Patrick Vieira calls for only peaceful protests at today’s Arsenal game

With the protests against Stan Kroenke gathering pace after his attempt to put Arsenal into a breakaway Super league, there are expected to be quite a few Gooners making their feelings known when the Gunners play Brighton at the Emirates today.

With a large quota of fans being allowed into the game as the lockdown is eased, there could be a lot more participants than at the previous half-hearted protests a couple of weeks ago, but the Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira, who is backing Daniel Ek’s bid to take over the club, has called on Arsenal fans to avoid breaking the law and using violence to show their distaste with the current ownership.

‘It is obvious violence is not the answer in any kind of communication,’ Vieira said in the Mail. “I think the fans are allowed to protest, to give their opinion of how the club has been running. But I think there is a peaceful way to do it. This is a democracy, where you can express yourself about what you think. If fans are planning on doing something on Sunday, I hope it will be done ina peaceful way.’

‘People will talk about the negativity more than anything else. The fans have to express themselves about how they think this club has been running but they have to do it with manners and in a peaceful way.’

So, listen to the voice of reason Gooners. Make your feelings known, but please do it in a peaceful way….

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  1. Was the last protest half-hearted, really? I thought it was noisy, peaceful and in the vein that Vieira is calling for today but I’m hoping there are no protests to interfere with a decent game of football. Anyway, good luck to the Arsenal and I am looking forward to seeing the new shirts for next season which are a throwback to the JVC/Bergkamp era and us finishing above spurs and Everton. COYG.

      1. Cheers Pat, yes saw that but it certainly looked more on TV news that day. Let’s hope nothing bad happens today though.

  2. All protests should be violence free…..Ahimsa. A violent resistance was needed during the second world war….we are not at war. We can get the Kroenkes to sell via regular shows of disapproval, plus Daniel Ek, Henry, Bergkamp and Viera, constantly being ready to step in to buy our beloved Arsenal.

    1. Tell that BLM and their sympathizers!

      I do hope for a big protest today, peaceful, and an enjoyable game of football!

      1. TMJW, there is considerable evidence, being investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security, that the violence at BLM protests was instigated by right wing extremist groups.

        1. Don’t waste your breath OG with the usual pro-Trump rhetoric of TMJW…he’s absolutely clueless when it comes to all matters BLM related…he appears to spend a lot of time going down internet rabbit holes that only suit his particular demented agenda

  3. If democratic protest can’t help then try to find another way which will even make sponsors threaten to stop helping the team until there is understanding between the fans and owner

  4. I think kronke can leave,he is a business lad not a football man,doesn’t love the game and arsenal as a whole,time is now to change.
    Arsenal fans matter.

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