way people are going is not right my opinion anyway.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I think to be an aggressive side we need to be the ones who bring it to other teams rather than wanting an easy ride or seeing if we can match it when it’s put to us. I would love to see Arsenal get strong and overly physical against a liv side, they are like us they prefer an open game, I’d love to see us keep organised go strong at them and let the forwards play.

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