Patrick van Aanholt mocks Arsenal loanee after yet another controversial episode

Matteo Guendouzi was involved in more controversy when Olympique Marseille faced Galatasaray in the Europa League yesterday.

Former Crystal Palace left-back, Patrick van Aanholt brought down the midfielder in the penalty box, and the referee awarded a penalty. 

However, VAR overturned the decision.

Both players then clashed after the game and had to be separated by teammates.

The Dutchman didn’t allow the feud to die on the pitch and took to his Twitter account after the game to mock the Arsenal loanee.

He claimed they had wrongly given Guendouzi the penalty and he shouldn’t be running his mouth after VAR proved that.

He then adds that he’d pull off the wig on the Frenchman’s head with a gif of Marouane Fellaini dragging the midfielder by his hair.

Van Aanholt tweeted: ‘Running your mouth after VAR proved you wrong… likkleman needs to relax before I snatch that wig off his head. Well done to my lions for a well earned point on the roads,’

This is the latest episode involving Guendouzi, whose teammates are reportedly fed up with his attitude and it could make it hard for Arsenal to sell him next summer.

He has already fallen out with Mikel Arteta and will hardly be given a second chance at the Emirates.

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  1. Y’all need to get off Matteo’s jock…
    Dude put in an astounding shift, but all you can come up with is this silliness…
    For real?🤔

  2. Bad attitude doesn’t get you anywhere however good you may be

    Be advised Guendozi before ur career ends in shambles

  3. But do we, or MA, want a player with his record back at the club, NY… Gunner?

    If MA decides that he doesn’t, we need to know why and examples like this, shows the fans what an appalling attitude he has…. plus the fact (in my opinion) he hasn’t got half the talent he thinks he has.

    1. @ken1945
      And yet, Granit has been disrespectful to the fans as well as got into bust ups with opposition players. Only to be made captain and given a contract extension. Go figure…

      1. @ NYG
        In agreement with you. MG is still young. Rooney was said to have the wrong make up until SAF managed it , just as AW did with Patrick Vieira and the rest is history.

        I don’t think anyone put an arm around his shoulder to a kid coming from another country with the exception of Unai Emery who trusted him with playing time.

        1. I wrote the other day that Vieira came a gnats knacker from my total disgust
          Spitting and more red cards than Xhaka.

    2. INTERESTING Ken, how its we older fans who see what a harmful young twerp Guendouzi is, whereas young fans almost all defend him.

      That tells me something and I reckon it tells you the same thing. I need not name it though as I DO NOT WISH TO UPSET OUR YOUNGER FANS.
      EITHER WAY, I am 100% certain and relieved that MA will not have him back in our shirt, ever.

  4. Apart from the story not being told as it actually happened, the prat here is Van Asshole for going on social media after spouting garbage. Why is JA trying to create a witch hunt? A penalty wasnt given after VAR intervened as far as i understand, the ref didn’t give a penalty. I just dont get this annihilation of one of our loan players. It stinks quite frankly. This site is losing its credibility!!!!!!!

    1. @Reggie
      Social media is making this guy out to be a bad boy and the social media minded sheep are following the lead. Dude is an AFC player. On loan or not and deserves our support. He put in a real shift last night, breaking up play, turning defence into attack on a dime. Name any of our midfielders who do that. None since Santi…

    2. Reggie, if Van Aanholt was such a tough guy, he would have invited Guendouzi out behind the grandstand, rather than having a winge on social media.

  5. Wow, another MG article lol. I guess JA wont stop until the guy is out of Arsenal. Anyways, I wonder what happened to our other gunners in loan? John Jules, Mavro, Matt Smith, Nikolaj Moller? Injured? Or they dont fight enough to be reported lol.

  6. Like it or not MG is still an arsenal player. We should be attacking van an holt for being an ass instead of MG…

    1. Bashing our own players won’t bring the best out of them. I guess MA and the Arsenal hierarchy will be trying to sign him back from some big club, like dreaming now and hoping Gnabry will come back home.

  7. Further proof, if it was needed, that the team is better off without him. Things happen on the pitch of course, but they’re usually left there. For one pro to call out another like this is basically unheard of, and points to the fact that he presumably has a massive chip on his shoulder.

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