Patrick Vieira to replace Wenger as Arsenal manager?

Arsene Wenger was subject to some abuse from the Arsenal fans as they slumped to a demoralising third defeat in a row against a depleted Swansea team at the Emirates last week, and according to a report in the Express this has led to the Arsenal Directors to seriously consider asking the 66 year-old to finally step down from the job he has held for the last 19 years.

And apparently it could still be happening next week if Wenger can not get his team up to scratch to beat Hull reserves in the FA Cup Fifth replay on Tuesday. Since sensationally beating the League leaders Leicester, Arsenal have drawn with Hull in the first FA Cup game, lost to Barcelona in the Champions League and succumbed to both Man United and Swansea before yesterday’s fight-back to draw at Tottenham. If they fail yet again to beat Hull and obviously lose in Barcelona, they will then have seven games without a win, which is unheard of and will be a hard record to defend.

I know this story is from the Express citing “insiders” but I am not sure if they are the same sensationalists like the Metro or the Star, but I am still finding it very hard to contemplate this really being the case, especially as the title race is far from over. I doubt very much they would consider putting added pressure on Wenger to beat Hull as we should certainly go through to the next round without incident and could do without any more dramas.

They also say that Patrick Vieira is favourite to take over if Wenger leaves at the end of the season, but this is only because of the bookies prices. Vieira is 7/1, Simeone is 8/1 and Koeman is 10/1, but where they get these prices from is totally beyond me!

Wenger still has one year on his contract and as long as we remain in the Top Four at the end of the season, I doubt very much if the Board would even think about sacking him, never mind discuss it with the media…..


  1. I would like to say a big Thank you to all my fans. Hard work pays off. Ive been trying to get the first comment on this site for years. I failed but I never gave up. It means the world to me to have the first comment. I love you all fellow gooners.

      1. theres another arsenal website, where after each article, all the comments are just “i’m first”, “2nd”, “3rd”. so boring.

        1. Hahaha………and the 4th man gets excited and screams

          “i’m 4th….. 4th place trophy”

          very funny forum….

    1. true that. I wonder where rijkaard is, tht guy is one of the coaches I like in football, builds very attack minded teams

  2. I would love for Vieira to manage arsenal. Maybe he would lack things like youth development, administration or resource management. But I believe that the things he would directly inject into the team is a constructive mentality, ruthless attitude, arduous workmanship, adaptable tactics and a winning desire. Of course everyone would want Simeone or Koeman to manage the club. But just stating pragmatically if we do get Vieira. I’ve had enough of the Arsene’s circus for 2 decades now!

    With the Pool, Hammers, Potters and the Toffees showing intentions to take bigger steps in the league, I think in order to even stick around in the top half of the table will become a challenge in the years to come. Surely, we can’t get that degressive.

  3. Was thinking about this the other day. Last season and the season before, loads of names were being thrown around as to who Wenger’s successor may be. Now, there really doesn’t seem to be anyone out there…

    I never really fancied Guardiola, but he’s off to City anyways.
    Klopp’s gone to Liverpool.
    Ancelotti’s off to Bayern, but given he was Chelsea’s manager I couldn’t see him taking over here anyways.
    Simeone clearly doesn’t want to come to England otherwise you can bet Chelsea would’ve got him, plus his style doesn’t really suit us.

    I think whoever takes over has to be a proven winning manager. Someone to put their own mark on the club after Wenger rather than follow in his footsteps. But really, unless we take a shot with a less proven manager, who’s out there that we could get?

    1. Whether you want AW to go or not at some point it has to happen, and I think we all know that results are starting to point towards moment, if not this year thenmaybe next. While I don’t think are squad is in the same state as ManU when AF left, the transition there has shown that replacing a long standing manager can be tough. I think PV4 is no longer an Arsenal man, in that I think he is serving his new masters at ManCity as I believe the New York team is aan extension of that. At some point soon, the board needs to get a grip of what is going on, otherwise it will become destructive and only the club will suffer.

  4. Funny how the author already knows Hull team for the FA Cup game. Care to share it here? Who knows, maybe Wenger reads this site and it may come handy.

    1. I think you will find that it is Steve Bruces official policy to play reserves in all cup games. I doubt Wenger would need to read it here. Hull have just dropped to 3rd in the Championship, and his target is promotion. As he said before the first meeting: “We’ve got big, big games and a lot of games coming up thick and fast and of course they’re important ones.

      “Yes, the FA Cup is the FA Cup and we had probably the best day out in the club’s history two years ago, but our prime focus has got to be returning back to the Premier League.

      “It’s a tough, tough call because you’d love to play your so-called first team against Arsenal. Of course you would.”

      I’m surprised you didn’t know that Budd?

      1. Define reserves. Reserve team are the ones not making the first squad, usually 22-25 players. It is like saying that when we field Gibbs, Chambers, Arteta (when fit) etc then we play the reserves.

        1. Yes that is exactly what he does. In the first game Arsenal made 9 changes from the last game Bruce made 10. You don’t need me to explain this Budd. You have google same as me….. Or try Hull Daily Mail or or other such stuff…

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